[The Two Fates]

Chapter 13 -- Talk Show

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I dedicate this chapter to Adam "Warteen" Sanborne. This officially makes his addition to our story an "Elseworlds" tale, despite how well written it was. It is also a free plug for his other work, an impressive story called "Crush" (And my own masterpiece "Road to Wrestlemania". Jon, you've got some updating to do, boy). There you go.

Two Fates Chapter 13: Talk Show

"And this time," I yell angrily as the Velocibarneys pick up the unconscious Azure, "use the adamantium chains."

The large purple man/lizards scurry about to do my bidding. Placing the young blue woman in her chair and quickly tying her up with the "special" chain. The links of this chain are slightly bigger and brighter than the shattered steel links on the floor.

"Are you sure this will hold her?" I ask Smyte as he walks into the room, prim and proper as ever, despite his recent kidnapping at the hands of the Barneys. Yes, despite being held at the mercy of those purple and green blobs of terror, Smyte's light brown hair was still combed, his glasses were still straight, and his red bow tie and gray suit were neatly pressed and wrinkle-free. A professional through and through. This is one of the reasons I went to the trouble of rescuing him. His efficiency was the other.

"Of course Sir," Smyte said as he held up his ever present clipboard. "The only chains stronger would have to be made of phased titanium, but that is in short supply at the moment."

"Excellent," I say as I turn to leave the room. Smyte closely followed, leaving the Velocibarneys and a still unconscious Azure, chained to the chair, in the cell. The cell's safe-like titanium steel door clanged shut as soon as we stepped past it.

"I'm disappointed Smyte," I say as I begin the long walk back to my office. Along the corridor were a few Velocibarneys and several human guards with visible cybernetic enhancements. They served as good guards and a perfect maintenance crew, and they were performing their tasks flawlessly.

"About what, Sir?" Smyte asked as he reviewed the notes and reports on his clipboard.

"About my powers," I answer. "The enhanced Saiyan DNA I absorbed was to grant me, and me alone, unlimited power. Unfortunately, Jon interfered and split the power with me [It's true loyal 'Fates Fans! These events happen in the "Two Fates" comic book I am currently working on. It also explains the odd Saiyan abilities displayed by we two humans at the beginning of the story]. The toned down 'Spirit Bomb' used by Jon drained nearly all of his power right away. The fool. And yet, even though I have done my best to conserve my power, it too is beginning to drain. True, I still have a few "tricks" up my sleeve, but I need something more powerful, and permanent, until I have all seven Dragon Balls."

"So you wish to move from science to sorcery as your source of power," Smyte commented as he pulled a pen out of the pocket protector in his jacket breast pocket. "That could prove dangerous."

"Yes," I say as I type a code into the keypad next to my office door. "But other factors could prove even more dangerous."

"You are referring to the 'General' and his Dark Angels, I assume," Smyte commented as the door to my office opened. Inside the large, well decorated room, Felicia sat watching television. Her cat-like ears perked to attention at the mention of her former tormentor. I give her a gentle smile to calm her fear of General Draxx. A smile which quickly faded as I turn my attention back to Smyte.

"I may have gotten very little from my psychic link with Azure," I say, referring to the events that happened moments ago. "But I did learn that the Dark Angels are a far more powerful and mysterious force than I could have imagined."

"I distinctly advised against bringing the Dark Angels in on this venture," Smyte noted with concern in his voice.

"And you may have been right to do so," I agree, "but it is far too late now. And besides, without them, I never would've gotten hold of Dark Angel technology, DNA, and I never would've been able to rescue you, or Felicia, for that matter." Smyte couldn't disagree. He simply looked over to the young cat-girl, who, at the time, looked almost looked like a normal Earth teenager as she watched TV and ate popcorn (The fur, ears, and tail made a big difference though). Over the past few days Felicia's age has been determined to be seventeen, and she had become quite comfortable on her new home planet (Earth so totally reeking of awsomeness and all). She now wore designer blue jeans and a designer T-shirt, instead of the tattered cloth she originally wore.

"Do you have a plan in case Draxx does indeed prove to be less than trustworthy?" Smyte asks, already knowing the answer.

"Of course," I say with a hint of smugness. "But first, I'll need an update on our other activities."

