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Whoosh, schwing! Chapter 21
Thursday, 08-Jun-00 03:01:32

I came back here after a long absence and felt bad that everyone had worked so hard to keep my character in the story for 75-some chapters after I wrote myself in and then came back to read, much less help. I have learned my lesson, and am not writing myself in this time. I thought I would lend an hour to this new story, however. Here I have tried to unify the discrepancies I saw forming, and have based the events on Jeff's chapter 19/20. My apologies if I have misused any characters, there are several that seem to be from other stories/games that I am not familiar with (gar, Þlacebø, Marril, Slayer, Sootdust, Scalene). And so without further ado, Chapter 21.


*As the group begins to ascend the gentle slope to the castle, they catch site of three figures and a dark shape making rapid progress in their direction, away from the castle. As they draw nearer, the shape resolves itself into a large blue mouse. Lone Wolf steps forward to address the runners.*

Lone Wolf: Excuse me, good sirs, but I am prince Lone Wolf, and these are…

*Þlacebø slows down only for a moment, never coming to a complete stop*

Þlacebø: No time fer that now, hear? That place is about ter blow!

*A loud 'Crash' echoes. Those who had been running skid to a halt and both groups spin around to see the drawbridge has been kicked down and Slayer and Scalene are now striding across it.*

Marril: Marril!
Luna: It can talk?
gar: Yes. Later. How could they…?
Slayer: Hah! Fools! As masters of magic, you surely know that magic can restore life as well as take it. And as for your little toy bomb…
Þlacebø: Hey! Let 'em have it, gar!

*gar charges up a huge lightning spell and flings it at Slayer and Scalene. He notices an instant to late the object clutched partially concealed behind Scalene's back.*

Cosmo: No!

*gar, Þlacebø, Cosmo, and Marril are hit by a punishing return from Slayer, aided by the magic absorber. They are knocked to the ground, unconscious. The youths do not know quite what to make of this display, but are certain that Slayer and Scalene are not the proper inhabitants of Lokin castle. Lone Wolf raises a fist. The ragtag group understands instantly and springs into a v-shaped attack formation. Jeff retreats to the rear, pulling Ivy, who is standing transfixed, holding tightly to the Aquitaine pendant around her neck.*

Slayer: Ha! You think you stand a chance against me with swords? You probably don't have a decent magician among you. Never bring a knife to a magic fight. Take this!

*He raises his hand to cast a spell, but stops when he sees the knowing smile on Jon's face. Jon breaks his fighting stance and reaches into his sack, producing a tin monkey. He gives the winding key a good twist, and sets it on the ground.*

Monkey: Ook, ook, ook. Clang, clang, clang.
Slayer and Scalene: IEEEEE!

*Lone Wolf, Warteen, Raistlin, Luna, and Jon set upon the paralyzed Slayer and Scalene, and quickly subdue them. Ivy and Jeff tend to the injuries of gar, Þlacebø, Cosmo, and Marril. They soon regain consciousness. Lone Wolf and his companions introduce themselves at length. gar follows.*

gar: I am gar, and this is Þlacebø. We are vigilantes, dedicated to eliminating Evil People, Inc. This young man is Tom Cosmo. He is a powerful magician, and sympathetic to our cause.
Luna: Yes, we've heard of Cosmo. What's with the big blue talking rat?
gar: Mouse, not rat; and he has a name. This is Marril.
Marril: Marril!
Luna: Eh…charming.
Lone Wolf: Anyway, we came to Lokin Castle to learn the location of the Wind Shrine. You see, we too have suffered wrongdoing at the hands of Evil People, Inc. We are searching for the Heart of the Forest and its Keeper, and we believe that visiting the Wind Shrine will aid us on our quest. However, it seems that the rightful inhabitants of this castle, who were allied with the Keepers of the Wind Shrine, were killed or driven away when those goons took it over. Now we may never locate the Wind Shrine.
gar: You are in luck. We know the location of the wind shrine, and we would be happy to accompany you on your quest right the wrongs done by Evil People, Inc.
Þlacebø: Yeah, glad t' lend a hand.
Lone Wolf: Our deepest thanks to you. Your knowledge and magical skills will greatly improve our chances of success.

