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My site's officially old enough to have old new stuff. And lots of it, too.


October 8, 2004

Redid Windless's main index page to include links to all the other projects that now live here thanks to my l33t hosting package. And I'm in the process of adding new poems to my poetry page, too. Wai. It's awfully late now, though, and so there's at least one poem, "Windless", that didn't make it up tonight. Yes, that's the poem that is my site's namesake. Soon.

August 16, 2004

The ancient "Chain email myths" page has been entirely destroyed and merged into my links page. Also added some new links and sections to the same page, including a great local computer retailer. Also archived What's New items.

July 25, 2004

Added a new picture, along with a link to my complete ACen 2004 picture archives and another (whee, just one... *>) ACen 2003 pic.

June 3, 2004

Added a link to my LiveJournal to the table of contents below. Zounds, March 30th is the last time I updated, and such a lame update at that. I need to give this poor site some attention, got lots of new poetry for it. ;;;^>

March 30th, 2004

Changed the subtitle of this page, the main windless index, and my livejournal. It's a modification of a phrase suggested to me by my good friend _Quinn

March 25th, 2004

Site has moved to (my very own domain!), and so relevant links have been chagned accordingly. Big deal. Starting to fix my HTML so things appear correctly, even in br0k3n Internet Explorer 6.

March 22nd, 2004

Removed the silly pixellation on Adam's face in the latest Cedar Point picture.

March 15th, 2004

New item in the Scrapbook, a link to a newspaper article on a "salad bar melee".

January 29th, 2004

New quote, of sorts.



December 25th, 2003

Added a vanity Giftart section for the one lone (and quite waiful) piece of giftart I've received so far. Also working on getting up the uber-l33t Nightshade Fanart that he's drawn. Only one of 'em so far, but that's 'cause I'm slooooow.

October 30th, 2003 (I think)

Changed the intro blurb on the poetry page. Nothing big, but I like to keep track of this sort of thing.

September 30th, 2003

New quotes, both mine (two here and five here) and one of someone else's.

September 19th, 2003

New "humorous site" link.

September 8th, 2003

New section on my quotes page for links to others' quote collections, and the first entry in the listing.

August 31, 2003

Minor edits to the last few stanzas of Mars for Martians and Crickets!.

August 28, 2003

More poems: Mars for Martians and Crickets!, Tokyo, a filk of MxPx's "Punk Rawk Show" and Hush Little Gamer Boy, after "Hush Little Baby". There may be a couple more poems I find in my "not done yet" folder that really are done and I just don't know it yet, and a few in my poetry notebook that haven't been transcribed. But other than that, I'm just about tapped out as far as things to post. ^_^

August 27, 2003

More poems: Eyes Like The Movies, The Tentative Love Song That An Eagle Sings, and Mr. Piro-san (after Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson") in the new "Filk" section.

August 26, 2003

More new poems posted: Try, Fly and Tumbling, Me In The Eyes, Light and Babel, September's Limerick, Snowflake and Tale and Simple Things. Just a few more to post and I'll be pretty well caught up. w00t! Added a counter to the poetry page, too.

August 24, 2003

Several new poems added: Shake Thy Most Delightful Tush (yes, you heard right), Silent City, Sometimes Still, A Roadside Monument, Kotone's Song, Quiet Girl, Short and Cold and Moment's Glimpse. Archived old What's New items.

August 23, 2003

New scrapbook item, a picture of the East Coast blackout taken from space.

July 29, 2003

Minor update to the expository text accompanying the poem Autumn Eyes.

June 22, 2003

Posted a couple of new pictures from this and last years' Cedar Point trips. Archived "What's New" items. Finally reworked my guestbook to match my current site theme. Looks much better, especially since Crosswinds decided to allow external linking to images again. Now the guestbook page can use my website background! Wai~

June 19, 2003

Discovered an old quote of mine that I liked enough to add to my quotes page.

April 22, 2003

'Nother poem. Been trying to add more recently, in case you haven't noticed. There are a few people I really want to email about my poetry and related things, so I'm pushing hard to get a little bit added every day.

April 21, 2003

'Nother poem posted. Wai~.

