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Arizona Bound

If you're here you've probably heard at least a little about my plans. Or you just wandered in from the ether, but either way. On this page, you'll find basic details of the current arrangements and plans, info on prior events that led me to uproot & come out here, the tale of my trip, and an ongoing daily journal.


Basic Info

Please note that this section is *badly* out of date.

Well, I'm in northern Arizona right now, in the mountains, just moved here from Michigan. I left on Wednesday, July 19th 2000, arrived on the 23rd. Drove my car out here, accompanied by my Dad, so I wouldn't be driving all that way alone, and just beause it was fun, too. I'm living with my grandparents and getting along with them very well. I'm planning on getting a job, going to the local community college for a year or so, until I'm considered an AZ resident. Once I am a resident, which takes a good 6 grand off tuition, I'll hopefully be attending Northern Arizona University to study computer science. Hmmm... what else? None of these plans are terribly concrete, and could be subject to change depending on what God has planned for me, but it looks like I might be out here for a while. I will be back for vacations and stuff on occasion, tho. I'll put notice of those up when details come up, but none are specifically planned at the moment. I do know I will be back for Josh & Wendy's wedding, tho a date has not been set.



coming soon


Tales From The Trail

nearing completion


The day-to-day since then

This stuff is pretty cut-and-dry. I don't excpect anyone but hardcore Jon Keim fans to read through my journals... (and how many of those do you know?). While I'm gonna write an entry for each day, the site may not be updated quite as regularly. Life, I'm sure, will make sure to keep me busy enough. And if not, I'll just procrastinate some instead.

The Arizona journals have been merged in with the rest of my Daily Journal Section.

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