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Chapter 41
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 11:40:59

Uforious: (*Wakes up and looks at his sword.*) 99.7% of the magic I need. So close! I could be free. (*Hurries after Jon and Raistlin*)

*A little later. Raistlin and Jon are walking slowly to .... somewhere. Suddenly they here a voice from behind.*

Uforious: Going somewhere?
Jon: Yup, somewhere. Would you like a tin monkey? A only have a few left.
Raistlin: Not you again.
Uforious: Yes it is I again. Give me the Pys Heart.
Jon: Absolutely no.
Uforious: (*Points rune-covered sword at Jon*)
Jon: (*Starts to walk towards Uforious*) What! NO! Let me go! (*Gives him the psy heart*)
Uforious: Thank you. (*Begins to draw from it*)
Raistlin: (*Throws shuriken, it hits Uforious with a fatal blow. Yet as he begins to die the runs on the sword begin to glow black. Uforious drops it and dies.*)
Raistlin: And that is that.
Jon: But what about the sword, it's still glowing!

*the sword suddenly smashes releasing a shadow.*

Raistlin: Oh Smegola this can't be good.

*The shadow forms into a person, only the person is totally black, no light is emitted at all, it's it looks like a hole.*

Jon: (*Picks up the Pys heart/stone/whatever*) Who, who are you?
Shadowed figure: I am the true Uforious.
Jon: Then who's that? (*points to body*)
Uforious: That was just some innocent bystander I possessed. He saved your life several times, in the forest shrine, I could have killed you but he wouldn't let me.
Raistlin: Wops.
Jon: Why is he a shadow.
Raistlin: I learned in the half circle that a user of black magic will eventually become nothing but a shadow. Things like dark Ultima and shadow flare.
Uforious: That's right. Allow me to demonstrate.
Jon: Not if I can help it (*Begins to look through bag*)
Uforious: Unhious, ocnios, peopleous, grugeses.

*Raistlin suddenly feels something fill his mind, all the bad things, all the horrors, all the things people have against him, building up, building, that time when his instructor, or what about the way he treated shadow, why had he let Ivy die, or was it Luna, hard to tell, hard to remember, except for one word, kept repeating itself, over and over, failure, failure, failure, failure, failure. Suddenly it becomes too much, Raistlin collapses with a scream.*

Jon: (*finds something*) Arrr, I bet this will work. (*Throws a holy cross at Uforious*)
Uforious: (*Fades and become transparent*) Arrrrr. (*Turns*) We'll call this one..... a draw.
Jon: Raistlin! Raistlin! Wake up.
Raistlin: (*Wakes*) No, no. Go on, I'm worthless to you, go on.
Jon: Come on now, we're going to get you sorted. Since when did you have a lack of self-confidence problem?

TO BE CONTINED *dot dot dot*

[A.N.: By the way, Uforious is no longer working for EP inc, he's going to try and create his "perfect Universe"(dot dot dot)]

UFO (Uforious)

Chapter 42
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 15:01:33

*Jon is trying to comfort Raistlin. Slayer877 steps out from shadows*

Slayer877: Hahahahahahahaha fool scared of a cross hahahaha.
Jon: Um errrr what to use oh yeah (*throw's smoke bomb*).
Slayer877: Ohhhh were did you go! Arrrrrrrrrr! Well Rex will get you! (*cracks stone there's a loud bang and lots of smoke. When the smoke clears a monster with two clawed hands and two legs appears*) Follow their sent boy! OH AND JON, YOUR MONKEYS WON'T WORK ON HIM! HE'S NOT EVIL, HE'S JUST PLAYING!
Jon: We can't lose it, we'll have to fight.