April 19, 2003

Jeez, it's really been a month since the last update. Oh well. Couple new poems posted, including "Poems Suck" and "Rainy Day Kimiko". Revised the commentary at the end of "Autum Eyes" too. Too lazy to link specific poems here, but the new/changed ones are marked in red on the contents page. So they shouldn't be too much trouble to find. Lots more to post, though, including some pieces I *really* like. Need to do that. But not tonight. Sleeeeeeeep!

March 20, 2003

Finally added more sites to the "My Friends" section of my links page. Go see. ^_^ Also found out that the link in the computer links section is dead. The link now reflects this development. It may actually even go away at some point.

March 17, 2003

Added new items in the Webcomics links and Favorite Internet Programs pages.

March 11, 2003

Finally updated my About me page, and added some more stuff to same's Contact info section as well. Started a new exhibit in the Museum for old versions of my "About me page intro text"... Maybe it'll prove interesting in a few years or something. Archived a whole boatload of What's New items, as this section was getting pretty hairy.

March 2, 2003

Added a couple new links, one to the Misc. Sites section and one to the Funny Sites section. Boatload of new quotes, too, added to both my own quotes and the Other People's section.

February 23, 2003

Began a major reworking of the Poetry section (if you notice, it's even in it's own subdirectory now). One new poem is up, but it's mostly just cosmetic updates so far. I'm hopefully laying the groundwork for some major updating, though, because I've got *so* many poems that aren't posted yet. Lots of art to add, too, actually. ^^;

February 3, 2003

Updated and/or added hit-counters all over the site. Hopefully, there'll be some updates to the poetry and art sections soon, too. ^_^;

February 1, 2003

Lotsa badly overdue updates:

  • The biggest addition is the new scrapbook section. See inside for more details, 'cause I can't really explain what it is very well.
  • Removed several of the (empty) entries from the "General" column of my table of contents. Archives a couple more in the new museum section, including the "Glossary" page and the "Stuff to pray for" section that's had a home on this index page practially since time began.
  • Revamped / edited the index page a bit



December 29, 2002

Simplified and brought up to date the Contact Info section of my about me page. The main text still needs a good deal of updating, however.

October 13, 2002

Added some more quotes. Added a couple new links (MTCFF Ultra and The Oblique Strategies websites). Deleted "Unlike Minerva" from my webcomics links section (honestly, I only ever read Megatokyo faithfully anymore. And I subscribe to the print version of Elf Life, but those are a *long* time in coming... Poor Carson Fire). More "what's new" items archived.

Reorganized my poetry page. Broke it up into two pages, one for finished poetry and one for the crappy stuff that until now had been mixed in with my finished pieces. Hope to add some more of my finished pieces soon, as I'm really quite happy with them. But not tonight. I'm tired as foo.

Something of a warning: I'm starting to grow up, I think, and therefore so is this site. Topics that made me squeamish before, I'm becoming more comfortable with (this warning is, in fact, a vestige of my previous discomfort). As such, some things might start appearing here that "aren't suitable" for kids. Or what have you. It's not like I'm gonna go out of my way to make this a dirty page. Basically, it's just like every other place on the 'net: browser beware, especially if you're a parent.

June 9, 2002

Well, I actually updated my web page again. I'm in the process of adding a section to my About Me page that details all the various characters from TV, anime, manga, books, and such that I like the most. ph33r d4 ph4nb0y.

May 8, 2002

w00t! This page is ad-free! I'm actually paying for the site now, so that's why. Note that the address has also changed to (instead of

March 4, 2002

Modifications to the art section are mostly complete now. The most important of said changes is the addition of a new piece of Pencil art. Now I just have to add in the rest of the individual-view navigation system.

March 2, 2002

Started reorganizing my art page(s). More reorganizing, and/or additions to that page will follow. ^_^ Also moved my Arizona page into the journals section, since it's both kinda out-of-date and/or irrelevant now that I'm back in Michigan. The site contents below is being changed around a little, too.

January 27, 2002

My obligatory update for the month, I guess. There's new art in the Pencil Drawings section, one picture of a cute robot girl I drew last night. ^_^ Also, I messed with the brightness of all my pencil drawings a bit so they should be easier to see now.

Changed the "already visited link" color, too, to something more appropriate for the rest of the site's color scheme.



