[The Two Fates]

Chapter 11b: Mecha Madness!

From: Chad
To: Jon
Subject: Too Late Two Fates
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 18:44:45 -0500

Hey J-Dogg! First of all, I'd like to apologize for taking so long. Thanks for being so patient. (You know mid-terms and all.) And then I'd like to apologize to the millions and millions (A guy can dream can't he?) of our fans who waited so patiently for this installment. Secondly, this is the longest chapter I've written for this story so far. Unlike the previous chapters this part includes time lapses, and skipping around with time and the countries. I'm using your characters to the best of my ability, just like you do with mine (And very well I might add). So forgive me if I get things wrong. Also I've created a few concept drawings of the B-Rex, Velocibarneys, and the secret characters introduced in this chapter. Remind me to show them to you the next time I see you. So now, after all this time, finally, the story continues. Yep, here it is. Right here. Here we go............... Okay really, here it is.

The Two Fates, part 11B: Mecha Madness!

A warm breeze blows through the African Savanna. It's night. The stars are shining brightly over head. There is no sign of civilization for miles. A chunk of charred metal falls off of the huge pile of Constructicon parts. I pick it up and throw it back into the pile.

"Ah! All of this fresh air," Spike sighs as he takes a deep breath, then starts to cough uncontrollably. "Ugh! Why am I stuck out here were there's no one to kill?" I ignore his question and turn to my chief of security.

"Boss Man, are you and Waspinator ready?" I ask.

"I sure am," Big Boss Man said, "But I'm not sure about 'Buzzy the Wonder Dunce' here." He said pointing to Waspinator, who was digging around the broken Deception pile, looking for pieces to juggle and mumbling to himself.

"No," I say in a disappointed tone. "He's always like this. Waspinator!" The moronic robot quits fiddling, then flies over to us and stands at attention.

"Waspinator ready!" He buzzes.

"Fine," I say. "Take Boss Man to New York. Boss Man, you know what to do."

"Sure do boss!" The husky ex-prison guard says before he is lifted by Waspinator and flown away in a buzz. Moments later Waspinator turns around and starts to fly in the right direction.

"Idiot," I mumble to myself. "Demona! Are we prepared?" I turn to the female gargoyle who has just finished directing the Velocibarneys.

"Yes. We are ready." She states. Then, while looking at a clock device on her gun she says, "The Decepticons should be arriving any minute now."

No sooner had she said that then a brilliant flash of light brightens the African plain. The light is so bright we all shield our eyes. When we look again a giant suspension bridge is now right in front of us. Coming out of a gigantic ball of light, the bridge is covered with wires and circuitry. Before I can pause to admire this technological marvel a jet comes screaming out of the ball of light. The jet is red, white, and blue. But it is moving so fast it is just a blur against the starry sky. It passes over our heads then turns around and slows down. It then ejects a small purple box from it's orange cockpit, which quickly begins to grow. As both objects fall to the ground they begin the awesome transformation that is surpassed only by Demona's in coolness. The jet is now a giant red, white, and blue robot, with glowing red optic sensors in his black head. His name is Starscream. The small purple box turned out to be a stereo, that transformed into a giant purple and silver robot with a bazooka on his shoulder. His yellow optic sensors surveyed the territory. He is Soundwave. I start to ask where their leader is, when a loud, low rumbling answers my question. Out of the "Space Bridge" rolls the largest and most heavily armored tank this world has ever seen. It is camouflaged with different shades of purple and green. As it slowly rolls down the Space Bridge, five more forms come lumbering out of the ball of light. But these transformers are not disguised as vehicles. They lumber down the Space Bridge as five gigantic combined Decepticon factions.

The Terrorcons, five mutant monster robots that join together to form Abominus. The Predacons (Not of Beast Wars fame), five giant animal robots that combine to form Predaking. The Seacons, six giant robots based on creatures of the deep that form Piranacon. The Combaticons, five robots disguised as military vehicles that become Bruticus. Finally, the Stunticons, five stunt cars that join to form Menasor. As the five huge robots walked off the Space Bridge, the tank slowly rolled toward me. When it reached me it stopped, and a loud commanding voice spoke.

