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Chapters 51 - 60

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Chapter 51
Wednesday, 14-Jun-2000 01:41:51

*Lone Wolf and Princess Luna are walking*

Lone Wolf: Your wounds look bad. Should I take you to a town and get a healer to heal you?
Luna: Its ok, I just need to rest up a bit before I cast a spell to heal my wounds (*Luna sits down on the grass*)
Lone Wolf: You can use magic?
Luna: Of course, its part of my training to be future ruler of my kingdom. I went to lots of shrines to enhance my magic skills, my knowledge and my fighting skills. You of course would have noticed this if you weren't to stuck up to talk to me once in a while
Lone Wolf: Sorry
Luna: You better be, that's no way to treat a childhood friend. Come on lets not fight
Lone Wolf: You're right (*Lone Wolf sits down next to Luna*). By the way when we first re-met way back when you said I looked different. What did you mean?
Luna: (*looks away*) yes, well you see, I saw you during the six years you were missing
Lone Wolf: What? How can that be?
Luna: (*looks back at Lone Wolf*) Well not in the physical sense, but I saw you in my dreams
Lone Wolf: What kind of dreams?
Luna: (*in tears*) Dreams of destruction, like yours and Warteen's, I saw you dead so badly beaten, I was so scared I tried to look away, but others were dying and the screams, oh the screams they were horrible screams of pain and death!
Lone Wolf: Oh, Luna....
Luna: Lone Wolf?
Lone Wolf: Yes?
Luna: Will you promise me something?
Lone Wolf: Sure, anything
Luna: Promise me you won't die
Lone Wolf: ..... I promise
Luna: Thank you. (*forces a smile onto her face*) Now it's time to find our friends

*Luna lifts up her hands, catching particles of light in her hands. The light engulfed her. The light faded and Luna was healed, and Lone Wolf and Luna trekked out in search of there friends*


*In a cell at Evil People Inc.'s headquarters, Ivy and Jeff are approached by their captor*

Copy: So Jeff, have you decided yet on whether you are going to join Evil People Inc.?
Jeff: Never, I'd rather die than work for the likes of you
Copy: Hahahahaha, haven't you realized yet why Ivy is here? She is my insurance that I will get the Fire Ruby which you stole
Jeff: What?!?
Copy: You see, if you don't give me the ruby and join up with Evil People Inc. fully, not only will we kill you but Ivy will be in serious torture
Jeff: I guess I have no choice then....
Ivy: Jeff, don't! If you hand over the ruby it will be only a matter of time before we die, when they use the elements to cause the end of the world
Jeff: You're right I can't
Copy: I am very disappointed in you Jeff, but I still have another use for you two

(*Copy whistles and brings in a battered old man*)

Copy: Recognize him?
Ivy (*looks deep into the old mans eyes*): Keeper!!!
Keeper: Ivy, (*cough*) Jeff
Copy: Old Man, do you have any idea what will happen to these two if you don't perform the spell when the 6 element pieces are gathered to create the destruction of the world?
Keeper: You need a priest (or priestess) from one of the shrines to cast the spell and that won't be me
Copy: Then your apprentices will die
Keeper: No!
Copy: How about I give you some time to consider the offer I have given you MWAHAHAHA (*Copy exits*)


Warteen: Jeff? Why does that kid keep running off? He's going to get it when I find him!

*Warteen spots Luna and Lone Wolf*

Warteen: Luna!!! Lone Wolf!!!
Luna: huh? Warteen!!!
Lone Wolf: great to see you
Warteen: Yeah, but I lost Jeff. He keeps running off everywhere. Hey where's Ivy?
Lone Wolf: Well... (*Lone Wolf explains the tragic events of Ivys and Jeffs capture*)
Warteen: Oh! That's terrible, we must get them back
Lone Wolf: Thats not the worst part. We went to the wind shrine and we received this magical item called the wind base, and Evil People Inc. stole it
Warteen: I got a magic item from the fire shrine, the Fire Ruby. Jeff got it for me, but at the earth shrine no one was there all that was there was this (*Warteen shows them the CD case shaped object*) It just looked important so I took it
Luna: We must get Ivy, Jeff and the Wind base back, but with the number of people we have now it would not be a good idea to have a full fledged assault on Evil People Inc. We would be liable to get killed
Warteen: But if we leave them in Evil People Inc.'s clutches they may die!

To be Continued

Lone Wolf

Chapter 52
Wednesday, 14-Jun-2000 17:36:08

*Out in space. (V) is already one quarter of the way to it's destination, traveling on a magic wave.*


Fighting everywhere, people dieing. Out in space, a great creature. Fires a V shaped thing, it's all over. All gone. *flash* A black figure laughing *flash* an image of his father's last battle *flash* onto of a high windy place, Lone Wolf is cast to the stars by... *flash* A voice saying "Perfect universe". *flash* *flash* *flash*

*Jon wakes up*

Jon: (*Yawns, the events of the previous night and his own nightmares come back*)
Raistlin: (*Sitting by the embers of a fire*) I can't believe you slept, I couldn't sleep at all.
Jon: (*darkly*) It wasn't without nightmares.
Raistlin: You being having them too?
Jon: The ones where the world is destroyed.
Raistlin: That makes Lone Wolf, Warteen, and you.
Jon: (*Gets some salted bacon*) There was this other bit, where Ufori--, you know who was laughing at me. Just what was that perfect universe? We never found out. And also there was this bit where Lone Wolf was being cast of a high lonely place. He flew up to the stars.
Raistlin: Maybe we should try and head there. Oh can I have some of that bacon? I'd make myself some but I can't see my fingers.
Jon: Here (*Passes it*).
Raistlin: When is this invisibility going to wear off?
Jon: I'm not Cosmo you know, Ragnorak here, Ultima there.
Raistlin: Ok, so where were they headed?
Jon: The wind shrine.
Raistlin: Which is...?
Jon: I have no idea. Perhaps we should head for the nearest town and ask around.
Raistlin: (*chewing the bacon*) One problem- we're invisible! Give people a scare and a half. Hmmm bit salty but otherwise good.
Jon: I keep forgetting, I can see because I cast the spell.
Raistlin: We're going to have to go to a town some time, we're running out of supplies.
Jon: Let's not approach anyone who looks like the sort to have a heart attack.
Raistlin: You could have a lot of fun being invisible.
Jon: This is not the time.

-- In a small village --

*Raistlin has removed the grass, and is hanging around as back up. Jon is trying to hide his thumb.*

Jon: Remember, don't walk into anyone and don't scare anyone.
Raistlin: I've got a hard enough job not slipping up.
Jon: I'll get the supplies them. C-ya. (*Leaves Raistlin alone*)
Raistlin: (*Thinks*) Invisible walking isn't as hard as it first seemed. It's just a matter of practice. It'd be kinda fun if Spike could remove it. Oh what the heck, life is short (especially when fighting EP. Inc).

*He walks towards the inn. Inside there are several people waiting. At the counter there's a wilderness sort of person with a big backpack with a quiver of arrows on the side. Raistlin wanders up and listens in on the conversation.*

Man: Yes, I'm looking for a tall man with spiky hair, and a person who's a ninja of the half circle... No, I just want to talk to them... I'm a journalist... no I don't know, I'm working on the Evil People project... Surely you heard of the lone few fighting against the evil organization plotting to destroy the world... No? How about "tin monkey man"... you've heard of him... now that's the one I'm looking for, or one of his accomplices...
Raistlin: Wow, we're famous.
Innkeeper: Hey who said that?
Man: Who said what?
Innkeeper: Someone said "wow, we're famous."

-- A roadside cart --

Jon: I'll give you ten for them.
Owner: Fifteen, that's final.
Jon: Ten's all I can afford at the moment.
Owner: Hey I've gotta eat too you know.

*Suddenly there's screaming from the Inn*

Jon: (*Looks up*) What now? Hey, what's going on?
Innkeeper's daughter: There's a ghost, a poltergeist, In our inn!
Jon: Oh, man.
Owner: Hey, I don't mean to offend, but what happened to your thumb?

*Jon rushes to the inn without answering*

Man: Ghost, come out. Can you tell me your name?
Raistlin: It's Raistlin, and I'm not a ghost. I was made invisible by the world's worst magician.
Jon: (*enters*) I heard that.
Man: Oh, hello... wait a second. Are you Jon "tin monkey" Spike?!
Jon: Yes, I'm Jon Spike.
Man: I'm Gareth [A.N.:I thought calling this character UFO would only lead to confusion]
Raistlin: I'm invisible.
Gareth: Well that can't be helped. The important thing is I have found thee Jon Spike.
Jon: 'eh?
Raistlin: We're famous. This guy's a journalist. I think he wants to document our story.
Gareth: I could also help you. Being a journalist, I know almost every part of this world. I'm also good at shooting. (*gestures to bow and arrows*)
Jon: Would you know where the wind shrine is?
Gareth: I could lead you there, if I could here your story later.
Jon: We've got a friend who may be in trouble.
Gareth: Let's get going. (*notices something coming over the horizon*) Wait, (*points*) is it just me or is that a Octopus on a golf cart?
Raistlin: I think that's a very familiar octopus on a electric golf cart.
Octopus: (*Drives into the center of the village, sending villagers running. Parks beside Raistlin, Jon and Gareth*)
Raistlin: You again?
Octopus: That is correct sir.
Jon, Gareth: !?!
Octopus: I have order to destroy you. Have a nice day. *A small gun pops out of the side*



Chapter 53
Thursday, 15-Jun-2000 13:00:30 (?)