December 30, 2001

The big news is the poetry section. There are two new poems up, and more on the way, as soon as I finish them... The page has also been revamped into the new site format, and I added a table of contents to the top, too. Elsewhere around the site, I toasted the "Journal of the Day" thing from here on the front page, as it was just taking up space. The old journals are still back in the journal section tho, for the super-curious... Finally, it's definately time to move more of these "what's new" items into the archive.

November 12, 2001

Major update to the Art Section. I'm now a wannabe artist, too, so there'll be more drawings going up as I go along.

October 20, 2001

Ug have I been silent for a while. School, work, and MegaTokyo are my current addictions, stealing all my time, per ususal. I do have two new quotes for you guys tho. Also, because of some funkiness in getting registered with Crosswinds, there will continue to be ads on my site for some time... <sigh> Peace.

September 30, 2001

Revamped the links page a little bit, most notably Added a new computer link to a nifty CD-Recording FAQ. Added a new quote, too. I like the quote so much, in fact, that I even made it the new site subtitle.

September 27, 2001

Well, the page has officially moved. Don't be alarmed if you haven't heard anything about my changing email address or web address over email... I'm gonna send out a notice in a day or few, once the change is official (I'm having trouble getting Crosswinds to agree to take my money how I want them to take my money... odd, huh?)

September 23, 2001

Welcome to the new place! Hopefully it'll be more enjoyable now that there aren't ads popping up all over. Faster too. It'll be faster for me to update my stuff, that's for sure. And now I feel like I'm doing my part to keep Crosswinds going, too.

August 17, 2001

  • Revamped The Nightshade Files into the new site format, and added a new disclaimer/warning to the top.
  • Added new pics to the Picture Gallery. Unfortunately, since I sort the page by the date the pic was taken, it'll be kinda hard to find the new ones. But the new ones are of me with my friend Carrie at our High School graduation, as well as the one of Kim & I at a friend's graduation party in June of 2000.
  • Several new links (including a whole new section, tho it only has one entry for the moment). Also added content warnings to the webcomics section, since my site is intended to be browsed by young cousins, and any other wee ones who happen to wander along as well. As always, a parent should websurf with their kids whenever possible.
  • Chapter 13 of The Two Fates, the latest installment of the collaborative story a friend and I are writing together, is up. It was actually up on the 15th, but I forgot to mention it here.
  • Put up a new quote. Yeah, Josh, it's finally up. (:
  • Archived more "What's new" items. Whoopee

<phew> I think that's it.

August 5, 2001

Buncha new stuff today. First up, added an art section to The Nightshade Files, and put up our first picture, a drawing of Mane by Chad. Also changed the site subtitle above. This one is also courtesy of Chad. (: Lessee what else... Messed with the internal organization a bit. Boring, I know. Also, the background image from the previous version of my site is back. Decided I liked it better that way.

Don't leave yet! There's more big news today, too! I've finally added a Picture Gallery to my page! I figure if people really want to hunt me down, then this website probably already gives them more than enough information to do it, and I might as well save them the trouble of having to dig up a picture of me, too. (:

June 23, 2001

Added a whole slew of new links to my Links page. A bunch of webcomics that I read, as well as the first in a long series of links to friends' pages. That's it for now. Getting late.

June 14, 2001

Changed the subtitle of the site above. Chad gave me the idea for it. Actually, he gave me the whole quote. As for site updates, well, I'm still here. Just busy, and or tired, and or having other projects going. That's life, right?

May 16, 2001

Put some What's new stuff into their archive, and started a new archive for journals of the day, too. In fact, I'm gonna upload the whole journals section, finished or not. Spaced out the What's New section items, too, to make 'em easier to read

May 15, 2001

I think I finally found a format that I like! I'm also considering this high-contrast version, but I don't like it as much. Also did some more work in the journals section, but it's not likely to be posted to the actual site until I'm satisfied with it.

May 13, 2001

Journal-of-the-day continues. <chuckle> Wonder how long it will. Gotta come up with a good system for organizing all the old ones, tho... Made background color of tables slightly lighter. I kinda like it that way. How about you?

May 11, 2001 (yes, a second update for the 11th)

I know I already did an update for the day, but I remembered something else I wanted to do after I had finished my updates for the night & logged off the net. Concequently, you won't be able to see the new "journal of the day" section on this page until I update the page again.

