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Chapter 11
Sunday, 04-Jun-00 19:55:17

*As the group enters the castle, Shadow feels a chill*

Shadow: Wait!!
Raistlin: What is it my pupil?
Shadow (whispering): Can't you feel it, I feel a force dreadfully familiar lurking with in the shadows of this castle
Ivy (whispering): I sense it too it's dreadfully cold
Raistlin (whispering): Could it be the Assassins of the half circle
Jeff: Ninjas of the half circle? What are they?
Shadow (whispering): Quiet! Deadly assassins mine and Raistlins allies
Ivy (whispering): But this can't be the presence I am sensing is dark and sinister
Raistlin (whispering): This can't be but just in case keep on your guard
Lone Wolf (whispering): What are they doing in my castle
Raistlin (whispering): We don't know, but these assassins tend to be ruthless killers. Just be prepared for them to strike after all they must be here for a reason and most likely its for Evil Inc.'s benefit of wiping us out before we reach the Keeper
Luna (whispering): How can you be allies with such traitors?
Raistlin (whispering): Well you're the one that led us here maybe you're with them
Luna (whispering): What how could you. They're your allies you might be a traitor yourself
Warteen (whispering): stop it, now is not the time to doubt amongst ourselves we have a room full of assassins to worry about

*Just then a shrunken is thrown through the room nearly hitting Ivy*

Warteen: I guess its time to strike back

Lone Wolf

Chapter 12
Monday, 05-Jun-00 12:25:28

**The group continues into the castle without anymore conflicts, but something isn't right...**

Jeff: I sense that something isn't right.

**I just said that.**

Jeff: Oh. Sorry.
Raistlin: You're right. Where are all the people?
Lone Wolf: I can't take this anymore... (yelling) Father! Talon! Where are you?!
Raistlin: *clamps his hands over Lone Wolf's mouth* Shut up, you idiot! Are you trying to get us killed?!

**Then, almost on cue, another shuriken flies from the throne room. It hits Shadow square in the chest and buries itself deep.**

Shadow: AAARGH!!!
Luna: NO!
Ivy: Quick! Pull it out!
Shadow: H... help... *collapses*
Warteen: *checks Shadow's pulse* He's dead.
Raistlin: This is terrible...
Jeff: Can't you use a fenix down on him, or something?!
Raistlin: Of course not. Those things are only mythical. In real life, once someone's dead... they're dead for good. I'm sorry.
Lone Wolf: I... I'm sorry, Shadow... *runs off toward where the ninja star came from in a sudden rage*
Ivy: NO! Come back!!! *starts up after him*
Warteen: *grabs Ivy* Get down! There's nothing we can do for him now, except pray that he pulls through. He may yet find out what's going on here...
Ivy: Shadow...
Raistlin: We have to do something. I'm sorry. All we can offer him now is a decent burial.
Jeff: This is bad. I didn't think anyone would get really KILLED.
Warteen: None of us did. But something very evil is going on, and it just got a lot more serious.
Ivy: .....


Chapter 13
Tuesday, 06-June-00 05:45:04 (?)

<INTRO>Hi. I'm a friend of Warteen... He showed me this place and asked me to try my hand at a chapter. Come see my web page if you'd like a bit more info about me... including an email story something like this another friend and I have been working on. Following is my humble continuation. [] brackets denote author's comments. And sorry if I get some charachter points wrong, I'm just going by what I've read into the story...</INTRO>


*A cry comes from the throne room, and sounds of a furious fight ring out into the antechamber. The rest of the group, having dragged Shadow behind several large vases and taken cover there, cannot see what is going on*

Lone Wolf: (yells) Traitor! What have you done with my father?

*Crash! bang! Clang! More fight sounds*

???: (hollers over the confusion) your return is... unexpected to say the least

*a black clad man stumbles backwards out of the throne room clutching his chest. Through his fingers seeps a fair ammount of blood. Raistlin turns from the fallen Shadow to observe. The man falls, dead*

Raistlin: There, on the back of his shirt. A large half circle... But it's, red? Not the usual white... A splinter group perhaps...
Lone Wolf: (shouts through the doorway) Some help, you guys! They're too busy for more shurikens!
Warteen: We should go help him, then. Ivy, you and Jeff haven't had much warrior training, I assume. Stay here with Shadow. Raistlin, Luna, let's go.