Chapter 43
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 15:06:28

*As Ivy and Lone Wolf leave the wind shrine*

Ivy:Umm, how are we supposed to go down? The way we got up was taking us up with the wind, so if we go jump off and ride the wind we will be only going up higher
Lone Wolf: Hmmm.. Good Question
???: I have an idea
Ivy: Who is... Keeper! (*Ivy sees that the mysterious figure is the keeper Ivy rushes to the Keeper*)
Lone Wolf: No!!! Don't Ivy it's a trap!
???: Hmmm. Mwahahahaha (*Grabs Ivy and charges up a fist full of magic*)
Ivy: Who are you... ahhhh.... and why have you taken the form of the keeper?
???: Why would I tell you this?
Lone Wolf: You're evil, and thats what evil people do, blab there plans to the good guys
???: Oh? (*checks Evil People Inc.'s rule book*) Well, you are right. I work for Evil People Inc, a powerful dark mage I am.
Ivy: (*struggles*) am I supposed to be impressed?
???: I am also very good at shape shifting. You may remember me... I am copy Talon
Lone Wolf: What!!! (*is about to attack but remembers Ivy is in his clutches*)
???: Haha! You lost 6 years of your life because of me, I caused your dreams! You are just a pawn in my game, and now that you have obtained the wind base for me your usefulness, Lone Wolf, has ended. Prepare to die!
Lone Wolf: I don't care what you do to me, just don't hurt my friends!
???: (*Looks at Ivy*) Don't worry she still has usefulness.
Lone Wolf: What for?
???: Ha I already told you too much, so screw the rule book I am not answering you!

*with that the shape shifter grabs the wind base and uses his magic to push Lone Wolf off the wind shrine. Lone Wolf falls upwards into the stars, and the shape shifter teleports away with Ivy held captive*


*As Tom Cosmo rushes to find some of his friends, realising the Earth shrine is closest, he starts to head for it when he is stopped by a ninja star*

Tom: Oh My! The Assassins of the Half Circle are here to assassinate me
Assassin 1: Ugghh why do people always think we are the Assassins of the half circle?
Assassin 2: I don't know the fact we work for Evil Inc. should give the idea we aren't the Assassins of the half circle
Tom: Then who are you?
Assassin 3: We are the Assassins of the Other half of the circle
Tom: Oh, and why have you come to assassinate me?
Assassin 1: We have come for the Brain of Ice and your Ragnarok sword
Tom: Brain of ice? What are you talking about?
Assassin 1: Could it be that he hasn't got it?
Assassin 3: I think so
Assassin 2: But he still has got that nice sword
Tom: You want my sword? But it's not even mine
Assassin 1: What do you mean?
Tom: Well the reason why it contains so much magic is because it is possessed by the most powerful Priest to ever live, so all of his magic is in it and the wielder has the use of his magic. But like regular magic users, I need to practice in order to get magic powers from this sword
Assassin 2: Sounds great! Now give it to us or we're going to have to pry it off your dead body
Tom: Gulp!

Lone Wolf

Chapter 44
Saturday, June 10, 2000 9:43:06 PM (?)

--Jon & Raistlin--

*As the smoke from both bomb and magic spell clear, Jon speaks with a delerious Raistlin*

Jon: Raistlin, get up! My tricks will only get us so far when we're dealing with people as powerful as this! I stinkin' _need_your_help_!
Raistlin: (*dropping back into half-consiousness*) Luna, no! You fiend! The forest heart! stop! (*mumbling*) can't help...

[author's note: I didn't do this to him. Not trying to make anyone look stupid, just dealing with what I've been handed]

Jon: Lovely,

*Jon hoists Raistlin onto his shoulders and takes off into the brush*

Jon: (*muttering to self as he runs*) just lovely. First a wizard-turned-super-powerful-demon takes the Psi-eye and brings the world one step closer to armageddon. Now some all-powerful madman who just wants to #%!@ kill everyone is on my tail with a huge rock-monster, and I've gotta drag an ailing ninja with a mid-life crisis along. Some day for a simple adventurer.

*By the time the smoke clears, Jon has dragged Raistlin into the forest a hundred yards or so*

Jon: (*turning head to stare at the man draped over his shoulders*) Raistlin! Snap out of it! We need to _run_ right now!
Raistlin: mumble...Shadow...NO!
Jon: (*looking to sky, very worried*) Lord Father help me [author's note: just for reference, I don't mean my dead dad]

*The sounds of the rock monster tearing through the brush can be heard getting closer and closer as they run. Suddenly, Jon and Raistlin burst from the edge of the forest. Trees curve away behind them on both sides and in front of them is a small clearing. At the other side of the clearing the first in a range of large, rocky hills juts from the ground*

Jon: (*grumbling*) Grand. Run with a guy (*puff puff*) on your shoulders. Now do that (*pant, wheeze*) and run UP!