May 11, 2001

Hi everybody. I'm in the process of some *major* site revisions, as you can see. I'm changing the formatting to resemble the Epic Stories Messageboard because I like it so much. The format of the board itself was born from a fusing of the previous style of my page, and ezboard's choice of formatting for it's board. Only the front page has been altered so far. Send me your comments. I also rewrote the above intro paragraph on this main page.

I'm also in the process of changing around the journals section, and pondering some wide-reaching and major site revisions too. Unfortunately, my ideas as to how to go about this are rather muddled right now. Not to mention the fact that I keep planning on how to do the site using an HTML editor I have yet to program. An HTML editor that's gonna take *a lot* of time and learning to program. That particular mental hanup is muddling my thought processes as well.

In short, this site may be somewhat uglier and less surfing-friendly than usual for a while.

May 2, 2001

I've been having some trouble with the counter and tracker at the bottom of this page. In fact, I'm the one who's been causing this trouble. But I found a way to fix it. As a result, our hit counter and tracker should function a lot more reliably, and annoy me a lot less. Good times. Also sent a whole bunch of these "What's New" items to the Old new stuff section. Finally, I've done a lot of minor tweaking around the site. Now I'm going to bed. Ug.

April 30, 2001

Added a silly new question to the guestbook. Go sign the darn thing! The link is at the bottom of the main table of contents.

April 9, 2001

Added a new, invisible little tracker do-hickey at the bottom of the page. A place called is providing it. Check out their website for more info if you like.

April 3, 2001

Guestbook, whee!!! I've changed guestbook providers to someone more reliable, so you should all be able to sign it to your hearts content now.

April 2, 2001

I've got a counter @ the bottom of the page now. Of course it's completely useless because I'll be previewing my own changes so often that it'll be rediculously inflated, but I can at least get a pretty good idea of the # of hits by remembering what days I did work on the place & which days I didn't. I'm looking into getting a new guestbook, too. Nuts to that CGI place, I'll just do something simple.

April 1, 2001

What a dull day. I didn't even think of any good April Fools jokes to put on my site. But I did update my Lego Universe and Links pages to include a link to an awsome Lego website links archive. Added a couple silly new quotes too, but that's all for today, tho.

March 24, 2001

Updated two quotes today, this one and the one below it, at my friend Chad's request (he's the one who submitted them in the first place, so...). Other than that, it's been a darn slow day as far as website updates go.

March 22, 2001

Put more of The Nightshade Files up. Still haven't updated the 'Files to the new site format, but oh well. Added another email to the Funny Emails section, and converted the whole section over to the new site format. Archived more "What's new" stuff, too. That's about it.

March 19, 2001 (much later in the day)

Well, as it turns out, today was a fairly big update after all. I've moved the Two Fates and Dreams of Doom archives offsite, onto our new sister site, epicStories. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a fairly good archive of communal fiction and other writings going there. But that remains to be seen, obviously, since I just launched the place.

March 19, 2001

Not much of an update today. Added another site to my links page and did the whole re-formatting bit to my Arizona Journals section. No new journals or anything, tho...

March 17, 2001 (a little later)

Oh crap. I just realized that I owe several people an explanation of my experiences Friday night. I'm afraid it's gonna have to wait for tomorrow... I gotta get up for church. (You just knew this was gonna happen, didn't you?)

March 17, 2001

Well, if you can't see the change to the site, then you must be blind. No offense to any blind people who actually visit my site... But yes, I've been messing with the format yet again. Supposedly this will make it a bit easier to read. It increases the size of the pages a bit, but it at least looks nice. And, of course, I've even previewed this whole bloody mess through Lynx (a text-based web browser) to make sure it even works there. Now there's just more wierd tags for Lynx to ignore... (: Originally, I had several different ideas for a new format, and I was letting people vote on it for about a day, but everyone liked this format. So tell me what you think. There are still a few sections I haven't changed just yet, but it's late and I'm sick of playing webmaster for now, so they're gonna have to wait.

March 9, 2001

Added another tiny little item to my Art page. Also, I'm all set up for sending email now, too. So be expecting some soon (think a day or two), if you've sent me any in the last few days. Very minor updates to The Nightshade Files as well.

