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Chapter 31
Friday, 09-Jun-00 16:54:13

Note: If I'm hogging the spotlight, please tell me. I don't wnat to be responsible for finishing this story.


Tom: Y'know..Warteen...on that saving the world thing?
Warteen: Yup, what aobut it?
Tom: And Raistlin going back to the Forest Shrine and all....?
Warteen: Hmmm...yeah...?
Tom: Well, maybe we could split up and guard all the shrines form Evil People Inc.
Jeff: Good idea, but I don't see how it works...
Ivy: After all, it's not apparent they're just attacking the shrines.
Warteen: And another thing: How many shrines are there, exactly?
Tom: I know of five: The Psi Shrine, the Ice Shrine, the Forest Shrine, the Wind Shrine and the Earth Shrine. But Sootdust may know of more....
Warteen: But it's a good point, Cosmo, however, even though there is all that saving the world stuff, that'd only work against Evil People.Inc, not placebo and gar.
Lone Wolf: And they're our biggest problems. After all, you can't beat 'em.
Tom: But I could practice...I still need to perfect my Summoning skills, and if I perfect Leviathan under the guidance of Kudam-Ra, I could control placebo.
Warteen: Go.
Tom: What?
Warteen: Why don't you just go to Alakazbam and meet Kudam-Ra. Aside form the advice and maigc skills, you could get the Phoinex Down...if indeed it does exist.
Jon: And me and my Tin Monkeys could guard shrines...
Warteen: So, Tom, you go to the Ice Shrine in Alakazbam, Ivy can go to the Wind Shrine with Lone Wolf, Jon can take the Psi Shrine with his Tin Monkeys, me and Jeff can take the Earth Shrine and with Raistlin at the Forest Shrine, everytihng should balance out.
Tom: I guess I'm taking Luna's body. [CONTINUITY?--Luna's body already gone]
Warteen: Correct. And where's the Earth and Psi shrines?
Tom: The Psi Shrine is nearby, through this cave, I should think, as told by my E-Skill orb...(with I mat be able to use to copy placebo's Leviathan form), and the Earth shrine is at Neidiea, south of these caves.

*So, as the seperated group move out, they do not know and evil scheme is being plotted by, ironically, Evil People.Inc* [CONTINUITY?--same problem as with Raistlin. Perhaps Tom could teleport us back]

Sootdust: The Psi Shrine is our main target now. The Psi-Eye will complement the Heart of the Forest well, now it has been brought to us.
Uforious: For a price.
Sootdust: Yes, Uforious, for a price of twenty thousdand gold coins. Now for the last time, go.
Slayer: Umm...what about those invaders who tried to kill us?
Sootdust: Who cares? We are much more powerful! And if all else fails, remember the company motto:
Sootdust/Slayer/Scalene: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em...as long as they are evil too!

To nBe ConTINUeD

Tom Cosmo

Chapter 32
Friday, 09-Jun-00 18:41:52

**The group has split up, heading to protect the shrines.**


Ivy: So, we're headed to the Wind Shrine.
Lone Wolf: Yes...
Ivy: What is it?
Lone Wolf: This is just getting too complicated. One day everything is normal, and the next...
Ivy: I know how you feel. The Keeper is like a father to me. I don't know if I'll be able to bear it if anything should happen to him.
Lone Wolf: (interrupting) Wait.
Ivy: What?
Lone Wolf: Ahhh, crap.
Ivy: What?!
Lone Wolf: This "brilliant" plan sent us to the Wind Shrine... we don't know where it is!!!
Ivy: *thinks for a moment* Oh, drat. You're right. Why didn't you say anything back there?!
Lone Wolf: I didn't want to look stupid...
Ivy: (angry) It's a bit late for that now!
Lone Wolf: Look, I'm sorry...
Ivy: It's okay. **Suddenly, the wind flares up around her.** Hey! My hair!!!
Lone Wolf: Ha ha... **The wind gusts, knocking him over.** Grr...
Ivy: Hee hee!
Lone Wolf: This is unusual. I've never seen the wind acting in such a fashion. *thinks* That could mean... we're near the Wind Shrine!!!
Ivy: Hey, you're right! Let's follow the wind!

