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WARNING: there are some spoilers in this section... Only a couple, but they're there. Mostly in Jon Spike, Marena, and Emily's profiles.

Also, not every character has a profile here... Eventually, maybe, but certainly not yet.


Our group


A rather odd person who seems to never get cold, "Dwarf" never has much to say. He obviously grew up with order and strictness, because he always sticks to business. Some people even say he is a machine... However, the Dwarf is not a machine. He has strong feelings for his sister, and is obviously rather frightened of fire. Because of this, some say he is a vampire, but he is not.


Profile is on a separate page because it took up too much room


Temperament: Possibly too serious. Tends to be thoughtful.

History: Born in Little Glonton. There he, at the age of about 14, wrote an article for the Monthly Little Glonton Newspaper. The Editor of the Weekly Explorer (A younger person back then) picked this article out as being particularly good and took him up as an apprentice writer. Learned archery to a high standard like all the members of the Weekly Explorer.

Jon Spike

Profile is on a separate because it took up too much room

Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf is the Prince of Kingdom Threadaria, although none of his subjects believe that he is except for Luna. Lone Wolf miraculously time traveled 6 years into the future. This has made him a bit more emotionally frigid than he normally is because he has not got the answers to what has happened to his father, mother and brother. Lone Wolf is a very nice guy though, willing to help as long as it doesn't put him too much out of his way. He is a bit untrusting of people because of traitors in his presence before. Lone Wolf is a great skilled fighter and is right now developing skills in magic and using powerful spells. But the bad thing is that he doesn't have control of when these spells will work or even how he is able to use these spells.


Luna is the princess of Threadaria. She was born the princess of Banya. As a small child, she was betrothed to Lone Wolf, but when he disappeared, her father held Threadaria to the contract. So, Luna ended up marrying Lone Wolf's brother, Jordan. Unfortunately, Jordan was accident prone, and he was trampled to death by a horse mere months after the wedding.

Luna was trained as a fighter of both Physical and Magical strength, but at only 15 years of age, she hasn't perfected either. She was sent to scour the kingdom for a cure to the mysterious wasting disease that the King and Queen had contracted two months after Jordan's death. On her way home empty handed months later, she met up with the band of adventurers.

Marena (aka. The Dancer)

Profile is on a separate because it took up too much room

Other characters


As night comes, the shadows lengthen...

Personality: Usually very calm and slow to anger. Unlike many other bag guys in this story he will usually ignore any insults thrown at him. The only insult he reposed to was when Mnemosyne called him a child. Obsessed with creating his "perfect universe".

History (at the time of writing): Uforious was born and grew up in the city o Unity (the one based on science). At some point he married Emily. He found documents concerning magic and started to learn about them. Without guidance he turned evil and used his knowledge and magical skill to create (V). He was executed several years later and (V) was banished. The apparition in the story today is his ghost from 1500 years ago. Because he's dead, this makes killing something already dead very hard. A lot later he was into a rune-covered sword by Jon Spike's father. But he still managed to possess an over-curious person. He quickly took revenge on Jon Spike's father and spent all the time up to the start of the story trying to get out of that form (see chapters 48 and 52).

Appearance: A tall figure. Because of such extend use of black magic, he's become a shadow.

CEO Bill Grates (not to be confused with Bill Gates, of course)

Leader of EPI. Mainly resides at its HQ in the city of Unity. Uses Octopus like robots to send messages south. Wimp when cornered but he will pretend to be brave. His authority was in question when Sootdust sized power.


A pink haired lady. Although the Guardian of Memory and an Eternal ruler of magic, she is still quite young (her appearance should look somewhat like Utena from Shoujo Kakumei Utena).

Although she is a kind person, she respects the law and the need for justice more than anything else. She sometimes puts the law into her own hands by giving out horrible punishments to people who break it, but she sees this not as punishment but the fist of justice reclaiming a chaotic world.

She is a powerful magic user and quite a good fighter, but she will only fight if she thinks it is a battle worth fighting and if justice is on her side.