*He takes off up the hill, scrambling over the loose rocks. The monster bursts from the trees and begins working it's way up. Luckily for our heros, it's bulk make it hard for it to get a grip on the small rocks, which give way whenever it puts it's immense weight on them. Slowly though, it makes it's way up.*

Raistlin: (*becoming slightly more aware. lifts head, looks around. A stray thought gets through the residual haze left by UFO's spell*) the... rocks... (*he moans. seconds later he has sucumb again*)

*Jon looks around while running. slowly he begins to smile*

Jon: Raistlin, you may have (*pant pant*) saved us yet...

*Halfway up the hill Jon stops and sets Raistlin on the ground. He picks up a rock about the size of a basketball and raises it over his head*

Jon: (*yelling*) Sweet dreams Rocky!

*He flings it at the rock monster and bashes it in the head, knocking it onto it's back and sending it sliding back down the hill. Jon now picks up Raistlin and continues up the hill. He stops behind a boulder, unshoulders Raistlin, and begins madly rummaging in his pack*

Jon: (*pulling out vials and begins combining them hastly*) Some o' this, some o' that... A little of this, and presto! A magic powder we call TNT!

*Jon pours his new concoction at the base of the boulder. He peers around the side and sees the rock monster again acending the hill. Just then, Slayer877 steps from the woods to watch the action. Jon lights the TNT with a flint from his pack and jumps back. The explosion sends the boulder rolling down the hill toward the monster, but many other rocks are jarred loose as well*

Jon: whoops. more than I wanted... Oh fudge. AVALANCHE!

*Jon picks up his bag and Raistlin and scrabbles his way the last few feet to the top of the hill. The first boulder smashes "Rex" to bits, and the rest of the rocks thouroughly bury what's left of him. The avalanche pours down across the clearing as well. Slayer877 screams, but it is too late. He is covered by tons of rock as well*

Jon: (*panting*)...bonus! (*falls over*)

[A.N.: Slayer877, I wasn't particularly running from you, this is _how_ I fight. Think small man with few powers who is desperate to survive with just a few chemicals & tricks & stuff. Basically, Bugs Bunny]

*A few minutes later, when Jon's laboured breathing has returned to normal, he picks himself up*

Jon: Hey Raistlin (*wap. smacks him lightly with hand*) Wake up! You really saved our bacon with that "rock" idea of yours (*wap wap*)
Raistlin: (*coming around*) Wha... Huh? rocks... I did...
Jon: Yes, we're alive. And you're responsible. (*Tarzan grammar*) No fail, hear me? No fail!
Raistlin: (*raising himself off the ground*) Oooooh... (*puts hand to head*) I guess I did, huh? _WOW_ do I have a headache. (*mind is getting clearer*) What happened to the psi-eye?
Jon: (*taking it from sack*) still have it right...here
Raistlin: It looks just like a normal stone to me

[A.N.: Marril has the real one... This was a copy enchanted to look authentic. That was the magical energy UFO absorbed to finally escape his sword. Now...it's a rock. Though noone knows that]

Jon: ...Uh... UFO must have done something to it... (*thinking*) Either way, we'd better make it a bit safer than it is now
Raistlin: Have anything in mind?
Jon: Yes. That vanishing spell
Raistlin: What vanishing spell?
Jon: A bit of white magic, (*touches cross*) _squeaky_clean_ white magic, I picked up during my travels. I used it on Luna before she was, uh...stolen, remember? [A.N.: 'cause Tom made her a tin can]
Raistlin: ah, yeah
Jon: Alright... hold on... (*raises stone in hand, level with his face, and begins chanting*)

Boon to good men
and evil's blight
protect thyself
vanish from sight!

*Jon's hand glows briefly. When it dies down...the stone is still visible*

Raistlin: I can still see it
Jon: I understand why I can see it. The caster of the spell always can. I don't get it tho. It always worked before...
Raistlin: Uh, Jon?
Jon: Yeah?
Jon: (*looks up suddenly from studying the rock and sees Raistlin, though he looks more ghostly than usual*) oh crap. _That's_ how things look to the caster of the spell, all ghostly. The spell must not have been specific enough...
Raistlin: great
Jon: Well, it's the only spell I know... You can't expect me to be very good... (*a thought occurs to him*) Hey, that's pretty high praise from a magic spell, if it chose you as "boon to good men and evil's blight", over this stupid thing...
Raistlin: not that that doesn't help the confidance a bit more, but is there any way you can MAKE ME VISIBLE AGAIN?!?
Jon: I don't know the counterspell
Raistlin: WHAT?!?
Jon: Tom could probably teach me or something
Raistlin: JUST great
Jon: We still need to vanish this thing too (*resumes spellcasting pose*)
Raistlin: watch where you point that...
Jon: (*thinks*)

Little rock
that would undo
the world, please keep
thyself from view!