*The three steal quickly from the vases toward the entrance of the throne room. Peering inside they see Lone Wolf locked in combat with five of the same black clad figures. Three more lie dead. Lone Wolf is bleeding in several places, and fighting desperately with his sword in his left hand, his other hanging at it's side. In the throne at the far end of the room sits an older man in a long red robe. A glowing hot fireball rests in his hand as he watches the fight*

Raistlin: (in admiration) that prince's war-schooling must have been first-rate! That's a lot of skilled swordsmen to face!
Luna: Let's go!

*Luna grabs the other two and they all rush into the throne room, unsheathing their swords*

Lone Wolf: (panting) It's about time

*bolstered by the new warriors, the fight is soon over. They give a yell as Lone Wolf strikes the last killing blow. All have sustained minor injuries, but the battle was won. A shout comes from the direction of the throne*

???: (red-faced) Those assasins were nothing. I have only watched because I enjoy the bloodshed. Now you will find a match!

*all whirl to face the speaker, who is now standing*

Lone Wolf: Talon, you fiend!
other three: gasp!
Lone Wolf: No, you can't be Talon... He was a good man, my mentor and advisor.
???: In that you are right. I have only aspired to be Talon for, oh, six and a half years or so. (*he smiles wickedly and stares pointedly at Luna* [interpret this how you like]) Magic can make many an enemy appear to be a friend.
*Raistlin glares at Luna, who glares back*
Lone Wolf: Who? How? Was it you that sent me to the forest shrine?
???: (sighs mockingly) I can see I won't escape a bit of exposition. Yes, shortly before your dreams began, I replaced Talon. I caused the dreams becasue I knew you'd come to me for an explanation. Then I sent you off to the forest shrine, half hoping the journey itself would do you in. But, not willing to leave it to chance, I also cast a spell as you rode away. Complicated temporal dynamics aside, suffice to say what to you was six months, to this kingdom was six years. (*shrugs and begins half-muttering*) I'm not terribly sure how it worked, acutally. I just did like the book said, mixed the bat wings with the skink... oh, never mind. Time is so infuriatinly complicated to meddle with.

*Warteen yawns and sits down*

Warteen: Is this story gonna be much longer? My legs are getting tired.
???: Silence! But.... The whelp does have a point. I have spoken too much already. Time to die.

*the fireball in his hand begins to grow*

Warteen: Wait wait wait! I've changed my mind! I liked your story. We all did, right?

*Warteen gestures to the group to follow his lead. The other three nod emphatically*

???: No, I'm afraid it really is time. You'll have to die with only a partial explanation.

*from somewhere in the rafters a tin wind-up monkey, the kind with the little cymbals, falls into the lap of the fake Talon*

Monkey: ook ook ook *clang clang clang*

*The imposter proceeds to vanish in a large puff of smoke. The monkey falls to the floor. The four look to where it fell from and see a rather odd sight. Hanging from the rafters by his feet and bound in a cocoon-like fashion is a lanky man with spiked hair, though that is all that can be seen of him, because of the rope*

!?!: Would you mind cutting me down? I did just save your life.
Lone Wolf: Are you friend or foe?
!?!: Merely a travler who happened to knock on the wrong castle door at the utmostly wrong time. I really am starting to get a crick in my neck. And there's not much time to waste, besides...

*Warteen retrieves a shuriken from one of the dead assasins and flings it at the rope that holds the newcomer in the rafters*

Warteen: Raistlin, catch!

*The rope snaps and the bound man plummets to the floor, intercepted partially by Raistlin. I say partially because, though his head is caught his feet slam into the floor with considerable force*

!?!: Ow ow ow ow ow ow! Thanks I think
Monkey: ook ook ook *clang clang clang*
Warteen: That thing is annoying me (*crunch*)
!?!: Hey! It saved your life too. No matter I guess, I have another.

