[The Two Fates]

Chapter 11d: The Trouble With Transformers

From: Chad
To: Jon
Subject: Really Too Late Two Fates
Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 00:23:38 -0400

Hey J-Dogg! Okay here we go at least a little more of our world famous (hopefully, but not likely) story.

The Two Fates Chapter 11: Part D: The Trouble With Transformers

It has been several hours since the battle with the Barneys and Circe in Paris and you and your alien companion have been en route to Japan to attempt to locate Blue's daughter (and hopefully a dragon ball). So far you have flown from Europe to an ultra-secret U.S. military installation in Central Africa to refuel and repair yor already heavily over-used helicopter. A reluctant Blue agreed to the nescisary pit-stop, but only if your quest for her daughter continued as soon as possible. You agree and set down.

"Hey Jon," A smiling Michael Arch says as you and Blue exit the helicopter. "J.T. sends his best." His expression quickly hardens as he extends his hand to Blue, as if to shake her hand, but when she takes his hand they both freeze in place with blank expressions on their faces.

"Oh. So that's what we look like," You say to yourself. This transaction is taking a little longer than you expected. "Okay," You say to no one in particular. "I'm going to go do...something. Okay, I love you, bye bye." And you walk off only a few minutes before they come out of thier trance and release each other's hands. You walk back before they notice you had left, Blue's expression is now extreamly solemn. "How'd you know were we'd be? And what did you say to her?" You ask more than a little confused.

"I'll answer your second qustion first," Michael begins to explain. "We've been having some serious problems in trying to aide Blue. First, when our team reached her space ship and disabled the shields all of the ship's systems were immediately destroyed. It was Chad's Firestorm Virus." Your expresion turns solemn as well as Michael says what you're thinking, "I don't think we'll be able to repair the damage. Also, we've sent agents ahead to Japan to search for her daughter. We've heard a lot of stories about drunken fishermen seeing a 'space ship' crash and a young girl with green skin, but then all of the stories turn to one thing, a 'demon' and 'lizard men' storming the local tavern and spiriting her away."

"Demona," You say refurring to the "Demon". That's right, I now have possesion of Blue's daughter. (What're you gonna do about it, punk?)

"Yes," Michael responds sadly. "As for your first question, we know a lot of things. And apperiently so does Chad. We've discovered traces of his connections to world threats not know to exist for at least a decade, as well as some threats that don't even officially exist yet. (Writer's Note: I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean yet either, so don't ask.) His connection to the Decepticons has already been confermed, by you, and we belive he has financed the reformation of the terrorist orginization known as COBRA. I've got to admit, this guy is good."

"You don't know the half of it," You say with absolutly no sarcasm whatsoever. "He's collecting dragon balls." Michael's face changed from concern to utter horror. "I think he only needs one more."

"This is bad," Michael says. "This is very bad. Come inside. We need to contact J.T. immediatly. This could be far worse than world domination."

You begin to follow Michael, but notice Blue staring at some oddly colored vehicles. There are about five. Nothing really seems the matter with them, besides their color. An orange jeep, a small black space shuttle, and an empty missle trailer seem a little odd, but they fit in perfectly with an army base, and must be there for other reasons. Except for a small, odd, purple shape on a helicopter, everything seems fine. You completely fail to notice the tank hidden behind the missle trailer. You see a soldier comand a crewman to paint over the odd shape. A rush of de ja vu comes over you as the crewman finishes painting. You dismiss the odd shape and motion for Blue to follow you. You both follow Michael into a small building in the center of the compound.

"Come on in," Michael says leaning over a comunications console. You walk over to Michael's side while Blue waits silently by the door. "We're trying to get a hold of H.Q. For some reason--" Just then a crewman enters with a video cassette.

"Sir. This just arived, and it's adressed to Agent Keim." The crewman said as he hands the tape to Michael.

"Where did it come from?" You ask the crewman.

"I don't know. Nobody does. It just suddenly appeared here."

"It didn't just appear out of thin air," Michael Arch said as he puts the tape into a cassette player on the console. "Let's see what this is about."

"Wow," You exclaim. "This console has everything."

"Yeah. We got a great deal," Arch said as he pressed "Play" on the remote. "Popcorn?"

"No, thanks."

As the screen on the console jumps to life, static quickly turns to a picture of New York's Times Square from high above.

"Perdy, ain't it," An all too familiar southern drawl says from off-screen. Slowly the camera pans away from the street over to the grinning face of the Big Boss Man standing next to it. But the camera keeps panning. You can only catch a quick glance of what looks like a large digital clock.

"No! Not yet you stupid bug!" Boss Man says as his gloved hand covers the entire screen, and moves the camera back on him.

"Waspinator sorry, Boss Big Man," A buzzing voice says from off screen.

"Just shut up and keep the camera still." Boss Man's smile quickly returns. "Howdy, Jonny Boy! I know you're watching this. I also know you don't want a million or so innocent lives to be destroyed. So here's the deal. You have about..." Boss Man points his night stick to the side as the camera pans over to reveal a rather large nuclear warhead with a clock counting down. "....seven hours to stop this bomb from going boom and taking out a good chunk of New York City. Of course it'll take about three hours to get this tape to you using our 'Special Delivery' system. So you'll have four hours. Good luck!" The camera pans back over the New York City skyline to the sound of Big Boss Man and Waspinator laughing maniacaly. "Shut up!" Boss Man growled right before the camera turned off and the monitor returned to static.

You don't waste any time in demanding one of the base's fastest jets.

"Prepare this base's fastest jet," You command a nearby soldier. "I need to be there yesterday."

