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Hi all. This is an unofficial listing that I keep for my own purposes. But I showed it to BG one day and he thought it would be useful for keeping track of who is where and when. So I HTML-ized it & put it up here. It's by no means guaranteed to be complete and/or correct.

Beware my oddish sense of humor, as it may make some of the info a little bit unclear. Apologies, also, if I offend anyone with it.

I plan on keeping this list *fairly* current. Any corrections you want, send 'em to me via PM. But keep it *brief*. This is only supposed to be a quick reference.

The colors are NOT intended to be pretty. Just to make clear who is where in our rather large scene.

    -- J.Random

Last updated 4/28/2002. Should be somewhat accurate through SimS' post here. The different sections are *roughly* in the order of their relevance to the story, starting with the most relevant at the top.

Normal Day: Cast Listing

en route to the water treatment plant

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Shinobi Jones Jones (login) Shinobi from the hidden leaf village Is now five miles from nowhere, having left the Plot Limbo Cafe and driven off to find our party.
Snicker Snicker (missing?) 1337. d00d. w00t, Snicker's back, and out of the Cafe! En route to the dam, riding along with Kate, the 1337 grrl he met earlier.
Kate Snicker (missing?) 1337. g|2|2|2l. heading toward the dam in a van w/ Snicker. Uguu... I can't believe I accidentally left her name as "Snicker" for so long

The Water Treatment Plant

a resivour roughly 100 miles outside MegaTokyo (or possibly Kilometers).
definately our latest plot train wreck
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Queslin Squee Sad girl in silicon? Back on the surface and fighting weres, though they haven't hooked up with the main group yet
Echo J.Random Shounen-model Sony SEVS unit w/ Queslin. Still experiencing a net outage.
WizardOfKitty WoK snapple-snapple-wai! w/ Queslin
Derian Hatcheter Derian Hatcheter hockey player, new Kimiko Army leader Got tossed around by Spacy, then took off with Alek after a seriously hacked-off BG. Exact location unknown.
Aeonus Aeonus ex-Miho trooper. Owes BG for teaching him about style a little *too* well happily kicking werewolf can
Arianna Arianna girl warrior, soul sword, wolf's eyes, killer bike "Razor". Sister of Gorion sent Gorion's two summoned creatures, the bull and the dragon, packing, because they were making the fight too unfair
Fina NPC (formerly Vorkon) workaholic EDS on loan to Square still in military mode, supervising cleanup operations of this group in the aftermath of the Werewolf attack
Karu Azuki kitsune six-tails, ever aloof, cute, and/or dangerous Saved poor Sims from being stuck under a dead werewolf (I *think* that's what was going on)
Sims SimS disgruntled government employee Pulled out from under a dead werewolf by Karu
Tanetris Tanetris Big, well-travelled were who's itching for a fight (or did Coot give him fleas?) location unknown. If he had been participating in the fight, you'd think it would've made a little bit of noise or something. But there's been nothing...
Coot NPC (formerly Vorkon ;_; ) Were-bandicoot. Should've been a weasel. Or even worse, a lawyer. Um. I don't really know. He's probably still in the van, the weenie.
AC ACDragonMaster Author Omnipotent, fantasy-loving girl She's... fighting? We haven't heard from her in a while, either.
The number thugs / 4 stooges NPC (SimS) cannon fodder from Bureau of Better Evil Soldiers and Goons. Numbers 1 (leader), 7 (prank-playing jerk), 8, and 12 all, including #12, gathered at the bottom of the dam, around the wrecked helicopter.
Tomoko / #22 NPC (SimS) female chopper pilot from Bureau of Better Evil Soldiers and Goons having werewolf problems. Seperated from our group and "saved" by the other Number Thugs
Kaiger NPC (Sims?) evil gunslinger with advanced Sony combat suit, and MT's newest crackpot philosopher (gotta love that ^_^ ) Fixed up Spacy after the were was wasted by BG. Being used by his employers to deliver a message to Spacy now.
Spacy Ricochet spacyric big blond werewolf / kitsune. Christened Lord of the Moneky Wrench, and with good reason. ^_^ Kalsolskiv, the were Sims fought a *long* time ago, gave Mr. Spacy a spiel via Kaiger's phone
Slash NPC (Thomas) out of town baddie. Has demonstrated Johnny Bravo-like tendancies. toasted Moore in yet another epic faceoff, and has since run off
Moore Thomas robo-saiyan I didn't think Moore's condition could get any worse. Now we know better. He is presumably near our big werewolf brawl, but in no condition to fight.