March 6, 2001

Wheee!!!! Web access!!! I'm online with Goodnet now, tho I'm still figuring out how I'll actually be able to send email. <sigh>... it never ends. Getting online itself will be a bit easier from now on tho. I also archived some more what's new items... big deal. And added a couple more items to my favorite stuff page.

March 5, 2001

Getting good web access is turning out to be more challanging than I had first thought. I'm told I'll be up by tomorrow. Anyway, added another picture to the Art section. Also, I've been putting more of The Nightshade Files online. The format of the pages may change a few times before I'm satisfied, but more of them IS going up.

February 25, 2001

Hi all. I'm getting MUCH better web acces on about the 1st of March, so I'll be around more. Like I've said all along, I've been getting your emails. It's just that replying to them takes some... creativity on my part. Juno is not friendly to people who don't want to use THEIR software to do email. March 1st... Almost here...

February 20, 2001

Mucho bad news today. InsideTheWeb, the place that hosts my message board, is going offline for good on March 5th. I've got all the messages saved that you've posted up to today, and will continue to monitor the board for new posts 'till doomsday. I'm removing the link from the bottom of the page though. I will find a new message-board server as soon as I get reliable web access back (possibly as soon as this Thursday) and a decent chunk of time on my hands (a lot longer than that. Couple weeks, at least).

February 13, 2001

Just some minor adjustments today. Moved some of the stuff from the bottom of this page to the My favorite stuff page. Still haven't had a chance to upload my pages with the new color scheme. <sigh> Maybe Juno will let me on tonight. (*a minute passes*) Hmmm... Just tried to connect. Guess they won't. I swear, I'm gonna get GoodNet... (a cheap local provider)

February 12, 2001 -- Renovation

Well, the change is pretty obvious. In the past few months I've been receiving complaints from one particular troublemaker about the dark, brooding color of my website (you know who you are). So today, when I was browsing through a collection of wallpaper textures I have, I stumbled on to one that just hit me as really really cool. And so I decided to lighten up the place a little. Got out my trusty HTML editor and found some (hopefully) suitable complementary colors for the text and links. I did have to darken the background a little bit so the text would show up better, but it still makes the place seem a little more cheery. I hope you're happy, you-know-who-you-are. (: And yes, I am a U of M fan. But that was a secondary consideration. In other news, I'm looking into a more reliable and/or plain-old better web connection, so I may actually start replying to most of my emails again.

January 23, 2001 -- AARG!

Hi to everybody who's sent me email over the past couple weeks. I can hear you, but I can't easily talk back at the moment. Juno's being *more* picky about letting me send email (using anything besides their software) than AltaVista was. Responses to emails will be forthcoming, just as soon as I figure out how I'm gonna get 'em sent off...

January 19, 2001

Well, it's definately time to get rid of some what's new items. Off they go into the archives. Today also marks the official beginning of my other website links page. Along with that, the my favorite stuff section got a *major* update. Right now it's mostly computer-related stuff, but I'll add some more and more varied topics eventually. Also, the previous background was making this site *way* too hard to read, and just plain-old messing with the aesthetics, too. So I took it away. I'm gonna get another, but I dunno how long it'll take to find the right one. Oh, and in case you hadn't heard, I've got Juno free web access now, so I can get on the 'net from home again.

January 17, 2001

Whee!!! New year! New beginnings! Snow! Resolutions! Crosswinds accidently deletes my web page! (and apologizes profusely for having done so). Oh well. I'll have it back up soon enough. As soon as they get some stuff figured out on their server. Until then, there's some new funny stories, and some new quotes to keep you happy. Never mind that you won't actually be able to read 'em until I get them uploaded again. <sigh> Oh, the silly quotes at the top of the page are getting to be old news, so I changed 'em.



Decebmer 27, 2000

Another in a very sparse series of Arizona Journals. Good news and bad news today, but you'll have to read to see what it is. Also, I've finally got my guestbook installed. It definately still needs some tweaking and the like, but it's there.

December 25, 2000 (or shortly thereafter)

Well, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!

