[Dreams of Doom]

Chapters 1 - 10

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Chapter 1
Wednesday, 31-May-00 23:53:19

*I stand still petrified that I may fall like my comrades in battle I see destruction around me engulfing the world, yet I am powerless to do anything but stare at the chaos approaching me. The destruction is approaching taking the lives of those I care about, those whom I love. I am engulfed in pain but it is so horrible that I can't even scream. I close my eyes awaiting death.*

*I open my eyes seeing the wall of my room. Knowing that it is a nightmare I rest uncomfortably. Knowing that it is the same nightmare which I have been having for the past week makes me unsure whether it is pure fiction or a harsh oncoming reality. I get out of bed and head for my balcony over looking my kingdom knowing what destruction awaits it I make haste down to the shrine to see my advisor on the magics Talon the Red Mage.*

Talon: Young Prince, what are you doing here so early?
Lone Wolf: I have had that dream again of the impending doom which faces this world
Talon: hmmm..... this is not good, definitely not good
Lone Wolf: I know that its not good
Talon: Well as you seem dreadfully worried about this I suggest journey to the forest shrine there should be someone there more qualified than me that knows what to do.
Lone Wolf: The forest shrine but its like half a world away!!
Talon: Well then I suggest you go at once, the forest shrine won't come to you
Lone Wolf: I guess you are right, tell my father where I am won't you Talon?
Talon: Of course

*With that Lone Wolf starts his journey to the Forest Shrine. Wondering what other dangers could possibly await him besides the end of the word and how to exactly get to the Forest shrine?*

Lone Wolf

Chapter 2, and I'm glad we finally got another one going.
Friday, 02-Jun-00 15:04:25

**Warteen has been having nightmares of his own, not knowing that somewhere else not too far away the same thing is happening. He sees a giant, arrow-like shape that is fired by a creature... A creature which he does not recognize, but who looks pleased in anticipation of destruction... He looks up, and he sees it's about to hit and destroy the Earth...**

Warteen: NO!!! *wakes up with a start*
SI/\/: *awakened* What is it? What's wrong?
Warteen: Nothing...
SI/\/: Umm... okay. You sure you're alright?
Warteen: Yeah, I'm okay.
SI/\/: Alright, man. If you feel troubled though, maybe you should go to the forest shrine. I heard that's where people go to seek guidance.
Warteen: That's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll do that.

**Warteen immediately departs from his home, not really knowing what's happening, but knowing that he must do something to stop this evil force, whatever it may be. Hours later, he arrives at the forest shrine...**

Warteen: *notices Lone Wolf* Hi.
Lone Wolf: Hey.
*long pause as they wait for the shrine doors to open*
Warteen: So... what brings you to the forest shrine?
Lone Wolf: ... Huh? Sorry, I'm kind of thinking about something.
Warteen: Oh yeah? What?
Lone Wolf: These dreams I've been having...

**The doors open. Warteen and Lone Wolf step inside.**



Chapter 3
Friday, 02-Jun-00 15:50:18

*Ivy Lanna Lee opened up the doors to the forest shrine that she had worked at for the past ten years. She was rather surprised to find that two handsome young men were waiting on the steps. Ever since the people had stopped believing, there had been less and less traffic to the shrine. People had a want to do things their own way, and forget the old traditions.*

Ivy: Welcome. I am the apprentice to the Shrine Master, Keeper of the Heart. I am Ivy Lanna Lee. What brings you to the shrine this day?
Older Gentleman: I'm Lone Wolf, Prince of Kingdom Threadaria. It's an honor to meet you.
Ivy: Ahh, Prince! Forgive me, but I have not been out of these shrine walls for a long time. I pay homage to you. *bows to Lone Wolf*
Warteen: Uh, I'm Warteen. Nice to meet ya.
Ivy: Likewise, Warteen. It is nice to meet you. *bows to Warteen*
Warteen: Um, yeah.
Lone Wolf: Apprentice, I-
Ivy: Please, call me Ivy.
Lone Wolf: Ivy, I have been having dreams of impending doom on not only my own kingdom, but the world. The same dream every night, for the last week!
Ivy: Ah, I see. Dreams are important, espicially recurring ones. It is important that you meet with the Keeper. He will know what to tell you. I have not had enough experience with dreams. Warteen, wny have you traveled to such a little used shrine? What guidence do you seek from the Keeper?
Warteen: Well, I've been having dreams of destruction, too. They're so real, I can't ignore them. The same one, every night. Ahhh!
Ivy: Then you must meet with the Keeper as well. We shall go to him, now.