The NEW WolfDead Towers

Official word is that the new tower is on the shores of the resivour, directly opposite the dam
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
BGMaster BGMaster (mlamdin) our newest Big Softy Found out that Yukiko is missing. Off to kill WolfDead. Note the understatment.
Alek NightWalker AK cybernetic (former?) Mihoist here to either protect or destroy BG... Got Yukiko seperated from the group, zapped her, hid her, ran back to tell BG that WD had captured her, and then inadvertantly got her caputred by WolfDead anyway. And for his trouble, he got knocked out by Spacy. Picked himself up, knocked down by BG, upgraded by Miho's Avatar, and now arrived in WolfDead's chamber.
Wolfdead NPC uber-villian He's either here or wherever else the plot needs him. I mean, it's not like he has any trouble going places in a hurry.
Yukiko NPC (BGMaster) early beta EDS AI newly loaded in a production model Sony SEVS unit. BG's Achillies' Heel. She is also apparently the surrogate mom to the group, as she's saved at least Alek and Derian's cans more than once. That's one heck of a kick-455 mom. was fighting werewolves. Only, Alek zapped her in a bid to make BG mad enough to kill WolfDead, and now she's fallen into the hands of WolfDead himself. Now she's strapped to some cliche'd death machine in the new WD tower
Evil Interior Decorator NPC (created, very evilly, by SimS) No good can come of this. But then, that's kinda the point, isn't it? why does this guy even have a listing, when he's just a bit player and won't be back? 'Cause "evil interior decorator" just rolls off the tounge so well...
Alpha Male NPC just some nobody field commander of WolfDead's now that the whole deal with the water treatment plant is over, he's apparently snuck off to the tower with WolfDead
Rris NPC (originally Arianna) relatively weak female were, comm officer for the BoW. Apparently a former love of Alpha Male's WolfDead's older hostage. Bet she feels all left out now that he's got Yukiko too.
Tod NPC (J.Random) What the heck?!? A new character from J.? You'll just have to wait and see... ^_^ oh, he's around somewhere or another... just waiting for his cue
Fred NPC (Gorion) inventor. Friend to Gorion and Arianna Followed Gorion, leaving the carrier on the top of the dam
Gorion Gorion he-warrior, womanizing bike "Blue Hawk". Brother of Arianna Briefly joined the big fight against the werewolves, letting loose a couple of his "friends", a granite bull and a two-headed dragon, before running off towards the tower. Supposedly, he sensed something inside.
Goddess Neko Goddess Neko protector of all neko-girls Thanks to Shio's portal she's off to save Spacy, savior of werewolves, from himself.
Arii NPC (SimS) alt.gangsta.jp.weregirl inside the tower somewhere. Plans, motivation and/or exact location unknown
Agent one-three- three-seven NPC (Vorkon / SimS?) elite enforcer synthetic werewolf, a la a James Bond villian. Carries a 6' long claymore sword. He's been giving Kaiger some stiff competition for the title of "Resident Crackpot Philosopher", too. We'll just say that he's back here and out of play.
Laz NPC (Nightwalker) guy in big tigerstripe mech w/ missiles & heavy cannon inbound in a cargo helicopter, escorted by several small attack choppers
Anya NPC (Nightwalker) girl in angel mech w/ miniguns, energy blades w/ Laz
Kimiko Army Choppers NPCs pretty obvious. Called in by Hatcheter also circling the tower
BBES&G helicopter, Mk II NPCs piloted by cowardly #2 he's around somewhere, but isn't being much help

The Plot Limbo Café!