*So our group, now comprised of Warteen, Raistlin, Ivy, Luna, Lone Wolf, Jeff, Jon, gar, Þlacebø, Tom Cosmo, and Marril sets out -- sets out on a quest to stop those who have replaced Talon, stolen the Heart of the Forest, kidnapped its Keeper, dethroned two monarchs, altered time, killed Shadow, and plagued their dreams.*


Chapter 22 (Nice work, Deuce)
Thursday, 08-Jun-00 07:59:47

**The group sets off once again, slightly larger now. Ivy and Jeff carry Slayer and Scalene, still unconscious.**

Jeff: Are we planning on doing something with these two?
Raistlin: We should probably eliminate them.
Ivy: You mean, kill them?
Raistlin: Well, yes.
Ivy: I don't know. I just believe that everyone can change, you know? These guys can't really be ALL bad.
Raistlin: But... (*sees that he won't win this argument*) Fine. Dump them off over there. *gestures to a nearby lake*
Warteen: (*grins*) I'LL handle this! (*grabs the bodies of Slayer and Scalene*) Woo hoo! (*launches Scalene far over the lake, then throws Slayer impossibly high above Scalene*) Bombs away! (*Slayer comes crashing down on Scalene, and they fall into the lake*) Heh heh...
gar: Nice work, bro. I an' I think I could grow t'like ya.
Warteen: Thanks.
placebo (sorry, no funky font): I'd've killed 'em, though.
Jon: So where did you say the Wind Shrine was?
placebo: Relax, Spikey. I gotcha covered. It, by coincidence, is underground.
Luna: That makes sense. No one can ever find it...
gar: Right! I an' I found th'location miself. Thar's a secret button located inside a tree that ya gots ta push to get in.
Marril: Marril!
placebo: Anyway, the secret entrance is due south of where th'castle was standing 'til recently.
Warteen: Why, what happened to the castle?
placebo: We blew it up. (*grins*)
Marril: Marr...!
Warteen: Well... I didn't see any explosion... but maybe your, umm, explosive was delayed a little bit.
gar: What tha...?
Jeff: At any rate, let's head south.
Raistlin: Time is running out. (I just wish we had killed those two. I sense that they'll be back...)



Chapter 23
Thursday, 08-Jun-00 11:27:39

*Ivy and the others are making their way down a dark, dank passageway, after just crawling throught the barrel of a rather large, dead tree*

Jon: How far does this go, anyways?
gar: (*reciting*) "work and toil, through the soil, and winding, wistling caves"
Raistlin: Hunh?
Placebo: he found some ancient text somewhere. that's how he found this place origionally.
Raistlin: ah.
gar: "up throught wistling funnels, til you find the cage..... There-in is the strong one, the everlasting wind Mage..."
Lone Wolf: I hope this guy knows where we're going, or else we're really lost. I havent' seen a cave or anything!
gar: "The Mage shall let you through, if his palm is greased.... then you shall be sat down, in front of a glorious feast"
Warteen: this is sounding better and better.
gar: "if of the feast you takith, your will shal easily be breakith.... and if without you go, your chances shall grow" (*warteen groans*)
Ivy: what will this man at the shrine tell us? I mean, will he ba able to help?
Lone wolf: we can only hope.
gar: if you patience excveeds you greed, the master shall heed.. and give audience to those in need.
Jeff: at least we know what to do now. i just hope we're able to wait for a while.
Maril: Marr! maril, Maril!

*a small, bright light appears above the pokey-mans head, just in time to show the others a steap drop off that Ivy was just approaching.*

Luna: (*peering upwards, looking fo the ceiling*) I guess this would be the cave.
Tom: I'll help! (*makes his way up to Ivy* *uses manipulation magic to raise a narrow bridge that extends into the darkness*) (*in exhaustion*) whoof! that thing goes for a long ways, but it's connected.

and so, our heros set off into the darkness....


A.E. Luna

C H A P T E R 24
Thursday, 08-Jun-00 14:09:16

þlacebø: 'ey gar, c'n I have a word wit' you a mo'?
gar: Sure, sure…er…you guys keep going…straight on, we'll catch up!
Lone Wolf: Okay!

