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Digital Art

All this stuff was made while I was zoomed in most of the time, working with individual pixels...

[Artist's self portrait]

This is my self-portrait, or rather a minimalist version... I first drew it (a much cooler version, actually) on a styrofoam coffeecup with my thumbnail, then I came home and translated it onto the computer. I also use it as one of my AIM buddy icons. I'm not crazy, really. I just (poorly) imitated the style of this guy's self portrait. Lisa will understand.

[Jonah meet Fish]

This is the buddy icon I use for my other AIM screen-name, Jonah meet Fish. I drew it on my Psion first, then added color on our normal computer.

[A Zaurus Christmas]

This is (quite obviously) a Christmas scene. I drew it back in 10th grade (about 12/1996, I guess) on my old pocket-planner, a Sharp Zaurus. I was *really* proud of the pic back when I first did it, and I still like it.


The "WAZZZAAAAAAAAP?!" Smiley! I took AOL Instant Messanger's standard smiley icon and... modified it a bit. (: (no, those are sunglasses he's wearing) The second one is a modification I did to the colors, to make the sunglasses bit easier to understand.

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