*Again Jon's hand glows. When it dies, the rock is now shimmering in a proper gostly fashion*

Jon: Ok, good. Got that right. Well, let's be off...

*so they get up and set off. After not too many steps, Raistlin slips and falls forward, catching himself as he goes down*

Jon: You ok?
Raistlin: I CAN'T SEE MY FEET! It's a little hard to pick your way along loose ground when you can't see where you're stepping!
Jon: oh. true... (*thinking*) This invisibility thing could be useful... Maybe I'll hide myself too (*assumes a pose with arms outstretched*) I don't know what to say... (*thinks hard*)... It's not a very good one, I hope it works...

The world's last hope
I have become
help me slip
from under their thumb...
Raistlin: (*laughs*) You're right, that wasn't very good...
Jon: Yeah, yeah. Did it work, though?
Raistlin: Well, I can't see your thumb
Jon: AAAAARG! Forget this spell stuff... It's too dagnerous!
Rasitlin: Sounds good to me. But how am I gonna see where I'm stepping?
Jon: (*looking around and thinking*) hmmm... (*pulls up some long field grass*) Tie some of this around your feet. You'll be able to see where you're going.
Raistlin: (*ties some grass to his ankles and knees*) I won't be able to fight if I can't see my arms, either (*ties more around his elbows and wrists*)
Jon: (*chuckling*) You look like an emaciated swamp monster now
Raistlin: (*grrr*) I'll get you for this, amateur magician
Jon: heh. Save it for UFO...
Raistlin: (*grumble*) yeah... maybe we can find some holy water or something... That'd do him in nicely...

*And so two figures set off across the range of hills, towards where their friends are, and where the future of the world hangs in the balance. One is a moving collection of grass tied in circles, thier ends hanging down like so many tassels, and the other a weary travler with no visible thumb on his right hand.*

- Jon Spike
[Jon Spike]

Chapter 45
Sunday, 11-Jun-00 03:26:40

Tom: Now would be a time to test out my summoning skills. Leviathan!
Assassin 3: Hmm...WHAT is he doing? (*Leviathan knocks the Assasins flying*)
Tom: And now would be a good time to run...Teleport! (*Teleports to the Ice Shrine*).
Kudam-Ra: Umm...Tom...what are you doing back here?
Tom: I got chased by assasins.
Kudam-Ra: I see. Your magic still needs perfecting, and your quest for immortality needs lengthening. Hurry to the Lectrure room. I'll be there in a minuite.

*Tom walks off*

Kudam-Ra: See? I told you he shouldn't have the Brain of Ice.
Kudam-Sa: Actually, I tihnk it would still be a good idea. As well as protecting it, he does have a strong Teleport.
Kudam-Ra: Then it doesn't suprise me! Why he only uses Teleport and Ragnorak!
Kudam-Sa: You should have let him stay longer anyway. Even though he is extremely arrogant his stories can be confirmed with practice! I have seen what he can do!
Kudam-Ra: I myself cannot see how he got the impression he was so great. He is merely a pompous child, not a great wizard!
Kudam-Sa: Then give ihm immortality.
Kudam-Ra: Never! He must display great magic boefre he is worthy of that!
Kudam-Sa: But, still, that young, arrogant wizard is our only hope.


Sootdust: Jeff has betrayed us.
Slayer: Then we steal the Fire Ruby form him and place it in the Wind Shrine where Copy is stationed with Prince Lone Wolf and Ivy.
Scalene: We club 'im!
Sootdust: And Uforious has betrayed us too...coupled with the failure of Slayer877 and the failure of Schincane to sense anytihng in Jeff.
Shincane: I am sorry...
Sootdust: So? You will not remain as Chief Torturer for long if you keep this up. Cid guy! Fix the Radio! Scalene! Get a cup of tea on the boil! Slayer! Do what I told you! And Shincane, catch and torture Uforious!

To be CONtinUed....

Tom Cosmo

Chapter 46
Sunday, 11-Jun-00 08:10:53

*At the site where the rocks fell on Slayer877. A sword been held by a gloved hand sticks through the rock.*

Slayer877: That's it they all die now!!!! I was going to have some fun with them but now they all dieeeeeeee.

