Chapter 20
by Warteen

**The group, now composed of Warteen, Queen Laine, The Great Chad, Bob the Ninja, Erronius, Monkey, and LemonLighter, continues east at a fairly slow pace as some of the group members get to know each other better.**

Warteen: So, old man, how long have you been looking for your kids?
Erronius (talking to a tree): Oh, it's hard to remember now, it's been so long. My dear children were stolen in infancy by pirates. *Warteen turns Erronius toward him.* Oh, hello. When did you get here? *Warteen sighs and falls silent as Erronius hobbles along. Meanwhile...*
TGC: What kind of ninja training do you have?
Bob: .......
TGC: So, you're speechless in the presence of so great a warrior, eh?
Bob: ...idiot.
TGC: WHAT!!! You think you're so smart! You think you could beat me?! *brandishes 3 shurikens in one hand*
Bob: Please. *brandishes 3 similar shurikens*

**TGC pulls out two katana blades. Bob does the same. TGC then whips out a throwing dagger, and Bob mimics the action once again. Soon the two are moving at a mile a minute, each matching the other's impressive weapon arsenal. TGC finally loses the battle when Bob pulls out his bazooka (TGC lost his last week, as luck would have it).**

Bob: (panting) Victory.... is.... mine!

**Of course, by this point, they're both exhausted. The weight of the bazooka causes Bob to lose his balance and he falls to the ground. Chad laughs, but this action drains the last tiny bit of his strength and he slumps to the ground as well.**

Bob: All right, we'll call it a draw.
QL (from ahead): Hey, get up you two! You're falling behind! *Bob and TGC quickly regain their composure and fall back into step. QL, who is currently riding on LemonLighter along with Monkey, pats the chocobo on the head as he plods along.*
LemonLighter: Wark!
QL: Awww... how cute.
Monkey: *pokes Queen Laine* Ook!
QL: Oh, don't worry Monkey, I haven't forgotten about you.
LemonLighter (suddenly distressed): Wark! Kweh!
QL (alert): What is it?! *She looks around in the now-thinning woods for a sign of danger, but can find nothing.* What's wrong, LemonLighter?
LemonLighter: *stops moving* (softly) Kwehhh...
QL: Oh, I think I understand. You're hungry, aren't you. *LemonLighter lets out a cry that lets QL know she's right.* Right. Well... Hey, Warteen!
Warteen: *approaches* Yes?
QL: Do you know what chocobos eat?
Warteen: Oh, of course. They eat greens. Reagan greens, gysahl greens, silkis greens, mimmett greens...
QL: Well where can we find some?
Warteen: Hmm... you have to buy them in a town.
LemonLighter: (seemingly excited about the prospect of eating) Wark!

**By now, everyone has caught up and they're all standing rather close together.**

TGC: What is it? *Erronius keeps walking and nearly knocks Chad over.* Hey!!!
Erronius: Oh, forgive me young lady.
Warteen: Heh heh...
QL: Hey, it looks like we need to make a pit stop soon. LemonLighter is hungry and we need to buy some greens. Anyone know if there's a town nearby?
Bob: Actually, there's a town about two miles north of here.
QL: Well, that's convenient.
Warteen: It might be best if some of us stay here.
TGC: Why?!
Warteen: Because that's what happens to advance the plot. The group splits up.
TGC: What?! *pulls out his script and reads it* *Monkey looks at him quizzically.* He's right...
Warteen: Of course I'm right!
QL: Well, I'm going to the town. I enjoy this guy's company. *gestures at LemonLighter*
TGC: I'll stay here. I'm ready for a rest.
Erronius: I'll go to the town. I need to keep an eye on LemonLighter. *reaches to pet LemonLighter but misses completely and ends up with a handful of Monkey's fur*
Monkey: Eek! *scurries away from Erronius*
Bob: I go where Master Erronius goes.
TGC: Hey Bob, why don't you stay here with me instead. I can beat up on you for a while to keep me entertained.
Bob (reluctantly, but he never backs down from a fight): ...very well.
Warteen: I reckon I'll go to the town, then... because it looks like you guys have all the firepower you need here in the woods.
Warteen: Sorry. Monkey, you're coming with me, right? *Monkey stands still and stomps his foot.* You're staying here?! Ohhh, whatever.
QL: How come Monkey doesn't want to come with us?
Warteen: Ehh, he's temperamental like that. Probably just tired of walking. Anyway, let's be off, then...
QL: Right. We'll come back to this spot before dark, okay? Stay here, Chad and Bob. *They both nod.* You too, Monkey. *Monkey looks up at her and nods.* Okay. Let's go.

**Warteen, QL, Erronius, and LemonLighter head off to the north, leaving Bob, TGC, and Monkey behind. Little do they know that they'll be finding more than just greens where they're going......**

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