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Jeeze are there a lot of people. How am I supposed to know you all?

Hi and welcome to my web page. I'm an 19/M/MI Christian guy who graduated from hell, I mean high school, last year, and finished winter semester 2000 at the local community college in May. This page is very much under construction, and will expand as I get time. $%^@# life don't give me much of it. :) I do a lot of my more creative writing on this page when I'm down, too, so it may have a bit of a negative twist that is slightly greater than me as a whole. Usually during good times I'm out enjoying something, as opposed to brooding in my room, typing away, as I am when in a bad mood.

You can reach me at The subject that it should bring up is "". It's a joke subject... There are lots of different ones scattered in the various email links I've left around my site. And foo and bar are used purely in their programming meanings as substitute variables, and not in their original meaning, combined as a militairy (and otherwise) acronym. Here's a semi-official hacker definition of Foo. Please excuse the one swear word in the text tho. It is not my site, so I have no control over it. Sorry. Peace

What's New

July 14, 2000
New subtitle, and cleaned up some old what's news. Also, I've added several new Two Fates character profiles. They're pretty cool. Finally, I bit the bullet and have changed all my email address links into readily usable ones. Before, you had to delete some extra text I had added, both as jokes and to keep email harvesting programs from picking up my address. But in the spirit of ease & usability, I'm just gonna let whatever spam may come, come.
July 3, 2000
I'm off to Cornerstone for the week! Woo hoo!
June 26, 2000
Changed my Extended AIM profile to a plain-old about me page, and added some stuff to it. Also added another tiny piece of artwork, and updated the only link on the my favorites page. Now it goes someplace more informative.
June 21, 2000
New journal.
June 19, 2000
New journal. Added a short intro to the journal page too.
June 18, 2000
Moved my collection of save-the-world links off the main page to cut down on it's size. Changed the table of contents a bit more again, too.

Old New Stuff. Heh. Sounds kinda funny.

Table of contents

About me / personal stuff

Stuff I've written, drawn, etc.

General stuff

About Me -- Just what it says. Also here because AOL Instant Messenger won't let me type all that I want in my profile thing

Surveys from email -- you know those silly quizzes you get from people in your email sometimes? Well rather than clogging your email inbox with my answers, I've posted them here instead, so if you have some time to waste, go ahead and check it out...

Favorite Quotes -- A bunch of quotes I like, including several of my own

Jon's (book and) Music Reviews -- yup, reviews of good bands (mostly Christian) that I listen to, and now, books I've read too, both fiction and not. [empty]

RCSoft -- My software company. Not sure if it's ever gonna be a useful page to visit, but it's just kinda there for now. Depends on what the Lord wills for my life, and if I ever stop going crazy. Will perhaps someday include stuff like programming with a Psion 5, and in C++ and TrueBASIC [empty]

The Two Fates: Web Archive -- a cool story my friend and I have been writing back and forth over email

Dreams Of Doom -- this is a communal-fiction story/message board I recently started participating in using the name "Jon Spike". So far, I've been responsible for chapters 13, 35, 44, and 53... [this link goes offsite]

My poetry -- yup, poetry I've written.

My art -- pictures I've drawn, mostly on my Zaurus [NO LONGER EMPTY! only mostly empty now.]

The Nightshade Files -- a Christian comic book I've been cooking up since 5th grade [empty -- mostly written, but not in HTML]

Jon's Lego Universe -- a bunch of stuff I made up about Space Legos, some of the coolest toys ever [empty -- awaiting being put into HTML also]

Journals -- Thoughts on stuff from each day, including events, God-related ponderings and the like

Old subtitles for my site -- Well, I thought they were funny...

My favorite stuff -- things that I like and use, including computer stuff, a lot of cool software, and anything else that comes to mind [mostly empty]

Cool chain emails -- some of the chain emails I've received are actually worth posting, so here they are

Chain email myths -- info I've dug up on chain letter myths and hoaxes. Help stop the plague!

Kind ways to send jokes, etc. by email -- info on sending joke emails and the like in a kind manner [empty]

Glossary -- don't understand a word on the site? Check here. Mostly for severely non-techies, and mainly to prevent annoying, confused emails

xSite Archive -- Archive of old (usually more stable) versions of the xSite HTML editor

Save-the-world links -- a collection of sites dedicated to this noble task. Well worth your time going here.

Guestbook -- Coming soon

Messageboard -- A place to chat about my site, or anything else. If you want something more interactive than a simple guestbook. [this link goes offsite]

Stuff To Pray For

(very much incomplete)

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