"Yes, Sir," Smyte said as he flipped through the pages on his clipboard. "Unfortunately, our spies inform us that both the Predacons and the Combaticons, with the exception of Divebomb, have indeed been defeated and their technology captured by ARCA agents. And, as usual, Jon lead the charge and survived."

"Curses," I say in classic super villain style. "Can they access the Decepticons' memory banks?"

"Decepticon encryption codes are difficult to decipher," Smyte said. "But not impossible for ARCA technology. I'm afraid it's only a matter of time before they discover the location of this base. On the up-side, the new base is complete and fully operational. The Seacons also report that your 'special request' has also been completed."

"Excellent," I proclaim. "Command all science stations to begin transfer procedures. Tell them, 'It's moving day'."

"Yes Sir," Smyte responds only a moment before the alarm on his digital watch squawks to life. "It's time Sir."

"Wonderful," I say excitedly as I walk to the big screen TV being watched by Felicia. "Felicia, please change it to channel 10."

"Awww," Felicia moaned as she left the world of "Dawson's Creek" for a live news broadcast from New York City.

"I'm Shelly Witherspoon," the attractive news anchor spoke into the camera. "Today marks a milestone in the business community as the merger of the powerful company, Nightstone Unlimited, with the worldwide conglomerate, Chad Co. comes to a close. As you can see, behind me, Dominique Destine, president of Nightstone Unlimited, and the president and CEO of Chad Co., Chad DuBeau, are about to announce the closing of the deal."

"Ladies and gentlemen of the press," The very familiar (and handsome) figure at the podium addressed the crowd. "I am happy to announce that one of the single greatest business mergers of all time is complete." A small scattering of applause came from the crowd.

"What? Who? How?" an understandably confused Felicia stammered, looking back and forth from the man at her side and the same man speaking on the television screen. "Which one is the real you?"

"I am," I assure her. "The 'man' speaking to the crowd in New York is a highly advanced automaton."

"An android?" Felicia asked.

"In a way," Smyte answered. "This is the single most advanced robotic being ever created. It possesses all the knowledge, characteristics, and personal traits necessary to impersonate Mr. DuBeau. It also has superior strength, speed, agility, fighting skills, and a complete interior offense, defense, and infiltration package."

"If you made this thing so powerful," Felicia questioned. "Aren't you afraid it might turn against you?"

"A fair question," I respond. "But, no. It has been programmed to follow my orders and my orders alone."

"But how can you be sure?" Felicia wondered. "Isn't that Mindbender guy loyal to COBRA, or something?"

"Mindbender didn't build it." I calmly respond.

"Then who? I thought Sevarius was only a genetics specialist." Felicia asked, more confused than ever.

"I must to say, it's refreshing to see that you've been doing your 'homework' on our little organization." I proudly comment.

"Gotta do something," Felicia proudly retorted, a large smile on her face.

"Touché," I chuckle. "Let's just say our new toy was built by someone we can trust." I nod knowingly at Smyte, who nods back and begins to write in his notebook. I turn back to the news broadcast, still playing on the T.V. "Now, back to the show." Felicia returns her attention back to the television as well.

"And now," the "Mecha-Chad" finishes his speech, "My new business partner, Dominique Destine." He gestures to the beautiful red-haired woman behind him. Dominique, Demona's human disguise, walked up to the microphone and began her speech.

"Thank yo-" Dominique was interrupted by a large explosion high above the area of Times Square. All eyes and cameras turned to see the smoke of the explosion settle into the atmosphere as many people started to panic. As the security tried to calm the crowd, nobody noticed Chad DuBeau and Dominique Destine walk calmly into the Chad Co building, or the evil smirk that was on the android's face. I know, because the same smirk was on my face.

"Was that explosion supposed to happen?" Felicia half wondered.

"Not quite," I respond, much more amused than angry. I then turn to Smyte. "Smyte, find out what happened. I want a complete report within the hour."

"Yessir," Smyte obediently responded and quickly left the room.

"Ready for another round?" I hear Felicia say from behind me. I turn to see her in a martial arts fighting stance. I raise an eyebrow and smile in amusement.

"If you insist."

