[The Two Fates]

Chapter 11c: Dark Alliance

From: Chad
To: Jon
Subject: Really Too Late Two Fates
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 23:52:14 -0400

The Two Fates Chapter 11: Part C: Dark Alliance

It's been a few minutes since Xamot and Tomax have arrived from Cobra Island. And right now you are on your way from Paris to a secret U.S. Military base in Africa to refuel. It has only been one hour since Megatron left the Decepticons under my command. The twins, Spike, Demona, Dr. Sevarius and Starscream are waiting in the infamous underground hanger. It is obviously night, because Demona is in her Gargoyle form, armed and ready. They stand in front of at least 50 Velocibarneys. All bigger than the previous breed. The Velocibarneys stand in a rectangluar formation, but are still squiming and snapping at each other. The whole group only takes up a small portion of the massive hanger. I have not yet arrived.

"Isn't it dangerous", Xamot began to question Demona.

"To plan an attack on the Barneys," Tomax contnued.

"With A.R.C.A. searching for us," They said in unison.

"We have a plan to take care of Jon," Demona reassured the Cobra lawyers.

"That's right," I say as I walk into the hanger from a near by door. "And you two are an important part of that plan.The Big Boss Man is already setting up for his part, in a few hours, after our 'special guests' have settled in, you two will be sent to a highly secret U.S. military installation to set up an ambush for our 'friends'."

"If this 'military installation' is so secret," Tomax started.

"Why do you know where it is?" Xamot completed his brother's thought (They do that a lot).

"Have you ever wondered why 'military intelegence' is considered an oxymoron?" I asked. They didn't respond, they just grinned evily. "Now," I continued. "Are we ready to greet our guests?"

"We are simply awaiting their arrival," Demona reassured me.

"Good. How's my tie?" I ask of my bow tie. Tonight, I'm in a complete tuxedo. It is not that far off from my usual three piece leasure suit (The 'Xanatos' look is always in style for evil billionaires).

"I don't see why you got all spruced up," Spike comlpained.

"At least I don't look like an over dressed street punk," I shot back. "When did that go out of style?"

"Hey! I like the way I look," Spike defeneded his fasion sense. "I mean look at her." Spike pointed his thumb at Demona's tattered loincloth and, I guess you could call it a halter top.

Her eyes glowed blood red as she glared at Spike and growled.

"Watch it Spike," I warned.

"Well, I mean the 'Jane of the Jungle' look is good on her," Spike tried to endear himself to the gargoyle. "I'm begining to wonder why her race is almost extinct."

"Oh, no. Not now," I moan as Demona throws down her laser rifle, lets out a feral roar, and lundges at Spike, taking him down.

"Oh good," Spike said, his face warping into "demon mode". "Fore play." He growls as he attacks. Demona leaps over his attack, but Spike is quicker than she thinks and kicks her in the back as soon as she lands. Demona is dazed, but not down as she spins around and lands an impressive back handed punch on Spike's jaw. Then Spike agressively attack's Demona's fists with his face and ribs (Heh, Heh).

The others in the hanger watched intently as the, I hesitate to use the word, creatures battled. I must admit, at any other time I would've enjoyed this spectacle. But now was not the time. I simply raise my hand and a large, bright blast strikes the two combatants, and sends them flying into the far wall, with bone crushing force. In fact they both leave a large dent on the reenforced steel wall. Spike is the only one to move.

"Good hit, mate," He says groggily as he gets up. "I think you killed 'Bat Girl' though."

"She'll be fine," I say, rather angrily. "But if you ever start something like this again, I'll tie you to a cross and leave you outside at sun rise!"

"Okay," Spike gulps. "But what if I don't start it."

"Then by all means," I say with an evil smile. "Have yourself a good ol' time. But now's not the time." I point to five Velocibarneys and Sevarius. "Take Demona to the lab. Have Mindbender make sure the brain washing didn't wear off.

"Right," Sevarius says with a wicked smirk as the Velocibarneys pick up Demona's limp body and follow him out of the hanger.

As soon as the door closes, klaxons start blaring and the ceiling above us starts to open.