*uses sword to slash through the fabric of space time and jumps in as the tear seals itself*

-- Meanwhile..... --

UFO: Where's this present Shincane? I'm a busy Shadow.
Shincane: Ha (*pull cross out*)
UFO: arrrrrrrrrrrrrr (*falls back into chair restraints with crosses on claps round his hands and legs*). arrrrrrrrrrrrr
Shincane: Now the torturing begins! (*a tear in the space time continuum appears Slayer877 jumps out*) what the?
Slayer877: hahahahahaha! Fools, you have no idea of the power hearts when put on to this! (*Holds up staff with 6 places for hearts to go*)
Shincane: Take this..........

Fire of hell, burn his soul!!

*Slayer877 sets on fire*

Slayer877: (*still on fire*) No, I'll just take the forest heart (*heart floats out of Shincane pocket and on to the staff*) now you go explain to your master (*grabs him by the neck and throws him out*) cool (*the flames stop*) Now for you UFO (*cuts UFO's restraints*) Join me, help me destroy the world!

[CONTINUITY?--Slayer877 has the forest heart?!?]

To Be Continued...


Chapter 47
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 07:26:55

**Jeff and Warteen are walking along when...**

Jeff: I sense Lone Wolf and Ivy are in trouble. I'll be back.

**Jeff teleports**

Warteen: Where'd he go now?

**Jeff appears at the Wind Shrine, looks up and sees Lone Wolf going up into the air. Jeff closes his eyes and concentrates. The wind stops and Lone Wolf falls to the ground and lands on Jeff**

Jeff: Ouch!
Lone Wolf: Sorry. Thanks for saving me.
Jeff: No problem... but we have to leave here now. I sense someone is around.

**Jeff and Lone Wolf get to the ground and start walking when...**

Copy: Stop!

**Jeff and Lone Wolf turn around**

Jeff: Oh no!
Copy: Do you think you are getting away that easily?!

**Jeff casts haste on Lone Wolf**

Jeff: You get out of here... I'll take care of him.
Lone Wolf: Okay... good luck.

**Lone Wolf speeds away**

Copy: You are coming back to Evil People Inc. with me!
Jeff: What if I don't want to?!
Copy: I'll make you...
Jeff: Try me.
Copy: Haha! Fool!

**Copy unleashes a devastating fire attack, but it doesn't hurt Jeff**

Jeff: Is that all you have?

**Jeff unleashes a powerful ice attack on Copy*, but it hardly hurts him**

Copy: No more fooling around Jeff. I know you're weakness...
Jeff: I don't have a weakness!
Copy: Yes, you do.

**Copy closes his eyes and concentrates**

Jeff: [Gulp]

**Jeff feels something tearing at his mind**

Jeff: No!

**Jeff collapses**

Copy: I told you you had a weakness. Your weakness is psychic powers.

**Copy teleports away back to Evil People Inc. with the unconcious Jeff**


**When Jeff wakes up he is in a cell**

Jeff: Uhhhhh...
Copy: How does it feel to be locked up in an anti-magic cell?! You won't be getting out of there anytime soon!
Jeff: I will get out!
Copy: Good luck at that.

**Copy leaves. Jeff turns around and Ivy is in the cell with him**

Jeff: Oh, hi Ivy.
Ivy: Hi Jeff.
Jeff: I was going to try and save you, but I guess I can't now. Who will save us now?



Chapter 48
Sunday, 11-Jun-00 12:37:21

Slayer877: Join me, help me destroy the world!
Uforious: Wait a second. Wasn't I chasing Jon and Raistlin?
Slayer877: Hey wait you were.
Uforious: Then I'd better get back to that before there's a hole in the plot. (*disappears*)
Slayer877: I'll take that as a no then.


Jon: Come on Jeff, where are you.
Raistlin: Where are we going?
Jon: I have no idea. I've been busy with running from a maniac and a shadow. Then I had to mix up some triglistoal trinitrate to start an avalanche, wile having to drag someone half-way up a hill.
Raistlin: Maybe we should get some rest, I think your getting tired.
Jon: Sorry, your probably right.