*The group walk off into the distance.*

þlacebø: 'AVE YOU GONE BARMY?!
gar: What?
þlacebø: Since when we be vigilantes against Evil People Inc.? Since when we know where this dam Wind Shrine is? Since when we…
gar: That's enough talk for now.
þlacebø: What?
gar: We are not going to the Wind Shrine.
þlacebø: I an' I thought not.
gar: We are taking them to a nice, secluded place, where we can deal with these…weirdos.
þlacebø: Why do that?
gar: They've met us, they can't know where we are from. They're probably packed to their freakin' ears with Scan spells and if they find out we have modern magic, the DTT may cause havoc to our home dimension.
þlacebø: DTT?
Marril: Rill, marril, mar.
gar: Dimensional Time Transfer.
þlacebø: Understood.
gar: C'mon, let's go catch up. And don't bring up this subject again. Remember, until we get to the Psi-Caves, we are vigilantes and we 'know' where the Wind Shrine is.
þlacebø: Understood.

*Luna appears from behind a nearby rock.*

Luna: So THAT'S who you guys are!
gar: What the…oh great. Stupid brats, always eavesdropping on the private conversations.
þlacebø: I an' I wan' a piece o' her.
gar: Be my guest.

*þlacebø pulls out his NE0N Blade and charges it up, making it flash multi-coloured*

Luna: (*to herself*) Wow…that's some sword…AIIEEE!!!

*þlacebø swung his sword at Luna at a tremendous speed, only just missing her.*

Luna: You guys are from another dimension aren't you? That's why you have such powerful weapons and magic.
þlacebø: You listen well.
gar: Prehaps too well. I hate to do this to the…cuter…ones, but…FINISH HER OFF!!!
þlacebø: Barrage time! (*charges at Luna*)

*Luna dives out of the way again, and again from þlacebø's sword. Eventually, she runs down the tunnel.*

Luna: LONE WOLF!!! COSMO!!! IVY…WAAH!!! (*stops in her tracks*)

*A solid energy wall has appeared in front of Luna.*

gar: (*energy from his hands cooling down*) You could never dream of magic as powerful as this…

*Luna bashes against the wall continuously but it doesn't even get scratched.*

Luna: (*sighs*) What an anti-climax…

*As she finishes the sentence, þlacebø drives his NE0N blade right through Luna, killing her. She slumps to the ground.*

gar: We've gone too far.
gar: You idiot!!! Her friends are gonna realise she's missing!
þlacebø: Well, manipulate 'er then.
gar:…okay, but it's still a bit rusty.

*gar uses manipulate on Luna, bringing her back to life, only under gar's control.*

Manipulated Luna: (*Monotone*) I – AM – LUNA – PLEASE – INSERT – GIRDER
þlacebø: You never did get th' hang o' making them talk did you?
gar: No. Unfortunately, I can only make them say lines out of Futurama.
Manipulated Luna: KISS – MY – SHINY – METAL – ASS
gar: Prehaps they won't notice.
þlacebø: I an' I think they will.
Marril: Marril!
gar: It'll have to do. C'mon.

*gar, þlacebø, Marril and the manipulated Luna (who now sounds like Bender) run down the tunnel to catch up with the others.*



