Chapter 31
by Mugsy

QR: Oh, no we aren't. We aren't going anywhere. You aren't taking us anywhere.
Ha-Kee: You don't have a choice. You can't defeat me. Therefore, you are coming with me.
QR: You forget that I am one of the most powerful sorceresses in the galaxy.
Ha-Kee: You were. But now you must learn to work together if you are to have any chance against me. And you can't do that.
QL: We can sure try. I will not aid this master in harming my friends.
QR: Chad?!? I won't help you hurt Chad.
Ha-Kee: Then you must face me. Bolt.

**A lightning bolt strikes "Jaine."**

QR: Oooh. Quake.

**Nothing Happened.**

QL: We have to work together. On three. One...Two...Three.
Jaine: Quake.

**A mild tremor shook the ground beneath Ha-Kee, not even knocking him off his feet.**

Ha-Kee: Is that the best you have? Flame.
QR: Flame? You think that weak little spell can harm us?
Ha-Kee: In your weakened state, yes.

**Several flames shot out of the ground beneath "Jaine," catching her dress on fire. She dropped to the ground, rolling around to douse the flames. But the flames only flared up more.**

QL: Okay, just stop. Let us go. We'
Ha-Kee: (mockingly) Promise?
QR: Yes.
Ha-Kee: Cease.

**The flames died down, leaving Jaine in a badly charred dress lying on the ground.**

QR: (under her breath) Nuke. On three. One...Two...Three.
Jaine: Nuke

**An explosion centered around "Jaine," knocking Ha-Kee into a nearby tree.**

Ha-Kee: Is that the best you've got? Let me show you how it's done.
Warteen: Don't do it, you'll kill everyone.
Erronius: We have to counter it, quickly.
BtN: I'll protect you master.
QR: How didn't that kill him?
Ha-Kee: NUKE.

**An even more violent explosion shook the ground. It uprooted trees as it went, sending one flying directly at Warteen. He ducked, but it struck Erronius behind him.**

BtN: Master Erronius.

**BtN was picked off the ground and thrown into a still-standing tree.**


**A cloud of dust showered over Chad, spraying a jet of rocks into his face, but he remained standing. When the dust cleared, he was the only one left standing. Ha-Kee and "Jaine" were gone, and Warteen was lying face-down in the charred grass nearby.**

TGC: Raine?
Bartender and BtN: Laine?
TGC: Huh?
Bartender: Oh, nothing.
BtN: Yeah, nothing. Nothing. (To change the subject) I must go find Master Erronius. (Seriously now) Master Erronius?

**BtN goes to look for Erronius, as Bartender simpers over Laine by some trees. Happy, Laine?**

Warteen: Ung. How did any of us survive that? And who all did survive that?
Bartender: I'm guessing Ha-Kee did, because he and Jaine are gone.
TGC: So, that means Jaine is still alive?
Warteen: Possibly, but not definitely. I mean, I can't see him having any use for a combination of two dead girls. Right? They've gotta be alive.
BtN: And what of Erronius?
Warteen: I've pretty sure he's dead. That tree hit him awfully hard.
BtN: Master? Hey, where is LemonLighter, he was here a second ago?
TGC: Yeah, maybe he knows where Erronius is.
BtN: Yeah.
Warteen: Yeah.
TGC and BtN: Shut up.
Bartender: Yeah. Sorry, I haven't said anything in a while.
Warteen: Well, what are we waiting for? LemonLighter couldn't have gone far.
BtN: We will find Erronius. We have to.

**They turn back towards the crisped forest edge, suspecting that Erronius was just inside, but as they made their way deeper into the forest, there was no sign of either Erronius or LemonLighter.**

Bartender: Wait. I just saw a flash of yellow on the other side of this bush.
Warteen: Well, what are we waiting for, push the shrub out of the way.

**No one moves.**

TGC: You idiots.

**TGC pulls a branch out of the way, revealing the same two eyes that had stared out at Erronius when they first met. The eyes startled Chad and he fell over backwards.**

TGC: Was that so hard?
Bartender: Apparently.
BtN: LemonLighter. Can you take us to Erronius?

**LemonLighter nods his head in the direction of the bushes from which he was still partially submerged.**

Warteen: Back there?
LemonLighter: Kweh.

**They all followed LemonLighter, and after traveling a short distance, they reached a crumpled body.**

BtN: Master. Oh, why did he have to die so soon?
Erronius: Ah, home at last.
BtN: Master. Don't go towards the light.
Bartender: Fetch us a soothsayer.
TGC: A soothsayer?
Bartender: We must have him heal Erronius immediately.

**Suddenly, a Josh Achatz appears from behind a tree, dressed as a soothsayer.**

Josh: Not again. Ah, hummuna hummuna. You are in need of a...soothsayer.
Bartender: Yeah, now hurry up.
Josh: Don't you want to know how I knew that?
TGC: Yeah, yeah. You see everything.
Josh: Oh, okay. Quick, we need to transfuse someone's life force into him.

**Everyone looks at BtN, however, he is oblivious to this.**

BtN: NO, it is I who must do this. He is my master, and it is my duty to protect him. Josh: You do realize what you are getting into, right? I mean the meta-physics alone could-
BtN: It is my duty as a ninja. You may begin.
Josh: Hummuna, hummuna.

**Josh transfuses BtN's energy into Erronius, leaving BtN very weak. Erronius, however, leaps off the ground, doing a backflip.**

Erronius: That really hits the spot. Now, where are we?
TGC: You're alive. (notices BtN) Bob?
BtN: Oooohhh. I don't feel so good.
Josh: The energy transfusion has left him weak. I will have to accompany you for a little while to make sure he will be okay.

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