*During the night*

Jon: (*Wakes up with a chill*) Raistlin, wake up, I think there's something out there.
Raistlin: Hmm, what. Oh. (*pause*) I sense it to.
Uforious: (*Steps out of the shadows*)
Jon: Not you again.
Uforious: (*Begins to laugh*) Yes it is I again.
Jon: What are you here for? The psy heart?
Uforious: I am here for revenge. I have a long memory for grudges.
Raistlin: (*Draws Shuriken*) Don't worry, even in the dark he's an easy target. (*Throws shrunken*)

*The shrunken passes straight through the shadow.*

Uforious: It is at night that I am strongest. Before I kill you I am going to tell you a story, Jon. A story of your father. Then you may realize why I am about to do what I am going to do. (*Uforious starts to tell a story*) Long, long before your time, your father was a great enemy of mine. I remember yes, on that mountain top...


Jon's father: (*He is about Jon's age. He swings his sword*) I'll get thee shadow!
Uforious: What with. Ha ha ha ha ha! (*The wind begins to howl*) You little upstart. You're nothing!
JF: I know your fear monster!
Uforious: Ha. (*Turns and sweeps the cross out of JF's hand*) What are you going to do now?
JF: If I cannot destroy thee, unholy fiend, then I shall have to contain thee. (*Begins to chant a spell*)
Uforious: (*Laughs again*) Grudges!

*JF's mind if filled with images of his own failure. The things he's done wrong, the things he's regretted. Uforious laughs until shoulders heave. When it's all over, JF looks up at Uforious*

Uforious: What! NO!
JF: I know of those things which I regret, for them I am sorry.
Uforious: What! This has never happened before!
JF: (*Finishes spell*) Ragnorak!

(*Uforious becomes a short, broad sword with runes on it. JF collapses with exhaustion and relief.*)


Jon: So that's why you've been chasing me. It wasn't about that chloroform.
Uforious: Only at the end do you understand. Since your father is dead, the burden of revenge falls on you. (*The shadow darkens still more*)
Jon: You killed him didn't you?
Uforious: And now I shall finish off the Spikes.
Jon: (*Notices that Raistlin is frozen (just not moving, not iced)*)
Uforious: This is between you and me. Grudges!

*Jon's mind is filled with scenes of his own wrong doings, the little things people have against him. The way he snapped a Raistlin earlier this evening.*

Jon: No, NO! Help me father. Help me! (*suddenly Jon feels more strength. The visions didn't get less, but he could now stand them*)
Uforious: Interesting. You spikes are all alike. No matter.
Jon: (*Pulls out a test tube of water*) Lord, if you ever loved me you will help me now. Please make this water holy.
Uforious: No matter I'll just finish you off the boring way (*draws sword*)
Jon: (*Throws water not knowing if it worked*)
Uforious: Yarrrrr! (*A distinct smell of burning fills the air*) Yarrrrrr! (*collapses*) Arrrrrrr (*Begins to fade*) I shall take revenge on your entire world! (*fades further*) Destroyer, (V)! (*Fades to nothing. A fire ball heads into the sky*)


Raistlin: Wow, you were awesome... for a small man with hardly any magic or skill.
Jon: *Smiles and points to the sky* I had help.


*In a solar system far, far away, near a sun no different from our own. A temple marked with a (V). A fire ball. Something is released. The something heads to Earth.*



UFO (Uforious)

Chapter 49
Sunday, 11-Jun-2000 13:13:06

*Lone Wolf, now on the ground, sees a horse and buggy coming along with Luna in the back*

Lone Wolf: Princess Luna!

*Lone Wolf steps in the middle of the freeway with sword outwards at the buggy. The horses stop and gar, þlacebø, Marril and Luna get out*

Luna: Lone Wolf!
gar: hmm, she can identify him. Guess my manipulation spell is wearing off
Lone Wolf: Guess so, now give me back Princess Luna so I can revive her! That is if Tom remembered to pick up that Phoenix Down. If it actually exists
gar: hmmm.. we came here for the wind shrine not to battle some meddlesome kids
þlacebø: perhaps he already got the wind base, since this is where the wind shrine is supposed to be. P'rhaps we can trade him Luna for the wind base
gar: hmmm, good idea. We'll give you Luna for the wind base
Lone Wolf: Sorry, Evil People Inc. took it
gar: well then no deal
Lone Wolf: But I do have some information that you may find most valuable
gar: Like what?
Lone Wolf: Let's say it is information that means life and death, so I propose a trade. This information for Luna
gar: ok, only because this is between life and death