*Luna proceeds to wipe off her battle-stained sword and cut him free, no small task, considering the ammount of rope he was bound with. Underneath the rope he wears a fairly nondescript brown tunic and pants, and a green hooded cloak. Standard peasant, woodsman, and traveler wear*

Luna: Who are you stranger?
!?!: My name is Jon, tho a few others have insisted on calling me Spike, (*gesturing to his head*) for obvious reasons. I answer to either... But we really must be going now, as soon as Talon (I think that's what he said his name was) regains his composure, he'll be back, and that'll be trouble.
Lone Wolf: (snarls) He's not Talon. And we can't leave, I've gotta find out what he's done with my father, and my kingom.
Raistlin: If he's powerful enough to be messing with time, then we shouldn't face him without some serious help. It would be suicide!
Jon: outside, a good distance from the castle will be safe, tho. I overheard him discussing his plans, and for his magic to work he must stay within it.

*the others agree, and, after retrieving Ivy, Jeff, and Shadow's body, head for the outside*

[A.N.: holy cow this is long! I'll try to wrap it up quick. Sorry I've been so prolific]

Jon: Lone Wolf, this is your castle?
Lone Wolf: yes
Jon: then could you direct me briefly to the dungeon storage area? False-talon took some things of mine...
Lone Wolf: (to others) We'll meet you outside. Follow me, Jon

*Outside, a distance from the castle*

Ivy: Where are Lone Wolf and the new guy? [I haven't been introduced to those that were in the antechamber yet]
Raistlin: Coming soon, I hope

*Just then, two figures appear over the drawbridge, running like two mad ants. Small explosions erupt behind them.*

Jeff: we should be at a safe distance. Let's wait here for them

*a fireball crashes into the ground a few yards behind them*

Jeff: maybe we should keep moving

*the group dashes off, until they reach the cover of a nearby forest*

Lone Wolf: Which way did the rest of them go?
Jon: I think they headed off toward those trees

*A fireball or two impacts near the two and they dash off towards the forest. A couple minutes later they arive. Panting, they slump against a tree. Jon now has with him a short sword on his belt, sheathed in leather and blue metal, a walking stick, and a traveling-sack slung over his shoulder. A small cross on a chain dangles around his neck*

Lone Wolf: (*regaining his breath*) Before anything else, we should bury our friend (*indicating Shadow*)

*once the deed is taken care of, a gravemarker erected, and tears shed, attention turns to the tall newcomer, who, until this point has been observing, head bowed, arms hanging limp with hands clasped*

Jeff: Who are you, sir?
Ivy: Yes, tell us about yourself
Jon: My name is Jon, dear lady (*bows deeply to Ivy*), sirs (*bows less deeply to the men of the party*), and lady (*bows deeply again, to Luna*). Though, as I have said to these four, I am also called Spike (*again gesturing to his head*). I am a travler, chemist, minstrel, occasional preacher (*indicating the cross on his chest*), and whatever else strikes my fancy. One thing I am not, though, is an warrior (*hangs head*). I've never been properly trained in such matters. The sword is my fathers. I inherited it when he... (*looks away briefly, clouds on his face. He then turns back, expression normal*) So, tell me about yourselves. Who are you and what is your quest?

[I'll leave the party's introductions to someone else. I've written enough. And I can explain the wind-up monkey thing, too, if no one else cares to invent a reason.]


wow. There you have it

-- Jon Spike
[Jon Spike Caricature]

Chapter 14-Tom Cosmo's Return Special!
Tuesday, 06-Jun-00 07:20:00

*Meanwhile, in some castle...*

Sootdust: Hmmm....it does appear our little fake Talon plan worked....
Slayer: The Kingdom is in our clutches with the prince manipulated into believing that his freind is an enemy.
Scalene: Uhhh...how's it work?
Slayer: It is to do with the brain-something you do not appear to have. Now shut up!
Tom Cosmo: Ummm...can you guys deactivate the anti-magic sheilds for a moment, I need to call home.....
Sootdust: We are experienced spies, Cosmo, we know what you're up to....only Scalene is stupid enough to deactivate our anti-magic sheild with the greatest wizard in the world nearby. Your advice to the Kingdom is non-existent as long as we have you trapped, Cosmo.
Slayer: But then again, he is just a child....
Sootdust: Guess you'll just have to stay longer, Cosmo.
Tom: Maybe so, you'll have to down it someday. You're a Black Mage from what I've heard.
Sootdust: Ahhhhhh....but far greater in battle than you. I DON'T happen to need a certain Tri-Edged sword to fight, Cosmo.
Tom: Well, you'll soon die.
Slayer: Why do you say that, Cosmo?
Tom: Merely because the real Talon will find out and...alert...the...damn......
Slayer: We have our Kingdom. And we'll force YOU to betray YOURS, Cosmo.

