Chapter 30
by The Chad 1

**A sudden explosion of pure white light blinds everyone in the small clearing and the force of the explosion sends the collection of heroes flying in all directions. As soon as the light begins to fade, and everyone has recovered from the blast, the small collection of heroes look to the spot where both Queens, Laine and Raine, had kneeled over the prone form of The Great Chad. Only now, both women have completely disappeared, leaving only The Great Chad standing alone in the middle of the clearing. **

TGC: Oh no.
Warteen: What did they do?
TGC (More urgently): OH NO--UGH!!!

**The Great Chad suddenly begins to collapse. Only the quickness of Bob the Ninja allows him to catch Chad before he falls.**

BtN: Do not worry, my friend. I have you.
TGC (Weakly): Thanks.
Warteen: Again. What did they do? Where are they?
TGC (Mumbling): They’re gone…gone. Both of them. Gone…
Warteen: They’re DEAD?!?
TGC: No! There just gone! Laine, she was my friend, and Raine, she was…she saved me. Now, they’ve returned to their original state.
Warteen: “Original state”? What do you mean? You’re not acting like yourself.
TGC: Well, excuse me. One quarter of my brain was reduced to sand for the better part of two hours! I think I deserve to act a little OUT OF CHARACTER!!!
Warteen: Well if you ask me, your brain—
Bartender (Placing his hand on Warteen’s shoulder): Nobody asked you.
Warteen (Finally realizing this is not the best time): Right. Anyway, Chad. What do you mean by “original form”? Where they originally a lizard or something?
TGC: No! No! You cannot possibly understand! Only I have seen everything with in that instant flash of cursed white light that took my beauteous one and only from me…Oh, and Laine! It took Queen Laine too.
Warteen (To himself): I think he’s recovering nicely.
TGC: It was weird. I saw the whole story flash before my eyes in an instant. I saw everything…
BtN (Having had Chad finally stop leaning on him): Well what happen to her majesty and her evil sister?
TGC: That’s just it! They’re not really sisters! They’re really the same person!
Warteen: What?!?
Winterdee: That’s why she mentioned the duplicating spell!
TGC (Just now noticing the thin figure dressed in white): Who are you?
Winterdee: I’m Winterdee. I’m a winter elf. I’m the one who…helped that Queen Raine woman find the blue morningstar in order to help you.
Bartender: I remember you!
TGC (Just now noticing the large figure wearing an apron): And who are you?
Bartender: I’m the Bartender.
TGC: You don’t have a name? You’re not like “Joe the Bartender” or anything?
Bartender: Nope. I’m just “The Bartender.”
TGC: Man, what were your parents smoking?
Bartender (Whispering to Warteen): Why did we rescue him again?
Warteen: You got me.
LemonLighter: Brawk!
TGC: Hey, Kentucky Fried.
Warteen (Correcting TGC): That’s “LemonLighter.”
TGC: Whatever.
Monkey: Ook! Ook!
TGC (Turning back to Winterdee): So, you know about the duplicating spell?
Winterdee: Yeah. Raine mentioned it. Now I know why. Hoo-Wee!
Erronius: Who used a duplicating spell?
BtN: Master, the Queens, Laine and Raine, have apparently used the infamous duplicating spell.
Erronius: THE MASTER?!? He’s here and he used the duplicating spell?!? FIREBALL!!!

**Erronius destroys a nearby tree with the famous attack spell.**

Erronius: There. One of him is taken care of. Now, what happened to Queen Laine?
TGC (Finally ready to tell the story…The Story of Queen Laine): It all started long ago.
Warteen: It always starts “long ago”. Get on with it!
TGC: Shut up you foul pedestrian! I, The Great Chad, am telling this tale, not you!
Warteen (To himself): Yeah. He’s definitely getting better.
TGC: Anyway! Long ago, there was no Queen Laine, and there was no Queen Raine. There was only Jaine. Jaine lived happily with her loving parents, who were both powerful sorcerers. They lived happily, that is, until Jaine’s tenth birthday. On that fateful day of celebration, Jaine was to begin her advanced sorceress training. Unfortunately, werewolves attacked her home, and even her parents’ great power could not defeat more than half of the mighty horde of destructive beast-men. Her parents were killed in the attack, and her home was left in shambles. Jaine herself was the only survivor, and as badly beaten and hurt as she was, she still began her own training using the magic books not destroyed in the werewolves’ attack. However, no matter how much her powers increased, Jaine always had a deep rooted fear of werewolves. That, of course, explains Laine’s fear of the creatures, however Raine’s lack of fear can easily be explained later.