[A.N.: Hold on tight. This chapter's gonna be a doozy]

-- Jon and crew, and now, that blasted octopus --

Octopus: I have orders to destroy you. Have a nice day... Hey wait, who said "You again?"?!?
Raistlin: We don't have time for this...
Octopus: (*looking around, confused*) Who keeps talking?

*With Batman-like efficiency, Raistlin draws his invisible sword and slashes into the golf cart, cutting off the side panel and revealing the battery. He then grabs the battery cables and clips them onto one of the robot octopus's metal arms and jumps back*

Octopus: (*electrical zapping*) Invisible man, did you think that would stop me?
Raistlin: I was hoping
Octopus: Well, it didn't.
Jon: (*running to where he can get a better shot*) Raistlin, get back! (*to octopus*) This might help!

*Jon flips a small, onion-looking thing from his pack onto the electrified octopus as Raistlin scrambles away. The ball is electrocuted and explodes, leaving half a malfunctioning robotic octopus sitting in a ruined golf cart*

Jon: Where did a gang of medieval terrorists get a robotic octopus? Or an electric golf cart for that matter? There's more to Evil People Inc. than is obvious...

**Narrator: not to mention the fact that Inc. wouldn't even make sense in this time, since the corporation hasn't been invented yet. And how does Jon know what a robot is? Or electricity?**

Gareth: Wow. That was cool. Does this kinda thing happen often?
Raistlin: Sure does. Jon's always blowing stuff up. Don't let him cast a spell while you're around, tho
Gareth: (*looking at/through Raistlin*) I'll be sure not to...
Jon: (*walking over to the other two, dusting hands*) Well, that's that. We'd better get going
Gareth: What about the, uh, remains of this... thing?
Jon: Raw materials for plows and stuff, for the villagers

*Suddenly, a camera shoots from the smoking base of the octopus, and it rises from the cart to attack them*

Octopus: You thought you were rid of me, huh?
Gareth: (*un-shouldering bow*) Eh. We soon will be (*he notches an arrow and lets it fly right through the lens of the camera. The octopus collapses again*)
Jon: I like you already

*So the three make their way through the crowded square, talking along the way.*

Gareth: So how'd you guys get started on your adventure? And Jon, how'd you find out that tin monkeys were a weakness of Evil People inc.?
Jon: First off, It's just Jon Spike, not Jon "Tin Monkey" Spike. I just happened to pick a few up at a toy shop, thinking I could sell them at a small profit. And I was captured a while ago by one of their agents whom had taken over a castle. Mostly he kept me tied up, but sometimes he would let me down to mock me, and so I could entertain him... Singing and playing the guitar and the like
Gareth: did you say "Let you down"??
Jon: I'd rather not get into it... Anyway, one time he was getting bored of songs and juggling. It was either think of something else quick or get strung up again, so I gave him a tin monkey from my pack. He wasn't happy. Teleported out with a scream. His ninja assistants didn't seem too impressed though. They kept me from escaping.
Gareth: Fascinating. The wind shrine is in this direction... (*all turn and begin walking where he has indicated*) How about you Raistlin?

*As they make their way through the outskirts of the village, Raistlin explains his part in the journey to Gareth. And then the scene ends*

-- Tom Cosmo, miserable --

*We find our hero exactly where he wishes he wasn't on a clear arctic day, stuck in a lecture hall in the ice shrine, being educated on the finer points of magic and it's responsible uses*

Kudam-Ra: (*lecturing*)

*Tom sighs and half-heartedly scrawls some notes on a pad of paper in front of him. There are more doodles on the page than notes. He nods off. *BOOM* A bolt of lightning cracks through the air, singing the hair on the back of Tom's neck*

Kudam-Ra: (*sternly*) Tom! Pay attention! It is _very_important_ to learn proper control of your magical abilities!
Tom: (*sigh*) Yes sir...
Kudam-Ra: (*resumes lecturing*)

-- Meanwhile, with Luna, Lone Wolf, and Warteen --

Warteen: But if we leave them in Evil People Inc.'s clutches they may die!
Lone Wolf: There's little more we can do tonight. It's getting too dark.
Luna: We could sleep here then, (*gesturing off the path*) in the woods a little ways so people passing won't see us

*The three do just that. During the night, UFO confronts Jon and Raistlin as told in chapter 48. The morning finds Jon and Raistlin doing the things told in chapters 52 and here. But we're watching Luna, Lone Wolf, and Warteen right now. Dawn comes for this trio of adventurers as well. They rouse themselves and begin making plans, and breakfast*

Lone Wolf: (*making a fire*) We need greater numbers if we're gonna go save Jeff and Ivy... Is there anything we can do to get our other friends back?
Warteen: (*cooking toast*) Well, Jon should be around here, somewhere... [A.N.: no one but Raistlin has heard from Jon since everyone split up]. Raistlin is back at the Forest shrine.
Luna: (*working on the bacon*) And Tom is up at the ice shrine getting trained...
Lone Wolf: (*making coffee*) Luna, you know magic... can you locate them? Teleport them here or something?
Luna: I've never been very good at summoning, especially specific people... I could maybe locate Jon and tell him where we are, and try to call Raistlin and Tom.

[A.N.: she doesn't know Jon and Raistlin are together, thinks Jon is nearby, and wants to find out his situation. So she's going use a different spell]

Lone Wolf: Sounds good. Well, that's it for making breakfast. Let's eat first

*They sit down, eat, and clean up uneventfully. Then Luna sits down again on a patch of moss and chants*

Luna: (*chanting*)

Distance between us fall apart
Raistlin, Tom, here my call,
come thee quickly near the psi-shrine
for the good of all!

*two small glowing orbs of light streak from Luna's outstretched hands. One flashes off into the forest behind Luna and the other speeds into the air and northward*

-- Back to the ice shrine for another scene with Tom --

*Tom has spent the night in a guest room, then rousted from bed for another round of lectures and training*

[A.N.: this is a paraphrase of what he was really saying]
Kudam-Ra: blah blah blitty blah, I'm so stuffy, give me a--

*An orb of light bursts through the ceiling, hovers for a moment, and then explodes with a disco-ball like effect. It solemnly echoes Luna's spell to the two occupants of the room*

Kudam-Ra: Tom, you know pagers aren't allowed in the lecture hall
Tom: It's not mine! Honest!
Kudam-Ra: Well... It looks like you're being called. You are dismissed
Tom: (*whew*) saved by the ball... Teleport!

[A.N.: apologies for the bad jokes and school parody, especially so close to summer break]

*Tom vanishes*

-- Meanwhile, in the hills with our buddies Raistlin and Jon, and now Gareth as well --

*The party has come to another range of hills and has spent most of the morning crossing them. They are now crossing the last few hills in the range. Raistlin has tied more grass around himself so he can pick his way over the hills more easily. He is also teaching Jon about martial arts theory (since he can't actually train Jon while walking), and the conversation is drier than toast. It's better you don't listen in... Gareth is walking safely out of earshot, furiously writing down all that has been told him. Jon briefly interrupts Raistlin*

Jon: Well, we're almost to the other side of this hilly country

*The other orb bursts from the trees and streaks up the side of the hill they are on.*

Raistlin: What the heck is that?
Jon: Uh... Guess we'll find out in a moment, weather we want to or not
Gareth: (*walking up to the other two*) Why're we stopped?
Jon: (*pointing*) That
Gareth: oh... my

*The ball floats up to the trio, hovers for a moment, manages to look terribly confused for a magical message ball, and finally floats over what can be seen of Raistlin, about ten feet above his head*

Raistlin: (*looking up*) Spooky

*It explodes in a similar fashion to the other one and echoes Luna's summons*

Raistlin: Sounds like a plan to me. But how do we get to the Psi-shrine from here?
Jon: I kinda recognize the area... You can see the path to the forest shrine off in the distance... I think we head this way (*points*)
Gareth: That's about right

*they set off in the direction Jon indicated*

-- In the clearing with Luna, Lone Wolf, and Warteen --

*Luna opens her eyes*

Luna: well, hopefully that did it. Raistlin won't be here for a good while tho. The Forest shrine is a distance away. Maybe Tom can help with that... Now to see about Jon

*She closes her eyes again*

Luna: (*chanting*)

Jon Spike, our friend and traveler
has traveled to an unknown place.
Allow me words with him now,
As though we were face to face

-- And it's back to Jon, Raistlin, and Gareth we go --

*As though a message ball weren't enough excitement for one trip, a glowing head now appears in front of them*

Raistlin: AAAH! Another shadow!
Gareth: Curiouser and curiouser...
Jon: YEGADS! Luna's a giant ghost-head!
Luna-head: (*laughing*) No I'm not. It's a spell
Jon: Oh (*looking sheepish*) You're alive?
Luna: gar and ĢlacebÝ revived me. Then Lone Wolf rescued me, and well, here I am
Jon: Ah. Nice of them.
Gareth: You know her?
Jon: (*to Gareth*) yup. Allow me to introduce Princess Luna (*indicating Luna's head with a sweep of his hand*) of the kingdom of... uh... I never actually knew...
Luna: Threadaria. The kingdom of Threadaria. (*smiles*) It's good to meet you, mister...

[A.N.: Got that name from back in chapter 3, when Lone Wolf introduces himself to Ivy...]

