Chapter 21
by writerdee

*Moments after being left alone together, BtN and TGC sit on opposite logs, staring at one another, their hands poised for their weapons.*

TGC: I'm still a little worn out from that last little tiff. Otherwise, I'd beat you down.
BtN: *always a man of little words* Uh-huh.
TGC: I would! You don't believe me? *BtN raises an eyebrow as if to say 'yeah, right'* Oh, you're asking for it, Ninja boy!

*TGC launches to his feet, and starts to reach for a weapon, until he remembers the last time*

TGC: On second thought, let's do it hand to hand...unless you're afraid... *TGC begins flapping his arms. Monkey hops up on a tree branch and starts imitating TGC, making screeching noises.* Bawk! Bawk bawk bawk!
Monkey: Eek! Eek eek eek!

*BtN, slightly insulted, rolls his eyes and gets to his feet. He is starting to get tired of fighting with this fool...but there is nothing better to do, and even the chimp had been making fun of him! He takes up the ready stance, and the two start circling one another, poised on the balls of their feet, ready to strike. Monkey cheers from the trees. TGC swings, and knocks BtN in the shoulder, but BtN counters with a spin-kick. TGC is about to dodge, when QR (dressed once more like QL) rushes out of the trees*

QR: Chad! Bob! *distracted by QR's appearance, TGC glances up, and BtN's foot connects solidly with his chin*
Monkey: Oook...
TGC: *holding his face* Ow! Geez, Laine, couldn't you have waited until I'd gotten out of his way?
QR: *hands on hips* You boys are ridiculous, fighting amongst yourselves when we've got so many things going wrong as it is.
BtN: *hanging head* Sorry
TGC: *under his breath* Suckup. *When QR stares at him, he clears his throat* I mean...uh...hey! Weren't you supposed to be with Warteen and Erronius? *Satisfied that he had changed the subject sufficiently, TGC crosses his arms and waits*
QR: Uh...yeah. See, the thing is... *She lets out a huff of breath and stalks over to the tree stump and sits down.* Well...I was kinda hoping that you would come along with us...
TGC: Huh?
QR: I picked a fight with Warteen and stormed off back here. He was getting power-trippy anyway.
TGC: Okay...
QR: *throwing up her hands* How can you be so dense, Chad? I wanted you to come with us, so that we could... *shrugs, and smirks* Whatever...
BtN: *clears his throat* Uh...monkey...

*Monkey hops down off the branch and scampers over to BtN.*

BtN: We're just... *shrugs* We'll be over there
TGC: *doesn't even notice* So that we could... *as it starts to dawn, he starts to look rather smug* Ooooh...
QR: Yeah. Exactly. *holds out a hand to him* So now that we're alone... *Glances at the backs of BtN and Monkey* Sorta...
TGC: *practically strutting* I knew that you wouldn't be able to resist my manly charms for long.
QR: Of course not.
TGC: Although...I thought you were mad at me because of this whole Raine thing...
QR: I was just jealous. Couldn't you tell? I thought I was being soo obvious!
TGC: Jealous? Really? *sits down on the log next to her* See...I never figured you for the jealous type, Laine...
QR: *putting her hand on his thigh* I bet there's a lot about me that you never figured on... *leaning in to kiss him*
TGC: Umm...hmm... *kissing her...arms coming around her just as she pulls back* Wow.
QR: Mmm... *glancing over at BtN, who has begun to whistle and look up at the sky...she laughs* Hey...wanna go somewhere where we could be really alone?
TGC: Like where?
QR: *Standing...holding out a hand to him* There's this little clearing about a quarter mile from here. I came across it yesterday.
TGC: But...we were supposed to stay right here.
QR: It's fine. With Warteen leading them, they'll be gone for hours more... *TGC laughs* Besides...we'll tell Bob where we're going...
TGC: I don't know, though, Laine. I mean... *QR rises on her toes and kisses him again.* Oh...well...okay...
QR: *smiling seductively* Good. Bob...we're going for a walk. We'll be back in a little bit!
BtN: *resolutely looking away from the couple* Yep
TGC: Don't worry or anything.
BtN: Nope.
TGC: We'll just be about a quarter-
BtN: Just go already!
TGC: *looks down at QR and grins* Well...okay then.
QR: *lacing her arm through his* We shouldn't take more than a couple of hours...
TGC: *eyes widening...unsure whether to be overwhelmed or thrilled* Couple of hours...
QR: *laughs* Uh-huh. Maybe longer...

*TGC stumbles a bit...QR easily supports him as she guides him away...splitting up the warriors as she had agreed to do...*

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