*gar gives Luna to Lone Wolf*

gar: so what is this information?
Lone Wolf: well, you three are standing right below where the wind shrine is
Þlacebø: Yeah so?
Lone Wolf: Well, haven't you noticed the wind has stopped?
Gar: Oh No!
Þlacebø: what?
Lone Wolf: well, without the wind to hold it up, it is right now falling down to earth. And it should land right about...
Þlacebø: crap

*crash and the Wind shrine lands on Marril, gar and þlacebø*

Lone Wolf: Now. Haha

*Lone Wolf runs off because he knows the power of gar, Marril and þlacebø, and knows it will only take a half an hour for them to break free from under the wind shrine. And he wants to be as far away as he can with Luna when they break out*

Lone Wolf

C H A P T E R 50
Sunday, 11-Jun-2000 16:15:07

*Suddenly the ground blows up beneath Lone Wolf's feet.*

Lone Wolf: Waah!!! What on earth happened?
gar: (*looks at the explosive he just launched*) S-Mines are cool…
þlacebø: Dam wind shrine…
gar: Time for a plasma swarm...

*gar fires a helix shaped beam up at the wind shine, launching it into the air.*

gar: Enough of this crap. Fight me!
Lone Wolf: (*regaining his feet*) No time!
Luna: (*smacks LW round the face*) He said fight him!
Lone Wolf: Ow… (*long pause*) Huh? Oh yeah…hey Luna, what's gotten into you?
Luna: Wha…noth…er I mean, (*in a Bender voice*) What are you on about Fry? Kiss my shiny metal ass!
Lone Wolf: Okay gar, so maybe your manipulation isn't wearing off.
gar: Err, yeah whatever.
þlacebø: Lemme at 'im! I an' I kick him batty!
gar: No, no, no. We wouldn't wanna make this fight more unfair than it already is.
Lone Wolf: You're telling me!
Marril: Marril, marril!

*gar and Lone Wolf get into their battle positions*

Luna: FIGHT!!!
Lone Wolf: What? Oh yeah, okay. Umm, here we go! (*Creates a large beam cannon with his hands and fires it at gar. It hits him square on and knocks him backwards*)
gar: Good lord!
Lone Wolf: I…did that? Woohoo!
gar: Not so fast pal, I ain't finished off yet!!!
Marril: Marril! (*uses a Water Gun attack on Lone Wolf*)
Lone Wolf: Hey! Keep that blasted mutant under control!
gar: Mutant? No, he's a Pokémon!
Lone Wolf: Mutant, Pokémon, it's all the same. I can't stand those horrible creatures!
gar: Okay, my turn! SHORYUKEN!!! (*gar lands a Dragon Punch (Street Fighter) on Lone Wolf.*)
Lone Wolf: (*lands on the ground with a thump*) Ouch! Since when did this become a street fighting tournament?
gar: Well…

*Suddenly a huge metallic pod comes hurtling down to the ground and lands on Marril, crushing him…probably.*

þlacebø: Sweet Jah of Utopia! They killed Marril!
gar: You bast…
Lone Wolf: HALLELUJAH!!!
gar: …ard!
Lone Wolf: Hooray! That annoying blue mutant is gone! Rejoice! About time too…(*creak*)…huh? (*creak*) Creak? (*yes, creak*) What the…YIPES!

*Lone Wolf's armour is rusting, thanks to Marril's water gun*

Lone Wolf: Ah, hell with this! I'm off! (*runs away, creaking like mad*) C'mon Luna!
Luna: (*still sounding like Bender*) Hey, since when did I take orders from you? You couldn't command your own hand to pick up a pencil! Ahahahahahahaha…wait a minute… (*back to normal*) What am I doing? Hey Lone Wolf, wait up! (*runs after Lone Wolf*)

*Meanwhile, the pod opens and Marril steps out!*

Marril: Ma-rill!
gar: What the…how the…
þlacebø: Ah, nev'r mind.
gar: Hey, what's that writing on the side of the pod?

*The letters (V) are inscripted on the side.*

gar: Woah!
þlacebø: Not th' GF surely?
gar: 'course not! They wouldn't keep (V) in a pod this small. Hey lets take it to the labs for testing.

*gar loads the pod into the buggy*

þlacebø: Yo, where'd that payaka Luna go?
gar: Who cares?
Marril: Marril!

*The buggy drives off*



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