**The wind blows them to a technologically-advanced looking door. Meanwhile...**[CONTINUITY?-- no tech door in next chapter]


Jeff: Going south! Going south! La la laaaa!
Warteen: *groans* How did I get stuck with you, anyway?
Jeff: I believe it was your planning.
Warteen: Oh, yeah. Anyway, we've got to get to Neidiea. Any idea how far south it is past these mountains?
Jeff: No, I have "neidiea".
Warteen: Ohhhhhh.....

**So, Warteen and Jeff are getting off to a rocky start. Not too far away...**


Tom Cosmo: Well, I sure am glad I got away from those guys. They're nothing but trouble. Now, about this Evil People, Inc. organization... They're obviously after my group for some reason. If there's one thing these guys are good at, it's making enemies. **Caught up in his own chatter, he trips over a rock and scrapes his knee.** OW!!! *glares at the rock* I'll show you!!! *casts Quake on the rock, knocking himself over again* OW!!!!!!! Grrr... now I'm getting REALLY mad!!! *casts Doom on the rock to no effect* AAAARGH! I'LL KILL YOU!!!!! *proceeds to jump up and down repeatedly on the rock until it turns into a little pile of rubble* HA! HA HA HA HA HA!!!... cough, cough. Man, I -cough- could be a warrior -cough- yet. I'd better get going though.

**He continues toward the Ice Shrine. At about that time...**


Jon: Well, this certainly is a big adventure. Who ever thought a guy like me would be saving the world? Good thing I've got these tin monkeys! **He pats the bag. A tin monkey falls out.**
Tin Monkey: Ooook oook akkk!
Jon: Awww, you sure are a cute little fella. I wonder why those bad guys are so scared of you.
Tin Monkey: Oook!!!
Jon: I guess they can't take anything that's good, pure, or even cute. Oh well... *picks back up the tin monkey and replaces it in the bag* Cute little fella... Sniff... poor Luna... don't worry, Luna. I'll figure out some way to save you! *looks up* Hey, this is it! The Psi Shrine! *walks inside, where it is eerily quiet* Woah. Spooky. *he fingers the cross around his neck subconsciously* I shouldn't have come alone... *he sees something ahead* Hey, what's that?
Uforious: That, my friend, is the Psi-Eye, the treasure of this shrine. And it's mine now.
Jon: Hey, who the heck are you? *notices Uforious' sword* Uh oh... I know who you are.
Uforious: Do you now? I guess I'm pretty popular, then.
Jon: Hardly. What did you do with the Heart of the Forest?!
Uforious: Ha ha ha! I gave it to... a friend.
Jon: Who?
Uforious: I hardly think you're at liberty to be asking questions, kid. Now I'm taking this Psi-Eye and that's that.
Jon: I don't think so.
Uforious: You think you're gonna stop me?

**Uforious brings his sword to his lips, ready to paralyze Jon. Jon, acting with amazing speed, reaches inside his bag and whips out a tin monkey, ready for action. He throws it at Uforious with great accuracy. It hits him in the middle of the head.**

Uforious: Ow! *collapses*
Jon: *walks over to Uforious* Now, the name of who you gave the Heart of the Forest to?
Uforious: I'll... never... tell...
Jon: Please? We really need it to save the world. I know you're not really completely evil.
Uforious: *sighs* Oh, well, fine. His name is Sootdust.
Jon: Sootdust? I've got to go. Thanks!
Uforious: *springs up* You're not going anywhere!
Jon: I knew it was too good to be true. *grabs another tin monkey and shoves it in Uforious' mouth*
Uforious: MMMPH!!! *faints*

**Jon grabs the Psi-Eye and runs to find his friends and tell them what he's learned.**


Chapter 33
Friday, 09-Jun-00 18:56:58

*As Warteen and Jeff are going to the Earth Shrine a cloaked figure appears in front of them*

Jeff: Ack! What do you want?!
Cloaked figure: I'll be taking Jeff!