"They're here," Spike says in a sing song voice as all eyes look upwords into the night sky. The only thing we see are endless stars. "Were the bloody h*ll are they?" Spike asks.

"Quiet," I snap. "They're up there." No sooner do I say that then a flat ship with a needle like nose, the size of a double decker bus suddenly appears. It's long sweeping wings strech beyond the lenghth of the ship, and the light from the hanger reflects off of the shiney black metal of the hull. Various symbols in different colors decorate the wings. The wind it ceates as it slowly decends is almost enough to blow us all over, but we stand our ground patiently as it lands fifty yards away and powers down.

"Come," I say to the others. "It's time to greet our guests." I start to walk towards the mysterious craft as the entire group marches behind me (Play "Imperial March" now). There is a loud hiss as a door on the side of the ship slowly opens. The door slowly falls to the ground creating a ramp. I stop about twenty feet from the ship and stare into the darkness indside.

Instantly several large winged creatures marched out of the ship in perfect military form. They line up on either side of the ramp forming a pathway from the ship to me. The creatures are tall, all about seven feet. They are all very muscular as well. Their large bat-like wings fold up behind them as they stand at attention, awaiting orders. They all look like normal, if not very large, humans except for thier bat-like wings, long, thin tails, and dull grey skin. They all look exactly alike, in every detail. From thier military uniforms to the blank expressions on thier identical faces. Thier uniform are frighteningly simular to the WWII Nazi soldier uniforn (Minus the swastika). In thier black gloved hands each of them holds a laser rilfle. And they each have a braodsword straped to thier side. "Demon Space Nazis," I think to myself. I smile sinisterly at the thought.

"Gentlemen," I said to the group standing behind me. "These are the Dark Angels." I spread my arms in a dramatic fasion. "And this," I say as an even larger figure steps out of the ship. "Is General Draxx. Welcome General." The "General" marches down the ramp towards me. I notice several differences between him and the other Dark Angels. First of all he is at least a half foot taller than the others, and even more muscular. He wears a long grey trench coat instead of the others' uniforn, and he wears mirrored sunglasses, where the others wear nothing. His face has the expression of hatered, anger, and pure evil, all rolled into one (I can really pick'em, can't I?). Everything else is the same. Same tail, same wings, same sword. There is only one more difference. In his hand he holds a chain. Attached to that chain is a spiked collar. And wearing that spiked collar around it's neck is a cat-like creature walking behind Draxx on all fours. This cat creature is deffiently female. But unlike everything else that came out of the ship, she looks weak, and very frightened. She looks almost human. except for a few cat-like features. Like cat ears, a tail, and bright green cat-like eyes (Which are almost always downcast), and long, sharp, claws on her fingers and toes. Her face and body are human-like except covered in short, yellow fur. She's wearing a tattered lion cloth and halter top in even worse shape than Demona's. The human-like hair on her head is light brown, and surprisingly well styled. She does her best to keep up with Draxx, but the slightest hesitation and Draxx yanks on her chain, pulling her forword with a yelp. Draxx stops in front of me and looks at the scene before him. As soon as Draxx stops the she-cat ducks behind him and cowers. "The Velocibarney can't be helping," I think, taking pity on the poor creature. (I don't know if it's in my heart or my head, but I have a soft spot for beautiful things. That doesn't mean I won't destroy them if they get in my way, so look out Blue.)

"Grrrr," Draxx begins, then speaks in a series of grunts and growls.

"Oh yeah," Spike groans sarcastically. "He's a regular military genius."

"Don't let his speech pattern fool you," I tell Spike. "Just because he can't speak English, doesn't mean he's not intelegent. Not only is he one of the greatest conquerors in universal history, he can tell some great dirty jokes in Spanish."

"Que?" Draxx growled.

"Never mind," I say. "I've prepared for this." I press a button on my watch. "Send her in." Several yards away a door opens and out steps a young, attractive, dark green skinned woman. She has shoulder length black hair, and is wearing military issue camouflaged pants, boots, and an olive green tank top (This is known as the 'Army Chick' look. At least to me it is.).

