Welcome to East Meets West!

***New Update!!!: I am soooooo sorry about the impossibly long wait for an update. Real life and more than a few computer problems brought EMW to a stand still for a while there, but here it is:

Match #12 is finally finished!!! Also, as an added bonus, the next part of EMW has also been added! TWO new EMW chapters for you to enjoy! New Artwork by a new artist has also been added!!!***

Some fight for love, others fight for hate. Some fight for honor, greed, or power. For some it's a passion, for others it's an obsession. Some crave the spotlight, while others operate in the dark.

Welcome to EMW.

East Meets West is the ultimate crossover, sports-entertainment, fan fiction featuring characters from, but not limited to, anime, comic books, and the WWE. I own none of the characters so far, but some of my original characters will make appearances eventually.

As this is a sports-entertainment fan fiction I have much of it already planned out for the long term (Actually writing it thatís the hard part), as such I, unfortunately, cannot accept too many requests for matches. However, I will accept inspiration. Meaning, if you like EMW, but donít see a match or character you want I will accept non-cannon writing or, better yet, artwork and will do my best to post it on this site.

The EMW e-mail is:thechad_emw@hotmail.com

As always reviews and comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

As promised, here is a tenative roster for EMW (WARNING! MASSIVE SPOILERS AHOY!!!).

EMW Tenative Roster


Introduction: East Meets West!

Match #1: Police Brutallity!

Match #2: Cat Scratch Fever!

Match #3: Tag Team Action!

Match #4: Swordplay and Secrets!

Match #5: The Biggest Dork in the Universe!

Interlude: Welcome to the New World Order!

Match #6: The Wonders of Science!

Match #7: Lightsaber Duel!

Match #8: Bra and Panties! Bra and Panties!

Match #9: Big Bad Battle Royale!

Interlude: Military Secret!

Match #10: Talisman Ladder Match!

Match #11: TMNT Survivor Series!

Match #12: Mecha Battle Royal!

Interlude: Impromptu Hardcore Match!



Here it is! A section open to anyone who wants to make their own EMW match-up! Now accepting any and all submissions! Fan Art also accepted! Come one, come all!

Hak-Foo's Demise By Danny Patterson, The Seed of Chucky (A.K.A. EMW's #1 Fan!)

Interlude: The Big PPV By Danny Patterson, The Seed of Chucky

The Big PPV Part 1: The Tag Team Brawl By Danny Patterson, The Seed of Chucky



"Alien Action: Zim vs Stitch!" by The Chad

"Dexter vs. Washu" by UsagiSailorMoon

"Zim vs. Stitch" by UsagiSailorMoon