Tom Cosmo

Chapter 15
Tuesday, 06-Jun-00 12:44:36

**After much long explanation, the group consisting of Warteen, Raistlin, Ivy, Luna, Lone Wolf, Jeff, and now Jon, set off for some answers.**

Jeff: Just where are we going?
Jon: We can go to the Wind Shrine. Perhaps they'll have some information on the thief who took the Heart of the Forest. You say he paralyzed you with his sword?
Warteen: Right. He also said that his name was Uforious.
Ivy: Keep in mind that he didn't kill us, though. I sense that he's not completely evil...
Raistlin: Of course. But he obviously had some motivation for what he did.
Lone Wolf: Not necessarily. He could just be a thief who thought he could make some quick money.
Warteen: But where did he get that sword...?
Jon: Well, let's be off, then. None of you... never mind...
Luna: What?
Jon: Well, umm... this is rather embarassing, but, none of you would happen to know just where the Wind Shrine is, would you?
Luna: WHAT?!!?!?!

**Upon some quick questioning, they realize that no one really knows where this place is.**

Luna: Well, this is just great... *hits Jon on the head* Idiot!!! You got our hopes up for nothing!
Jon: Ow! Give me a break...
Ivy: Wait. I have an idea.
Jeff: What is it, Ivy?
Ivy: We can go to the Castle Lokin. I've heard that have ties with the Wind Shrine. I'm sure they'll help us.
Warteen: Great idea, Ivy.
Lone Wolf: ... I don't know, guys.
Warteen: What's wrong?
Lone Wolf: It's just that our luck with castles hasn't been too good so far...
Ivy: It's okay. The King of Lokin is a good man.
Lone Wolf: If you say so... I just hope we can get some help quickly. Six years...

**And so, they set off for the castle Lokin. Meanwhile, not too far away...**

Slayer: (running to the throne room) Master! Master!
Sootdust: What is it?!
Slayer: I've just received a report that our plan has failed! The castle that we took over was visiting by a group of youngsters, one of whom was Prince Lone Wolf himself!!!
Sootdust: What?!?!?!?!?! This is bad...
Slayer: It gets worse, my liege. They met up with someone in the castle who knows our weakness.
Sootdust: You mean...
Slayer: Yes. The TIN MONKEY!!!
Sootdust: Oh, no.
Slayer: And on top of all that, the castle was nearly leveled as our inside wizard tried to kill them. He failed.
Sootdust: Our leader will not be pleased. Well... as sworn followers of Evil People, Inc., it is our duty to rub out these pesky youths.
Slayer: Yes, master!
Scalene: What's going on...?
Slayer: Something bad, you fool. Very bad for us.


C H A P T E R 16
Tuesday, 06-Jun-00 14:30:38

*Outside Castle Lokin, gar (with his Marril) and þlacebø are trying to break through the door, which is locked. The anti-magic field also protects the door from magic attacks. The team is looking beat.*

gar: Okay…*puff*…right. You…are SERIOUSLY annoying me now! I swear that if you don't open this door right now, I am gonna SERIOUSLY tear this place down! YA HEAR ME?!

*A guard comes to a window.*

Guard: Who goes there?
gar: Shut up and let me in!
Guard: I'm afraid I can't do that without seeing your authorisation.
gar: My authorisation? Okay, you asked for it: THIS is my authorisation!!!

*gar charges up an Ultima spell and hurls it at the guard. The anti-magic field vanquishes the spell however.*

þlacebø: What tha' hell were that?! You losin' you touch, bro'.
gar: I AM NOT!!! There must be an anti-magic field in there…hey!

*The guard has disappeared.*

þlacebø: 'ey, looks like he go an' tell him head honcho 'bout us.
gar: Yeah, well I'm not scared. He's just missed his chance to comply with my orders…
Marril: Marril, marril!