"Nice view," The tall, muscular ARCA agent said as he stared out at the sun setting over the New York skyline. "What do you guys think?" The "guys" he referred to were the two young ARCA agents that just helped stop Big Boss Man's bomb threat.

"Tal," Sherry Davis, an ARCA agent in her early twenties, said as she stood between Tal and her partner, another young agent named Tim Randen. "I think we should start filling out a report."

"Aw man," Tim moaned. "I hate filling out reports. They have to be done in triplicate with perfect grammar and spelling. Do we have to fill out a report, Tal?"

"'Fraid so," Tal chuckled. "I don't like it much either, but it has to be done." Then Tal turned and faced the roof where the battle with Big Boss Man and the Velocibarney had recently taken place. "But first, why don't we see what the clean-up crew has for us?" The two young agents joined their superior as he made his way through the plain-clothes ARCA agents cleaning up the roof of the skyscraper. They walked to an agent in the center of the roof conducting the clean-up and making notes on a computer pad. The agent of thirty-something years old saluted the moment he saw Tal approach.

"At ease, Simonson," Tal chuckled, "you're not in the military anymore." He then motioned to the computer pad. "My I?" Simonson simply handed Tal the pad and went back to directing the clean-up. "Hmmm," Tal stated as he examined the crew's findings.

"'Hmmm'?" Tim asked impatiently, "'Hmmm' what?"

"Well," Tal began without his usual witty banter, "almost everything as we expected it..."

"Except what?" Sherry observed Tal's near-disappointment.

"We've found every piece of Waspinator," Tal began, the disappointment really seeping in now, "except his head."

"Aww man", Tim exclaimed, sharing in Tal's disappointment. "The head! It's always the head!"

"Sorry Sherry," Tal told the young agent, "nice job bringing him down, though."

"What about me?" Tim asked.

"You defeated the Big Boss Man," Tal said in a serious tone, "there are people who get paid to do that every week." Tim simply stared at his superior officer, unsure of what to make of Tal's belittlement of his actions. He failed to notice the wide smirk on Sherry's face as she tried not to burst out laughing. Tal couldn't hold it in any longer. "I'm kidding!" Tal assured the young agent as he and Sherry chortled.

"Very funny guys," Tim tried to keep a straight face, even though he swore he heard Sherry snort.

"I see you haven't let up on the new guys." The trio of agents turn to the familiar voice behind them and find you standing at the door leading into the building.

"I still haven't let up on you," Tal smiled widely, "why should I let up on them?"

"Point taken," You sarcastically admit.

"How's the Aurora?" Tal asked as you walked over to join the other three agents.

"Wow!" Tim exclaimed with fanboy amazement, "you flew the Aurora?"

"Yeah," You proudly admit, "but how did you know Tal?"

"Word travels fast," Tal smugly answered.

"So does the Aroura," You respond. "But I just couldn't get 'Highway To the Danger Zone' to stop playing over the stereo." Sherry started to giggle at your joke. "No. I'm serious."

"Oh," Sherry said as she turned away to cover her mouth and try not to laugh.

"Well," you say to change the subject, "It sure looks like you guys saved the day. What happened?"

"We saved the day," Tal simply said as he walk away to check on how the clean-up was going.

"Yeah," Sherry covered for Tal, "but there's a bit more to it than that. You see, first we flew over in the helicopter."

"But we got ambushed by Waspinator," Tim chimed in, "and we had to make an emergency landing."

(One long and complicated explanation later)...

"Only to find Waspinator's head missing," Sherry finished. "So, what do you think?"

"I'm a little confused," You question. "Did Barbie end up with Ken or G.I. Joe?"

"What?" Tim said, more than a bit confussed.

"Just kidding," You chuckle. "Good job. And kudos to Tim for defeating Big Boss Man. Where is he now?"

"We don't know," Sherry said in a disappointed tone (Unaware of the greasey stain wearing a SWAT team uniform in an alley a few blocks away). "Do you think we've seen the last of him?"

"I'm sure of it," you say in a brave and determined tone (Also unaware of the disgusting remains of Boss Man down the street).

"Agent Keim!" Simonson ran up in an excited, and nearly panicked state.

"What is it Simonson?" you ask the exited agent.