*The cloaked figure makes a bright light flash and when Warteen can finally see he notices that the cloaked figure and Jeff are gone*

Warteen: At least Jeff's gone now..... oops did I say that out loud?!


Jeff: Uhhhhhh..... Where am I?

*A man without a cloak on walks up to Jeff*

Jeff: Ack! It's you!
figure: Yes it is me. I have a proposal for you Jeff. You can either stay here.... Or you can become a member of Evil People Inc. again.
Jeff: I will not work for Evil People Inc. again.
Figure: We'll see about that...



Chapter 34
Friday, 09-Jun-00 19:40:03

-- As Lone Wolf and Ivy are walking against the wind --

Lone Wolf: Uhhh... the wind is getting stronger are you sure this is going to get us to the wind shrine
Ivy: I am not sure, I should be able to sense the shrine
Lone Wolf: What do you mean?
Ivy: Well while I was in the forest shrine we learned to sense spirits
Lone Wolf: So?
Ivy: I am getting there!!! The Shrines are not just buildings where priests and priestesses and apprentices live and pray, Shrines are also the house of the spirits. Spirits are the magic of the universe and the shrines are where the majority of the magic is stored thats why I want to become a priestess since they are dedicated to the protection of the universe they and priests have the strongest magic.
Lone Wolf: But how come people who commit evil acts have the use of magic as well?
Ivy: Spirits also exist inside of you, but if you turn to the dark the spirits become dark and feed off an entirely different source of magic, it scares me to think about it
Lone Wolf: then why couldn't you find it before why do you need to be so close
Ivy: I am only an apprentice cut me some slack its hard senseing spirits I haven't seen you trying to sense any
Lone Wolf: sorry
Ivy: Apolgy accepted
Lone Wolf: The wind is getting worse are you sure that the wind shrine isn't this way
Ivy: Yes I am positive the wind shrine is this way but I don't sense it in front of us
Lone Wolf: Than where is it?
Ivy: above
Lone Wolf: What?!? How are we supposed to get up there (*he looks up and sees a shrine floating on a cloud*)
Ivy: (*Ivy stops*) let the wind carry you
Lone Wolf: Well if you say so (*Lone Wolf stops*)

(*the wind carries them up in the air heading for the wind shrine*)


Warteen: Jeff? Hmm guess he really did disappear, well I can't really wait for him the world is depending on me to stop Evil Inc. from infiltraiting the Earth Shrine.

(*Warteen continues his journey to the earth shrine without Jeff*)


Figure: Jeff, have you changed your mind yet
Jeff: No I don't want to join Evil People Inc. again
Figure: Come on, it will be like old times

(*figure steps out of the shadows*)

Jeff: I told you no, you witch
Figure: Witch?!? Is that anyway to call your wife, come on I am sure you can call me by my real name just say it [CONTINUITY?--His wife never appears again, instead it's his "best friend"]
Jeff: ......


Jon: Shoot!!! I knew I shouldn't have rushed off before every one else I have no directions to there shrines and the only shrines where abouts I know are the one I was just at the Psi-Shrine and the Forest Shrine and Raistlin is at the forest shrine and it seems like he doesn't care that much... But I need some help protecting the Psi-Eye *haha* that rhymes. Anyways off to the forest shrine


Tom: Is this the legendary Ice Shrine it must be, I have found it hahahahhahaha take that Evil People Inc. ..... Wait one minute upon further look of this shrine it appears that the door has been sealed off. Hmm.. that's not quite expected. But there must be another door around here some where

Lone Wolf

Chapter 35
Friday, 09-Jun-00 23:51:08 (?)

