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filksong -- a song whose tune has been cannibalized and words replaced

Because the filks I write are intended for an audience almost exclusively made up of the Megatokyo messageboards, and because they tend to incorporate references not easily understandable by someone who's not a Megatokyo fan, I chose to give them a seperate section. Although, even if you don't know what the song is talking about, if you know the songs they're based off of, you ought to at least be able to sing along.

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  • Filksongs:
    • Tokyo, after MxPx's "Punk Rawk Show" (began 2003 0405) Added 2003 0828
    • Hush Little Gamer Boy, after "Hush Little Baby" (began 2002 1118) Added 2003 0828
    • Mr. Piro-san, after Simon & Garfunkel's "Mrs. Robinson" (began 2002 0721) Added 2003 0827
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began 2003 0405

After "Punk Rawk Show" by MxPx


One two onetwothreefour!

[mad guitar intro]

We can't hack an E3 show
so let's go visit Tokyo.
Drunken, moon-lit reprimands;
we had to run off to Japan!
There's more worth in gaming shows
than in growing up
and growing old.
Ain't got no one else to blame;
I wish my life was not so lame!

[repeat, increase speed by roughly 2x from here on]

Get out your passport, you say?
They'll let me in one other way!
Your ninja's just a teddy bear,
he's so unl33t that it's unfair!
We're gettin' in to Tokyo!


[guitar solo]

[repeat Piro verse]

[repeat Largo verse]

[repeat Largo verse]


Ever since smurd mentioned fun punk music in the thread for his "What I Like About Ping" filk, I just knew I had to write this, a filk of one of the most fun punk songs I know of.


Hush Little Gamer Boy
- or -
d4 l457, l33t3st m0mm4 0n 7h!5 1!7713 p14n37

began 2002 1118

After "Hush Little Baby"


hush little gamer boy, don't dispair
we'll cause more damage than The Dirty Pair

and if those zombies don't take the hint
we'll go under cover, we'll be In Like Flint

and if our infiltratin' leaves us out on a wire
we'll have lots of guns so we'll open fire

and if your guns should jam or fail
Mommas gonna save you with a well-aimed rail

and if that rail gun don't do the trick
Momma's gonna stab them with a pointy stick

and if no pointy sticks can be found
Momma's gonna have to search on the ground


Sticks! Sharp, pointy sticks! WHY CAN I NEVER FIND ANY!! ^_^

This, like Shake Thy Most Delightful Tush, is a paody I wrote for a silly poetry thread on the MegaTokyo forums. I don't think I ever finished it, at least not to my satisfaction, and I know it never got posted. I'm not sure why; doubtless the other forum poets would hang me for not posting. Just think of it as a lost episode.

I'm not sure why I felt the need to mention a crappy 60s spy movie. Maybe because it's what rhymed.


Mr. Piro-san

began 2002 0721

After "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel


  (deet-dee-dee-dee dee-dee dee-dee-dee)
  (doot-doo-doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo-doo)
  (and so on)

This book's for you, Mr. Piro-san,
even though I hate to let it go.
  (Wo wo wo)
Oh teach me, please, Mr. Piro-san,
even if I have to pay my way.
  (hey hey hey, hey hey hey)

How come the girls
you draw aren't ever wearing
any smiles?
why does such sadness lurk
inside yourself?
from within you come these scenes
that you claim to despise
in these sighing faces
I see something of my own

This book's for you, Mr. Piro-san,
even though I hate to let it go.
  (Wo wo wo)
Oh teach me, please, Mr. Piro-san,
even if I have to pay my way.
  (hey hey hey, hey hey hey)

Mami would make such fun of me
I hope she never knows
[A]Did you stay home all day with a headache?[/A]
[M]It's Yuki's little secret[/M]
Just pretend that they aren't there
[E]Oi, Piro, got some food here, 'cause I can
see your ribs[/E]

A, ri, ga, to, Mr. Piro-san,
even though I hate to let it go.
  (Wo wo wo)
Oh teach me, please, Mr. Piro-san,
even if I have to pay my way.
  (hey hey hey, hey hey hey)

[M]so this guy whose bag you stole,
he really makes you swoon?[/M]
[A]who was that at the Gamers store, your date?[/A]
just deny it
can't get by it
the things these girls confuse
no matter what happens now, I loose

[A]Where have you gone, Yuki-chan? Oh no!
You've been shoplifting again now haven't you?[/A]
  (Uha, uha, uhaweee?)
I want to stay, Mr. Piro-san.
But I've no excuse to come again, after today.
  (hey hey hey, hey hey hey)

[ Kimiko's strip #379 addition:

So are you blue, Mr. Piro-san,
damaged from the day's unyielding flow?
  (Wo wo wo)
Oh tell me please, Mr. Piro-san,
what in life has gotten in your way?
  (hey hey hey, hey hey hey)


Posted to The MegaTokyo Forums.

Here's one for the YLF that's been floating around in the back of my head for a *long* time. Hope you all like it. ^^; Just for reference, Asako's lines are between [A][/A] tags. Mami's lines have [M][/M] tags. Erika's are, of course [E][/E]. Yuki's lines are untagged since she's the one speaking most of the time. And Piro, if he had any lines in the song, would have had them between [P][/P] tags... ^^;

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