Chapter 25
Thursday, 08-Jun-00 16:09:11

Tom: Oh-My-Goood
Jon: What?
Tom: unless my Scan spell is tircking me, those guys are from the future, know modern magic, and have manipulated Luna.
Jon: Your conclusion?
Tom: Ragnorak time. Good thing I never got round to telling them about that....
gar: Hello, Cosmo, hello Jon.
placebo: Yo, uh, Spikey, TC, ya'?
Tom: Ragnorak! (*sowrd flares out form fingertips*)
placebo: Uhh..what is tis' uh, aaaaaaagggaaaaaaar!
gar: Never have I seen such powerful magic...placebo as a shoe.....aaaaaaaghhhhaaaaaa! (*turns into sheet of metal*)
Jon: Uhhhh....
Tom: My secret spell. I devised it in the service of the Delta Lady, basing it on a spell created by Kudam-Ra, head of the Delta Sorcerers and keeper of the Ice Shrine in Alakazbam.
Jon: Oh.
Ivy: Umm...guys..wheres Luna.
Tom: (*hides tin can beihnd back*) I dunno.
Ivy: Tom...
Tom: Uhh...just..gar and placebo killed her.
Ivy: WHAT?
Tom: We ain't got no Phoinex Down, too.
Jon: What aobut a Life spell.
Tom: I know I'm a great wizard and all, but....well...
Ivy: The only spell you don't know us Life?
Tom: Correction, Ivy: Life, Life 2 and Life 3.
Jon: Phoinex?
Tom: Nope.
Ivy: Oh well, this happens....
Tom: I'm sure I know where some Phoinex Down is...ahh, yes...the Phoinex Tower at Alakazbam. The Ice Shrine is near there, and my hero: Kudam-Ra.
Ivy: Decided. We head for Alakazbam tommorow...WHICH way is it?
Tom: West from this cave.


Tom Cosmo

Chapter 26
Thursday, 08-Jun-00 16:47:18

*A black cape figure steps out from the shadows in front of the grope*

Warteen: Don't do that.
Lone Wolf: Friend or foe.
?????????: (*sighs*) My name is Slayer877 Slayer means ninja to the highest standard 8 is top level weapons skill 7 is top level magic 7 is top level I.Q.
Lone Wolf: FRIEND OR FOE!!!!
Slayer877: Foe.
Lone Wolf: Do you work for Evil People inc.
Slayer877: No. I'm just out to kill every one so I'll start now. *Draws long sword*
Jon: Eat monkey
Slayer877: No. Fire 10 (*Monkey explodes*) I don't think you could kill me you might knock me out but I'm to experienced to be killed by you hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahhahaahah


Chapter 27
Thursday, 08-Jun-00 22:03:07

Tom Cosmo: Forget this. I've had about as many bad guys as I can take. ULTIMA!!!

**The spell is absorbed by Slayer877, but doesn't seem to phase him.**

Slayer877: HA HA HA! Is that the best you can do?
Tom Cosmo: No. But it's enough.

**A large rock, stirred by the blast, falls right on top of Slayer877, knocking him unconscious.**

Jon: Guys, I don't mean to be blunt, but where do we go now?
Ivy: Good question. Those guys killed Princess Luna...
Warteen: Just wait. There must be a way to revive her. Remember those two grunts back at the Castle Lokin? That guy in black brought them back to life like it was nothing.
Raistlin: And... I thought that was supposed to be impossible...
Jon: Obviously it's not. So I guess our next quest is to get the heck out of this cave and go find the man in black.
Jeff: Do you really think that's wise? After all, he IS a member of Evil People, Inc., and it doesn't seem like they'll be in any hurry to bring Luna back to life.
Warteen: It's our only option. We'll have to nab him somehow and force him to revive her. We already lost Shadow... I don't want to lose anyone else.
Lone Wolf: No kidding. So, we go back to the Castle Lokin...
Marril: Marr...
Warteen: What the... Is that thing still with us?
Ivy: I guess it's not evil like its masters were.
Jeff: We're going to let that thing go with us?
Ivy: Well we can't leave it here!!!
Jeff: Why not?
Ivy: (*growls at Jeff*)
Jeff: Okay, okay... Let's just go.
Jon: Yes. We need to find a way out of here.
Tom Cosmo: I'll handle it, guys. Escape! [CONTINUITY?--Still in cave in next chapter]