-- Inside the castle: --

Guard: Sire!!!
Sootdust: What's happened?
Guard: There's a group of vigilantes at the gate!
Sootdust: Those kids?
Slayer: And Prince Lone Wolf? They can't have got here that quickly!
Guard: No, these guys aren't kids. One appears to have extreme magic skills. Another one has some really weird hair and a funny accent…and there's a strange, blue, over-sized mouse with them.
Slayer: This had better not be a hallucination, or we're sacking you for the third false alarm this week.
Guard: I'm serious! Come and have a look if you don't believe me!
Slayer: Alright then, I wi…
Sootdust: Hold it. We need to focus our attention on those youths. Just ignore these so-called 'vigilantes' for now and keep an eye out for our real targets.
Guard: …yes, sir. (*walks off*)
Slayer: I think we should dock his pay.
Sootdust: Quiet, you.

*Outside, gar and þlacebø are fiddling with an odd-looking device.*

gar: Yes! It's ready!
þlacebø: Now we see what them stupid anti-majik field gotta say 'bout this!
gar: þlacebø, go plant the bomb.
þlacebø: Why has I an' I gotta do it?
gar: You drew the short straw.
þlacebø: (*under his breath*) Dam straws.

*þlacebø takes the bomb, and sneaks into the castle through one of the windows while gar and Marril wait*

gar: Once it goes off, it's meltdown time for castle wuss-a-lot! Heh heh, energy bombs are amazing things!
Marril: Marr…(pricks his ears up and hears something) marril marril marril!!!!
gar: What th'…jeez, you're right!

*gar sees Lone Wolf and the group coming towards the castle.*

gar: Oh no, can't let them see what we're doing to the castle…can't do with all that head hunting business again…c'mon Marril, we gotta warn þlacebø!
Marril: Marril!

*gar and Marril go through the window þlacebø used, just as the group reaches the gates.*



Chapter 17
Wednesday, 07-Jun-00 03:16:16

Sootdust: I sense sometihng....
Slayer: What?
Sootdust: (*whispering*) The Anti-maigc feild...it's been drained.
Tom: Magical...energy....
Sootdust: We've got to turn it on quickly. Slayer, find those three idiots who were round our castle, and hold them for questioning, Scalene...go with him. Cid! Cid! Cid Guy!

*a blonde-haired man in a blue jacket runs up to Sootdust*

Cid Guy: Y...yeeeesss...ssssiiiir?
Sootdust: (*whispers*) Cid Guy, my loyal captured Engineer, fix the Anti-magic feild.
Cid Guy: Y....yyy...yeeesss, m...master. (*runs off*)
Tom: Scan! (*scans Cid Guy, then implants the message: escape*)
Tom: Telport!
Sootdust: Dispel! (*he is too late*)

*Tom lands outside Castle Lokin. He looks up to it*

Tom: I tohught I was great, Lokin, but I am just a coward in the presenceo of Sootdust. If only Merlin was here now...or Delta Lady...(*sighs*). But I'm just a teenage wizard with a Triple-edged sword... (*walks off*)

-- Meanwhile.... --

Lone Wolf: I see Lokin!
Ivy: Yay! Wahoo! Yay! But what has HAPPENED to it?
Warteen: I dunno, it's as if...well...it's been taken over.
Jon: I have heard rumours...that it was taken over by an unknown Black Wizard...and the skilled people in Lokin captured and made to work for no wages and mere food, in fear...
Jeff: Hey wait...isn't tihs the place the 'greatest wizard in the known world' lives?
Jon: Wait...I remeber hearing that somewhere too...Tom Cosmo.


Tom Cosmo

C H A P T E R 18
Wednesday, 07-Jun-00 15:12:44

*Inside the castle catacombs, þlacebø sets up the energy bomb.*

þlacebø: Heh heh! That took care o' that dam anti-majik field. Now fo' th' bomb. Ten minutes should be enough…
gar: (*shouting*) Wait!
þlacebø: Wha…?