Editor of the Weekly Explorer

Temperament: Mainly cheerful, but don't make him angry. Doesn't like office work.

Real Name: Douglas Drirtgo

Favorite saying: You're as young as you feel

Used to be known as: Robin Hood

Founded the daily explorer some years ago as one of the only papers at the time to report only the facts with the utmost integrity. He has been doing archery since he was 12 and is now a master archer. Started the tradition of all members of the Explorer being archers. Used to do a lot of fieldwork, and is adept at the following spells: Invisibly, Protect and Homing Shot (makes the arrow even more accurate and deadly). Five years ago he said he was too old for field work and to the relief of his co-workers now mainly does office work.

Reod Dai

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Reod has long, raven-black hair, pulled back in a loose ponytail. His apparel consists of a black jumpsuit with red markings, including lightning bolt slashes down the arms and legs and a strange symbol on the back. This symbol is also found on the black headband that he wears, and it is stitched into the patch covering his left eye.

CAPABILITIES: Reod is a proficient fighter-mage, possessing both magical abilities and skills in physical combat. He also wears a pair of unknown artifacts on his forearms. These artifacts can each extend a short double-edged blade out over the back of Reod's hand. It is also thought that they amplify magic power.

BACKGROUND/HISTORY: The name Reod Dai is mentioned in several historical texts from different periods. These references are never more than in-passing, and his name is known only to the most diligent of scholars. However, to these few, it is clear that Reod has altered history significantly on several occasions. From his uniform, it is possible that he is a member of the ancient Voltael order of mages, even though the Voltael were thought to be persecuted and annihilated centuries ago.

PERSONALITY: Reod is a loner who works on his own, trusting no one. Due to unknown events in his past, he considers emotion to be a weakness. Thus, he presents a cold and calculating persona, willing to do anything to accomplish his objectives. Once a compassionate and noble individual, Reod has suppressed this side of himself deep inside, considering it a weakness, as well. Instead of viewing the world in terms of good and evil, right and wrong, he simply sees things as they ARE. What he makes of a situation, and what he thinks should be done, are the basis of his actions. This viewpoint gives his attitude a touch of what some may call arrogance, but what he merely thinks of as professionalism. As a result, he may attack or betray a person or group, only to aid them at some point in the future. His unpredictability is all that can be counted upon, and one never knows when or where he may appear, or what his objectives will be when he does.


Personality: Smart guy, cool most of the time.

Status: From some time in the future (not known where or when), his main aim is to kill Tom Cosmo because of fears of the planet's future in magic developments (although he doesn't mention it much). He doesn't treat the matter personally, mind.

Fighting style: Uses powerful custom-made magic (probably from the future), and a big dynamo as tall as he is as his weapon.

Special skills: Erm…can bend spoons with psychic powers…hold on, that's useless. Oh well…

ţlacebř (or alt + 999 laceb alt + 677)

Personality: Jamaican talking sidekick, uses phrases like 'I an' I', 'ey bro', 'you dam bhuttu bwoy!' etc.

Status: gar's sidekick, slightly more powerful than gar and basically follows most of his commands, unless he thinks they are 'crazy'. Oh, and he's ALSO from the future.

Fighting Style: Uses similar magic to gar, and his NE0N blade, a multi-colored, glowy sword…thing.

Special skills: Metamorphosis into anything he chooses…normally only used when he has been transformed by an opponent's spell (e.g, Tom Cosmo's Ragnarok).


Personality: A Pokémon (argh!) who only says it's name…obviously. Loyal to gar.

Status: gar's trusty Pokémon pal…follows him around. Though sometimes used as a spy by following people around, pretending that without gar it is a good guy.

Fighting style: Sprays enemies with jets of water.

Special skills: Can hear things from far away (like a radar) using it's big ears.

Bit characters

Jim Boller (from Chapter 63)

Temperament: Hesitant at vital times, but otherwise cheerful

Occupation: Journalist

History: Joined the paper 6 years ago, now one of the most respected writers. Good friend of the Editor.

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