**Suddenly, the group is outside. They travel back to the Castle Lokin once more...**



Chatper 28 (Warteen didn't read my Chapter)
Friday, 09-Jun-00 02:35:27

Tom: Wait...just beofre I escape...Warteen, you didn't hear the ocnversation me, Ivy and Jon had, right--we're going to get osme Phoinex Down at Alakazbam.
Warteen: Now THAT is a sensible idea.
Marill: Marill,Marill,Marill.
Tom: So,lets set off: Telepo-!
Jeff: Why are you stopping?
Tom: I just saw sometihng shiny up there....
Warteen: Just get us out of here.
Tom: Manipulate! (*manipulates Warteen into seizing the glowing object then drops Warteen and picks it up*).
Warteen: GET--US--OUT
Tom: Just a minute...this should help us with all those powerful enemies....
Warteen: G--E--T--U--S--O--U--T
Tom: The Enemy Skill orb...this must be near the Psi Shrine!
Warteen: What part don't you understand?
Tom: I gotta' mark off this palce...the Legnedary Psi Shrine is nearby!
Warteen: Pleeeeease!
Ivy: Warteen,Shut Up.
Tom: Marked off in my brain with Scan. Teleport! (*teleports to Alakazbam*).

So, how will our heroes Tom, Ivy, Warteen, Jeff and Lone Wolf fare in the icy Alakazbam? What will happen at the Ice Shrine?


Tom Cosmo

C H A P T E R 29
Friday, 09-Jun-00 14:11:47

(okay Warteen fine, but no-more Cosmo cock-ups please, I can't do with my staple characters being decimated again. And BTW, from now on, no one is allowed to translate what Marril says, that ruins things somewhat. Thank you, and sorry for my over-reactions)


*Marril hears something.*

Marril: Marril, marril!
Warteen: What does it want now?
Tom: I dunno…hey, d'you hear something?
Warteen: What sort of 'something'?
Tom: Rumbling.
Ivy: Well, that explains it all.
Jeff: I can't hear it.

*The rumbling gets louder.*

Jeff: Correction: I can hear it.
Tom: Woah! Check that out!!!

*In the distance is a huge explosion. There is a large white thing like Leviathan from where the explosion came from. Then, suddenly, the large serpent comes crashing through the icy terrain right towards the group.*

Marril: (*jumping up 'n' down excitedly*) MARRIL!!!
Warteen: WOW!!! That thing's huge!
Jeff: It looks like…Leviathan!
Tom: That's impossible! Flare!

*Tom uses a fiery flare spell on the huge snake. It passes straight through it.*

Tom: Heeey!!! No-fair! I hit it dead on!
Ivy: It could be a hologram of some sort.
Jeff: You're joking aren't you? No hologram could actually tear a crater in the ground.
Tom: Look out!

*The huge snake grinds to a halt as it reaches them. It is towering about 24ft above the group and is almost completely white. The snake lowers it's head.*

Snake: You dam idiotssssssssssssss…
Tom: That voice, it's þlacebø's!
Snake that sounds like þlacebø: That be right, bro'! I an' I isssssssssssssss þlacebø in my Leviathan form…I an' I didna like being a ssssssssssssshoe, so I an' I transformed into this ssssssssssssserpent form and teleport here.
Warteen: What do you want with ussssssssss…er, I mean us? Tom already took care of you guys.
þlacebø in Leviathan form: gar 'n' I an' I wan' our Marril back, thankssssssssssss very much. He don' belong wit' you.
Warteen: So how come it followed us then?
Ivy: That shows that it's not evil when you guys aren't around, doesn't it?
þlacebø in Leviathan form: No, it jusssssssssssssst work assssssssssssss a radar for usssssssssssss to track you payakassssssssssssssss down. Marril were trained by gar to stick wit' enemy groupiessssssssssssss in casssssssssssssssssse they teleport when we not around and usssssssssssssssssse him tail as a tracking device (*pronounced devisssssssssssse*) fo' our radar ssssssssssssspell.
Warteen: What a mouthful.
Marril: Marril, marril!

*Marril jumps into þlacebø's snake body which appears to be made of pure vortex, as Marril passes into it and warps out.*

þlacebø in Leviathan form: We alsssssssssssssso wan' Luna back pleassssssssssssssse.
Tom: No way!
Jeff: We'll give you what's yours back but not Luna.
þlacebø in Leviathan form: (*angry*) I an' I ssssssssssssssaid give her to I an' I!!! That be an order!
Jeff: …where is Luna anyways?
Jon: I cast an invisibility spell on her and gave her to Lone Wolf for him to carry.
Lone Wolf: Well done Jon! Right in snake-boy's earshot!
Jon: Whoops!
Ivy: Any idea's Tom? Your last spell didn't work.
Tom: Yes, I have an idea: RUN!!!

