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obscenely large version

Queslin. She's quite a challenge to have to describe, really. She's a rather unique humanoid robot that Squee, a friend of mine, writes for in the Megatokyo Story Forum RPGs. I happen to have the honor of being her first "fanboy", as per this old post and this comic of Squee's. She's also newly the girlfriend of Echo, my RPG character. As such, I decided to draw her. Now I need to do one of Echo too. ^_^

Though she looks too much like Ruri from Nadesico for my tastes, I'm actually very happy with how the pic turned out. Especially since this is just about the first time I've ever dared to add a body to one of my drawings. I'm not *entirely* satisfied with her pigtails, nor the rather rudimentary folds in her clothes. And hands and feet are just hard, that's all I'll say about that.

Couldn't resist adding in a little bit of dialogue, tho. ^_^ This sketchbook page contains the picture of Ping that my tiny alter-ego refers to.

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