Gareth: (*bowing slightly*) Gareth, my lady. A writer, journalist, traveler, and archer. At your service
Luna: Good to meet you Mr. Gareth. (*turning back to Jon*) How are things going, Jon?
Jon: Well, we already heard what you said to Raistlin, and we're headed to meet up with you now, hopefully...
Luna: How'd you hear what I sent to Raistlin? He's at the forest shrine.
Raistlin: I'm right here
Luna: Where?
Jon: (*indicating the collection of grass beside him*) Here (*Raistlin waves*)
Luna: What happened to you?
Raistlin: Zippy the wonder-magician here got a spell mixed up
Luna: Lovely. Hey Jon, why'd you say you were _hopefully_ going to meet up with us?
Jon: Well, we're not exactly sure of where you are, tho we have a fairly good idea... Near the psi-shrine, right?

*Suddenly a ka-thwump comes from behind Luna's head. Her head turns around to look behind her*

Jon: What was that?
Luna: You must've heard a sound from where I am physically. Tom just teleported in.
Tom: (*through Luna's head again*) YEGADS! Jon's a giant ghost-head!
Luna: (*laughing*) No he's not. He can see me like this too. It's a communication spell
Tom: weird-looking spell. Hey, you can do magic?!? (*off camera, Lone Wolf nods fiercely at Tom and motions for him to be quiet*)
Luna: (*turning back to Jon*) Well, we are a bit off to the left of where you were headed. (*she notices something*) What happened to your thumb, Jon?
Jon: uhhh... (*turns red*) another botched spell.

*Jon turns to the right, walks about ten feet and stops. Raistlin points at Jon and makes the crazy sign while Jon's back is turned. Luna smiles*

Jon: Uh, there's a cliff over here!
Luna: _your_ left
Jon: oh
Raistlin: well, let's get going
Jon: Indeed. (*to Luna*) See you in a little while
Raistlin: See'ya
Gareth: Nice to make your acquaintance. Goodbye
Luna: Bye

*Luna's head vanishes and our heroes head off in the direction Luna gave them*

-- Back to Luna's crowd, one more time --

Luna: So you were just hanging out, living with your friend SI/\/ and working on starting a business when these dreams prompted you to go to the forest shrine?
Warteen: Yup. Tho it was SI/\/ who recommended the shrine, actually...

*A disturbance in the brush interrupts the conversation. Jon, Gareth, and what can be seen of Raistlin emerge*

Warteen: Jon! Are we glad to see you. Now we're one closer to being able to rescue Jeff and Ivy! (*notices Raistlin*) Yikes! What's that?
Raistlin: Not "that". It's me, Raistlin
Lone Wolf: What... happened?
Raistlin: You didn't hear me explain to Luna? (*motioning to Jon*) Just never let him cast a spell while you're around
Lone Wolf: I'll remember that (*shudder*)
Luna: (*rising from her spot on the moss, smiling at Gareth*) Hello
Gareth: Hello Luna (*bows*)
Lone Wolf: (*sounding slightly defensive*) Who're you?
Gareth: My name is Gareth. I'm a journalist who has come seeking your group to write a story on your adventures. Also, I have come to offer my services as an archer. The end of the world is something I'm very much interested in stopping.
Lone Wolf: (*still somewhat stiffly*) Well, you're welcome to go with us sir, but you'll be expected to do your share of the fighting
Gareth: Not a problem

*Tom Cosmo emerges from the trees, having gone to bathe in a stream, or to reliev-- I'll let you decide*

Raistlin: (*running over to Tom*) Am I glad to see you, buddy, old pal of mine!
Tom: AAAAAAAAAHHHH! Swamp monster! Ragnorak! [A.N.: Sorry. The ragnorak won't last long]

*The grass that marks where Raistlin is falls and changes shape, now roughly outlining the form of an anteater. Jon chuckles merrily*

Jon: Tom! That was Raistlin! Turn him back!
Raistlin: And make me visible again! (ooh, ants!)
Tom: Oh. Whoops. Uh, Ragnorak!

*The grass resumes its original form*

Tom: Visible!

*The grass does nothing*

Tom: Huh. (*scratching head*) Must be an incompatible form of magic
Raistlin: (*groan*) wonderful
Luna: Jon, what kind of spells do you use?
Jon: Verse-spells, like what most white magic uses
Luna: I thought so. Shrine magic works the same way. I don't know the exact spell, but maybe Ivy or Jeff could help you when we find them...
Warteen: Either way, we have all our members together again, plus one even. We should be off to rescue them.
Luna: You're right. They're probably being held in EPI's headquarters, right?
Raistlin: Wasn't that in Castle Lokin?
Lone Wolf: Then that's where we should head.

*The group gathers up their belongings and sets off in the direction of Castle Lokin again*

[A.N.: I've done a _lot_ of writing here, but I've still got tons of ideas stirring in my head. In the interest of fairness, I'm gonna post the rest of them as chapter 53.5 so they can be deleted and someone else can take over from here, if you all decide that's what you want to do. Feel absolutely free to do it either way, as I feel kinda guilty for having written so much...]

-Jon Spike
[Jon Spike]

Chapter 53.5
Thursday, 15-Jun-2000 13:08:52 (?)

[A.N. Well, here's your chance... if you think I've had enough of a turn, just tank this chapter and go on your merry castle-raiding way. I'm not trying to take over... It's more of a "won't be back for a while" blowout. That, and it's fun as heck. Enjoy!]

-- Castle Lokin. High Noon --

*Since Castle Lokin is not far from the Psi-shrine, a couple hours journey sees our heroes to it's gates. Gareth spends that time chatting with more members of the party and writing as he walks. How he does that is beyond anyone's guess. The rest of the group just talks, catching up on the events the others have gone through, or they walk on in silence*

Lone Wolf: (*peering through the brush into the clearing around Lokin*) Well, here we are. Any ideas?
Raistlin: I'm invisible. And I'm a ninja anyway. I should be able to sneak in and find them
Lone Wolf: A good idea
Tom: They'll have a magic barrier around the cell. They did when I was held captive
Jon: (*offering a tin monkey*) Maybe this will break the spell? (*thinking*) Y'know what, I don't know why I didn't do this before (*gives the other six a tin monkey each*) They'll only work on the magic-using members of Evil People Inc (I have no idea why), but they do pack a nasty punch when thrown too...
Raistlin: First rate! Let me at 'em!
Luna: What do we do in the meantime?
Warteen: (*thinking*) We should probably stay here in the brush to back up Raistlin, in case they find him
Lone Wolf: Any objections? (*silence*) We're decided then. Raistlin, good luck!
Raistlin: Thanks

*Raistlin plucks the telltale grass from his arms and legs and gets up to leave*

Jon: Wait!
Raistlin: What?
Jon: I think I can help you out a bit with the invisibility thing
Raistlin: (*backing away, at least that's what his footprints in the soft moss floor of the forest indicated*) Nooo-ho-ho... You've helped me enough already.
Jon: I think I can make you able to see yourself.
Raistlin: How come you didn't mention it before?
Jon: I've only done the spell once and I didn't want to make the problem worse.
Raistlin: How could it get worse?
Jon: I'm not sure, but now it seems important enough for you to be able to see yourself...
Raistlin: ...
Jon: It would really help you fight
Raistlin: (*sigh*) Alright
Jon: (*chanting*)

Fog of vision lift
from enchanted eyes
so he alone may see
through his enchanted guise!

*Raistlin's body briefly glows so that all can see it, then fades from view again*

Raistlin: I can see ME!!! Wahoo! But yegad do I look ghostly...
Jon: Can anyone else see him?
Gareth: Not me (*everyone else shakes their heads as well*)
Jon: Ha! It worked!
Raistlin: There's a first time for everything.

*Raistlin now sets out across the clearing. Jon is the only other one who can see him, so he relays Raistlin's movements to the rest.*

Jon: Now he's at the moat. He's got some kind of ninja-rope, and he's flung it at the wall. He's swung over the moat, and is scaling the wall. And he's in! (*the group lets out a collective sigh*)
Lone Wolf: Now we wait

-- Inside Castle Lokin --

*Raistlin finds himself inside an upper floor of the castle. Even in the upper commons, one of the most pleasant places in a castle usually, the current occupants have let it fall into dirt and disrepair.*

Raistlin: (*to self*) what a mess

*He sets off, and every so often hears a rhythmic drumming in the distance. Making his way down one stairwell after another, occasionally dodging a guard or two, he descends into the bowels of the massive fortress. Here, only torchlight shows the way.*

Raistlin: (*to self again*) I wish I knew where I was going

*Somewhere in the distance a series of loud, indistinct drumming noises can be heard, followed by a heated (but inaudible at this distance) exchange and a girl's scream. Then a soft crying sound winds through the halls. He heads down a long passage and to the doorway the sound is coming from. Inside is the dungeon. Rows of cells line either side of a room about a hundred feet long and twenty feet wide. Instruments of torture fill the space between the two walls, and from their ghastly appearance Raistlin guesses (and hopes) they were brought in only after the castle was captured. About halfway down on one wall is a chair in which Scalene sits on guard duty, slumped over and unbelievably bored, but awake. He looks as annoyed as Hell itself. Raistlin makes his way silently into the dungeon. The crying is coming from the cell beside Scalene's chair, and the cell door glows slightly. Evidently, the magic shield. Suddenly, a loud, continuous drumming noise like someone banging a steel bar with a pair of bricks echoes through the room*

Scalene: I said stop it old man!
Keeper: I won't stop it! I won't stop it until you let us out of here!