"I've just received an important message from H.Q," Simonson said almost out of breath, "it's urgent!" You take a quick look at the concerned faces of Sherry and Tim before you follow Simonson across the roof.

Far atop the New York City skyline, where the last rays of the sun had just disappeared past the horizon, two sinister figures wait in a large and impressive executive office. One figure is hidden in shadow, sitting behind an elegant office desk. The other is Demona, freshly transformed into her gargoyle state. Demona folded her purple wings over her shoulders into a sort of make-shift cape. Her long, powerful tail slamming against the carpeted floor was the only sound in the darkened room. Her wild, dark red hair (Which was in great contrast to her sky-blue skin and purple wings) was held back by a large golden tiara, which shimmered with the reflection of the only light source in the room. A large monitor screen on the side wall of the impressive room glowed with a dim light. On the screen, a rounded and fancy-styled "C" in a circle (The "Chad Co." logo) on a black background is shown. It is soon replaced by a much sharper-angled "C", and then the black background disappears, only to be replaced by my intimidating image, with the ever stiff Smyte by my side. I am sitting behind an exact double of the expensive desk in the executive office, and it is revealed that the figure behind the desk inside the office is...also me! Or rather, my android duplicate, creating a type of warped mirror-like image on the monitor screen.

"Well," I start off the odd conversation with...myself, "your speech today went as well as could be expected."

"Indeed," My android duplicate, which has been affectionately dubbed "Mecha-Chad", said. "But I believe that explosion was a little higher than originally intended."

"Yes," I said. "But some goody two shoes must've come along and saved the day...as usual."

"Do you think it was Jon?" Mecha-Chad said in an almost concerned tone.

"Not a chance," I unnecessarily assure him. "There is no possible way Jon could've gotten there in time. Although, I'm fairly sure it would've still been A.R.C.A. agents that foiled the scheme."

"Well, that fits perfectly then," Mecha-Chad said nearly bursting with evil glee. "I've instructed several members of the NYPD to inform any and all federal investigators that come to them that a new terrorist group, called A.R.C.A, was responsible for the bombing and has threatened to strike again."

"How did you manage that? Let alone keeping the NYPD from actually investigating?" I ask, although already knowing the answer.

"Money," Mecha-Chad answers as if he was the real billionaire genius (Me). "It makes the world go round."

"Although paying off the police is easy," I say with a concerned tone. "It's not very reliable."

"True. I'll take care of any police problems personally," Mecha-Chad promised his real counterpart.

"See that you do," I say to him, although I'm sure I can trust him.

"Then," Mecha-Chad said with a smile, "it's still better than Roscoe P. Coltrane."

"True," I say, understanding the obscure "Dukes of Hazzard" reference made by my android double. "What became of Big Boss Man during all this?"

"What's left of him is between Fifth and Eighth," Mecha-Chad answers.

"Well," I ask. "Is he closer to Fifth or Eighth?"

"He's all the way between Fifth and Eighth," Mecha-Chad responds with a sinister smile.

"Eww," I jokingly respond to the rather disturbing image. At that moment Demona glanced out the window and walked towards the side wall of the office.

"Where are you going?" Mecha-Chad said to the female gargoyle as she reached to open a secret panel on the side wall.

"We are partners, are we not?" Demona says in a voice teetering on anger and filled with impatience. "I do not have to ask your permission to leave or find it necessary to tell you where I am going." Demona then turned towards my image on the viewscreen, "I also refuse to answer to an artificial human." Then without another word Demona pressed a hidden panel on the wall and stepped through the panel as soon as it slid open. A moment later she was out of sight and the panel slid shut again. I saw that my android duplicate appeared calm, but I knew he was a bit taken aback, because I was too.

"I thought Mindbender's brainwave scanner was supposed to sedate her personality," Mecha-Chad stated in a calm tone.

"It was," I answered in much the same manner. "Her last 'treatment' was with Mindbender's new improved version. Instead of creating a mindless zombie, it changes the subjects point of view just enough to suit the needs of whoever is in control of the 'scanner, whether it be COBRA or myself. In Demona's case I had it sedate her hatred of humans just enough to be cooperative. That, and the simple promise of a world of only gargoyles for her to rule over was enough to gain her favor."