*The group tries to run away.*

þlacebø in Leviathan form: You guyssssssssssss think you c'n outrun I an' I? Pah! I an' I show you!

*þlacebø fires several laser beams from his mouth, blowing several craters in the ground and sending the group members flying.*

Lone Wolf: Arrgh! I dropped Luna!
Jon: Well done Lone Wolf! Right in snake-boys…
Lone Wolf: Okay, now we're even…

*þlacebø speeds past Lone Wolf, going straight through Luna, thus teleporting her away.*

þlacebø in Leviathan form: Jusssssssssssssst one more thing…
Tom: No! You can't have Warteen!
þlacebø in Leviathan form: I an' I don' wan' Warteen! (*lowers his head towards Cosmo and stares him right in the eyes*) gar doessssssssssssssn't appreciate being a ssssssssssssssheet of metal, and assssssssssssss ssssssssssssssoon assssssssssssssss I an' I return to human form back in th' tunnelsssssssssssss, we'll continue our quessssssssssssst! Don' crosssssssssssssss ussssssssssss again bwoy!

*þlacebø teleports out*

Tom: Well, there's something you don't see everyday…
Ivy: Tom, this is serious! They've taken Luna! Shouldn't we try and get her back?
Tom: There's no point getting Luna back until we find some Pheonix Downs [sorry Warteen - Marril]. Let's get searching right now!!!



Chapter 30
Friday, 09-Jun-00 14:56:19

Tom Cosmo: Let's get into the Ice Shrine.
Raistlin: I'm telling you guys, this is a waste of time. There's no such thing as Phoenix Down. It's all mythical.
Jeff: Wait a minute now! That's what YOU said about the Life spell!
Raistlin: So what...
Jeff: So what?!?! So you obviously have no idea what you're talking about!!!
Raistlin: Why you little...!
Jeff: I'm just trying to make things work out in the group's best interests.
Ivy: Come on, Raistlin. He does have a point.
Raistlin: ......
Warteen: Guys, whatever we do, we have to act fast.
Jon: No kidding. Why on earth did those jerks want Luna's body?
Ivy: And just who are they really?
Tom Cosmo: No kidding... My Ragnarok should've been final. I've never encountered anybody with the skill to change form at will like that. And if he can change into a Leviathan...
Warteen: ...then there's no way we can face him.
Ivy: What are you saying? We HAVE to face those guys!!! They have Luna!
Warteen: We won't stand a chance.
Tom Cosmo: I hate to admit it, but Warteen's right. If my most powerful magic can't keep them contained, we just can't win.
Jon: And they're not members of Evil People, Inc., so my tin monkeys will be useless against them.
Ivy: This is ridiculous. There MUST be some way to get Princess Luna back!!!
Raistlin: Too many enemies.....
Jeff: What is it, Raistlin?
Raistlin: I really have no reason for being here.
Warteen: But what about the ninjas of the half-circle?
Raistlin: Idiot! They're not even involved in any of this! It wasn't them who killed Shadow!
Warteen: But... don't you even CARE? This is WORLD DESTRUCTION we're talking about here!
Raistlin: It's not in my power to stop it, so who cares?
Lone Wolf: We're more powerful if we stick together...
Raistlin: We're also a bigger target. Ivy, I'm going back to the Forest Shrine in case the Keeper comes back.
Ivy: But...
Raistlin: I said I'm leaving.
Warteen: You coward.
Lone Wolf: Don't, Warteen. We can't keep him with us if he doesn't want to be.

**Raistlin leaves the group, and heads back toward the Forest Shrine. A silence fills the air.** [CONTINUITY?--how the heck does Raistlin get from the ice shrine to the forest shrine so quickly?]

Jon: We really should get going...
Jeff: Right. Let's finish the trip to the Ice Shrine. I just hope they can help us...
Tom Cosmo: They will. Our biggest problem is getting Luna back.
Warteen: ...... Our biggest problem is saving the world...


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