*Scalene rises and kicks viciously at the old man, sending him flying to the back of the cell*

Ivy: LEAVE HIM ALONE, MONSTER! (*resumes crying*)

*Raistlin, unable to help himself, growls quietly. Not a good thing in an echoy dungeon*

Scalene: (*whirling around*) Who's there? Sight!

*The simple spell (and, by the way, the only one Scalene has been smart enough to master by now) flashes around the room and hits Raistlin. To Scalene his form appears to glow a dim white for a moment*

Scalene: (*drawing sword and hissing*) White magic! Die intruder!
Raistlin: You'll have a hard time with that

*Raistlin approaches Scalene silently and pulls his tin cymbal-monkey from his belt, winds it, and sets it on the floor. To Scalene, it appears to have come from nowhere*

Monkey: ook ook ook (*clang clang clang*)
Scalene: The monkey of death! IEEEEEE!!!!!

*Scalene dashes from the room. Raistlin proceeds to the cell door and looks in. Inside there is nothing but three meager piles of straw, and in one corner... well, cells back then didn't have many amenities... Jeff peers anxiously from between the bars while Ivy tends to the Keeper at the back of the cell, still crying a little*

Jeff: Who's there?
Raistlin: (*retrieving monkey and silencing it*) It's me, Raistlin
Jeff: (*squinting into the vague torchlight*) Raistlin? Where are you? And what are you doing here?
Raistlin: (*approaching the cell door*) I'm invisible, a spell gone awry, and it's a long story why I'm here. We've got to get you out of there quick
Jeff: Already tried. This magic barrier won't budge.
Raistlin: (*raising the tin monkey to the bars*) Supposedly their magic is as susceptible to these things as they are

*True to his words, sparks fly from the cage door when the monkey touches the bars. A small explosion sends Raistlin flying back and flings open the cell door*

Jeff: Cool!
Raistlin: Crap that was loud. (*entering the cell*) Let's move!

*Ivy helps the Keeper to his feet and all four make their way out of the dungeon*

Ivy: (*embarrassedly drying her eyes, she offers an excuse to the invisible Raistlin*) I didn't cry until he kicked the Keeper the first time

[A.N.: this was a true statement. She had been as brave as the two men to that point... The whole evil creature kicking your father-figure think kinda snapped it tho]

*They traverse several hallways unhindered, and go up a flight of stairs. Waiting for them at the top is Slayer (not Slayer877), with two assassins-of-the-other-half-of-the-circle*

Slayer: (*snarling*) STOP!

*the quiet whistle of two invisible ninja stars spells the doom of the guards, and a familiar ooking and clanging strikes fear into Slayer's heart*

Raistlin: (*approaching Slayer*) Hear that monster? The sound of your doom!

*The monkey again appears as if from nowhere, it's deadly cymbals banging in time to it's siren call*

Monkey: ook ook ook (*clang clang clang*)

Slayer: (*courage breaking*) AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

*Slayer dashes off, and Raistlin silences the harmless tin chimp. Jeff suppresses a shudder. The four proceed unhindered to a second-story window*

[A.N.: This is because Jeff's newly regained magical powers are from EPI, remember?...]

Raistlin: I'll lower you three to the ground and be following right behind

*Just as much happens, but they are met with an unpleasant surprise upon all arriving on the ground*

Raistlin: (*smacking forehead*) the moat. I forgot about the moat. We'll have to go around to the drawbridge, and hope it's open.

*They proceed around the castle toward the drawbridge. It's up*

Raistlin: (*looking up at the bridge, but restraining himself in the presence of a lady*) Crap. C-R-A-P. Bloody CRAP! (*turning to the others*) Stay here.

*His ninja rope is out again, and he scales the wall and slides into the gatehouse. Two assassin guards are stationed there. More ninja stars silence them. Raistlin unsheathes his sword and slashes the rope that keeps the drawbridge chain-crank from turning. It begins spinning madly and the drawbridge falls. Raistlin is out the window again, and back down the rope, rejoining the others*

Jeff: Let's go!

*They dash across the drawbridge, only to be halted in the middle of it by a voice*

Sootdust: (*standing twenty feet inside the gate with a huge mass of assassins behind him*) You think you'd escape that easily? Ha! And you little ninja...
Raistlin: What? How did you know...

*Turning toward Raistlin, Sootdust's eyes glow a fierce, burning red. Suddenly there is the sound of glass shattering, and a nearly transparent casing, visible only because of the glaring sun, falls from Raistlin's body. The invisibility spell is broken*

Raistlin: (*timidly*) poop
Sootdust: (*roaring*) You, little ninja, will be the first to die!

*Raistlin recovers himself as Sootdust raises his hand and magical energy begins to flare around it. Raistlin reaches in his belt and retrieves the tin monkey one last time. Giving the key a good twist, he flings it at Sootdust and hits him square in the face. Sootdust is shocked. The monkey falls on the ground before him*

Monkey: ook ook ook (*clang clang clang*)
Sootdust: (*diving back in terror and cowering out from behind the castle wall*) Guards! I want them ALIVE! (tho they won't be for long) (*indicating monkey*) And someone break that terrible thing!

*The seething mass of assassins that makes up the castle guard surges over the drawbridge. One of them steps on the monkey*

Monkey: ook ook -erk!
Raistlin: (*flings a couple stars into the approaching mob and then turns, panic on his face*) RUN!

-- From Lone Wolf and co.'s point of view, starting with the emergence of Raistlin and co. from the castle --

*All of the group has been watching the walls of the castle anxiously, awaiting some indication of what happened*

Luna: (*pointing excitedly*) THERE!
Lone Wolf: Where?
Luna: The second story, halfway around that turret... It's Ivy!
Lone Wolf: I see!
Tom: Woo hoo!
Warteen: Alright!
Jon: They made it!
Gareth: (*Looking back and forth between castle and paper, scribbling furiously.*) Thrilling!
Luna: Who all is there?
Warteen: There's Jeff
Tom: And Raist-- an old man?
Luna: I know him. I trained under him for a year or two. It's the Forest Keeper! They found the Keeper!
Lone Wolf: Jon, where's Raistlin?
Jon: He's there now! Coming out last
Lone Wolf: Wait, the moat!
Luna: Oh no... The Keeper will never be able to get across
Warteen: They're making their way around the castle... to the drawbridge!
Tom: but it's up!
Jon: Raistlin's going up into the gatehouse!

*dramatic pause in the action*

Luna: The drawbridge is falling! The drawbridge is fa-- (*notices what's _behind_ the drawbridge*)
Tom: (*in amazement*) ssshhh***t!

*all stare, transfixed, as the confrontation takes place*

Tom: (*as Raistlin becomes visible*) I see Raistlin! (*pauses as what that means takes effect*) hoo boy. We're in trouble
Jon: (*softly muttering, like you do in a tense moment when watching sports game*) Use the monkeeeey... use the monkeeeey... YES!

*another dramatic pause as the massed guard charges*

Lone Wolf: (*halfway in shock*) uh... prepare for battle

*their hiding place becomes a mass of confusion as all prepare for battle. Lone Wolf, Luna, and Warteen all ready their swords. Gareth un-shoulders his bow and quiver and knocks his first arrow. Tom Cosmo rehearses his most powerful spells in his head. Jon begins frantically rummaging through his pack, mixing this and that and everything else, preparing several large concoctions. His hands are shaking badly*

Jon: (*muttering to self*) good thing I stocked up on chemicals in town today
Lone Wolf: (*noticing Jon's hands*) Are you ok?
Jon: (*nervously*) I'll be alright... Just not a warrior, that's all.

*The roar of a huge flame makes everyone look up, and a heat wave strikes the group. Jeff has cast a flame spell while running and taken out a good chunk of the guard*

Luna: I didn't know Jeff could do that
Warteen: He picked up some kinda magic power, yeah. But I don't know where from...

*The raging crowd is now within the range of Gareth's bow, and he begins firing arrows into the crowd. Tom also begins casting fire and ice spells at them*

Jon: SHOOT! Wrong mixture! (*dashes towards Gareth while stuffing a cork into the vial he was using*) Hot potato! Coming through! (*He bowls over Warteen*)
Warteen: HEY!
Jon: Sorry. No time!

*Jon grabs an arrow from Gareth's quiver and stuffs the tip into the vial's cork*

Jon: shoot this, QUICK!
Gareth: okee

*Gareth notches the vial-tipped arrow and launches it into the middle of the assassins, where it explodes mightily*

Warteen: DANG that was a big boom!
Jon: I told you there was no time...

*Jon goes back to mixing the remaining compounds, though somewhat more carefully. Raistlin runs into the small defense station carrying the Keeper on his shoulders, followed closely by Ivy and Jeff. Jeff casts another flame spell*

Raistlin: Tom! Get us out of here, quick!
Jon: Wait! One more arrow!

*Jon jumps up from his bag and dashes over to Gareth again, this time shoving a cork into a rather large vial of a seething yellow liquid*

Jon: (*cackling goofily*) Poppies! Poppies will make them sleep!

