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Chapter 11a: Getting back on track!

From: Chad
To: Jon
Subject: Re: The Two Fates Chapter 11: PART 1
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 18:23:25 -0500

Wonderful! Bravo! I Salute You! Way To Go! And two thumbs way, way up for our leading lady! Watta dish, watta doll!

The Two Fates, part 11A: Getting back on track!

I sit back in my comfy office chair,awaiting the report from one of my mad doctors, Anton Sevarius.

"Well?'' I ask immpatiently. "What's the freakin' hold-up?"

"Alright," Sevarius begins. "First the bad news. Devistator has been damaged beyond repair. We'll have to ship him back to Cybertron and ask for something with more power (More Power! ). We were also unable to peniteratre the alien spacecraft's defences."

"And Waspinator?" I ask.

"Alive and being repaired as we speak." Sevarius answered.

"Dang! More bad news!" I groan. "And what about HIM?"

"HE still hasn't shown up yet. It's a long trip from California."

"Any more bad news?"

"None. It's all very good from here on in."

"Excelent. Proceed."

"The more powerful Velocibarneys are almost complete. Also our spy at the A.R.C.A. headquarters informs us that Jon has found himself a powerful new ally."

"That is supposed to be good news?" I ask confused.

"Just look who it is," Sevarius presses a button on the display console and the image of an attactive woman with sky blue skin appears.

"Ah," I say, and then I correctly pronounce her alien name. (Nah! Nah!) "Our new allies will be quite interested when they see this."

"Yes," Sevarius chuckled, "She also has apperantly picked up the nickname 'Blue'."

"'Blue'?" I scoff. "Speaking of our new allies, when will they be arriving?"

"They should arrive within the next three hours." Sevarius answered. "As soon as they get here we will be fully prepared to take back the Dragon Balls." (And, of course rescue Smyte. He's just THAT good of a major domo. SMYTE. That's how it's spelled.)

"What about the D.N.A. tests?" I ask about our new security procedure.

"Comlpeted," Sevarius proudly answers. "Absolutly no one here is anything other than what they should be. Whether they are human, gargoyle, teenage singing sensation, or robot, they all checked out normal. Absolutly no Barneys anywhere in your organization."

"Perfect. Now, contact the Decepticons and have them haul thier trash away, and have them send us something a bit faster. Both in Miles per hour AND brains." I commanded. "Now leave."

No sooner had Sevarius shut the door than another voice with a british accent came from the shadows.

"Sorry I'm late. I stopped in London for a snack." A tall pale man with slicked back blonde hair stepped out from the shadows. His black leather overcoat flapped as he walked over to the display console. (This was the "He" I had earlier mentioned.)

"You were supposed to be here three weeks ago, Spike." I growled as I stood up and started to walk to the door.

"It was a big snack. Half a girl's finishing school really." Spike smiled proudly at his evil deed. "Who's the blue babe?"

"A new enemy." I simply stated. "Come, let us prepare for the total annihilation of the Barneys."

"Cool," Spike said as he fallowed me out of my office.

I have alot more to write but no time to write it. Here's the first part, the second will soon follow. Thanks.

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