*Ivy leads Lone Wolf and Warteen to where the Keeper of the Heart waits, in meditation. Ivy opens the door, allowing them entry.*

Ivy: Keeper, these two men have need to speak with you of recurring nightmares that I believe may have meaning. Will you see them now?

*The Keeper studies the two men.*

Keeper: Yes, I will see them.
Ivy: Thank you, Master.
Keeper: Apprentice, do not leave yet. You will hear this, it will learn you in the ways of determining the validity of dreams.

*The two men and the young woman wlak into the center of the shrine. Ivy stands by the Keeper's right hand.*

Keeper: I am the Master of this shrine, the Keeper of the Heart, and my true name is...



Chapter 4
Friday, 02-Jun-00 18:17:15

Keeper:My true name is ...
Voice: Wait! Wait for me!

*Everyone looks at the door*

Voice: Okay you can start again now.
Keeper:*sigh* I've told you over and over again Jeff, DO NOT INTERUPT ME WHEN I A SPEAKING!
Jeff: Sorry Keeper. Okay, where am I supposed to stand again.

*Ivy drops head down*

Ivy: Over there, by Keeper's left hand.
Jeff: Okay.

*Jeff walks over and stands by the Keeper of the Heart's left hand*

Keeper: Now that everything is ready, I may start again. I am the Master of this shrine, the Keeper of the Heart, and my true name is...



Chapter 5
Friday, 02-Jun-00 22:59:28

Keeper: "Now that everything is ready, I may start again. I am the Master of this shrine, the Keeper of the Heart, and my true name is..."

*Just then, the Keeper gives a quick moan and slumps to the floor. Three shurikens are revealed lodged in his back. A dark figure jumps to the ground. Warteen brandishes his rapier and charges at the figure, who stands motionless. The figure then unsheathes his katana and just blocks Warteen's downward slash. Then the figure spins around and tries a strike to Warteen's midsection, which Warteen easily blocks. Then the figure sweeps Warteen, and kicks his sword out of his hand. The figure stares at Warteen with katana pointed straight at him.*

Figure: "That man was not what he appeared to be."
Ivy: "What?"
Figure: "He was using you."
Jeff: "Huh?"
Lone Wolf: "Who are you?"
Figure: "... I am called Shadow... The 'Keeper' was a much greater evil than what I may appear to be."
Warteen: "What are you talking about?!"


Chapter 6
Sunday, 04-Jun-00 00:15:54

*Suddenly, the keeper stood up.*

Shadow: what the?! I killed you!

*The keeper's skin starts to be torn off, revealing a metallic shell underneath with eight legs and a giant head.*

Warteen: It's a robotic octopus!!
Octopus: That is correct, sir!
Shadow: I don't get it.
Octopus: Your punishment, assassin, will be this: eternal torment forever for 10 years.
Shadow: such a thing is impossible.

*Suddenly, Shadow starts to dance, singing: This is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends, some people started singing it, not knowing what it was, and they'll continue singing it forever, just because this is the song that never ends, yes it goes on and on...*

Octopus: Ha ha ha ha! Have fun.

*the mechanical octopus breaks through the wall and makes his getaway in an electric golf cart.*

Warteen: Well, this is just about the most annoying thing I've ever heard in my life.
Lone Wolf: Yes it is.
Ivy: We have to help him somehow!
Voice: Well, I suppose this is the best I can expect from a 5th class apprentice.

*Another man wearing black enters the room, this one seeming a bit older and wiser than shadow, but still fairly young.*

Lone Wolf: Who are you?
Man: My name is Raistlin, and I am one of the leaders of the organization that Shaodow is a part of. He's not too good now, but he shows much promise. The octopus was just a drone of Evil People Inc. They are currently the world leaders of doing evil things in general.
Warteen: Is there any way to get him to stop singing that awful song?
Raistlin: Yes, it's easy enough. He should be able to do it himself...

*Raistlin concentrates for a moment and Shadow's singing stops.*

Shadow: Thank you, my lord


Chapter 7
Sunday, 04-Jun-00 09:01:43

Lone Wolf: So who are these Evil People inc.? Could they be resposible for the destuction of the world?
Raistlin: The destruction of the world sounds like their style, as for who they are, the seem to like to keep themselves secret.
Warteen: Maybe we should try to find out more, they could be the ones resposible for our dreams.
Ivy: And they could be the ones who are holding my master hostage.
Shadow: They are, I came here to warn eveyone.
Raistlin: In my wiseness, I know the HQ of Evil People inc. to be in a mountain range just outside Lone Wolfs kingdom.
Lone Wolf: But that's on the other side of the world!
Raistlin: And it only took a few chapters to get here, it can't be that far.
Jeff: *looking into the shadows* Hey who are you?
Uforious: *Steps out of the shadows waring a black cape and holding a sword with runes on it* I am Uforious F. Octous. I am often known as Uforious, or UFO. Please choose which you would prefer.
Lone Wolf: Friend of foe?
Uforious: Depends weather you agree with my terms.
Ivy: What are your terms.
Uforious: I want the forest heart.
Ivy: Unacceptable
Uforious: Then foe *draws Sword**Chants into it.**Everyone is paralized.**Takes heart**leaves*
Ivy: Nooo! Marster, I have faild you.
Warteen: You haven't faild the keeper yet. But whats inportant is that you don't break down now so what are you going to do, go after the heart, or rescue the keeper.
Ivy: I'll...