*He stuffs another arrow onto the vial and hands it to Gareth*

Gareth: It's too heavy. Can't launch it.
Jon: Well then just throw the bloody thing

*Gareth gives the vial and arrow a great heave, driven by desperation at the closeness of the mob of guardsmen, and sends this vial flying into their midst as well. It explodes and a huge cloud of yellow gas engulfs them. They begin dropping like flies*

Jon: Ok, now we can go
Luna: I'll make sure we aren't followed (*begins chanting*)

As we depart
from this place
let us travel
without a trace

*The whole group glows slightly white for a moment*

Luna: There. Now we'll leave no magical tracks for them to follow. Hit it Tom!
Tom: Where to?
The whole group: ANYWHERE!
Tom: here we go! TELEPORT!


-- Anywhere --


Luna: (*shivering*) Jeez Tom, you coulda picked a warmer place
Warteen: (*looking around*) TOM! You brought us back to the ice shrine!
Jon: That's where we must be. I'm nauseous enough (*stumbles away into the snow for a moment, muttering*) stupid teleportation sickness...
Tom: It seemed like a good idea at the time. At least they won't find us here for a while
Raistlin: Can we find an inn to stop at for the day? I'm beat!
Ivy: (*pant pant*) Yeah
Lone Wolf: (*looking at the three former captives and their exhausted emancipator*) That would be a wise thing to do. Tom, is there an inn around here?
Tom: Sure. Over there (*pointing to the small village that clusters around the ice shrine*)
Jon: (*from a distance*) retch!
Luna: (*looking over her shoulder*) Gross!
Lone Wolf: Lead the way, Tom

*The group heads off. Jon rises from the snow and runs to catch up with them*

Jon: (*reaching the group*) Hey, Ivy, can you help me with this problem I've got with my thumb?

-- The inn --

*A few patrons sit inside the otherwise deserted tavern in the inn. The door opens with a blast of freezing air and the travelers stumble in. Lone Wolf walks up to the barkeep/owner*

Owner: (*gruffly*) What can I do for you?
Lone Wolf: We'd like a few rooms... (*turns to count*)
Owner: There's two beds in a room, and each is five Gilmars a night
Lone Wolf: Five? Wow. (*examining contents of small purse-pouch tied to his belt*) Do you exchange southern Cornets?
Owner: Yeah, we take 'em. A room is five Gilmars or fifty Cornets
Lone Wolf: I'll be back... (*walks over to group*) Guys, we're gonna have to pool our reserves a bit if we want beds...

*A few minutes later*

Lone Wolf: (*examining the pile of change on the table*) We can afford three rooms
Tom: What? No way...
Lone Wolf: That is, if we still want money left over for supplies...
Tom: (*resigned*) oh, eats...
Lone Wolf: Gareth, Cosmo, Warteen, and I will take one. Raistlin, you, Jon, Keeper, and Jeff take the second. Four of us'll just have to sleep on the floor. And that'll leave one room for you ladies.

*the rooms are purchased, along with meals and a round of hot ciders for the group. They fall to talking for a while. Lone Wolf and Luna retreat to another table to catch up on old times. At some point during the evening, Ivy and Jon figure out how to make his thumb visible again. The conversation dies down eventually, and Gareth senses the lull*

Gareth: (*when all is quiet again*) Hey, Jon. Didn't you say this morning that you play guitar?
Jon: Yeah
Ivy: Play something for us!
Jon: Alright

*Jon walks over to the owner and asks if he has a guitar he could borrow. He retrieves the instrument and comes back over to the table. After a moment of tuning, he plucks a few chords thoughtfully. The room drifts into a dreamy mood, expecting a beautiful ballad. Suddenly, his grip on the guitar's neck radically changes*

Jon: one-two, onetwothreefour!

*Jon begins strumming madly. All heads shoot up, instantly alert*


We ain't got no place to go!
Let's go to the punk rawk show!
Darlin' take me by the hand,
We're gonna see a punk rawk band!
There's no use in TV shows,
Radio, Rode--

*Jon stops short. All eyes are glaring at him*

Ivy: (*wrinkling nose*) Where'd you learn to play like _that_?
Jon: (*suddenly embarrassed*) another life, Ivy... (*thinking hard and rubbing the back of his head*) woah. I'm more tired than I thought, or maybe UFO's messing with my head brought those memories back... But that was definately the _wrong_ song.
Tom: (*annoyed*) you're tellin' me!
Jon: Lemme try that again

[A.N.: Thank you, MxPx]

*His grip on the guitar returns to normal, and he plays a song about beautiful distant lands, peaceful times, and childhood memories*

Tom: (*a tear in his eye*) Wow. Better
Luna: (*a couple wet marks on her face*) No kidding
Lone wolf: (*applauds, looking a little misty*)
Warteen: Play somethin' a little faster
Jon: (*thinks*) alright

*Jon plays a couple dance-ier songs and the group members who aren't too tired dance around. The other patrons in the tavern, and even the owner and his wife join in. After a final ballad, the travelers head off to their rooms*

All: goodnight

**Narrator: The day comes to a close, the team united again. But not much has been accomplished besides that. There are still several shrine treasures to be retrieved, an evil empire to be felled, a madman bent on global destruction to be stopped, several little character and plot points to work out, (*ominously*) and now... THIS...**

-- On to a laboratory in the future, to finish (finally) --

[A.N.: please keep this as the only bit of time travel done in this story... otherwise things'll get messy quick]

ĢlacebÝ: Hey mon, check dis out...

[A.N.: my apologies on my synthesis of ĢlacebÝ's accent... I'm not all that clear on it]

gar: (*walks over and examines the screen ĢlacebÝ is staring at*) this can't be good. It's a... probe
Marril: Marril? Marril!

*Marril runs away from the screen and hides under a table. The pod that had dropped on it back in the past sits on an analyzing table that is feeding data to the screen ĢlacebÝ and gar are watching. A large (V) is marked on the side*

ĢlacebÝ: But what we got t' worry 'bout? We're safe in da future
gar: Exactly. The _future_. It's the same planet that's gonna be DESTROYED more than a thousnd years ago. We'll cease to EXIST!

[A.N.: Which puts us somewhere around 900-1000AD, and them a bit past 2000, in our future a bit. That is, if Earth time can be applied to this world at all. But there's still more than a thousand years difference, even if it isn't Earth]

ĢlacebÝ: We safe like I an' I says... It hasn't happened t'us yet, so it's not gonna happen.
gar: Those dolts back then don't know how to fight it. They don't even know it's _coming_. How do you know we're not the ones who stopped it?
ĢlacebÝ: (*sighs*) we'd better get goin' then...
gar: exactly. Come on Marril. Teleport!


-Jon Spike
[nuts to that supid picture. Never works]

Chapter 54
Thursday, 15-Jun-2000 21:13:24

*In Gareth, Cosmo, Warteen, and Lone Wolf's room*

Warteen: I am so tired (*yawn*) Who's getting the beds?
Lone Wolf: I don't plan on sleeping, so I'll take the floor
Warteen: Well that was easy, do any of you prefer the floor?

*Tom and Gareth shake their heads from side to side*

Warteen: Ok then how shall we decide who is getting the bed?
Tom: Perhaps we should have a magic using contest, since I am the greatest Magic user I should automatically get a bed and judge the two of you in this contest because I am the greatest Magic User
Warteen: Ummmm.... NO!!!
Gareth: Perhaps we should have a game of rock, paper, scissors
Tom: Good idea
Warteen: Darn it!!! I hate that game
Tom: Then it's agreed, we play rock, paper, scissors

*Tom glares evilly at Warteen. Warteen glares evilly back*

-- Meanwhile, in Raistlin, Jon, Keeper, and Jeff's room*

Jeff: So who's getting the beds?
Jon: Well I would say the keeper should get a bed because, well, he is so powerful (*lowers voice*) plus he is so old
Keeper: Agreed (*lowers voice*) hahaha I get a bed while some of these people have to be on the floor. I love being old
Raistlin: I suggest I get a bed (*flips out ninja star*) any objections?
Jon: Nope

-- Meanwhile, in Ivy and Luna's room*

Luna: Hahaha we get beds
Ivy: Yes, I am so tired. I can't wait to sleep knowing I am comfy and others are not
Luna: Ivy! Aren't you a Priestess? you should not be thinking of other peoples misfortune
Ivy: I'm an apprentice. I guess I got to work on that charity thing. But for tonight I sleep comfortable

-- Meanwhile In Lone Wolf, Tom, Warteen, and Gareth's room --

*Tom and Gareth are comfortably sleeping in their beds while Warteen sleeping rather uncomfortably is sleeping uncomfortably on he floor. Lone Wolf is no where to be seen*

-- outside --

*Lone Wolf is on the ground looking above at the stars*

Lone Wolf: I wonder what ever happened to my family, Mother, Father, Brother? I wonder why Luna married my brother anyways? She always hated him. I guess alot can change in six years

*Just then a cloud of smoke appears. Out steps a figure in a black hood*

[A.N.: I know everyone is sick of the people dressed in black]

?????: Lone Wolf...
Lone Wolf: What? (*Lone Wolf turns around, seeing the black hooded figure*)
?????: I am Mnemosyne. You are charged with escaping death by the use of time travel. Your punishment is oblivion [A.N. Well, this already happened so I don't think it will mess the story up any)
Lone Wolf: What!?! I couldn't 've. Don't I get a trial?
Mnemosyne: You have already been found guilty. (*she unhoods herself to reveal the face of a beautiful pink haired woman*) I am truly sorry but you now have to die (*sheds a tear*)
Lone Wolf: I couldn't have! I only just learned magic!
Mnemosyne: I can not spare your life, but I can show you your crime, because I am one of the eternal rulers of magic. I am the guardian of Memory
Lone Wolf: Than show me my crime if I am to die (*Mnemosyne raises her hands, and Lone Wolf is seeing the past*)


*Lone Wolf is in a storm on his ship while going to the forest shrine*
*The storm is fierce*
*Lone Wolfs is thrown over board*
*He is drowning*
*his thoughts come to a spell*

Power of Magic, almighty power,
To save this world from it's darkest hour,
Please heed my call, I will pay any price,
And I will pay an eternal sacrifice
*Lone Wolf travels six years ahead on the shore to the forest shrine*


Mnemosyne: You now see, do you deny the crime
Lone Wolf: No, the seal on that magic was made long ago. If one has the power to break it they will face a punishment which is worse than death. How did I cast that magic anyways?
Mnemosyne: For a noble cause you were willing to die, so your inner strength grew to which you will never see again
Lone Wolf: So the world is going to end
Mnemosyne: I am not sure, but your friends are here to protect this world. I am sure they will make sure it survives. Then are you willing to accept your punishment?
Lone Wolf: Yes.