*emerging through the tree that was the entrance to the Psi-Shrine, Jon steps onto the scene*

Jon: (*thinking*) These guys picked me up at Castle Lokin. Good thing I've travelled enough to know where the Forest Shrine. (*sets off in that direction*) I wonder when Uforious will wake up? I'd better get moving quick...

*the spending of a few hours finds Jon a good way to the Forest Shrine, having passed through assorted mountains, forests, hills, towns and the like. Currently he is on a path through some woods. A disturbance in the bushes catches his attention, and out steps Uforious*

Jon: oh poop
Ufo: You'll pay for that monkey-to-the-face

*Jon reaches into his bag and pulls out one of his dwindling supply of tin monkeys*

Ufo: try that again and I'll kill you even more slowly
Jon: fool me once... (*laughs*)

*Suddenly, Jon is off into the woods at breakneck speed. UFO raises his sword and casts his paralyze spell. Jon is out of range and unaffected, though a paralyzed squirrel falls from overhead and lands by UFO's feet*

UFO: drat
Jon: (*to self, for exposition*) travel here, wander there, dodge enemy soldiers, angry townspeople. Gets one good at fleeing and hiding. All the same...
UFO: (*yelling to an empty forest*) I want that Psi-eye!

*Pauses and ducks down inside a bush, using his cloak for camoflauge. He opens his sack and begins rummaging around*

Jon: All these stupid monkeys... Can't find anything. Lucky I bought them at that toyshop tho. Thought I might make a few bucks, but they saved my life instead, the lives of my new friends too (*kisses one, then realizes how dumb that was, and looks around to make sure noone saw*)

*he finally extracts two vials of liquid from his bag, one purple, the other brown. These he mixes together. The combined liquids become a sickly yellow.*

Jon: Whee! Chemistry is fun! And they said I'd never use it in real life. I may know just one lousy vanishing spell, but give me some chloroform and watch out! To finish up...

*he soaks a rag from his sack in the liquid and wraps the resulting (rather stinky) wet cloth in bark peeled from a nearby tree*

Jon: There. That'll keep it from drying out before I need it.

*he places the small stinky mass inside a small pouch on his belt and sets off quickly toward the Forest shrine, being careful to remain as quiet as possible. Another half hour finds him near the shrine. Peering from the bushes, he sees no immediate threat. So he steps into the open*

UFO: behind you, theif
Jon: (*turning around*) almost. ALMOST. I was THIS CLOSE to making it safely, and now I get to stinking die. Lovely day.
UFO: That's just how the world works sometimes (*approaching Jon*)
Jon: well, stinking's got something to do with it

*Jon grabs the cloth he prepared earlier from his sack and whirls around behind Ufo, grabbing him in a choke hold and pressing the rag hard into his face. Ufo grunts, strains, and then flips Jon over and off of him, dropping him on the ground*

UFO: (*raising sword*) now you die

*but the chemical was a strong one, and begins to take effect. UFO collapses*

Jon: Dang. I'm alive. It _actually_ worked. Last time I tried that trick I got tarred and feathered anyway.

*he proceeds into the Forest shrine*

Jon: Hey Raistlin! Anyone here?

*he spots Raistlin sitting on the floor meditating. He slowly opens his eyes*

Raistlin: Jon. What are you doing here?
Jon: We gotta get moving quick... we-
Raistlin: No. I am staying here until the keeper returns. I can be of no further use to you or your party.
Jon: (*removing the psi-eye from his pack*) I need your help guarding this (*Raistlin's eyes widen in surprise*) from that really angry UFO guy with the flaming sword. He's passed out outside right now, but I don't know how long a simple chemical will keep a powerful magic user like that down. And I'm no warrior. I need help.
Raistlin: You could be trained...
Jon: But not qucikly enough. Maybe on the way. We gotta get going, unless you'd care to get toasted again, and get another heart stolen...
Raistlin: This is more my speed, a good, concrete objective. We'd better hurry

*Raistlin quickly rises and gathers the few things he travels with. Both depart*

Raistlin: (*looking at UFO*) We should hide his sword
Jon: good idea

*Jon tries to unsheath the sword of the unconsious UFO, only to have his hand nearly torn off by an odd protection spell*

