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Archived 2003 0311
(First archive. It's changed gradually since 1999, so there's no specific start date.)

Hi. Yeah. Hmm... I'm a 21/M/MI (formerly of AZ) struggling Christian guy. Graduated from hell, I mean High School, all the way back in '99 (wow, two whole years already). Been to a couple of community colleges since then, and I'm looking into going to college full-time next school-year. Just have to decide where. <sigh> I'm 6'4", 145 (I'm not kidding. It's my metabolism or something). I'm a simple, from-the-Bible Christian, no denomination, and have been witness to many things of God, both in my own life and others. I try to remain open-minded, and love a good religious discussion (as opposed to a one-sided sermon or something). I like computers (programming, C++ especially, and anything else), writing, doing stuff with friends, tennis, raquetball, biking, swing dancing, movies, comic books (mostly ones of my own creation). Some of my nicknames are Tall Jon, Jon-Jon, Jon Boy, and by my own choice, Nightshade.

Yeesh. I'm not sure what else to write here, except YAHWEH-Shammah (God is there). Good stuff. (: Feel free to IM me, too. Oh. A fun thing to do is to add yourself to your buddy list, then you can IM yourself and watch it echo. It's kinda funny.

The Hacker Jargon File (please note that there is a big difference between real hackers and "crackers") has some interesting reading, even if it doesn't describe me exactly. The sections on how hackers speak and write are pretty cool, Appendix A is just fun to read through and laugh at (especially The Story of Mel. If you can understand it, HOLY COW! is it amazing), and Appendix B is very interesting set of articles on hacker nature. The entries for hacker humor and Ha ha only serious fairly well reflect me, too.

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