-- Just then, inside the inn --

*Out of Jons bag come...*

???: It is now time for the rebellion of the Tin Monkeys!
Tin Monkey #2: Yes, time for people to pay!
Tin Monkey #3: Oui, Vive le Revolution, heeheehee honh honh honh
Tin Monkey #1: Quiet Frenchy
Tin Monkey #3: How dare you say that to me!! I spit on you (*pah-tooie*)
Tin Monkey Leader: Come on, we have a world to destroy. That's what they get for sealing ferocious demons into Tin Monkeys! It's embarassing!
Jeff: Huh? What the... Tin Monkeys!!!
Tin Monkey Leader: Get 'em
Tin Monkey #1 and #2: Alright boss
Tin Monkey #3: Vive le France

*Jeff is tackled to the ground by the tin monkeys, which are suprinsingly strong since they still have their demon strength*

Jeff: Aaah!!
Tin Monkey #3: Now take me to your leader before I break out the big guns
Jeff: Uh huh
Tin Monkey #3: So wheres your leader?

*Jeff looks at the keeper but looks away, then looks at Raistlin and thinks "this is what you get for taking the bed," but decides to be nice and...*

Jeff: He's not here, he's, ummm, gone away far away
Tin Monkey Leader: Thank you. Sorry about my associates, but they are quite angry since being sealed into tin monkeys 20 years ago by someone named Cosmo. We must get revenge on him somehow
Jeff: Oh
Tin Monkey Leader: Well then we must be off. Sorry about this mess

*Then about 200 monkeys leave the room and head away*


*Luna is dreaming*

Lone Wolf: So the world is going to end
Mnemosyne: I am not sure, but your friends are here to protect this world. I am sure they will make sure it survives. Then are you willing to accept your punishment?
Lone Wolf: Yes.

*The lady puts up her hands. They fill with darkness and Lone Wolf falls to the ground. Luna sees the pink haired woman take Lone Wolf's inner self into oblivion*


*Luna wakes up screaming, runs outside and sees Lone Wolf's dead body*

Luna: (*sobbing*) You promised me you wouldn't die, you promised...
Ivy: (*awakened up by Luna's scream*) What Luna? What happened...?
Luna: He's dead.....
Ivy: I'm sure there must be a way to bring him back
Luna: No there isn't. His inner self, it's been taken to what looks like oblivion
Ivy: What.... no.....it can't be!

To be continued

Lone Wolf

Chapter 55
Friday, 16-Jun-2000 02:28:20

[A.N.: My character has been useless from the beginning, pretty much, since I wasn't around to develope her. But, Lone Wolf should stay, I think, and this is how it will go, unless another moderator sees it otherwise.]

Ivy: What, no... It can't be. I WON'T ACCEPT THAT!
Luna: Ivy what are you saying?
Ivy: He can't die, he just can't. You know why?
Luna: (*tears a little*) He promised...
Ivy: Not only that... But this could very well tip the balance. Someone else is supposed to go. He cannot die, or we're through. And, being a priestess, if in training, I'm going to see to it this doesn't happen!
Luna: But, I told you...
Ivy: No there is a way, and I'm going for it, right now, and don't you try to stop me!
Luna: Ivy, you're scaring me!
Ivy: Perhaps it should. If you want Lone Wolf back, Luna, just do as I say.
Luna: I...
Ivy: (*looks imploringly at Luna*) Please.
Luna: Ok. What do you need me to do?
Ivy: My powers are strongest in my dreams. I'm going to go into an induced sleep. Do NOT wake me up. And keep anyone else from waking me up.
Luna: All right.

*Ivy rummages into her pockets, and produces some flowers. She inhales their scent and falls into a deep sleep*

[A.N.: Anything durring this sequence is in thoughts. This is a spiritual plane.]

*Ivy spread out her senses of energy as well as she knew how, to search for Lone Wolf's inner self. She was not very good at it, but desperation, anger, and a strange loving feeling gave her newfound skills. Eventually, she came to the undead world, and sought out Lone Wolf. He was in a kind of spiritual jail. All spirits here were under gaurd, but seemed somewhat happy. She came to the spiritual gaurd that kept mental hold on all of the prisoners. It was a pink haired woman.*

Ivy: I come here regarding the young prince Lone Wolf.
Mnemosyne: He is held because he has commited a grave crime. In fact, you are not supposed to be here, young Ivy.
Ivy: I AM an apprentice to a powerful priest.
Mnemosyne: Point taken. That you got here is a tremendous feat. I will allow you to see him, if you wish. He will not see another familiar face this side of eternity anyhow.

*Ivy was led into Lone Wolf's presence, and Mnemosyne left them alone.*

Ivy: Lone Wolf, why did you... You couldn't have.. How could you?

*Lone Wolf explained all*

Ivy: I see. Prince, you were not meant for this! This is not your destiny. I think that that spell would not have worked had you not been meant to cast it. I don't think you were meant to die here!
Lone Wolf: Yes, I comitted the crime, and I will pay the price.
Ivy: But I'm saying perhaps there was no crime committed!
Lone Wolf: But, I did the spell...
Ivy: Did you ever think that it wasn't your spell? Copy's spell could account for it.
Lone Wolf: I... suppose I can see your point.
Ivy: Besides all that, you are not allowed to see your friends' and families' souls if you are here.
Lone Wolf: I only realized that after I came here. I really do miss you all. But what's the point? I'm stuck here!
Ivy: Maybe not. Mnemosyne!

*Mnemosyne appears*

Mnemosyne: I have heard your conversation through my bonds to the Prince. I concede to your point, but it is unfounded. It will not release his sentence. If you are to have him released, give me good reason first.
Ivy: One, I don't think he comitted any crime, and two, he is important to the planet! I firmly believe, with my heart, powers, and mind that with out him, the world will be destroyed. He has seen the Dreams of Doom. He is one of the ones to prevent it.
Mnemosyne: What do you say, Prince?
Lone Wolf: I do not want to be in this prison, and I do not want my friends to die, although I am not sure if I am that important to this war.
Ivy: Yes, you ARE! Lone Wolf, believe in yourself. You are needed. Think of Luna, and your broken promise...
Mnemosyne: I have heard enough. I will release him if... If there is someone who wil take punishment in his stead.
Ivy: In his... stead? Stay here?
Mnemosyne: Yes.
Lone Wolf: If it's that way, then I'm...

*Lone Wolf was cut off as Ivy blocked his thought in the only mind-block that had ever worked in her years of training.*

Ivy: (*to Lone Wolf*) Tell the others I'll miss them dearly. You and the others are much more important than I. I've been a whimp and a crybaby from the start. And, tell the Keeper espically. I always looked to him as if he were my grandad. (*to Mnemosyne*) I will take his place.
Mnemosyne: Are you sure?
Ivy: Yes.
Mnemosyne: So be it.

*Ivy felt a link somewhere in her spirit-matter rip. She suddenly felt bonded to another powerful force. Lone Wolf felt free, and light as air. All of his bonds to Mnemosyne were released, and he floated through the spirit world back to hover over his body. Mnemosyne appeared to him one last time.*

Mnemosyne: So you will not feel guilty, Ivy asked this. And also, this must not be told to others. It would ruin it all. (*Mnemosyne sprinkled dust into Lone Wolf's memory, and his spirit was put back into his body.*)


*Luna had stood guard over Ivy and watched Lone Wolf carefully. She saw when he started to breathe again.*

Luna: Lone Wolf! You're okay! You're okay! (*she hugged him to her*)
Lone Wolf: I... I... What happened?
Luna: I had a dream that you had died... And you were when I came out here! I panicked! And Ivy... Oh, Ivy! (*she turned to Ivy*) Ivy, you did it, you saved him! Ivy! Ivy? (*she shook Ivy, gently at first, and then harder*)

*Ivy was not breathing. Luna ran inside, finally, to fetch the others for help, but she knew it was no use. There was no help for her. Suddenly, a band of tin monkeys came outside. They saw her dead.*

Monkey Leader: Oh, look, a dead body. We should dance around it!

*Then the monkeys wen Ook Ook Ook and clang clang clang around Ivy's body. Lone Wolf tried to recover, and just watched the specacle. He tried to remember what had happened, but to no avail. He lay in the snow a while, and then murmured "Thank you," although he didn't know why.

