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Others, Life, and Death On a Cross

began 1999 0910

Why disrespect others,
All are created things,

You should reek of kindness,
Your gentile spirit burn like fire,
And with love, joy and patince,
Cut through the earthly mire.


Kinda the Fruit Of The Spirit in verse. Not done.



began sometime 1999 01 -- 1999 05

He will always be there,
Through the rain,
And through the pain,
Oh He will always be there.

I fall on the floor,
My spirit a crush,
You comfort me there,
In that hush.

The crap I take I give up to God,
Who in his infinite omnipotence,
Swallows it up.


My attempt at a Jaci Velasques-style song. Didn't work out, and is unfinished. I very much like the last verse, though, and may decide to use it in another poem sometime



began 1999 06

Free from school,
Freed from sin,
I'm graduated,
Born again.


Silly little thing that kept running through my head because I was so happy to be graduated.



began 1999 05

It's the end of civilization as we knew it,
The bombs gone off,
The misiles launched,
We really blew it,
Millions dead from radiation,
Prompt destruction of our nation,
Oh it's the end of civilizaion as we knew it.


In my Science Fiction class senior year we read a bunch of apocolyptic novels, including Day Of The Triffids, Alas, Babylon, and Brave New World. These, along with a post-nuclear war movie called The Day After, left me in something of a dark, offbeat mood. And here you are. I think it's sung to the tune of "It's The End Of The World As We Know It". But since I don't know that tune, it's impossible to say for sure...


Other interesting verse

(unknown dates)

Eyes clearer than a rushing stream,
A powerful river, sweeping me away

The scarlet ibis gliding
o'er it's marshland home


These are just silly little things that have occured to me at one time or another. Not particularly good and they don't even rhyme, they've been consigned to the bottom of the page.

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