"What has happened to the Constructicons?," The voice asked.

"An accident," I answer."In the form of an unexpected enemy, Great Megatron."

Megatron! The evil ruler of the Decepticons and one of the most powerful and advanced robots in the universe. The tank started to move. And, as servo motors hummed and hydraulics shifted, the tank slowly grew and transformed into giant humanoid robot. His green and purple armor plating, along with his silver shoulder mounted cannon, glistened in the light from the space bridge. His glowing blood red eyes stared at the small, but powerful army standing before him. Then he turned to the ugliest giant robot.

"Abominus," He commanded. "Transform to the Terrorcons, and take what's left of the Constructicons back to Cybertron." Instantly, the giant monster became five smaller monsters and started to haul the Constructicon pieces through the Space Bridge. When the last piece was through the Space Bridge and the Terrorcons disappeared. As the bridge left so did the light. For a short time all I could see were several gigantic form with glowing eyes. Soon my night vision contact lenses kicked in (It's so cool to be rich), and I could see that Megatron was staring directly at me, and he didn't look pleased.

"I loaned you the Constructicons for a reason," He growled. "Are you telling me that they were destroyed by a mere fleshling?!?"

"First of all ," I countered, meeting his tone. "Not all of us 'Fleshlings' are as 'mere' as you think we are. And Devastator was destroyed by an alien with weaponry far advanced anything seen on this planet. I unfortunately could not gain access to her space craft. So I place a small amount of my "Firestorm" virus on it's shielding. When anyone deactivates the shield the virus will gain access to the ship's systems."

"'Firestorm Virus?'," Megatron pondered, his eyes narrowing.

"Firestorm Virus," The purple Decepticon, Soundwave, answered in a droning, monotone voice. "A small physical and electronic entity that, when introduced to anything electronic, will burn out and completely destroy any and all operating and non-operating systems." This made most of the remaining Decepticons physically nervous, as they each took a step or two back. All except for Megatron, whose menacing glare was still upon me.

"That's right, Megatron!" I yelled at the giant war machine, returning his gaze. "I hold the power to destroy you and your entire planet! So you can either cooperate and have more power than even you ever dreamed possible, or you can meet the same fate as all who oppose me! It's your choice."

Megatron's look became one of extreme anger and rage. All of his and my warriors froze in a battle stance and waited for the command to attack. But it never came. Instead, Megatron's facial expression became one of amusement and evil glee.

"Excellent!" The evil warlord laughed, "I like allies with backbone and a lust for power! You shall now command the four Decepticon factions you see before you, as well as my faithful Starscream." ("Faithful" was a complete lie.)

"WHAT?!?," Starscream bellowed/whined. "You want me to serve a fleshling?"

"No!," Megatron bellowed back, aiming his shoulder cannon at his insubordinate lackey. "I want you to serve a powerful warlord! You have been a pain in my plating for far too long! It is time I loaned you to someone who might actually have some use for you! Am I making myself clear, you miserable excuse for a second rate lick-boot?"

"Yes mighty Megatron," A humbled Starscream mumbled.

"Good. Now," Megatron said, turning his attention back to me, "Let's have a look at your operation, and discuss this 'Unexpected Enemy'."

"Very well," I said and nodded to Demona. Demona presses a button on her gun, and the African plains split open to reveal an underground hanger. (The same as the meeting with the B-Rex, now completed.) I walk in followed by Megatron and the rest of our soldiers. As the last Velocibarney slithers in the doors slide shut and the African savanna is quiet again.

WOW! This is gonna take longer than I thought! I'm not even finished with this one yet! I'll have to keep doing it in installments! I cannot find the time to sit and do the whole thing! Sorry!

-- C-Bone

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