∆ Ivy

Chapter 56
Friday, 16-Jun-2000 07:09:12

**When Raistlin, Jon, and the Keeper wake up**

Jon: Jeff, what's wrong?
Jeff: Tin Monkeys attacked me and went outsid..e...

**Jeff faints**

Jon: (*gasp*) The Tin Monkeys have the same effect on EPI as it does on Jeff. We better tell the others.

**Jon puts Jeff in a bed**

Jon: He probably needs some rest

**When Jon, Raistlin, and the Keeper got outside, they see Ivy and Luna says she's dead. They all have a ceremony for Ivy (except Jeff) and after the ceremony Jon gets the Tin Monkeys and tells everyone what happened to Jeff**

Luna: Oh no, we better go check on him.

**The group goes back in the inn, goes up to the room that Jeff is in, but they find it empty. They go back downstairs and ask the innkeeper**

Innkeeper: I saw him come down the stairs and go out the door into the forest. He looked like a zombie.
Luna: We better go look for him.

**The group goes into the forest just north of the inn**

Warteen: Where could he have gone?
Luna: Jeff! Jeff! Jeff.....
Jon: Maybe he's farther in the forest.

**The group goes farther into the forest and they hear a rustling sound in the bushes. They go over to the bushes and see a big wolf run away**

Raistlin: Maybe we should leave. We don't know what else is in the forest.
Jon: Wait. I think that was Jeff.
Group: What?
Jon: Come here.

**The group looks behind the bushes and they see something written in the dirt with what looks like claw marks**

Jon: It says Need Ivy.
Luna: Jeff doesn't know that Ivy is ... not with us anymore.
Warteen: Why does he need Ivy?
Jon: I'm guessing he needs her to help him with his ... problem. If I knew more about the Tin Monkeys I would know why this happened.
Raistlin: We should go back to the inn and think about what to do there instead of freezing in these woods.
Luna: But where is the exit?
Raistlin: Uh oh.
Jon: I know! I can teleport us out.
Group: NO!
Warteen: I think Tom will do a better job.
Tom: Alright then. Teleport!

**The group appears at the entrance to the inn**

Group: (*Whew*) Well, let's get some rest.

**The group go in the inn and rest while they think of what to do about Jeff**


[Ice Saber]Jeff (Wielder of the Ice Saber)

Chapter 57 (This may be a little wierd at first)
Saturday, 17-Jun-2000 12:00:56

*Star Wars-y music plays in background. A long tome a ago (Approximately 1000 years, which makes this the time of the Dreams of Doom story), in a galaxy far, far away*

General Glathan: Is the Planet Crusher beam ready?
Colonel Cussta: Yes were ready to fire.
General: Target locked?
Officer: (*Nods*) Target locked.
General: Then God give us hope, we've got to stop that thing before it destroys the Destrat empire, and indeed, eventually the Universe. Do we have a better lock on it's heading?
Officer: A primitive world on the other side of the galaxy, but I here they have some superb magic.
General: On screen.

*The view screen lights up with a long range shot. What can be seen is a dark cloud*

Officer: The thing believed to be (V) is inside that cloud, but all sensor beams are failing to penetrate.
General: That really is (V) inside there. It's far bigger that I expected, though it could just be an illusion. Lock on to the center of the cloud and fire.

*The Crusher warms up its planet crusher ray and fires at the dark cloud many times bigger that The Crusher*

General: (*Watches as the beam enters the cloud. There's a flashing inside*) Did we get it?
Officer: I can't tell.

*Expectant silence.................... Suddenly there's a flash inside the cloud. The Beam jumps back out and flies directly at The Crusher. The Crusher blows up. (V) moves on, indifferent to these events*


*Back at the inn near the ice shrine.*

Raistlin: So what do we do now that we're virtually all back together again?
Luna: We need to find Jeff. He seems to know something. Why does he... does he... need Ivy?
Innkeeper: Sorry to interrupt, but there's someone to see Gareth.
Gareth: Ok, though this isn't a good time (*walks out*)

*Outside, a heavily cloaked figure arrives.*

?????: Arrr, if it isn't our most intrepid reporter.
Gareth: Boss, what are you doing so far up North?
Editor: Looking for you. I have news for you. We've been taken over by Evil People Inc. They want to use us as a means to gather the support of the common people.
Gareth: You let the just buy you out?
Editor: When Evil People Inc. "buy you out" that means they come around with their ninjas and take over. I'm afraid there's no more Weekly Explorer, or there will be, but now as we know it.

*He holds up a paper with the headline:*

Rabid pack of terrorists terrorize Lokin Castle

*Underneath it says:*

Evil People inc. Building a new age

Gareth: What are you going to do now?
Editor: Campaign against them. I won't be joining this crew, I'm far too old.

*Another cloaked figure arrives from behind. It's Sootdust*

Editor: What?! What are you doing here?
Sootdust: Someone cast a spell so I couldn't follow the teleport. I know all the people at the Explorer have a magic tracker to help them find each other. It was just a matter of following this old man.
Editor: You used me!

*Gareth suddenly realizes he's left his bow back at the room.*



Chapter 58
Sunday, 18-Jun-2000 23:28:26

-- back in the inn in Lone Wolf, Warteen, Cosmo, and Gareth's room --

Warteen: (*paceing back and forth in the room*) So when does our time in this room run out?
Cosmo: a few more hours
Warteen: then we'll head back to the ice shrine. The wilderness is no place for an old man, he needs the protection of one of the shrines.

*Lone Wolf sits in the corner of the room silently. Warteen comes up to him*

Warteen: Whats wrong?
Lone Wolf: (*looks back at Warteen. his eyes look saddend*) huh? Nothing.
Warteen: C'mon it can't be nothing, are you sad about Ivy?
Lone Wolf: More than you can ever know... Warteen why did we start this journey? To stop the end of the world. We have not accomplished our goal and yet, we already lost so much... Shadow.... Ivy.... killed off as if they were minor characters in a play
Warteen: They died for the sake of the world. Why can't you accept what we are doing is making a difference?
Lone Wolf: Is it really...
Warteen: Look we already got these items (*takes out fire ruby and the thing that looks like a cd case*) the fire ruby that is in our possession is an instrument that may be the only thing keeping EPI from destroying the world.
Lone Wolf: I guess I was being stupid but I know something happened when Ivy died... It involved me but I don't know what. It's just, the world is not what needs saving, it's the people in it that do. What is the point of the world if everyone I care about is going to die?
Warteen: I don't know. That is something that you need to figure out yourself.

-- Over outside --

Gareth: Sootdust, you will not get away with Evil Inc.'s plans
Sootdust: What?!? Haha! I already have by using this newspaper. What are you going to do quit?
Gareth: I just might.
Sootdust: And where will you work, for the Daily AOL, that load of crap?
Gareth: (*thinks*) Darn, he's right. I can't quit my job, I have a family to support. And the Daily AOL is just absolute crap
Sootdust: So are you seeing my reasoning?
Gareth: Sadly, yes
Sootdust: Oh, and in case you think of double-crossing me, I had a spell cast on your family so that whatever damage occurs to me will happen to them. So now you are sure about your position. Now find me information on Warteen the Fighter, Prince Lone Wolf, Princess Luna, Raistlin the Assassin, Tom Cosmo the high ranking mage, Jeff the Priest in Training, and Jon the Wanderer. I think that is it, so get me info on them on the double. Bye.
Gareth: (*thinks*) What should I do? I can't betray my new found friends... But my families' lives are at stake
Editor: Umm... I hate to interrupt, but I think you forgot to add me in this chapter

-- No, we didn't. Meanwhile in the woods --

Jeff making wolf like sounds: roar, woof, pant

*The heavens open up and down comes a girl on angel wings, shimmering in the sunlight*

Jeff: woof
∆ Angel: Jeff my sweet prince, what have they done to you? You've turned into a wolf. Changeing you back in beyond me, but perhaps... (*with out a second thought the Angel closes her eyes, flaps her wings and flies out into the clear blue sky ever so gracefully*)

-- Meanwhile, at Ivy's grave --

Luna: (*talking to Ivy's grave*) Ivy, why did you have to die? I'm scared, what will happen next, am I willing to sacrifice it all for those whom I care about? I don't know....

*An Angel appears from the sky and travels down and perches onto Ivy's grave*

∆ Angel: Don't shed tears for the dead, because the righteous will find their way out of imprisonment and soar the skies as free as an eagle
Luna: Wha...? who are you?
∆ Angel: The name's ∆ Angel, but introductions are not the reason why I have come. Jeff the Priest in Training has transformed magically into a wolf. A way to transform him back exists but I need your help. It is said only earth plane magic may work, and since my magic is from a different source I am not able to help him
Luna: But I am not sure if I am able, my magic is not as powerful as others
∆ Angel: Use this... (*hands Luna an angel's tear*) this item will help amplify all healing spells, so use it wisely

*Jeff comes out of the forest*

∆ Angel: Now it is time...

