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Character reference

Main Characters (us)


He's our vilian (and, outside the story, one of my best friends). What can I say? He's a vicious master criminal who can manipulate, talk, convince, buy off, brainwash, blackmail, or otherwise control just about anyone around him, and makes Lex Luthor cry for his mommy. He has both a legal business empire and a far more shady criminal empire, along with vast technological resources and an army of lackeys consisting of just about whomever he pleases. There are things, however, that are too evil (or annoying) even for Chad, and must simply be destroyed.

His past is very mysterious. All that is known is that he used to be a good man, at least as far as others could tell, and was one of Jon's closest friends

Finally, we've seen that he has some powers of his own, though exactly what they are are unknown. We do know, however, that he can survive being forcefully thrown into a mountain, having a boulder pitched on his head, and having a full-power spirit bomb (a la Dragon Ball Z) dropped on him (not even Vegeta could have survived that). With all this going for him, why hasn't he taken over the world yet? Well, it's probably just bad luck, but it might also have something to do with this guy...


The hero of our stories (and technically me in real life). He's tall, fairly lanky, and dresses mostly in flight suits, combat fatigues, and your standard, stock-in-trade ninja suit, depending on the situation. He's very laid back, even when madly fighting for survival, and usually has a good, though warped, sense of humor too. He doesn't look terribly strong, but is suprisingly wiry, less because of genetics and more from the fact that he's constantly having to fight, battle, and scrap for both his survival and that of the entire planet. It's a big job.

He's an agent of the secret government organization A.R.C.A. Most of the rest of government doesn't even know they exist, and their funding is passed down through so many organizations and sub-committees that not even the most determined senator or scandal-hunting journalist would be able to find them... But Jon has nothing to do with the financial end of things, he's just one of the organization's best agents. He is skilled in the martial arts, survival in just about any setting, and technological things of just about any kind, and smart, fast, and cool under pressure to boot (noone ever said this had to be like reality). He's a hard guy to kill, and you don't really want him after you. Also, in the early chapters of the story, before our writing universe was very well defined, he exhibited powers complimentary to Chad's, like juggling boulders and making spirit bombs. It is unlikely, however, that many of these powers will surface again.

Jon has access to all sorts of technological goodies and tricks, a la James Bond, through A.R.C.A. He usually flies a souped-up helicopter that is capable of exceeding mach 1 when needed (I know this is probably physically impossible, but it's just a story)

Finally, he has very little life outside of the agency. He can't remember his parents and has no siblings that he knows of. Most of his past is, in fact, foggy, leaving him with noone that he's really close to and no real desire for anything but his work. This does wear on him, but he'd never admit it. Why does he bother trying so hard to save the world then, when he has no real attachment to it, noone he really cares about, besides the vaguely felt notion that "millions will die" if he does not come through? It's all he knows. And until something else comes up, he'll just be a happy-go-lucky secret agent man doing his job.

Other good guys




The Man from A.R.C.A. (men, actually)

J.T. Barman

Michael Arch


Chad's Minions & Allies (his origional creations)

Arthur Smyte


The Velocibarneys

The Dark Angels

General Draxx

Felicia the cat-creature

Chad's pop-culture Minions

(These guys supposedly won't be around much longer...)

Demona / Dominique Destine

Hmmm... here's an interesting woman. Demona is a psychotic, homicidal, human-hating gargoyle who joined up with Chad's organization only after being "convinced" to do so by Dr. Mindbender. She's far stronger than a human and is both an excellent warrior and powerful sorceress as well. Normally, gargoyles turn to stone during the day, but thanks to a magic spell that was cast on her, she undergoes a painful transformation into a human instead, reverting to a gargoyle come sunset. To top all that off, she's immortal, having been alive for over 1000 years thanks to a centuries-old spell that magically linked her with MacBeth (not the historical or Shakespeareian MacBeth, but the Gargoyles version). While one of these two remains alive, the other will stay alive as well, and the only way either will die is for one to kill the other. They also feel each other's pain. For pictures and a lot more information, you can visit this web page.

Big Bossman

Dr. Mindbender

This guy is nasty... A brilliant scientist from COBRA, evil with a vengance, and just not a nice guy, either. His specialties include mind probing and brainwaishing, genetics, robotics, and plenty of other nasty stuff, too. There's a copule good pictures of him, and an extended history in this bio, if you want to go take a look.

Dr. Anton Sevarius

Anton Sevarius, from the "Gargoyles" universe, is one of the few people who could give Dr. Mindbender competition for the Evil Scientist of the Year award. While his specialty is purely genetics, he goes at it with plenty of vengance and no conscience. For more information, you can see the profile at the other end of this link.


Circe is originally from Greek mythology, but our particular version is actually from DC Comics (specifically, she's a Wonder Woman villian, but I've only ever seen her in a few crossover comics that I've read). She can turn men into animals and control their minds, amongst other things. For a picture and (rather small) description of her as she appears in DC Comics, see this web page. As far as our story goes, she was a mercenary hired by Chad to retrieve something for him. I also gave her a couple demons to help her out, for the purposes of this story alone. And personally, I don't think she'll be making any more appearances after her debut in Chapter 10, either, unless Chad brings her back for some reason... As far as I know, her contract with him is up.


Xamot and Tomax

Xamot and Tomax are COBRA agents (from the GI Joe comics/cartoon) that are not only twins and warriors, but also attorneys and shrewd businessmen. They share a telepathic bond. They both know what the other is seeing, hearing, and thinking at all times. They also feel each other's pain, no matter how far appart they are. They are also mirror images of each other. The only difference is the scar on Xamot's left cheek. They also have a tendencey to finish each others sentences, or speak the same thing at the same time.

Here is another profile you can visit if you want more information. At the end of this bio, it says that the twins have disapeared from COBRA in the last few years... The site assumes that they're still running Cobra's legal businesses and financial affairs, but we now know better.


Evil Transformers

(listed seperately 'cause there's so many of 'em)


Waspinator is a giant bionic wasp/robot from "Transformers: Beastwars". He's a fun guy, or at least the universe thinks so... He never has very good luck, and usually ends up squashed, dismembered, or otherwise out of comission at the end of any battle. He always manages to somehow be put back together and come back for another round, though. For pictures and a more extensive history, you can visit this profile too.


At the end of the "Transformers: Beastwars" series, Waspinator was re-built into a motorcycle, without any memory of who he used to be. He's now a nasty, brooding loner and apparently has more luck than Waspinator ever did. And while he hasn't made an appearance in our story just yet, Chad is supposedly going to have him turn up in the next chapter. For pictures and more info, check out this web page.

The Constructicons/Devastator

A transformer, actually six green and purple construction vehicles/robots, that combine together to form a huge, 60ft tall creature. Vastly limited in his mental capacity and almost unlimited in his strength. One often finds himself (or herself, if you like. Except Blue just toasted him. No need to run) playing 'Bugs Bunny' against such a creature. Here's some info for you. It's a site I turned up in a websearch while I was writing my part of the story, as I didn't exactly know many details about him off the top of my head.









Other surprise appearances

Scout Barneys

Warrior Barneys

The B-Rex

Bit players

Britney Spears

Yes, she's actually in the story. Blame Chad. She's only played a bit-part so far, as a hostage. Who would want her back tho?

Cameos & characters only mentioned in the story

Jerry Lawler


Jar-Jar Binks



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