Chapter 32
by grlnxtr


Ha-Kee practically skipped as he hauled the prone figure of Queen Jaine from the rubble.
Ha-Kee: The Master will love me best now, tra la la la...

QL opened the eye that she controlled, mentally nudging QR to do the same. On mutual agreement, they closed them again, fighting down nausea at the upside down, prancing scenery.

Opening them again slowly, they noted the back and powerful legs of the elf that was obviously transporting them...somewhere.

QL: (quietly, to QR) If we can get up high enough, we can get beyond his reach.
QR: Wouldn't it be easier just to kick its scaly -
QL: No.
QR: (noting the damaged state of the body they were sharing.) Oh yeah. Alright, on 3. One, two, three...
Q. Jaine: UP.

Concentrating intently, the two "sisters" mentally linked, lifting their body off of the shoulder of the elf.

QR: Now what?
QL: Don't break the -


QL: connection. Don't break the freaking connection! You know what happens! That hurt.
QR: Don't yell at me right now, you idiot! The elf dude just figured out that we weren't attached to him anymore.
QL: Oh. Later, then?
QR: Yeah, obviously.

Jaine took off at a run that was occasionally helped by some magic healing and levitation, desperately trying to figure out what to do.

QR: We need help, and quickly, but I don't think we can get to all of who...

She paused as QL's instincts flashed a face in their shared mind.

QR: Oh, duh. Obviously.

***Back at the site of the wreckage.

BtN: Oooohhh. I don't feel so good.
Josh: The energy transfusion has left him weak. I should accompany you for a little while to make sure he will be okay, but I have better things to do! Bye!

And with that, the Josh bounced back to the land of overly self-referential inside jokes.

The remaining group stood for a second, staring at each other, except for BtN, who leaned heavily on the nearest tree that was un-charred.

TGC: what?
Warteen: We need to find, Jaine. Whoever they are now! They need our help, I'm sure.
Bartender: Perhaps we should instead trace this Ha-Kee, or allow him to lead us to the master.

Warteen paused for a moment, to stare at the Bartender.

Warteen: Didn't you just get here? How do you know what's going on when we don't? (thinking) Nevermind, don't answer that.
Bartender: Yeah, I wasn't going to. Too easy.
Warteen: I respect that.
TGC: Guys! A plan! Make one! Ow!
Warteen: What?
TGC: A plan! We need a - OWW!
Warteen: What is wrong with you?!
TGC: I don't know! My head, it feels like someone's poking at my brain with something. Oww!

Hitting himself on the head, TGC turned around in a circle until he sat on the ground. The wind rushed through the trees, calling all around them with a voice that echoed especially loudly in TGC's head.

The voice: Help, damn it!

TGC, his eyes widening in recognition, dashed off through the trees, leaving the rest of the group in his wake. Warteen followed, concerned despite his better judgement for the seemingly crazy TGC. BtN collapsed on the ground, with Erronius and LemonLighter patting his head, and the Bartender looked around the clearing.

Bartender: (to Erronius et al) Right, I'm just going to go...with them...okay, bye then.

Taking off at a run, the Bartender followed Warteen and TGC, certain that theirs was the better path.

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