"You've made quite a few promises to quite a few dangerous people," Mecha-Chad made the accurate observation. "Are you sure you can deliver before they get restless?"

"You let me worry about that," I say to my mechanical double. "I'm still the real head of this operation. I'll take care of business on this end. You just keep an eye on my legitimate business. I'm sending Xamot and Tomax to assist you."

"Understood," The android said, knowing full well the outstanding business and legal skills of the twin COBRA agents. "But what do we do about Demona?"

"She has plenty of business to take care of during the day," I readily admit. "It's during the night, in her gargoyle form that she has reason to be...restless."

"We are also in New York," Mecha-Chad said with a relaxed glance out the window. With his ultra-advanced senses he was able to detect several large creatures gliding in the distance. I knew what he was looking at, and we both knew Demona was off watching them as well. "It has been a...trouble spot for her in the past."

"Yes," I again admit, "and that could prove to be trouble for us." I, of course, refer to the "flying creatures" my animatronic counterpart saw (as well as other factors). "I believe we need to find something to occupy her time."

"I think we can provide her with a sufficient night life," A creepy voice said from across the long room. The voice belonged to a tall man in a lab coat standing in between the office's large, elegant main doors.

"Ahh, Dr. Zech," I say with a tone of amusement. "It's nice to see you so...alive."

"Yes," The card carrying mad scientist hissed. "It's amazing what a full body makeover can do." (Dr. Zachary Zech is a character that is featured in the Two Fates comic book. Yes, I am plugging it too much, and no, it's not done yet. Dr. Zech was originally a hunch-backed mad scientist, but he had an...unfortunate accident in the comic book and his body had to be replaced by a cloned body with his original mind.)

"I must admit," Mecha-Chad stated, "I never thought the whole cloning brain transfer plan would work."

"Of course it would," I remind my robotic doppelganger, "Dr. Mindbender went through the same process."

"Ah yes," Zech said as he walked to the desk. "And how are those two amateurs?"

"Fine," I say, only now noticing that he is carrying a sack in his robotic hand (Oh, did I forget to mention that Dr. Zech has a robotic right arm and a hideous chemical burn over his left eye? My bad. Why he kept them in his new body I don't really know. I thought it best not to ask. He also wears dignified wire rimmed spectacles and very ruffled hair, but those features don't stand out as much for some reason). "I'll give them your regards. What's in the sack?"

"Wazzzpinator in sack," A muffled buzzing voice came from the sack.

"Just his head," Dr. Zeck simplified. "It's all that made it back from the 'incident' this afternoon. I can fix him."

"And Big Boss Man?" I ask.

"He's nothing but a smear on the pavement," Dr. Zech said with a sinister smile.

"Is there anything that can be done about it?" Mecha-Chad inquires.

"A mop and a bucket?" Dr. Zech almost laughed (Wow. He really is a mad mad scientist [That's not a typo]).

"No cloning?" Mecha-Chad wonders.

"Not enough raw material," Zech answers.

"Mr. McMahon will not be pleased," Smyte said from behind me.

"And?" The other three answer simultaneously.

"Hmm," Smyte answered as he scribbled something down on his notepad. At that moment a random human guard walks in and whispers something to Smyte. "Pardon me sir," Smyte says as soon as the guard leaves. "Our guest is finally awake, and is awaiting your company."

"Well," I say as I begin to stand, "it has been interesting talking to myself, but I must attend to some business. Xamot and Tomax should arrive soon. Keep me informed."

"Will do," Mecha-Chad says only a split second before the screen goes blank. He then turns to the mad scientist in front of his desk. "Get a 'Spy Fly' on Demona, then fix Waspinator. I want all the loose ends tied up before Xamot and Tomax arrive."

"Right," Dr. Zech laughed out loud. "Just don't forget, you're not the real boss here." With that Dr. Zech took the sack, still babbling in a buzzing voice, and left the room.

"Yeah," Mecha-Chad grimaced. "I won't forget." He then pressed a button on his desk.

"Oui Mr. DuBeau?" A young female voice with a French accent rang over the intercom.

"Will you get me all of the available information on Extensive Enterprises before you leave for the night?"

