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Hi all, and welcome to the new Epic Stories website. It's a place for hosting archives of communal fiction stories, the kind where several people each take a turn at writing a chapter. I suppose I could also be talked into hosting other stories, fanfics and the like as well, if you don't want to do a whole page by yourself, just want a little help keeping the place up, or don't know enough HTML to do your own page...

This page is a fairly rough starter for right now. It will definately evolve as time goes on, I just needed a front page for the moment... (someday, I even plan to make a nifty logo grapic, unless someone wants to make one for the place...). Other projects are possible, too, like an index of the authors for the different stories, that sort of thing... Send us some suggestions as to what else you'd like to see!

Also, anyone else who has an archive that needs a good, permanent home, here's the place for it! Mail us if you're interested. Like I said above, I'm also interested in archiving stories and the like for individuals. You're even welcome to join the staff if you've got something up here.

Finally, I'm going to be publicising this site a bit, so that'll be mostly taken care of for anyone who signs up here, too. I'll even update all the registrations with search engines and the like as more stuff is added. Bonus, huh?


What's new

February 3, 2003 -- by Jon Spike

Changed the color scheme, finally, to match the rest of the Meta4 mix. Updated and added trackers around Epic Stories, too. Like anyone's really gonna notice. ;_;

August 17, 2001 -- by Jon Spike

Two Fates Chapter 13 is now up!

Changed over the main site pages to the new format, based off a combination of the ezBoard messageboard format and the previous site format. Why bother, you ask? Well, why not? Like Adam (Warteen) so recently said on the messageboard, maybe Epic Stories will actually be good for something someday... Today's certainly not the day, but...

May 2, 2001 -- by Jon Spike

I've been having some trouble with the counter and tracker at the bottom of this page. In fact, I'm the one who's been causing this trouble. But I found a way to fix it. As a result, our hit counter and tracker should function a lot more reliably, and annoy me a lot less. Good times.

Also created the "What's new section" archives and moves a bunch of these "What's new" items into it. The link is at the bottom of this section.

April 30, 2001 -- by Jon Spike

Well today was pretty cool. AE Luna has agreed to re-establish the Dreams of Doom message board here at Epic Stories. Luna's profile has also been added to the author and staff sections.

In other news, I've been messing with the colors on the message board again. Big whoop.

"What's new section" archives


Story archives!

As for what's here already, there are two story archives to visit:

  • Adam's Messageboard RP -- Nothing but a cast listing here...
  • The Two Fates: Web Archive -- this is a story my friend Chad and I (Jon Spike) have been writing back and forth over email. It's turning out to be a pretty cool story (in my humble opinion), so give it a look if you like. It's kind of a sci/fi / thriller / fantasy mix.
  • Dreams Of Doom chapter archives -- a cool girl named AE Luna ran a communal-fiction story/message board (before InsideTheWeb, the place that hosted it, died). The story we are currently in the process of writng is called Dreams of Doom. It's a fantasy story, and it's rather long, but it's worth checking out as well if you've got the time.


Other stuff

Messageboard -- The interactive section of our site. Come chat with some of the authors, and whoever else happens by. This place is still in it's alpha stage of customization, but it definately works, so stop on by.

Authors -- These people are the reason this site exists. Check out this page for more info on 'em, their email, websites, which chapters they've written in which stories, etc.

Website staff -- Staff are the authors who've also volunteered to help out around the site. That's it, nothing terribly special. Just authors who want a hand in how this site is shaping up. To become a staffmember, get something posted here and then volunteer via email to do some other work around the site too.

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