*þlacebø sets the bomb and starts the countdown.*

gar: …I was gonna say don't set the bomb…
þlacebø: Eh, too late bro'.
gar: We had to hide in the castle, there's a group of adventurers outside.
þlacebø: An' you think if they find out what we be doin', we gonna have th' CIA on our ass again?
gar: Yeah, but we need to get outta here…hmm…

*Slayer and Scalene appear.*

Slayer: Stop right there!
gar: Huh?
þlacebø: 'ey, move you batty, mon! We ain't havin' time mess wit' you bhuttus!
Scalene: What…did he say?
Slayer: Sounds like a West Indian chinese speaker to me…
Scalene: In any case, we're not here to discuss your languages.
gar: Good, because we don't have time.
Marril: Marril!
Slayer: A blue mouse…I don't believe it, that guard was right!
Scalene: Ignore the mouse!
Slayer: Oh yeah…(*collecting himself*)…we need you to come with us for some interrogation. You can either come quietly, or we'll have to use force on you. You decide…
Scalene: We're more than a match for you.

*gar and þlacebø turn away for a second.*

þlacebø: I an' I feel sorry fo' them.
gar: They don't realise how powerful we are…we could seriously muck up the Time/Space continuum if we use the wrong magic…
þlacebø: Well, has the modern E-Skill been invented yet?
gar: No…
þlacebø: Good…

*They turn back to Slayer and Scalene.*

gar: We don't like your attitude!!!
Scalene: Get them!
Slayer: Fire 3!

*Slayer unleashes a large fire spell at gar and þlacebø.*

gar: Kaleidoscope!
Slayer and Scalene: ?????

*gar creates a huge multicoloured shield. When the fire spell hits the shield, the fire's power decreases and becomes a thousand times less powerful than before, effecting gar in no ways whatsoever.*

Slayer: (*taken aback*) I've never seen a spell like that before…
gar: I'm a bit too powerful now. þlacebø, take care of them while I Omni-Dispel my double-edged shield.
þlacebø: 'kay, mon!
Scalene: Double edged shield? How does that work?
gar: Any attack aimed at me has it's power reduced to 1000th of what it was before, and any attack I do is 1000 times more powerful.
Slayer: Un…believeable…
Scalene: We haven't got a chance…
þlacebø: Ice5!
Scalene: NO WAY!!! There's no such thing! The most powerful Ice attack is Ice3! You guys are lying!

*þlacebø charges up an absolutely HUGE amount of ice in front of him, even more than Ice3.*

Slayer: He's…not lying.

*þlacebø hurls out countless shards of ice the size of oak trees at Slayer and Scalene. The extremely low temperature of the ice freezes most of the catacombs. The ice shards drive right through Slayer and Scalene, ignoring their defence and killing them instantly. Then all the ice shatters into shrapnel which is sent flying upwards. The shrapnel tears Slayer and Scalene to pieces. Then all the ice dissapears.*

gar: Prehaps that was a bit OTT…
þlacebø: Yeh, maybe…

*There is five minutes left on the bomb timer.*

þlacebø: Let's go!
gar: No! I have an idea. Marril, cut the detonation time in half!
þlacebø: WHAT!!!
gar: It'll mean that if any other guards come, they won't have nearly enough time to disarm it, let alone find out what it is!
þlacebø: …good thinkin', bro'.
Marril: Marr…marr…marril!

*Marril sets the controls and the timer on the bomb says 2:25 (because it said 5:00 ten seconds ago…logical huh?).*

Marril: Marril!
gar: Well done! Alright þlacebø, let's go!

*þlacebø teleports the three of them out.*


*They reappear in front of Tom who was walking off.*

Tom: What the…?
gar: What the…?
Tom: Hey, I just said that!
þlacebø: What the…?
gar: Why did you say that?
þlacebø: I an' I just wanted t' be popular.
Tom: So who are you guys?
gar: It doesn't matter. I suggest you get well away from the castle kid.
Tom: Why?
gar: Oh, no reason. Look, one question before we leave.
Tom: (*still surprised*) Er, fire away.
gar: Are you good or evil?
Tom: Well I'm not a bad guy…
gar: That's great kid, we won't attack you.
Tom: Oh…um. That's good.
gar: (*acting in a friendly way, so as to conceal any guilt signs that might make Tom suspicious*) Haha, I like your attitude!
Tom: I don't want any more fights. I just escaped from the castle, and I just wanna get away. I was just lucky that the anti-magic field somehow dissapeared so that I could teleport out of there.
þlacebø: You c'n do magic?
Tom: Yeah, I'm really good with magic spells and such!
gar: Hey, you share my thinking there pal! What sort of spells can you do?
Tom: Wait, are you guys good or evil?
gar: We ain't out to cause problems. We've just escaped from a sticky situation ourselves. Don't worry, you can trust us!
Tom: Okay then, I'll tell you a little about my magic…