"Yes Mr. DuBeau."

"Thank you, Tasha." Mecha-Chad releases the button on the desk then turns his chair to look out the window. He laces his fingers in front of his face and lets out a deep breath. "Everything is going according to his plan. Everything except the Dragon Balls. I'll take care of that myself."

Azure struggled against her new, more powerful bonds as I entered the large cell.

<Aww, what's the matter?> I chuckle as soon as I see her struggling, <don't you like your new accessories, my little Smurf?>

<What are these bonds?> Azure asked, completely missing the dig on her skin tone.

<A special alloy used in many...interesting experiments. You shouldn't waste your energy struggling. You can't break them.>

<You don't know me,> Azure said with a smirk, <I am stronger than you realize.>

<I know you better than you think>, I laugh, knowing full well the futility of her threat. <The truth of the matter is, it is you who does not know me.>

<Really?> Azure's smirk widened into a smile. <When you attempted to probe my mind, I learned more about you than I ever wanted to. Your plans, what you did with my daughter, your...true intentions.> The tone of her last statement caused the smirk to disappear from my face. <No matter what, the ends do not justify the means, your foolish alliance with the Dark Angles will cost you dearly.>

<How?> I ask eagerly. <What can the Dark Angles do? What is the extent of their power? Of their forces? Tell me.>

<No!> Azure shouted defiantly. <I will never help one as evil as you. You deserve whatever happens to you.>

<And what about your daughter?> I smile as I play my trump card, <what does she deserve?>

<Don't you threaten my daughter!> Azure yelled and tried harder to break free of the adamantium chains. <If you touch her I'll->

<You are in no position to make threats!> I yell back in the same angry tone. <Not only can you not break out of those chains, but if you did, I would surely be able to subdue you before you even made it halfway across the room.>

<Maybe, but that won't be the case for long,> Azure said with a sly smile, to which I responded with a menacing glare. <That's right. I know your powers are weakening. It won't be long until you can't even keep your 'allies' in line.>

<You underestimate me, my dear.>

<Don't you dare call me that,> Azure quickly switched to the defensive.

<The point is,> I say in a now much calmer tone, <that even though my physical powers may be weakening, but my mind is as sharp as ever. I have already prepared for every expected contingency. The problem is I don't know what to expect from the Draxx and his little army. That's where you come in.>

<I will never help you> Azure said with extreme disdain.

<Yes, yes. You already said that> I say while "turning on the charm". <I think you might change your mind when you hear my little offer.>

<Not likely> Azure said with the same disdain as before.

<Really?> I chuckled. <Even if I can guarantee your daughter's safety?>

<How?> Azure said in a tone that told me she didn't believe a word I said (Not that I could blame her though).

<The only real reason Draxx hasn't killed her yet is that he knows it'll draw you out. Of course he enjoys having her at his command, but you're his main target. As soon as he kills you how long do you think he'll keep your daughter around? A year? A month? A week? Frankly, I wouldn't give her five days.>

<I am painfully aware of all this already> Azure said, clearly losing any patience she had left. <What is your point?>

<Draxx doesn't know you're here.> My voice is now calm and nearly kind. The look on Azure's face changes to surprise as I make this oddly generous revelation. <Do you even think we'd be talking right now if he did? You'd be dead, and I'd be on my way to a surefire betrayal. Now we can help each other. You can tell me everything you know about General Draxx and the Dark Angels, allowing me to prepare for his eventual betrayal, and I can keep your daughter safe by never telling Draxx that you're here.>

<He'll find out I'm here eventually. Then he'll kill me, and perhaps you as well.> Azure stated with a fair amount of concern.

<Not if you manage to...'escape'.> I say with a small smile as I slowly inch my way closer to her and place my hand on the side of her face to prepare for the psychic conversation. To my surprise she doesn't pull away or even flinch. But she does make a keen observation.

<You're going to use me to destroy ARCA and Jon as well, aren't you?>

<...Yes> I say in a tone that could've been confused with regret. <Shall we begin?>

Well, that's it! Chapter 13! Hope you enjoyed it! Take over from here, Jon! By the way, when will I see "Road to Wrestlemania" on Epic Stories? Hmmm?

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