December 11, 2000

Hi everybody. I'm still here, but only sort of. I'm on a computer at the local Community College... Not quite the same. AltaVista did die yesterday, and so I'll be stuck with doing this until I figure out something else. <sigh>

December 10, 2000

Well, sayonara everybody. Todays the day the free internet access died. Or at least the day it's supposed to die. I'll still be able to get on the 'net using the computers at the local Community College, but it'll be more annoying, answering emails and the like and having to transfer everything back and forth between College computer, disks, and laptop. <sigh>. On the bright side, I've completed chapter 12 of The Two Fates, and the ball passes back to Chad for the next chapter.

December 4, 2000 -- Oh, crap!!!

Hi all. I just found out that AltaVista will no longer be letting me on the net for free. The company that provides their free internet service is going belly-up on December 10th. Web page updates and responses to email are gonna get pretty scarse until I find some other way onto the 'net. <sigh>

December 3, 2000

Only the index page got updated yesterday. Now everything that *should* have been up, is.

December 2, 2000

Well, I've done some major revamping to the Random platitudes page. In fact, it's now a collection of categorized sub-pages. Honestly, I don't know why I bother with those silly things, but... Also, I added a silly new email forward about Gilligan being Satan. Also, it looks like the Dreams of Doom Archives are here to stay. They've been re-vamped a little, as I've added tables of contents to the rest of the chapter-sections.

November 25, 2000

Happy Birthday to my sister! (a bit late, anyway). Also, I added Great Britain's Notice of Revocation of Independance to the jokes on my "Random platitudes" page. Put some links on the about me page to make it easier to send me an IM. More "What's New" items went in the archive. Finally, there's a special "election madness" sub-title at the top of this page. One final, very important thought: I am in NO WAY responsible for the ads that come up in the pop-up ad box. I just saw one that was kinda sick, and I wanted everyone to know that.

November 20, 2000

Added my first new Arizona Journal in a LONG while... It may be brief, but it was too funny not to put up. More updates coming sometime, hopefully... Also, there's a temporary archive of Dreams of Doom chapters that you can check out if you're interested.

November 15, 2000

Added another cool email to the "Random wisdom and platitudes page. Also deleted my comments about the popup ads being gone from this what's new section because they made no sense.

November 13, 2000

Yegad! I've just discovered that my updates to the about me page never got uploaded to the webserver. This has now been corrected.

November 10, 2000

New quote, and added Molly's Corollary to Jon's first law of business also. Added several new emails and the like as well. And would you believe I finally decided to put up the old stuff on my LEGO Universe? Well, believe it or not, it's finally there. Added a couple of emails that are actually true to my Email hoax page.

November 9, 2000

Moved/edited a few things in my table of contents.

November 7, 2000

Lots of very minor editing today. Poems and the email survey both got very minor edits/additions. Archived some new stuff. Added more contact info to the About Me section. Finally, two more entries in my newly-renamed "Random wisdom and platitudes" page (formerly called "cool chain emails").

November 6, 2000

Today I've got a really cool columnist I want to tell you about, Thomas Sowell. I'm gonna put him on a links page eventually, but I think he's cool enough to talk about here, too. And if you're easily offended, go to this page, try not to be offended, and actually think about the evidence he presents. It starts to make sense...

Also changed my site subtitle (big whoop, I know). New quotes too. One quote from Thomas Sowell, and another quote from me, too.

Finally, I'd like to apologize for the banner ads that now pop up when you visit this site. Unfortunately, economic reality has caught up with rampant idealism and forced Crosswinds to implement such a measure. They can't afford the shiny new computers they need to keep this place running smoothly, so they've got to raise some extra $$$

November 5, 2000

New chapter of mine posted at Dreams of Doom. That's about it.

October 26, 2000

Another quick update... just a funny/cool article I ran across. Microsoft can't be trusted to listen, so Judge Jackson should take away its toys. That's it for now. Oh, if you're REALLY obsessed about updates, I've done a bit of editing on the Two Fates archives too. No big deal. And I'm sending some more "Want's New" items to the archive too. That's really it.

September 19, 2000

Just a quick update today, with the addition of the FreeIM campaign, which I have decided to support.

