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Old site subtitles

These are quotes and phrases that have been below the title of my main web page. I thought they were funny (that's why I put them up there in the first place), so I've preserved them here in a flight of rampant egotism. Heh. Joking. Here they are: (the list'll be kinda small for a while)

  • And the kangaroos will wax the skies of the bashing sally clams.
  • A desperate, moral alternative to LSD
  • If I was not so weak,
    If I was not so cold,
    If I was not so scared of
    being broken growing old
    I would be
    I would be
    - From Jars of Clay song "Frail"
  • For when reality hurts
  • Jeeze are there a lot of people. How am I supposed to get to know all of you?
  • Forget the promises of virtual reality programs. To have a "rich, immersive user experience", go live
  • Bonus quote (I'm not sure who said it): You mean to tell me that those old ladies in Palm Beach can play 15 bingo cards simultaneously - but can't punch a ballot!?!
  • Uh, waitress? Check please!
  • Happy Rebirthday (the Easter subtitle special)
  • Welcome to chaos
  • I've been too busy growing up to notice that I haven't
  • Uranium, the other, other, other white meat
  • You only live twice, but diamonds are forever. Oh, that's fair
  • A little masochism never hurt anybody (2003 ???? -- 2004 0430)

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