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I'm Jon, a 22-year-old guy from Michigan (and briefly Arizona), aspiring writer, artist, computer programmer and so many other things as well. Graduated from hell, I mean High School, all the way back in '99 (wow, long freaking time ago). Been to a couple of community colleges since then, and I'm looking into going to college full-time next school-year. Just have to decide where. <sigh>

I'm 6'5" and 145lbs when soaking wet, thanks to a nuclear-powered metabolism. Listen to a lot of techno/industrial music (VNV Nation), folk (Simon & Garfunkel!), older rock (Moody Blues), some lingering Christian music (Jars of Clay, Miranda Stone!) and other wierd stuff like that. Someday I'll make a real "Bands I like" page. And while I don't really hear them much any more, being out of high school and all, I used to have nicknames like Tall Jon, Jon-Jon and Jon Boy.

The Hacker Jargon File (which lived here for a very long time but has apparently moved on to greener pastures) has some interesting reading, even if it doesn't describe me exactly. The sections on how hackers speak and write are pretty cool, Appendix A is just fun to read through and laugh at (especially The Story of Mel. If you can understand it, HOLY COW! is it amazing), and Appendix B is very interesting set of articles on hacker nature. The entries for hacker humor and Ha ha only serious reflect my style of humor well, too. (Please note that there is a big difference between a real hacker and a "cracker".)

And while I'm at it, I'd like to add that the concept of the Hackintosh is *very* amusing to me for some reason...


Contact info

new email:
old email: (which still works)
AIM: o7Intrepid -- my main name. The first character is a lower-case o, not a zero.
AIM: JonahMeetFish -- a replacement for o7Intrepid from a couple years ago that I've never really used.
ICQ: 150615258
MSN Messanger: (not on any more, as MSN has decided that they hate Trillian.)


  • The Universal Final Fantasy III Message Board - My friend Adam's messageboard. I go by JonSpikeWho there.
  • The Megatokyo Forums - a webcomic whose forums I visit, although generally only in the Story Forum, where I lurk and post poetry under the name JRandomLurker. Used to write for one of the spontaneous stories that sprang up there, too, but that stopped back in the middle of 2002. This forum (and more specifically the people *on* the forum) are actually what gave me my most recent start into poetry and writing, as of about October of 2001.
  • The OtakuAnime Board - Messageboard for my local anime club. I'm not very active there, but I go by Jay Random when I do post.

My custom IM buddy icons are in the digital art section of this site, if you're really curious. Except for my newest messageboard icon, which a friend of mine drew and is hosted by another friend here. I'm supposed to be the sparrow, not the girl, in case you're wondering.



Just what is a "fanboy", you ask, and why is there a whole section of my About Me page devoted to it? Well, a fanboy is just what he sounds like, a *big* fan of a particular TV show, book series, genre, comic book, character, or whatever else. The term generally has at least a slightly negative connotation, and is used for people who are more obsessed with something than they should be.

So why call myself a fanboy? Well, in the traditional sense as described above, I'm not. I'm a Platonic Fanboy. As in, I generally fall in love with the *idea* of something or someone... but I don't actually *lust* after the character... I suppose you could also call me a "pure" fanboy, as in pure-minded. Or something. Basically, this is just my list of my favorite characters from various places. ^^;

Anyway, enough of that. Listed below are (a few of) the characters I'm a Platonic Fanboy of:

MegaTokyo characters

  • Kimiko -- The girl who puts the "wai~!" in waitress. ^_^
  • Ping -- Cuter than Telnet, POP3, or even FTP!

Battle Angel Alita

Yeah, this manga is a little bit... violent... But it's very well written and philosopical at the same time. I like it.

  • Alita -- I don't know if you can read this manga an *not* be an Alita fanboy.
  • Lou -- Lou is a girl, so shadap. She's so much fun. ^_^
  • Chibi-Alita -- the little robot doll that serves as Alita's "avatar" in the sky city of Tiphares, since she can't actually *be* there and on the ground at the same time. As much as Alita rocks, Chibi-Alita *almost* rocks more.

Other characters

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