Are we android otaku or otaku androids?


This site is *very* beta right now. Chances are there will be drastic changes in the near future.

Hi, and welcome to Robotaku. We're a small group of people from the Roleplaying adventures in the MegaTokyo Story Forum who have been developing ideas about the Sony SEVS androids with rather otaku-ish fervor. SEVS units, also called Dolls, are robots like the character Ping from the comic itself. Herein are collected documents about what we've come up with.

All of these ideas exist only in Megatokyo roleplay-space. We've taken the designs *much* farther than the comic has. And while an effort has been made to stay true to the comics as much as possible, there will undoubtedly be some contraditions.


The Emotional Doll System SDK

An excerpt from the Software Development Kit for the EDS AI that is the core operating software for Sony SEVS units.

Ping-backstory mailing list

A mailing list devoted to discussing the SEVS. Come join us, and don't miss the archives either.

Cast Listing

Ok, so this isn't exactly Doll-related. Just a (hopefully) useful little reference for Roleplayers.

Fanart Listing

A list of all the fanart people have done for the MT fourm RPs, with links to the pics' homes.

J.Random's Normal Day in MT posts

All of J Random Lurker's (that'd be me) posts for the "A Normal Day In Megatokyo" fic, collected in one convenient spot

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