Jon: YOW! I guess we leave it and run then
Raistlin: okee

*they set off back into the woods*

Raistlin: so where are we going?
Jon: The rest of us have split up, to guard more shrines that way...
Raistlin: what about rescuing the keeper, and healing Luna?
Jon: saving the world seemed more important to enough of us...
Raistlin: ah. So I repeat, where we headed?
Jon: I kinda know where the Earth shrine is, they said something about being south of the Psi-one. And I've been by the air one before in my travels. Actually only heard stories and seen it in the sky, never been there...
Raistlin: We were near the Ice shrine for a while, before Tom teleported us back, but it was really cold and I got the impression it was a good ways away.
Jon: sure was. I was nauseous after all that teleporting. We'd better get moving either way.

*Raistlin and Jon quicken their pace through the woods as this chapter comes to a close*

[A.N.: where we end up is anyone's call. How about some adventures on the way, tho? And we need to re-join somehow. These seperate locations make it just too hard to keep track of everything. Just my opinion.]

- Jon Spike
[Jon Spike]

Chapter 36 -- Tom Cosmo's kepping his Ragnorak but'll make up new spells.
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 03:12:35

Tom: Hmm...where is that door?
Kudam-Ra's voice: Right behind you.
Tom: What? (*turns round and sees a door in midair. Enters*)
Kudam-Ra: Hello, little Cosmo, the 'greatest' wizard.
Tom: People seem to think so...
Kudam-Ra: Including you, litle Cosmo. But truly, you only know 16 spells, however potent they be.
Tom: They are quite good ones, y'know, Ragnorak, Airstra, Quake, Doom, Rampage Bulltets, that kind of thing. And now, Enemy Skill.
Kudam-Ra: You have merely been lucky to serve under Delta Lady, Cosmo.
Tom: But I'm the greatest mortal wizard.
Kudam-Ra: Ahh...but is that true? In the wizarding world, no mortal is great. You must acheive immortality.
Tom: Yes, but, I don't know how, and I came here to protect the world and perfect my summoning skills.
Kudam-Ra: I am aware of the world's plight Cosmo, though we could do with you here. However, you must only stay here to perfect your sumoning. My more hostile priests do not welcome mortals. And besides, you're young and mobile, and must fight the evils of the future and of Evil People Inc. But which summoning do you require to perfect?
Tom: All of them. Especially Leviathan. [Note: Sorry Luna, the only FF summon hopefully appearng.]
Kudam-Ra: (*chuckles*) A great wizard who doesn't know Leviathan! It's a baisc summoning, Cosmo!
Tom: I'm only 12, Kudam. I've been studying for two years.
Kudam-Ra: I realize that. Now lets get started teaching you summoning. Ha! A great wizard who can't summon Leviathan!


Slayer: This'll be easy. No protectors of the Psi Shrine. And now Uforious has the Psi-Eye, we can use the Heart of the Forest to seize the energy of the Psi Shirne!
Scalene: Yeah, boss.
Slayer: Anyway...(*sees pedastal and palces Heart of the Forest on it*)

*the shrine beigns to glow*

Slayer: One element contained, five to go. Now where IS Uforious....?

Tom Cosmo

C H A P T E R 37
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 05:39:22

*gar, ■laceb° and Marril are at a service station having breakfast.*

gar: I think they're gonna be pretty disappointed when they find the Psi-Shrine!
■laceb°: Yeah!
gar: Thanks to the little 'clear-out' we gave that place, they're basically gonna be stealing nothing.
■laceb°: Jus' one question, bro'. Are you sure th' shipment o' stuff we sent to our dimension won't affect th' DTT?
gar: It shouldn't do.
Marril: Marril, marril!
gar: Anyway Luna, how're you feeling?