"Yes sir," The soldier says in a high class British accent as he salutes and heads out the door.

"That's odd," You mumble to yourself. The soldier's face was obstructed by his helmet, but there was something familiar about him. You again feel the sense of de ja vu, but do not dismiss it so easily this time, you are nearly lost in thought as you head toward the door.

As you walk pass Blue, she grabs your sholder and you are instantly back in the communicative trance. (If you have a better description of it, please tell me!) A picture of Blue's daughter appears in your mind with a question mark over it. You take this to mean she's asking what are you going to do about her. Even though your thoughts are torn in several seperate directions, you do your best to explain the situation. You picture Boss Man and Wapinator standing on either side of a giant cartoon bomb (Remember you're not concentrating like you did before). The bomb explodes and you picture the "Destruction of New York" scene from "Independece Day". You also picture you arresting Boss Man and an image of Blue's daughter, and put an equals sign between them. This is supposed to mean that if you capture Boss Man you'll probabily find the location of Blue's daughter (and me). You hope she understands that as your thoughts slip to images of several emblems for various evil orginizations. The yellow insect head of the Predacons, the "Chad Co." logo, the red striking, king cobra head of COBRA, and the collection of sharp, purple shapes that form a robot head for the Decepticons.

"OH MY GOD!!!!," You yell as your concentration fully slips and you and a confused Blue snap out of the trance. You realize your horrible mistake all too late as an expolosion from outside rocks the building.

"Everyone outside," Commands Michael Arch as he pulls his gun from under his coat. You all race outside, but you are afraid that you have good idea of what to expect. As you follow Michael out the door your fears become reality as the four vehicles you noticed earlier, and the tank, have become five deadly, giant robots armed to the teeth, and are destroying all of the base that they can. You were right, the odd, purple shape was part of the Decepticon emblem.

In the center of the five Decepticons stands two soldiers, firing upon escaping crewmen. One is the soldier you commanded to ready a jet. The other one is the soldier you commanded to ready a jet. Wait a minute! Except for a scar on the face of one of them, the two solders were mirror images of each other. "Could Chad have perfected human cloning?," You think. No, you're over complicating matters. Then you realize they're twins. You recognize them as the infamous COBRA (gasp!) attorneys (double gasp!), Xamot and Tomax. (So I did reform COBRA.)

"Onslaught," Yells Tomax (Or is that Xamot?) to the former missle trailor Decepticon.

"Incoming," Finishes Xamot (Or is that Tomax?). You look up to see a helicopter, with the Chad Co. logo on it, lowering a rope latter down to the twins.

"Blast Off! Vortex! Give them cover!" Commands Onslaught. Instantly the former space shuttle and helicopter robots fly upword to protect their fleeing comrdes. "Brawl! Swindle!" Continues Onslaught to the jeep and tank bots. "Continue to destroy until our prey comes out of hiding!"

"Sweet," Brawl ,the tank, yells as he kicks a nearby jeep, sending it flying.

You turn to Blue, who already has out her eight foot long gun (Where in the heck does she hide that thing?), and is aiming it at the escaping helicopter.

"Okay," You say as if she was paying attention. "You're good." You turn back to battle field, pull out your sword, and head strait for Onslaught.

"Am I supposed to be the prey?" You yell as you charge toward the Decepticon.

"No, fleshling," You hear a squaky voice yell moments before you are bowled over by a gust of wind. "You are not our prey!" You look up to see a giant robotic bird of prey "Divebombing" you. You leap out of the way as his talons shread the pavement you were just laying on.

"If I'm not their target," You say to yourself. "Then who is?" You look over to Blue, who's still aiming her gun at the helicopter. (Why hasn't Blue fired yet? (A)She's having trouble getting a lock. (B)The gun needs to charge. (C)It's just a set-up by the author. Or (D)A jar of almonds. Pick one. Is that your final answer?) Out of nowhere a giant robot lion comes bounding out from the side of the building and lundges at Blue. "LOOK OUT!!!" You yell. Only skill, and a whole lot of luck, allows Michael Arch to dive into the fray and push Blue out of harm's way only moments before a set of huge, metal claws slashes through her gun and destroys it. The lion skids to a halt and turns around.

"Predacons," The lion roars. "Combine to form Predaking!" From out of nowhere three more giant, robot animals appear. A bull, a rhino, and some sort of big cat (Possibly a tiger) come rampaging toward the lion as the bird of prey dives past you following suit. The five animals go through an amazing transformation as they become seperate body parts and join together to form another gestalt robot. The deadly, winged Predaking.

"Combaticons," You hear Onslaught command. "Combine to form Bruticus!" Instantly Brawl and Swindle transform into their vehicle modes and race toward Onslaught as Blast Off and Vortex drop from the sky (The helicopter having escaped). The Combaticons go through the same transformation as the Predacons to become the heavily armored Bruticus.

"Oh poopie," You mutter as the two advanced gestalts stomp toward you. You almost wish you were back in the jungle with Devistator. Almost.

Blue's gun is destroyed. Your arch enemy has the unlimited resourses of two of the most powerful organizations in existence, Blue's daughter, and you don't know how many dragon balls. You're being attacked by two of the deadliest robots ever, and you still have to get to New York before it's blown off the face of the earth. Gee, you're really in a pickle aren't you? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

This is the end of your part in this chapter, but I still have many more things to accomplish in two more intallments (parts C and E... This part was written before C). Both will rival this one, but will get done quicker. By the time you read this one the next shall aready be started.

P.S. How's Arizona?

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