Chapter 34
by writerdee

*Jaine, Warteen, TGC, and Bartender are being persued by Ha-Kee and the Alpha Werewolf. TGC has been flung over Bartender's shoulder, and Warteen is being dragged by Jaine*

Jaine: huff...puff...
QR: You're too heavy for us to drag...
Warteen: *leaning back and crossing his arms behind his head* I thought you were all powerful and stuff. Besides...I could use a rest. I've been doing so much work out here...rescuing LemonLiter...then Chad...then you...
QL: That's it. Drop him.
QR: Finally something we agree on...

*Jaine releases her hold on Warteen and he stumbles, but doesn't actually fall.*

QR: I didn't actually give him enough credit to catch himself. Yaay you, Warteen.
Warteen: *rubbing at his knee, which twisted when he stumbled* Har har...
QR: Besides, now we can move faster...
TGC: Alright, Bartender...Raine...Laine...Jaine is right. You can put me down too. We'll move faster if we're all carrying our own weight.
Bartender: Are you sure you are strong enough? Your weight is not impeding my progress.
TGC: Hey...I like this guy...
Warteen: He's never that nice to me...

*TGC, Jaine, and the Bartender look at Warteen, who merely shrugs his shoulders and continues on. The Bartender puts TGC down, and TGC immediately falls into step beside Jaine.*

TGC: *starts to put his arm around her* So...
QL: Don't even think about it, Chad. It was icky before. Now it's just...wrong.
QR: Shut up, Laney!'re always getting in the way...
QL: I do not! I just don't want him to be making out with half of me...or...I mean...
QR: That's true. I wouldn't want him to be making out with half of you either. It would be like a threesome...without the benefits...and with my sister...or myself...or...oh ick...

*Jaine has stopped walking as she is involved in her own inner conversation. TGC has remained by her side, but Warteen and Bartender haven't noticed that the others have stopped.*

TGC: Hey! Guys! Get back here!
Warteen: *turning around* What? Have you forgotten that we are being persued by a dark munchkin and a werewolf?
TGC: We can't just leave Jaine...
Jaine: Huh? What?
Warteen: Come ON!
Bartender: And...I suggest you run...
TGC: Why?
Ha-Kee: I'm NOT a munchkin!
TGC: Oh. *turns to Jaine and swings her into his arms and begins to run* Sorry Laine...
QL: Just go!

*Even as Laine gives the order, the tree in front of the pair burts into flames*

TGC: Aww man! *He quickly jogs to the left to avoid getting singed, and another tree cracks in half and begins to fall...* I just can't catch a break here! *laughs at his own joke, and Jaine glares at him*
QL: What do you see in him?
QR: *sighs* What's not to see?
QL: Oh ick. Sorry I asked...

*TGC leaps over the fallen tree, but catches his foot on a pebble...*

TGC: Ahem. A pebble?

*A leaf...*

TGC: *glares* Excuse me?

*Fine...a branch...and falls...sprawling over the forest floor and sending Jaine flying*

Jaine: *quickly and by mutual decision* UP! *Jaine remains suspended in the air, looking down at TGC who is sprawled on the...*
QL: You said that already.


QR: *starts to call out to him, then remembers what happened the last time she broke concentration*

*slowly, Jaine lowers down to the ground again and races to TGC's side. He jumps up as soon as the girls reach him, and does an impressive backflip*

TGC: Which way did he go?

*Jaine rolls her eyes and grabs his arm and starts to run again...Just then something jumps out of the trees in front of them*

QJ: Ack!
TGC: Mommy!
LemonLiter: Wark!

*LemonLiter, carrying BtN on his back, steps out of the foliage, followed by Erronius. Thrilled at the appearance of their friends, TGC and BtN embrace.*

BtN: Where are Warteen and the Bartender?
QL: They were big huge dorks and kept walking and didn't wait for us.
Warteen: (stepping in from the other direction, followed by Bartender) I resent that!
QR: Oh gee, they're back. How thrilling.

*Warteen glares at Jaine, and TGC smirks.*

TGC: Isn't she great?
QL: we go? Werewolf coming... *starts to shudder, but only half of the body complies* Whoa. That was weird.
QR: Don't worry. I can take care of dog breath. As long as you listen to me.
BtN: It's just really weird to watch her talk to herself. They're both in there, huh?

*TGC nods*

BtN: either case, Jaine is right. I for one don't want to be around if those two show up.
Bartender: I second that. Though, we do have them outnumbered. We should be able to overpower them.

*The group turns and faces Bartender, staring open-mouthed.*

TGC: You did SEE what they did to my poor Raine, did you not? Err...and Laine too...
Bartender: Yeah...but...
Ha-Kee: You fools! You keep trying to be intellectual or funny about everything! It doesn't work that way in this fantasy! Haven't you figured that out yet?
Bartender: Oh crud.

*The group turns to see Ha-Kee standing on a tree limb, and Alpha Werewolf stands at the base. As the group stares, werewolves begin to emerge, growling, from the trees completely encircling the group.*

BtN: I second that oh crud...
TGC: *staring* Uh-huh...

*Jaine stumbles backwards, then rights herself quickly.*

QJ: I told you, follow MY ORDERS!!
QL: But...but...but....
QJ: No buts! Do you want Chad to die?? Or Bob? Or the Bartender? Or poor cute LemonLiter?
Warteen: Umm...or me?
QJ: *dryly* You won't die. You run this thing...but fine...or Warteen?
Warteen: Gee, thanks...
QL: No. But, uh...I don't wanna die either...
QR: Then let me run the show. We're good. It's like...multiple personalities...have you seen One Life to Live?

*The group stares at Jaine, and she sighs...*

QR: Okay, fine...nevermind...but just fall back, and I'll take's all good. Promise.
QL: Riiiight...okay...

*Finally, Jaine steps forward into the ring the heroes have formed. The werewolf army is slowly approaching. Ha-Kee raises his hands*

Ha-Kee: QUAKE!!!

*The earth starts to shake, but quickly Jaine...err...Raine raises her hands, and the quake subsides.*


*A fireball forms in QR's hand, and she shoots it quickly towards Ha-Kee, hitting him square in the chest and knocking him to the ground. Before she can give another command, however, a werewolf comes in quickly and knocks her to the ground*

TGC: Raine!

*TGC lunges forward to protect his loved one, just as the rest of the werewolves rush in.*

BtN: I will protect you Master! Do not worry!!

*BtN glances back to where Erronius was standing, only to see Erronius on the ground, pinned by one of the wolves...*

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