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If you're looking for it, here's where you can find my page of normal links

[Crossroads Connection](Link), or Crossroads Connection as it's called... Christians on the road are asked to go to the lobby of the hotel they're staying in at 9:00pm, if it fits their schedule, bring a Bible and pray/study the Bible with anyone else there, or by themselves... There are more details and guidelines available at their site.

[Compassion International](Link)
Give these guys your address and they'll send you information about a child in a 3rd world country. If you choose, you send them $28 a month, and they provide that child with food, education, and Jesus. It's good stuff. You get a little penpal in the deal too. Check it out. Yes, the donation per month did go up from $24 to $28, but the increase is due to inflation.

[Free The Children](Link)
An organization deditcated to the abolition of exploitive child labor practices around the world

[The Christian Classics Ethereal Library](Link)
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library, an awesome collection of online, free classic Christian writings. Reccommended reading for any Christian seeking a deeper walk with Christ

[The Hunger Site](Link)
Click a button and they actually donate money for food to the United Nations World Food Program (United Nations. hmmm...). It's the advertiser supporetd real thing. These guys, by definiton, aren't as helpful as Compassion tho. What I mean is, you can either give someone some food, or you can give them food, clothing, education, and the knowledge that someone outside where they live actually cares about them. I'd check out Compassion first...

A place for info on kids who actually need help. This place is a far more reliable source of information than those "help, my kid is missing" chain emails. Check here first to verify the validity of emails like that.

Red Feather Development Group
A charity dedicated to building affordable housing for Native Americans, in the same vein as Habitat for Humanity.

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