Chapter 33
by Warteen

**Ha-Kee the Dark Elf pursues Jaine.**

Ha-Kee: Gahhh! Get back here, you little brat!
QR: Hey! That's "brats"!
QL: Shh! Concentrate on running!
Ha-Kee: I've almost got you! HAHAHAHA!!!

**Indeed, the Dark Elf is just about inside his spell-casting range of the girl(s). Just then, the Alpha Werewolf comes from behind a tree in front of Jaine.**

Alpha Werewolf: Perfect! Come to papa!!!
QL: Ahhh!!! *ducks left, just underneath the awaiting claws of Alpha*

**The Alpha Werewolf growls and is then spotted by Ha-Kee.**

Ha-Kee: You!!! Go away! I have the situation under control! She is mine!
Alpha: I don't think so! *he stops the Dark Elf, growling aggressively* Why don't you go bury a pot of gold somewhere?
Ha-Kee (enraged): That's a LEPRECHAUN, you flea-bitten furball!!!
Alpha (smirking): What do I care? You little people are all the same.
Ha-Kee: Oh, that DOES IT!!!

**Suddenly, something dawns on the not-too-bright pursuers.**

Alpha: Hey! What do you mean, "not-too-bright"?!


Ha-Kee: D'oh!
Both: The girl!!!

**They go bounding off after Jaine, who now has a healthy head start. Meanwhile, Warteen and Bartender follow TGC, who's receiving a low-level telepathic signal from Jaine.**

Warteen: Which way?
TGC: Uhhh... owwww.... this way! *points east and heads in that direction*
Warteen: Okay, then! *follows Chad*
Bartender: Wait up! *follows Warteen*

**TGC runs about a hundred yards, then yelps.**

Warteen: Ahhh! What?!
TGC: Owww... the signal... is strong...
Bartender: But there's no one here.

**Then, almost as if on cue, Jaine literally comes running into the group. She knocks Chad over.**

TGC: Oof!
QL: Sorry!
QR: Chad!
QL: Not now! We're being chased!
Warteen: By who?!
Bartender: It's "whom.
Warteen: *briefly glares at Bartender* By whom?!
QR: It's the Dark Elf AND the Alpha Werewolf!
Warteen: Well, that's no good. Chad, are you okay to fight?
Chad (from the ground): No, mommy, please don't make me get off the horsie! Just five more minutes!
Warteen: Oh, man.
Bartender: You know, it's strange that the teleport spell only took Jaine about 200 yards away from us.
Warteen: Not now!
QL: Let's just get out of here!
Warteen: Hey, I could take them on...
QR: Shut up! Let's GO!
Warteen: Well, that wasn't very ni-WHOA! *gets yanked away by Jaine, as Chad is picked up by Bartender*


Erronius: Bob, are you all right?
BtN: I will be in a few moments, master.
Lemonlighter: Wark!
Erronius: What is it, Lemonlighter?
Lemonlighter: Wark.
Erronius: Oh. "Wark", you say?

**Lemonlighter nods.**

Erronius: Fascinating.
BtN: Master, we should get back to the others. They may be in grave danger.
Erronius: What makes you say that?
BtN: At what point since we've met them have they not been getting into grave danger?
Erronius: Good point.
BtN: I'll ride on the chocobo. *hops onto Lemonlighter's back*
Erronius: Okay, let's go. *begins to head in the opposite direction that they came from* To the hills!
BtN: *turns Erronius around* Master, it's this way.

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