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Hi and welcome to my web page. I'm Jon, a 23-year-old guy from Michigan (briefly of Arizona), struggling Christian, aspiring writer, artist, computer programmer and so many (too many?) other things as well. Graduated from hell, I mean High School, all the way back in '99 (wow, long freaking time ago). Bounced around between a couple of community colleges and working since then, an' I'm just looking to find my way. What an odd thing to say in a country where basic needs can be met so relatively easily, but there you are.

Well, now that you've heard my life-story-in-a-bottle, just a couple more comments. One, for those of you who know me, you're going to be quite surprised by the amount of talking (ok, writing) I do here. I tend to write a *lot* more than I speak. Also, on this page you get to see a lot more of my ranting than I usually make public. I'm generally a quiet-yet-happy person most of the time. Finally, this is a personal page, and while I do mess with the format a lot, it's not exactly my best work in website design.

Peace all, and enjoy the site


What's New

ABOUT MY GUESTBOOK: Some people keep a guestbook in their homes for everyone who visits to sign. They have records of who was at what party or event and the date, and it makes a great memory aid. This one friend of my father's has books going back to the 1960's, if not farther. I think this is an incredibly cool idea, so please, the first time you come here, sign it! Even if you just leave your name, let me know you came.

February 25, 2005

Added an entirely new page to the poetry section, a place to keep giftverse.

December 10, 2004

Made the "My Favorite Stuff" page into the "Computer Tools" page (since that's all that was there anyway). Started littering links to Firefox all over the site. Archived old what's new stuff.

November 18, 2004

Added the flag to the header of both the main index and this page. For an old-skool, depreciated layout done with tables, I'm actually quite happy with how it looks.

Old New Stuff. Heh. Sounds kinda funny.


Table of contents
This personal page is just one part of a larger site, albeit the most active.
Check here to see what else lives on windless.

Personal stuff

About Me / Contact Info

Picture gallery -- Photographs of the webmaster and surrounding environs. For curious web aquantances and relatives. Also contains photo albums from various trips I've taken.

Scrapbook -- Odd bits of the world that have found their way into my posession. I can't really explain it any better than that.

A LiveJournal? -- I've been told that people think I have a LiveJournal. I would just like to state that it is an unfounded rumor, a dirty lie, and also true. I can update an LJ more easily than I can a normal page, so it sees both a lot more updates than the windless site proper, and also a lot more worthless updates. You have been warned.

Surveys from email -- you know those silly quizzes you get from people in your email sometimes? Well rather than clogging your email inbox with answers, I've posted them here.

Writing & drawing

Poetry -- stuff I write

Art -- stuff I draw

Quotes! -- both mine and others

The Nightshade Files -- a comic book I've been dreaming up since 5th grade [slowly getting more full...]

Jon's Lego Universe -- a bunch of stuff I made up about Space Legos, some of the coolest toys ever [NOT empty -- it's here, it's all here!]

Journals -- Now two seperate sections: a (sometimes cryptic) record of events from each day, and some other miscellaneous writings I've done, too.

Epic Stories is the new home for both The Two Fates web archive and the Dreams of Doom chapter archives. Go there for information on what they are, etc...


Links -- Directory of useful websites.

Computer toolkit -- Every computer geek has utilities they can't live with out.

Save-the-world links -- Sites of a supposedly more... benevolent nature than those on my normal links page.

GIFTART! -- Yeah, that's right. Someone was impressed with my ramblings... I was astonished.

Old site subtitles -- Well I thought they were funny...

Random wisdom and platitudes -- contains chain emails, things I've seen on the web, and the like that I thought were kinda cool.

Museum -- old versions of the site's layout, discarded but archived pages, etc.

No, I am not on crack. I'm just silly. There's a difference. I hope.

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Badly-formatted stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else

Background image provided by Infinity Texture Maker. Very cool program, check it out. I try to use HTML that is not browser-specific. Look at it with any browser (even Lynx), and it'll still be pretty. It's registered with the Anybrowser Campaign and the [Web Interoperability Pledge], the first of which even still exists.

Can you find the hidden page? Kristyn and Ian should be able to guess...

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