Draxx roars in anger when he sees her, points at her (Yanking the poor kitty's chain again), and barks a command. Instantly The Dark Angels break formation and all aim thier laser rifles at the girl.

"Wait! Wait," I yell steping in their line of fire. "You don't want to do this Draxx." He answers with a series of barks and growls.

"No. This is one of the aliens I promised to get for you." More growls.

"Yes. I know the green one is supposed to be eleven years old." A questioning grunt.

"You know," I say. "This is awfully confusing. I can't keep guessing what you're saying. Please, just let her touch you." Draxx gives me a confusing look, but relaxes and grunts an order for his men to stand down. He then faces the young woman and slowly extends his hand (The one without the chain this time). I look over to the girl and nod towards Draxx. "Now," I calmly order. The green girl walks over to Draxx and puts her hand in his. His expression changes, for the first time, to one of surprise, then to one of understanding and evil glee.

"Excelent," Draxx growls.

"Amazing," Tomax exclaims.

"Astonishing," Xamot agrees.

"But how did you do it?" They both wonder.

"It's simple," Draxx explains. "Several members of her species have special telepathic abilities involving the senses and other abilities. Her ability is auditory in nature, so she can recive and transmit vocal abilities simply by contact."

"Oh," Says Spike with a confused look on his face. "Well that explains everything." No one pays attention.

"Exactly," I say. "General. Allow me to introduce Eve." The green skinned woman is found squatting down and scratching the cat-woman's neck. A gentile, sweet look is on Eve's face as she scratiches the purring creature. Draxx puts an end to this scene by yanking on the chain pulling the cat back with a yelp.

"So," Draxx says as Eve stands. "This is the one I was looking for. Curious. Where did you find her? How did she age so quickly? What did you do with her original garments?"

"Well, that leaves out 'why' and 'when' doesn't it?" I comment (Ninja Turtles 2 Rocks!). "But seriously. I found her in Japan. I had Demona lead a strike force to capture her. Unfortunately, the attack was on a simple town tavern. They really didn't pose a problem. Although, Demona reports they were very protective of her for some reason. I assume she learned Japanese through contact with the locals and told them of her plight. I also found this in the bar." I reach into my pocket and pull out a small yellow/orange glass ball with several red stars inside.

"One of the 'Dragon Balls' you told me about," Draxx said unimprssed.

"Yes," I reply. "Can you belive those drunken fishermen were using something so powerful as a billiard ball?"

"Hmm," Draxx grunted. "You reported that several of these were stolen from you, by, Barneys was it?"

"Yes, Barneys," I say noticing his lack of care. "They stole five of the Dragon Balls. They can't make a wish without all seven, and neither can I."

"Yes, well," Draxx said still not caring. "You still haven't explained why Eve is much older than she should be."

"I was getting to that," I say. "It's always a good idea to have a few mad scientists on your side. They can do almost anything. From creating and enhancing physical mutations to brainwashing, they can even make someone age quicker. Which is what I had them do to Eve. As well as brainwash her into following only our orders. As for her old garments and jewlery, she out grew those. You can have them if you want. As for what she's wearing now. I felt it better fit with the various martial arts and fighting technices I had programmed into her."

"Fighting technices?" Draxx questions. "How well can she fight?"

"Well, why don't you put her through a test?" I suggest.

"Very well," Draxx says as he points to one of his soldiers. "You," He commands. "Kill her!" Instantly the soldier throws down his laser rifle and charges at Eve. Without even a word from me Eve grabs the arm of the charging Dark Angel and uses his own momentum to flip his over her sholder. When he lands on the ground she twists his arm and we can hear a sickening snap as the solder's arm is broken. Without even a pause, the Dark Angel rises up to continue his attack, only to recive a spinning heel kick from Eve which takes him down for the count.

"Impressive," Draxx says, picking up his solders laser rifle. He takes aim and shoots his fallen soldier. The Dark Angel howls in pain as he is reduced to a pile of ash. Several members of my group take a step back, and are surprized at what they just saw. Spike and Starscream, however, just smile. They understand what has happened.

