Chapter 29
by writerdee

A few moments earlier...

WD: So let me get this straight...that girl who looked just like you...she's your twin sister?
QR: (distractedly) For arguments sake...sure...
WD: What does that mean? For arguments sake?
QR: It means that it is very complicated and I don't feel like explaining it...especially not to you.
WD: Hey! I resent that! I think that you owe me at least an explanation! *He cowers as QR turns on him quickly* could just go on with your quest.
QR: That's what I thought. Now we have the potion... *holds up a glass beaker filled with a blue juice* All we have to do is make it to Chad before someone else does. *Rolls her eyes* Like Laine...
WD: Laine? Her name is Laine? Raine and Laine? Your parents must have hated you...
QR: If I would have known what a pain you were going to be, I would have made you go to your recital or whatever it was... My parents didn't give us those names, we had to come up with them after... *Pauses as she hears voices on the other side of a row of trees* Oh geez...
QL: She always has to make things difficult...

*QR shakes her head and spreads the branches until she is faced with the group, now somewhat formidable as it consists of QL, Warteen, Erronius, BtN, Monkey, LemonLiter, and the Bartender*

QL: Speak of the devil...
QR: And she appears...
Warteen: *to the Bartender* I swear we just went through that about a page ago... *the Bartender nods*
QL: So what did you do? Come back to finish him off? I suppose the stone is up there with him...
QR: Don't be foolish, Laney. If the stone was up there with him, I wouldn't have the need to come back to finish him off. We both know that.
QL: *passes the potion bottle to BtN and shoves up her sleeves* I won't let you hurt my friend, Raine.
QR: *sighing melodramatically* Get off of your high horse, sister dear. If I was going to hurt him, he would already be hurt beyond recognition. We all know I'm not stupid enough to hang around here and wait for the Scooby Gang to come and undo my perfect plan...
Bartender: *to Warteen* She isn't?
QL: Of course she isn't. She's...*trails off* She's my sister. No one related to me could be stupid. That only works for my friends.
BtN: So then what's the deal?
QR: Momentary truce?
Warteen: No way!
QR: To save Chad?
Warteen: No way! *shuts up when everyone stares at him* do we know she isn't going to hurt him more and trick us all until we are helplessly under her spell, and then she will call in her minions... OR maybe SHE is the Master, and this is all just a big ploy to... *trails off* Yeah. Okay. Truce.

*QR and QL step to the center of the clearing, each holding a vial of the solution*

QR: *nervously* We're supposed to hold hands for this to work right.
QL: *just as nervously* I know.
QR: But we can't.
QL: Well...we could. I'm just not sure how it would effect...things...
QR: Right. So...we bring him down first...Then stand on opposite sides of the cage...
QL: *relieved* Good idea.

*Both sorceresses spread their hands, and the cage begins to glow, then lift off of the branch. A gold light begins to glow between them, and they each take a step away from one another, and the cage begins to drop quickly to the ground. The gold light between them fades, and QR gains control of the plumetting cage before it smashes to the ground. It hovers for a moment before touching to the grass between the two sorceresses.*

Warteen: Uhh...QL? What was that?
QL: Nevermind.

*QR drops to her knees at the top of Chad's body and runs her hands over his face.*

QR: It hasn't progressed much. We should have enough here.
QL: *whispers to QR* Are you sure this is a good idea? Us working together? The legend said that if we ever worked towards a common goal...
QR: *snaps* Then don't help, Laney. I'm not leaving. Even if it means the end of me...I'm not leaving.

*The group stares at QR*

QR: What? You don't know me. You think because she *jerks thumb at QL* has told you so many stories about me that you know me? I'll guarantee that you're wrong.
Warteen: Actually...she hasn't told us any stories.
BtN: Yeah...I kinda figured she didn't much care about you...

*Erronius, Monkey, and LemonLiter all nod in agreement*

Bartender: I just got here...but...she hasn't said anything to me about you either...
QR: *looking at QL* Gee, thanks Laney. I feel so loved.
QL: You're my evil twin sister! You aren't supposed to feel loved!
Warteen: She has a point.
QR: Shut up! All of you just shut up! We have to save Chad before his entire brain turns to sand...
Warteen: Whoops. Sorry, you're too late there. That happened before any of us met him. *Laughs hilariously at his own joke...then coughs when no one else laughs* Okay then. Yeah. So. Carry on then.
QR: *dryly* Thanks ever so much.

*QR and QL take their places on either side of TGC's body, as the bars of the cage have disappeared as mystically as they appeared in the first place. Both hold out the vials of liquid and begin to chant at the same time*

QR and QL: Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, by the powers that be, let his mind not be mush. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, by the powers that be, let his mind not be mush. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust, by the powers that be, let his mind not be mush.

*Both vials of liquid have started to shimmer, and both of the women seem to glow as they lower to their knees on either side of TGC and begin to pour the liquid over his body in mystical symbols. They do not stop chanting until all of the liquid has been dispensed. They then raise their hands above his chest and touch, palm to palm. There is a sudden burst of light that momentarily blinds everyone in the clearing, and sends everyone flying. As everyone sits up, rubbing at their eyes, they see Chad standing in the middle of the clearing, staring.*

TGC: Oh no.
Warteen: What did they do?

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