*Tom walks away from the castle, chatting with the two strangers he just met. Meanwhile, at the castle, the bomb counter reaches 1:00.*



Chapter 19 (revised)
Tuesday, 21-Nov-00 17:00:43

*In some trees just out side Lokin Castle.*

Lone Wolf: We're nearly there.
Ivy: I'm worried about the Keeper. Weren't we supposed to be rescuing him?
Jeff: Yes, but we're going to the wind shrine now to look for information on the heart.
Raistlin: We should be trying to keep focused, what's our main objective?
Lone Wolf and Warteen: To find an answer to the dreams.
Ivy and Jeff: Rescue the Keeper and the heart of the forest.
Jon: I'm not to sure, but I'll help as best I can.
Luna: I want to know what has been happening with our castles.
Raistlin: And I, along with all the remaining honorable ninjas of the half circle, want to stop Evil People inc..
Lone Wolf: Well, our interests may be divided but we should press on.
Raistlin: Fine

*They walk on for a bit*

Lone Wolf: Quiet, I think a saw someone following us.

*Everyone looks around for a bit, but there's nothing to be seen.*

Luna: You're jumping at shadows
Lone Wolf: I saw someone.

*They investigate for a bit.*

Raistlin: I think I saw someone in that direction.
Lone Wolf: Ok, let's move it.
Jon: Hey wait for me.

*A quick search reveals nothing*

Lone Wolf: Well that was a waste of time.
Uforious: Behind you
Jon: What the!
Ivy: You!
Jeff: Give the heart back!
Lone Wolf: (*Draws sword*) Or we'll take it from your dead body.
Raistlin: Are you working for Evil People Inc.? *Draws Shuriken/ninja star/thingy.*
Uforious: Jeff, no. Prince Lone Wolf, I'd like to see you try. Raistlin, no I am not.
Luna: I'm warning you, Lone Wolf is a formidable opponent.
Jon: Yes, we've seen him.
Uforious: Do you want a confrontation?
Lone Wolf: I don't see why not. Just answer this, are you planning on destroying the world?
Uforious: No, I am planning to recreate it, how it should have been.
Lone Wolf: Let's just get this over with.

*Uforious draws his sword. The runes are glowing red and he swings it at thin air. Flames come out and engulf the area. With a flash of light he disappears*

Jon: Arrrrrr, wow, hot hot. Yarrr.
Ivy: Hey, wait a second. These burns aren't bad.
Raistlin: They're bad enough.
Jon: What was that all about?
Lone Wolf: Coward, he just disappeared.
Ivy: That's starting to set a pattern, disappears in the forest shrine disappears now. At least he didn't hurt us.
Jeff: (*Glares evilly*)
Ivy: Too much.



Chapter 20
Wednesday, 07-Jun-00 16:42:38

*back at the castle a mysterious figure appears by the bodies of Slayer and Scalene*

Mysterious Figure: Life!

*Slayer and Scalene get off the ground*

Slayer: Ohhhhhh..... boss!
Boss: Yes it's me you fools. It doesn't look like you are good enough to handle this.
Scalene: B-Boss give us another chance. We'll show them this time!

*Boss walks over to bomb and disables it*

Boss: Did they think a stupid little bomb would work? Fools. I want you to kill the ones named gar and þlacebø. . . Now!
Scalene and Slayer: Y-y-yes sir! We won't fail you this time.
Boss: Here take this.

*Boss throws Slayer and Scalene something*

Scalene: What's this?
Boss: It's a magic absorber. If you use it it will absorb the magic that is casted and give you energy. You should be able to stop those two now. If you fail me this time you will go to that place . . .
Slayer: Not t-t-t-that p-p-p-place!
Boss: Yes, the place of perpetual torture. . . pokémon land! Now get going!
Slayer and Scalene: Yes Boss!



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