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Hi. Here's some explanation if you care to read it: This is an email story that my friend Chad and I have been writing back and forth. It's a fairly standard twenty-years-from-now techno-thriller kinda thing, and we're mostly writing for the fun of it. It started when he accidentally (emphasis on accidentally. He was quite adamant about that) forwarded a chain email called KissWar '99 to six guys. I sent him an email asking why he did such a horrid thing, and his response is chapter one of our story. It starts out kinda slow, but the action picks up by the fourth chapter and the story by the fifth. Enjoy! We use some characters from TV and such in here. I'm making a character reference in case you don't know some of them, and it's getting closer to completion. No copyright infringements or anything are intended. Yes, it's kind of a childish flight of fancy, but very sad is the man who grows up so far that he can't still enjoy some things from his childhood.

Also, a quick word to "suspious Christians" and the like about the kinds of things that go on in the story (it's not really that bad. I'm just kinda paranoid), since I claim to be a Christian the rest of my site over. Chad agrees with this too. I just want to say that when I write I try to model reality fairly accurately (tho I often twist it), and I'm only Jon, not Jesus... I'm by no means perfect. So apologies to all those who are offended by real-life struggles with morality, and on with the story.

If you have any comments on the story, email me please. If you have any comments for Chad, he now has a public email address, so send them here!. Oh, Chad has also requested that if you like this story that you pass the web address around to others.

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