"Why did you do that?" I ask calmly, but with a note of disapproval.

"He has been beaten in battle...by a female no less," Draxx replyed calmly. "He was of no further use to me." Then, for the first time, Draxx notices the Velocibarneys. "Are these your warriors? The ones who lost the dragon balls?"

"No," I say "These are genetically enhanced versions of the 'warriors' that lost the dragon balls. They are faster, stronger, and smarter than the previous breed."

"They must prove themselves," Draxx says as he chooses another soldier. "Chose one for battle."

"Fine," I say pointing to a velocibarney. "You, fight." The Velocibarny stalked forward into an empty area of the hanger. The Dark Angel threw down his rifle and sword and followed. The Velocibarney started the fight by lundging at the Dark Angel, slashing with its claws and biting into his sholder. The winged creature pushed the purple lizard off and hit him with a hard right, knocking out several fangs. Then the Dark Angel flapped his leathery wings and took to the sky, he was about to dive on the Velocibarney, when it jumped up and grabbed the Dark Angels legs, dragging him to the ground. The fight went on for fifteen more minutes before we all got bored.

"They seem to be evenly matched," Draxx comments. "Very good. I approve of your soldiers."

"Do you want me to finish this?" Starscream asks, aiming his arm mounted laser blasters at the two combatants.

"No," I say with a smile. "Let them fight. It should be interesting to see who wins."

"Agreed," Draxx grows. "Now to buisness. Your soldiers are mine, and mine are yours. Provided Eve stays with me, under my command."

"Agreed," I say. "Now we must plan to attack the Barneys."

"Fine," Draxx agrees. "You mentioned another enemy that has allied himself with Eve's mother."

"Don't worry about Jon and Blue," I say. "We have a plan to take care of them."

"Blue?" Draxx questioned.

"Eve's mother," I say, then pronounce her alien name correctly. "A nickname Jon gave her."

"Oh," Draxx mummbled, a little confused. "Very well, but I want Blue alive. Do what you want with Jon."

"That's the plan," I tell Draxx. "Now when we attack..."

"I know what to do," Draxx growled. "Just be ready on time. Now if there is nothing further we need to discuss, I shall take my new soldier and leave." With a wave of his hand the Dark Angels all marched into the space craft (All but the one still fighting with the Velocibarney). As Draxx and Eve turned to leave Draxx yanks the cat's chain once again.

"You know, I've been meaning to ask you what is with that cat," I asked. Draxx turned around and looked down at his slave.

"The Dark Angels are conquerors," Draxx explained. "We take, attack, and take over planets one-by-one, and turn their inhabitants into our slaves. I kept this one as a pet, but she is begining to bore me. I'll probably kill her soon."

"Well if that's the case, I can take her off of your hands. I have several scientists who would love to test her genetic structure."

"Very well," Draxx said as he handed me the chain. He then looked over to the still fighting Dark Angel and Velocibarney, "Contact me when that battle is finished."

"Very well," I say as Draxx and Eve enter the Dark Angel's spaceship. As it took off I addressed my army, "Okay everyone, Show's over! We have work to do." As soon as every one left the hanger I looked down to find the cat-woman rubbing her head against my leg and purring. "Now what do I do with you?" I speak more to myself than her.

"You're not gonna give her to Sevarius and Mindbender, are you?" Spike said smiling.

"Shut up Spike," I say heading out of the hanger with the my new pet.

"Kinky," Spike said, following us out.

"You're a sick, perverted, psycotic, idiot," I comment as I head to my war room.

"Yeah, so?"

"You're also a tacky dresser."

"Now that's not fair!" The hanger doors closed, leaving the Veloibarney and the Dark Angel still locked in combat

It's Tuesday! It's done! Just like I promised! There are only two left. The next one will probalily rival this one, but the one after that will be shorter. You're getting this several hours earlier than when I finished it aren't you? So, your kinda getting these before I finish writing these. That's not fair! (I know that really isn't the case, but it is cool to think about it isn't it?) Now, think how I'll feel when it's your turn to write.

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