August 25, 2000

Well, kiddies, this is it. Summer camp is over. I've gotta stop giving this place as much priority. See, life is kinda forcing my hand, and I'm either gonna have to start playing by Reality's rules & get a job, or shoot myself. I hope you realise which option I prefer. So further updates may be a bit more scarce. We'll see how it plays out. For this set of updates, tho, there's some more new Arizona Journals, as well as Chapter 11e: Of course you know, this means war, Chad's final installment of Chapter 11 in The Two Fates. Finally, the Two Fates Character Reference has had a little bit of work. Actual descriptions will come later. And don't read what's there unless you want to spoil a lot of the surprises in the story.

August 18, 2000

I'm not gonna have access to email until late on the 22nd, so noone will be hearing from me until then... New Arizona journals and (possible) details about where I'm going will be put up then.

August 16, 2000

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING MY MESSAGEBOARD: You MUST press "refresh" or "reload" on your browser window in order to view the latest postings, including my responses. If you can't find the right button to push, hold down the [CTRL] key and press the "R" key. That should do it for most browsers.

August 13, 2000

I've got a favor to ask anyone who leaves a message on my message board... Could you AT LEAST leave your first name? I'd like to know who's leaving me notes...

August 11, 2000

There've been a lot of incremental changes accumulating in my page, awaiting a major update. First off, I've changed around my about me page a bit more. Something big is the latest chapter in The Two Fates that Chad sent on Tuesday, Chapter 11c: Dark Alliance. I had to seperate his chapter 11 page into subsections, too. It's getting kinda long. There's also been a major update to the Arizona journals. I'm now up-to-date again. Finally, I'm gonna archive some What's new entries. This list is gettin' kinda long...

August 2, 2000

Changed the location of my Arizona page in anticipation of further journals, so update any bookmarks accordingly. Also, I've begun putting The Nightshade Files into HTML, but the entry on the main page won't reflect it until I'm done. Finally, I've written another chapter in the communal Dreams of Doom saga

July 31, 2000

First week of Arizona journals is up. Come see what I've been up to. It's not all that exciting, but what can I say?

July 28, 2000

Added Two Fates Chapter 11d. Added several new quotes, the one linked to and all the ones after it. Finally, my big moving-to-Arizona page is paritally up. I'll be adding more as I go.

July 14, 2000

New subtitle, and cleaned up some old what's news. Also, I've added several new Two Fates character profiles. They're pretty cool. Finally, I bit the bullet and have changed all my email address links into readily usable ones. Before, you had to delete some extra text I had added, both as jokes and to keep email harvesting programs from picking up my address. But in the spirit of ease & usability, I'm just gonna let whatever spam may come, come.

July 3, 2000

I'm off to Cornerstone for the week! Woo hoo!

June 26, 2000

Changed my Extended AIM profile to a plain-old about me page, and added some stuff to it. Also added another tiny piece of artwork, and updated the only link on the my favorites page. Now it goes someplace more informative.

June 21, 2000

New journal.

June 19, 2000

New journal. Added a short intro to the journal page too.

June 18, 2000

Moved my collection of save-the-world links off the main page to cut down on it's size. Changed the table of contents a bit more again, too.

June 17, 2000

Changed the page formatting more. Added a messageboard. It's my birthday, too. Woo hoo!

June 9, 2000

Woha. Major formatting change on the index page. I'll be messing around with it in the comming weeks, so expect some (more) chaos. Added a link to the "Dreams Of Doom" storyboard I've been participating in, too. See more details in the Stuff I've Written section.

June 2, 2000

Made a new section for email questionaires. See it's entry in About Me for more info

June 1, 2000

Two new poems (1, 2). Check 'em out. Kinda somber, but I like them anyway. Cleaned up some older what's new items too.

May 29, 2000

A new site subtitle, and a new journal. Some other subtle changes and corrections too, but I don't remember what (it's not worth it)...

May 3, 2000

Two more cool emails, this and the one below. Changed the site subtitle too. Actually, it was Monday the 1st, but it's just now getting noticed... Swapped "General Stuff" and "Stuff I've written, drawn, etc." because I thought the latter was more important. I'll put up a couple new poems next time, but for now, I'm going to bed.

April 28, 2000

Two new cool emails, this and the one below. Also, an alternate ending to The Two Fates. Archived old what's new items.

April 17, 2000

"Borrowed" a link graphic for Also, added the xSite version archive.