*Luna is sitting at the table with them, alive! She looks a little beaten.*

Luna: What? Oh, I'm fine thanks.
gar: That's the spirit!
Luna: I don't understand how you guys managed to raid the Psi-Shrine. Don't you need extreme psychic abilities to do that without the Heart of the Forest?
gar: You doů

*A spoon on the table in front of Luna floats up in the air, and then bends, a la Yuri Geller.*

Luna: Wowů
gar: I tend to prefer using my custom magic abilties though.
Luna: Are you kidding? If I had powers like that I'd use them all the time!
gar: Well bending spoons isn't that useful in battle.
Luna: I see.
■laceb°: So anyway, what we gon' do 'bout that Cosmo payaka?
gar: Well if he uses Ragnarok again, we'll be ready for it. I'm quite sure our magic powers are superior to his, but does he know that? Luna?
Luna: I can't tell you that.
gar: You don't want to die again do you?
Luna: (*gulp*) N-no.
gar: Well thenůplease answer the question.
Luna: Well Tom is normally under the illusion that his magic is the most powerful aroundůbut he may have changed his mind since the last time I saw him.
gar: What about his summoning skills?
Luna: They're practically non-existent.
Marril: Marril, marril, marr, marr, marril, rill marr!
gar: Yeah, we can withstand any summon.
■laceb°: I an' I's metamorphosis powers c'n handle any summoned donkya!!! Excep' maybe th' supreme '(V)'. Luna: (V)?
gar: The most destructive summoned monster in the world. It flys around dropping various desrtuctive bombs on planets. Then it blames it all on Vin Val, the scientist who discovered him.
Luna: Where is it?
gar: Oh, it light-years from this planet. In fact I think it's three galaxies away.
Luna: Surely a beast as powerful as that wouldn't obey a human.
■laceb°: Yeah, that be why they sealed him in a temple in a far off galaxy. It take a lifetime to get there so you basically die before you c'n find him.
Luna: Wow.
gar: Well let's get going.
■laceb°: Alrightů
Marril: Marril!
Luna: Yeah, okay.

*gar, ■laceb°, Marril and Luna jump into their recently 'acquired' vehicle and drive off down the freeway.*



Chapter 38
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 07:26:55

Jeff's Best Friend: You must join us again Jeff. You have no choice; either you join us now or stay here forever.
Jeff: I will not join Evil People Inc. again!
Best Friend: You will get your magic back if you join.

*Jeff thinks deeply*

Jeff: Alright, I guess I have no choice... I'll join Evil People Inc. again.
Best Friend: That's the spirit!

*Jeff's Best Friend doesn't realize Jeff is just joining Evil People Inc. again because he wants to help his friends shut down Evil People Inc.*



Chapter 39 (things are starting to fall together)
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 07:46:40

Warteen: Jeff! Jeffffff!! Where are you?! This is JUST GREAT... I can't go back and tell Ivy that I lost Jeff... (*looks into the center of the Earth Shrine*) Hey, isn't anyone here? What's that? ... (**He sees something about the size of a CD case. He goes over to it.**) Weird... (*picks it up*) What is this thing? (*examines it*) Might be important... (*puts it in his side pocket for later*) Well, it seems like I'm not going to find Jeff hanging around here. That bad guy took him away... Man, now we have to rescue the Keeper, Luna, AND Jeff. What am I going to tell everybody?