UFO (Uforious)

Chapter 8
Sunday, 04-Jun-00 10:17:03

Ivy: I'll...
Jeff: I know!
Ivy: *turns to Jeff* What now?
Jeff: We should rescue the Keeper first because we don't know where UFO took the heart.
Warteen: Good point. I think we should save the keeper first too.
Ivy: Okay then, let's go to the HQ of evil people inc. and rescue the Keeper!

*They all start going north when they come upon a group of people*

Guard: Halt! Who are you people?
Lone Wolf: I know these people. They are from my kingdom.

*Lone Wolf steps toward the guards*

Lone Wolf: It is I, Lone Wolf. You may let us past.

*The guards look at each other*

Guard: Liar! Lone Wolf has been dead for years. We don't like people who lie. You must be thieves! Prepare to die!



Chapter 9
Sunday, 04-Jun-00 12:38:35

Guard: Prepare to die!!!!

*guards step foreward and start attacking the group of travelers*

Lone wolf: What! I've been away for a couple of months, no more. and I'm not dead.

*guard takes a swipe at Lone wolf, cutting off his protests*

Guard: Ha! theives! I'll not let you take anything from the princess. And only a very stupid person would try and impersonate the late prince.

Woman: Halt!

*guards turn and look at a woman who is comming forth from the interior of the tent*

Woman: who are you folks?
Ivy: Princess! *bows* I am Ivy Lanna Lee, apprentice at the forrest shrine. *motions at Warteen* This is warteen, A dreamer who has come to me for guidance. *nods at Shadow and Raistlin* These are our companions, who are fighting EvilPeople.inc. My master was kidnapped by those people.
Jeff: *rushes up to the Woman, and shakes her hand emphattically* HI! I'm Jeff, I was senior apprentice at the Shrine. and this is Prince Lone wolf.
Princess: Prince Lone Wolf...... *goes into memory land* .......He was so strong.... and kind to my animals... I was just as child...Nine years old.... and then he left us and it all fell apart.
Lone Wolf: What! I left home a mont and a half ago, not like a lifetime or anything. My father knew where i was going, and so did Talon. How was it that i went missing?
Princess: *looking at lone wolf* YOu do look like him, but that is not conclusive evidence. *stands up striaghter* If you are Lone Wolf, then why did you leave us all?
Lone Wolf: i left because i had reoccuring lifelike nightmares of war and pillage. I had to go the the shrine to find out what these dreams meant. i left only a short time ago.
Princess: You and your companions will come home with us, and i will deposit you at Lone Wolf's castle, and have his father deal with you. Ivy, you can come with me, and ride upon my mount. *addressing the guards* place the others in the treasure vaulted wagon.
Ivy: *bowing* thank you Ma'am, but, if I may ask, what is your name?
Princess: my name.... *looks speculatively at Lone Wolf* is Luna. that is allyou need to know. We'll get you to the father of Lone Wolf, and he may be able to explain how you are here, if you did indeed come from six years in the past.


A.E. Luna

Chapter 10
Sunday, 04-Jun-00 18:34:41

-- On the way to Lone Wolf's castle... --

Warteen: (to Lone Wolf) You're really a prince, huh? What's this business about being from the past?
Lone Wolf: I really have no idea. I just left my castle, probably at about the same time as you left your home, and now people are saying that I'm not me!
Luna: Perhaps I can explain. Six years ago, a message of mourning went throughout the royal world. Most people outside of the castles didn't hear about it, which explains why Warteen and Ivy haven't heard.
Lone Wolf: *nods thoughtfully* So, what was this message?
Luna: It was a message of a prince's death. YOUR death, if you're really Prince Lone Wolf...
Lone Wolf: This is impossible! Absolutely... ridiculous...
Warteen: I believe you, if that means anything.
Ivy: Me too.
Lone Wolf: Thanks, guys. But this is insane. How could a message of my death gone out six years ago?
Shadow: Well, we're at the castle. I guess we'll find out.
Jeff: Remember, Lone Wolf, be prepared for whatever happens here. I sense that something very strange is going on...


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