My harmonica is too large, Albert
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Why did you ask a sparrow to play one in the first place?
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[Saving WhatisWorthwhile...] This button is something of a joke. "WhatisWorthwhile" really was a file that I downloaded from the 'net, and I was so amused when I saw the button's caption that I had to take a screenshot. And thus...

Old-school haiku .sig:

hacker wannabe
spouter of goofy haiku
and fledgling writer

The above audio clip, "lost_my_harmonica.mp3" is copyright Simon & Garfunkel, Columbia Records, or whomever else wants to fight over ownership. I make no claim to own it, nor is my intent to violate any copyrights. Honesly, I don't think that 9 seconds from the end of a song is really all that much to worry about. I just like the quote. ^^;;;

[Kotone on my Psion!  Wai~!]


The Sad Girls In Techno

So what is this silly link in my signature? Well, I claim that we are a heretical offshoot of the ancient Church of Miho, a group of people who think that She is more a normal Japanese girl than a Dark Goddess. We think that she's spooky, distant and manipulative because she's been abandoned or rejected by so many people in her life and that, despite such wounds, she's using her masks and tricks to find friendship and recognition where she can. She may also be looking for human souls--no one can really say for sure in such matters--but we think that to her this goal is at best secondary. And I even like to claim that we produce fanworks promoting these ideas.

But it's only me so far, and I'm not even a girl. Never daunted, I press on, thinking thus about Miho on my own, and occasionally even writing a poem or haiku about it.

Our theme song seems to be "Staring Off at Nothing [Beatfreq Mix]" by Intuition, which I know as track twelve on the album Synthpop: Club Anthems 3. I'd offer it for download, but they're a small group on an independant label, and I find it hard to justify pirating music from that sort.

It's kinda lonely here in all this noise, just staring off at nothing.

Would you like to join?

I'm going deaf, waiting for someone speak.

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