Ivy: So this is the Wind Shrine.
Lone Wolf: Really... what were we thinking, believing those guys who took Luna? Didn't really make sense to place the Wind Shrine beneath the Earth's surface...
Ivy: Oh well. At least we found it.
Kodos: (*pops up in front of them*) Who are you people?!
Lone Wolf: AAAAAAGH!!!
Lone Wolf: (*pulls out his sword*) Get back! Or so help me I'll slice you!
Kodos: Aaaagh! Put that thing away, dude!!!
Ivy: Who are you?!
Kodos: Me? I'm just the Keeper of the Wind Shrine. Why have you come here?
Ivy: I'm an apprentice of the Keeper of the Forest Shrine. My name is Ivy Lanna Lee.
Kodos: Oh, well nice to meet you.
Ivy: The Keeper of the Forest Shrine has been kidnapped.
Kodos: WHAT?!?!?! Oh, oh, oh... this is terrible. What happened?!
Lone Wolf: A group called Evil People, Inc. is slowly trying to take over or destroy the world. My friends and I are trying to stop them.
Kodos: You mean, there's more of you guys? Groovy. (*goes into the back of the shrine and returns with a blank sphere*) Here. You should take this.
Ivy: What is it?
Kodos: This is the Wind Base.
Ivy: What does it do?
Kodos: Well, it basically has the same function as the Heart of the Forest... You still have that, right?
Ivy: (*lowers her head*)
Kodos: WHAT?!?!! The Heart of the Forest has been taken?!
Lone Wolf: We tried to stop them...
Kodos: Take the Wind Base, then! (*gives it to them*) This Evil People, Inc. is obviously trying to get all six elemental power sources!
Ivy: Six? I thought there were five!
Kodos: Well, which ones do you know of?
Ivy: Well, there's the Forest Shrine, the Ice Shrine, the Psi Shrine, the Earth Shrine, and the Wind Shrine.
Kodos: I see. Well, you forgot about the Fire Shrine.
Ivy: And where is that?
Kodos: Deep underground, near the firey center of Earth. I don't see how you could get there without some sophisticated piece of machinery. That's not important right now though. What's important is that you stop Evil People, Inc. from getting any more power sources! They already have the Heart of the Forest... that spells trouble. If they were to get all six, they would have unstoppable power!!!
Lone Wolf: Then we must hurry. Thank you, kind sir.
Kodos: Any time. Now stay safe.

**Lone Wolf and Ivy leave.**


**Meanwhile, Tom Cosmo has finally improved his magic and summoning skills, including... Leviathan!**

Tom Cosmo: Thank you so much. I won't forget this.
Kudam-Ra: Just stay alive. That is thanks enough. Then you may have a chance at saving the world.
Tom Cosmo: All right. I'll do it! I have to go find my friends now. Thanks again! (*leaves*)
Kudam-Ra: Well done.
Kudam-Sa: (*comes forward*) Why didn't you tell him?
Kudam-Ra: I hardly think there was need to tell him about the Brain of Ice. We'll most certainly be able to protect it.
Kudam-Sa: Don't you think it would have been safer giving it to Tom?
Kudam-Ra: Ha! That boy is a pompous, inexperienced, hot-tempered troublemaker. He doesn't stand a chance in the real world.
Kudam-Sa: You should give him more credit. He's our only hope...
Kudam-Ra: We can be our own hope. All we have to do is protect the Brain of Ice, and Evil People, Inc. will never have absolute power.
Kudam-Sa: But how long do you think they'll leave us alone...


Chapter 40
Saturday, 10-Jun-00 10:36:13

Jeff: So what what do you want me to do?
Best Friend: I want you to get the Fire Ruby from the Fire Shrine. Nobody can go to the Fire Shrine except you, Jeff because you are the only one that can resist the heat down there.
Jeff: Okay... but where is this Fire Shrine?
Best Friend: It's in the center of the earth.
Jeff: Oh... okay... I better go get it then.

****Jeff teleports away from Evil People Inc. and arrives near the Fire Shrine****

Jeff: (*takes out signal jammer*) I better use this is case Evil People Inc. are tracking me.

****Jeff goes into the Fire Shrine and takes the Fire Ruby. Then he teleports back to where Warteen is.****

Jeff: Hey Warteen, I'm back.
Warteen(turns around): Stay back! (*Draws sword*)
How do I know you're not brainwashed or something?
Jeff: (*Shows Warteen the Fire Ruby and tosses it to him*) That's the Fire Ruby from the Fire Shrine. If I was against you would I give that to you?
Warteen: (*examines the Firy Ruby*) Looks real to me. I guess you're not against me. At least that's one less person to rescue now.



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