**This statement quickly quieted Warteen and Bob the Ninja.**

TGC: Of course, this left Jaine with far more to do than any other ten year old. You know, this is the fantasy Dark Ages here. It’s not like there’s social services and adoption agencies.
Bartender (Nodding sagely): That’s true. That’s very true.
TGC: So, with so many different tasks to perform, Jaine found it too difficult and stressful to continue working alone. So, with all of her growing power Jaine managed to create a duplicating spell, and split herself into two separate versions of herself.
Warteen: Laine and Raine.
TGC: Kinda, but not yet.
Warteen: Oh…huh?
TGC: I’ll explain it so even you can understand Warteen.

**Warteen’s angry grumbling goes largely unnoticed by the others.**

TGC: Jaine was able to split herself into two versions of herself. They were alike in many ways, but they were also different. It was the living representation of the Yin and the Yang. One version received most of her magical abilities, but many of the negative emotions and personality traits—That would be the version that would one day call herself Queen Raine—However, the other version received most of her personal traits, and most of her positive emotions and personality. That would be Queen Laine.
BtN: So that explains why Raine was better at magic, and Laine had the fear of werewolves.
TGC: I was going to say because Raine was perfection personified, but, yeah, that’s basically it.
Winterdee: But it would take at least a day of separation using the duplicating spell in order for the effects to be permanent.
TGC: Right. Jaine started using the spell in moderation. She would only stay separated for a few hours at a time, both working toward a common goal, the work went by pretty quickly. However, one day Jaine neglected to reverse the spell, and when one of her halves got lost in the woods for a day, the effects of the spell became permanent. They weren’t able to become one Jaine again. Anyway, the two forms chose separate names and lived and worked together, and became, in essence, just like twin sisters. Together they devised many powerful spells and marketed them, along with the duplicating spell, and they remained very happy together for many years. But one fateful day, when they went to a nearby town for supplies, Raine made the mistake of using her superior powers to cheat an old wondering gypsy women, and we all know how old wondering gypsy women like to hold grudges.
Warteen: Monkey does! Did you know he’s not really a chimpanzee?
Monkey (Sadly): Ook. Ook.
TGC: Nobody cares! Anyway, the withered old hag placed a curse on the two. The stipulations of the curse stated that if the twins ever worked towards a common goal again, the effects of the duplication spell would be reversed and they would again be one person. Well, Laine and Raine enjoyed their individuality so much, they greatly feared becoming Jaine again and losing their own personalities. This drove a huge wedge in between the two once loving sisters. Instead of working together, they now competed against each other in everything they did. Finally, one day they both took completely separate paths in life, Laine chose the side of good, and Raine, beautiful Queen Raine, chose the side of evil. They remained that way even before the day they met us, but today, they sacrificed themselves to save me. Laine was my friend, and Raine…Raine saved me. But now they’re gone.

**A heavy silence fell over the group as the sun began to set over the far horizon.**


**Far, far away. Where a dark man waits, with a dark purpose.**

Jafar: Calm yourself, Iago.

**Oops! Wrong story! My bad!**


**Far, far away. A lone female figure wakes as the sun begins to slowly set over the far horizon. A female figure with a splitting headache.**

Queen Laine: Wh-where am I?
Queen Raine: Somewhere we do not want to be.
QL (Frantically searching for the source of her evil “sister’s” voice): Raine! Where are you? Show yourself!
QR (Still not seen): Oh come on! Don’t tell me you don’t know what happened? What an idiot!
QL: Of course I know what happened! We worked together to save Chad! And that means…

**All of a sudden Laine realized what exactly had happened, and where exactly Raine was hiding. Suddenly, Laine’s voice changed slightly. It changed into the voice of Queen Raine.**

QR: That’s right! Welcome home, “Jaine!”
QL: “Jaine?!?”
QR: Yep! We’re “in one body” again, but luckily we haven’t lost our individual personalities.
QL: “Luckily?” Now we’re stuck together forever!
QR (Chuckling lightly): There’s no escape!
QL (Returning Raine’s chuckle): Huh! Now what do we do?
Voice from behind: If I may make a suggestion.
QL (Quickly turning around): Who?
QR: Oh no.

**As soon as “Queen Jaine” turned around, she came face-to-face with the imposing black armor clad figure of Ha-Kee the Dark Elf.**

Ha-Kee: I know exactly what you’re going to do. You’re going to come with me and meet The Master.

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