Happy Hour is 5pm--7pm, all drinks 50% off
Vampire Happy Hour is 2am--4am, Bloody Marys, etc. 50% off
(or more, if you threaten to suck the bartender's blood)
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
_Quinn Quinn Sony's very own Batman _Quinn sightings are few and far between these days. And while he hasn't actually been observed in the Plot Limbo Café, the bartender swears that someone keeps swiping the pretzel basket while his back is turned.
Emily NPC (Spacy) female partner-in-crime of Spacy's vanished and out-of-play
#5 NPC (SimS) big Russian guy from the Bureau of Better Evil Soldiers and Goons the poor guy has been here for the longest time...
#11 NPC (SimS) this is what would happen if Largo actually *did* get his hands on a rocket launcher I'm not gonna even try to keep track of what these guys do any more. ^^;
Yokishu NPC (Tanetris or Vorkon) our "overly friendly" two-tailed kitsune from earlier? He's been cafe-ed, too. Along with a mover guy that I'm not gonna bother adding an entry for
Tim NPC (BGMaster) Microsoft's insane axe-wielding enforcer and Hendrix wannabe Last I heard, I think he had been packed off to the Plot Limbo Cafe. Probably still playing Hendrix, too
Takahashi and Ishikari J.Random Himitsu Desu Agents just a cameo. Departing for Anna Millers
Calvin NPC (BGMaster) Microsoft's number one cynic and/or slippery tactician plot-limbo cafe time! He apparently knows Taka and Ishi. Who knew?
Gitsu NPC (Azuki?) 1337 k!+5un3 technically still in his den. The Plot Limbo Café was just a dream to him... And you were there, and you, and you, and Toto was too!
Ginri NPC (Azuki?) to Gitsu what Rubiko is to Largo with Gitsu

SimS' side-plots

Well, I was going to try and keep track of these. But even I'm not that big a masochist.
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status

Shio's Night(mare) Club

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Shio NPC (Spacy) mmmm, little girls are tasty... sent Neko off after Spacy, so now he's all alone.

'Zillas a-la-carte

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Cornelius NPC (DWC?) 100-ton Fraiser Heading toward our group again. And thank you for stealing my joke about not fitting in the Café, Derian. Here I thought I was so clever... ^_^;
Thaddeus NPC (DWC?) beat-cop-a-zilla. Cornelius's brother w/ group. Even though he's snapped out of it, I'm still impressed that OSGMs can angst just as well as robots can.
Mikey NPC (DWC?) ghetto gamera. Friend to children and playas everywhere w/ group

Would people *please* stop setting up characters for the next fic?

[whine] you're making more work for me...
CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Bubu NPC (Tanetris) Your guess is as good as mine, folks Apparently he's hungry, and just learning to climb. ph33r. Heaven knows *where* he is, though.
Kaonake the Slayer NPC (BGMaster/mlamdin) Kenshin + 80 years He's back. And that's all we've been told. (just wait 'till next fic)

Crap. I just realized that this means there *will* be another fic. [runs and hides].

Playing twister with Death

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Miho Character Darkly cute. Need I say more? playing Go with Chaos Herself
Pirogoeth Character ^_^   ;_;   ^_^ Up the same creek as Miho. She took some time out to go talk to Tanetris. Who knows where she is now, though?
Milady (aka: Chaos) NPC (Spacy) Kawaii in an American sort of way taking our two Characters for a ride

The Crystal Islands

CharacterPlayed ByDescriptionLocation / status
Diet Water Czar Diet Water Czar nut job. that is all. was briefly in MT. Now Billy-hunting again
Billy NPC (Diet Water Czar) baka wizard soon to be in a world of hurt
Kimiko Character Kimiko, putting the "Wai!" in waitress. out of play
Erika Character Erika, putting the... uh... ph33r in ph4nb0!z out of play


None at this time

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