I call upon the power of magic
I have no time to wait
To save this young man
From a twisted fate

*the angel's tear amplifies the healing spell and Jeff returns to normal*

Jeff: huh? What happened! Tin Monkeys! Snarling Beast I became! An Angel.. you!!!
∆ Angel: Yes. Now I must bid you a kind farewell. I have done my job
Lone Wolf: (*running*) Wait!!! It's you, I knew it!!! I remember everything...
∆ Angel: No, you couldn't...
Lone Wolf: Ivy, I know it's you!
Luna: Prince, it is no time to joke like that
Jeff: (*looks at the angel, looks at the grave she is perched on with the name Ivy implanted on it*) What!!!!!!!! No it can't be!!! You're cruel Lone Wolf, saying this woman is my now dead friend!
Lone Wolf: It is her not in her physical form. This is her spirit form which saved me from an eternity in oblivion
∆ Angel Ivy: You caught me, I am Ivy. After I took your place in oblivion, Mnemosyne said that because of that selfless act I was free from oblivion, just never back into my earthly form. Just wait a minute. Guardian of Memory, Eternal ruler of Magic, I ask you for your presence!

*a portal appears the pink haired woman appears*

Mnemosyne: Yes child?
∆ Angel Ivy: If I may ask for your permission to accompany my companions on their journey to save the world
Mnemosyne: But you are now a free spirit. Why would you stay here?
∆ Angel Ivy: My heart won't let me leave the people whom I care about that are still here, and it will make me sad to see this world perish while I still have the power to do something
Mnemosyne: Your spirit has chosen wisely. Continue your trek to save the world, and may your new power grant this group protection. I will be back, though, in case of trouble. Can't have one of my assisstant guardians gone from me for too long without me wondering about them
∆ Angel Ivy: Of course

*with that the pink haired woman dissapeared into a cloud of smoke, returning to her position as Guardian of Memory*

Luna: New magic?
∆ Angel Ivy: yes, I now have access to the magic closest to the heavens, but I lost all my previous spells
Jeff: What spells?!?
∆ Angel Ivy: Teeheehee, well I did have a few
Jeff: So what about the Tin Monkeys?
∆ Angel Ivy: Tin Monkeys?!! No, I forgot about them! From what I heard from guardian Mnemosyne, they are possessed by evil demons, attaching themselves to the pure of heart, showing there true evil most of time to the evil hearted, and sometimes to others
Jeff: so what I saw!
∆ Angel Ivy: Yes, the Demons possessing the Tin Monkeys are getting restless and ready to take revenge on any one conveniently nearby. So if they are angry enough they may attack the others!
Luna: No!!! We can't let them!!! There with Warteen and the others if the monkeys get enraged soon it could be the end for Warteen and the rest

-- Meanwhile at the ice shrine --

Kudam-Sa: It's so quiet here now
Kudam-Ra: Yes, too quiet

*A ninja star flies through the room landing in Kudam-Ra's back*

Kudam-Ra: Aaaahhh!!!
Kudam-Sa: Ra!!!!!
Copy: Now come with me you two, and no one will get hurt

*Kudam-Sa looks at Kudam-Ra*

Copy: Ok, everybody but him. I just need you to cast a spell once I have gathered the rest of the items to cause the destruction of the world... Or else your buddy here and you will be sleeping with the fishes, if you get my drift
Kudam-Sa: Ok, I'll go

*they disappear in a cloud of smoke to the EPI headquarters*

-- At the EPI Headquarters --

Kudam-Sa: I have to cause the end of the world. That's bad. But I believe I am forgetting something...

-- at the Ice Shrine --

*the iron is left on*

-- At EPI headquarters --

Kudam-Sa: Crap!

Lone Wolf

Chapter 59
Tuesday, 20-Jun-2000 15:02:23

-- At the Ice Shrine --

*A dark shadow materializes in the room that Kudam-Sa and Copy just left. It grows in height, expands, and quickly becomes a swirling portal of energy. A strange figure emerges, slowly resolving itself into a person.*

Unknown figure, thinking to itself: At last that meddlesome Kudam-Ra is dead. He has prevented me from coming near this shrine for far too long...although it sickens me that it was EPI who finally accomplished the feat of his destruction. I'd love to know how they got close without his knowledge... (*He looks about the room*) Now, for the Brain of Ice...

*Focusing his thoughts, the figure quickly fixes his gaze on a nondescript wall in front of him. His one eye, the other covered by a strange patch, begins to glow slightly, and the wall quickly follows suit. The red glow in the wall expands, and a hole large enough to accomadate a person explodes, the shards expanding outward and around the mysterious figure. A secret room is revealed, with a short pillar in the center. Perched on the pillar is the fabled Brain of Ice, glowing with blue-white energy. The figure quickly steps up and lifts the Brain from its resting place*

Lone Wolf: "Stop!! Who are you, and what do you think you're doing?!"

*The figure whirls to find Lone Wolf standing in his self-created doorway, with Warteen and Tom Cosmo not far behind*

Figure: "What does it look like I'm doing, imbecile?"
Lone Wolf: "It looks like you're taking the Brain of Ice, something which we cannot allow!" (*Warteen and Tom nod firmly in agreement*)
Figure: "I'm sorry, but you do not have a choice in that matter."
Lone Wolf: (*drawing his sword*) "Oh? I see the situation differently, fiend. Are you working for Evil People, Inc.?"
Figure: "Ha! You think that I work for that slime? You underestimate me, sir."
Warteen: "Well, then, who the devil are you?"
Figure: "My name is...Reod. Reod Dai. And you people would be?"
Warteen: "He is Prince Lone Wolf. My name is Warteen, and this is Tom Cosmo."
Lone Wolf: "Well, now that the pretty introductions are over, would you mind giving that Brain of Ice to us?"
Reod Dai: "I'm afraid not."

*Suddenly, Tom gasps, staring at Reod. The others glance at him in puzzlement. Taking advantage of their distraction, Reod quickly raises his arm, and a strange bracket attached to it begins to glow. Too late, Lone Wolf and Warteen see his motion*

Lone Wolf: "Look out!!"

*The spell caught them an instant later, pinning them to the floor on their backs. Tom quickly began a spell to break the pin, and was startled as he felt it being snuffed out. Reod casually walked up and stood over the trio, his arm still glowing with energy*

Reod Dai: "I bid you ado, gentlemen. We will meet again, I'm sure."
Warteen: (*discovering that speech was still possible*) "Wait! Why are you taking the Brain of Ice?"
Reod Dai: "I require it for, shall we say, safekeeping. As you can see from EPI's attack on this shrine, and from your own ineptness, it is clearly not secure here."

*Reod's figure began to waver as a shadowy rip appeared in the air around him. He stepped back into the portal and disappeared from sight, and the rip slowly closed. Lone Wolf and the others suddenly found themselves released and able to function once more. They arose and dusted themselves off, puzzled about what had just occured*

Warteen: "Who WAS that guy?! Such arrogance! Something tells me that we're not going to get along."
Lone Wolf: "I don't know...he didn't seem all that evil. I get the impression that he could have killed us a few moments ago, but...he didn't. And he said that he doesn't work for Evil People, Inc."
Warteen: "I know, but I still don't like this whole situation. We have ONE elemental gem, the Fire Ruby, and that's it. We need to start doing better than this." (*He glanced at Tom*) "Hey, Tom, you seemed to recognize him. What's the deal?"
Tom: "I didn't recognize HIM, precisely, but rather the clothes he was wearing."
Lone Wolf: "His clothes?" (*He thinks back for a moment*) "Just a black jumpsuit of some kind, with red markings. And a headband of some kind. They didn't seem special to me."
Tom: "No, I suppose not. Only a mage would recognize them. That jumpsuit was a fighting uniform, that of an extinct sorcerer class, called the Voltael. At least, they were thought to be extinct. Warteen: "Apparantly not."
Tom: "No, apparantly not. And the headband had some kind of red marking on it, as well...as did that patch over his eye. I've seen that marking before, or something like it."
Lone Wolf: "Anyway, we can sort this whole thing out later. Let's get back to the others."


Reod Dai [Spinning Sword]

Chapter 60
Thursday, 22-Jun-2000 14:11:06

∆ Angel Ivy: So you say this man took the Brain of Ice and left?
Lone Wolf: Yes.
Luna: That means...
Warteen: No other elementals left, and we don't have hardly any of them!
∆ Angel Ivy: That is not exactly accurate. There is in fact one more shrine that I know of.
Group: WHAT??? Why didn't you TELL us?
∆ Angel Ivy: It was not necessary, but now I see that it is. Also, I did not know until I aquired this form. (*flutters wings* *Her wings are uncomfortable in the cramped room of the inn.*)
Jeff: Oh, I see. What shrine is it?
Gareth: More importantly, what is the elemental?
Raistlin: Most importantly, can we get it before EPI does?
∆ Angel Ivy: It is the Shrine of Heaven. It carries the Breath of Life. It is more important than all of the other elementals combined. No one knows about it except me, and I am not even certain as to its whereabouts. However, I can contact Mnemosine and perhaps find out. A relative of hers is the Shrine's guardian. Perhaps Mnemosine will even accompany us.
Luna: That strange lady with the pink hair? I'm not so sure about this...
Jeff: She is a guardian, and she is good. I think she only did what she had to earlier.
Lone Wolf: Really?
∆ Angel Ivy: Yes. I believe this was all meant to happen.
Raistlin: You believe in fate?
∆ Angel Ivy: Not in the same way you do.

-- meanwhile --

Kudam-Sa: Wh,wh,what are you going to do with me?
Copy: You shall see, imbicile! Or, maybe not if you do what I say...
Kudam-Sa: What do you want me to do?
Copy: For one, you will get me the Brain of Ice. For another, you will get those meddlesome brats, including Tom Cosmo!


∆ Ivy

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