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Hi all. Since the cast list went so well, I decided to compile a list of fanart for people's reference, as well. Per ususal, if I'm missing anything (especially if it's yours), send 'em to me via PM.

Holy crap, my eyes are starting to cross from all this staring at the 'puter I've done today. If you've got fanart, please make my job easier by sending me a link to include... I'll still probably end up going through all the old threads anyway, but...

    -- J.Random

Normal Day: fanart listing

In alphabetical order
AC Dragon Master Normal Day
BGMaster's friend FBW / CoM / Normal Day
  • [108kb] BG portrait, 75% scale, original version, though I cut down the colors for posting to the web)
  • [106kb] BG portrait, 75% scale, modified -- I was fooling around with various filters and adjustments in Paint Shop Pro and came up with this slightly improved version.
Derian Hatcheter CoM / Normal Day
Gorion Normal Day index page
J.Random Lurker CoM / Normal Day scattered through my art page. Need to draw/scan more
SimS Normal Day index page
Squee CoM / Normal Day The Queslin page! (which now works, even for us users of old, ghetto Netscape 4.7x!)
Vorkon Normal Day
Wizard of Kitty CoM / Normal Day

new and improved index page

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