April 16, 2000

New quote

April 12, 2000

I actually put up a piece of my art. It's a pretty simple, silly little thing, but... Also, I added a glossary, which will be expanded in time, for extreme non-tech types who need a bit of help getting through my site. I've already had two people (so neither one of you is alone in your troubles) experience trouble removing the spamblock on my email. This is partially my remedy to that...

April 8, 2000
  • A much needed update. My webserver wouldn't let me access it for over a month (actually, it's that, and I was being lazy because I didn't want to use their alternate pain-in-the-butt method, but I'm giving in). Everything in the What's New section is completely new to the web, even if it's dated a little in the past...
  • Part b of The Two Fates chapter 11 is online. If only Chad would finish it up... Messed around with the Two Fates index page too.
  • Finally, another link, this time for a site where they list missing kids. More reliable than chain emails
April 2, 2000

Started another useless page for all the old subtitles for my site

March 27, 2000

Messed with the format of the Two Fates story headers. New cool email too.

March 24, 2000

Messed with the link graphics a little

March 21, 2000

Added another chain-mail to my collection along with some exposition on that page. Edited this page a tiny bit, added some HTML compability campaign links at the bottom mostly

March 16, 2000

Mildly disturbing new quote, something that's been swirling around in my subconscious for a while and finally found words.

March 13, 2000

Messed w/ quotes a bit more. Added some new ones too, this one and the two below it.

March 6, 2000

New quote. Jon's (book and) music reviews has been moved offsite and into it's permanent home. The logic behind this move and that of the programming page (both still lacking content, would you believe) is that it will make it easier to get these (fairly important) pages indexed in search engines, directories, and the like by their proper categories, and not lumped under the general category of "personal pages".

February 29, 2000

New quote and journal. Happy day for me, even though something is now occasionaly wrong with my Psion's screen. Oh well.

February 28, 2000

Silly new subtitle for my site name. Edited some quotes too.

February 27, 2000

Mindless new journal

February 24, 2000

New journal. Pray a bit first, tho. I'm not a happy camper. New quotes too (1, 2, 3)

February 23, 2000

New journal. Archived some what's new items. Hui. I'm sitting here working on my web page in the dentisit's office, in an exam room, waiting for the doctor. Just paint me a yuppie now.

February 22, 2000

It's days like this I really want a pair of wings (50 degrees and SUNNY!!! It's awesome!) Hey, a new quote came to me too. And one I remembered I wanted up here, too

February 18, 2000

New cool site, and some work on the graphics for them

February 10, 2000

Have you ever noticed that you can look at Psalm 91:1 in an emergency, 41:1 when you need some good information, and 61:1 when you need repairs? Just something cool.

January 30, 2000

I finally archived some old whats new items. They can be found below. I also added a little bit of internal framework that you can't see, but will prove to be mildly convenient for navigation. For instance, I can say that I've updated the prayer requests section (which I have), and send you straight there, even from the same page. Not a very big deal, I'm just easily facinated. Finally, I moved the programming page offsite and into it's permanent home on the RCSoft site. It's still empty though.

January 27, 2000

I don't remember how long I've had information there, but I've updated the email hoaxes page with a couple more websites. Another thing I've forgotten to mention before is the start of The Two Fates Character Reference.

January 26, 2000

New quotes

January 25, 2000

The cool chain emails page is finally off and running, though I've only got one up so far, and I need to go eat lunch.

January 13, 2000

Minor updates. Two new quotes. It's amazing how long you can mess around with a website and not actually change much. Big addition coming this weekend, tho, I hope. Brand new section. Now if I could just fill in the sections I have now.

January 3, 2000

Changed a couple quotes (exciting, huh?). One thing to note is that the date on these "New Stuff" things is the day I updated it locally, and quite possibly not the day I upload it to my web server. The reason is that I often mess around with my site on my Psion S5, and don't get time to get it onto my computer or the web. Uh, sorry, I guess.



December 31, 1999/January 1, 2000

Well, we lived through y2k... I've been messing with the colors again. Uh, there's a few new quotes and I finally formatted that page. Oh. The what's new section is, well, new. I've also corrected some spelling in several Two Fates pages, as though that matters. Another big new thing is my journal section. Thoughts for each day kinda thing. Peace.
Addendum: I forgot to mention the new logo for The Two Fates. Looks pretty cool

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