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Ok, so I'm settling into my new home here at Wonderful, cheap little hosting package, all thanks to Crosswinds Pro. Lots more dials and settings and scripts to fiddle with, and very flexible email! My preferred address is now, although the old meta4mix one will still work, too.

Hullo and welcome. There are a couple of different projects hosted here, listed below for your convenience. Please enjoy your stay!

Jon's Website

My personal site. Basic info on me, writing, poetry, drawing, links, miscellany. Everything, really, that you've come to expect from a web-borne shrine to narcissism.


I have a friend named The Chad, and he's writing this awesome fanfic crossover fighting extravaganza called "East Meets West", and it is hosted here.

The site's obligatory forum. Small-time but strange and interesting things sometimes happen here; may be worth stopping by.


A PhpWiki, for writing from anywhere and collaborative editing. Sometimes it's a little flighty; if you're working in the wiki and a page comes up blank, just hit refresh.

Epic Stories

A small-time writing community that died shortly after it started thanks to a childish excess of ambitiousness. Now it just hosts archives for two old communal writing projects I participated in.


A collection of information recording things made up about the Sony SEVS androids featured in the role-playing adventures on the Megatokyo story forum.

Ypsilanti Food Co-op

Temporary home of the Ypsi Food Co-op's website, only until we find other hosting.

Sounds are fun, aren't they?. Especially ones from Freakazoid. ^_^
or Simon & Garfunkel

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