Chapter 15
by Warteen

**Q.Laine runs to the clearing where her evil sister Q.Raine attacked Warteen and Chad. She sees that Raine has already departed, for some reason, and Warteen and Chad are spinning around wildly with their hands in the air, muttering incoherently.**

Q.Laine: Warteen! Chad!

**Of course, it is to no avail. Warteen and Chad have been placed under a powerful Confuse spell by Q.Raine and cannot see or hear Q.Laine.**

Q.Laine: Oh, no! Warteen! Chad! We have to get out of here! There are still two w-w-werewolves back there! *They still can't hear her.* Darn it!

**Just then, Monkey walks up to Q.Laine with a tiny spherical object in his hand.**

Monkey: Ooh ooh! *he hands the object to her*
Q.Laine: Monkey, you're okay... what is this? *she examines the object* ...!!!
Monkey: Ook!
Q.Laine: This is the shutdown device for my sister's magic, or Anti-Magic Sphere - I remember because she had it made specially in case her magic ever got out of control! Where did you get this?!

**Monkey mimes picking up the object on the ground.**

Q.Laine: She DROPPED it?! Insane!!! Well, then...

**She points the object at the still-dancing-with-no-rhythm Warteen and Chad. Nothing happens.**

Q.Laine: What the...? Maybe it needs some kind of spell... Let's see... Uhh, roses are red, violets are blue... *The sphere glows slightly.* All right! Let's see... Most people are sane, let these two be too!

**The sphere glows strongly. Chad and Warteen stop spinning and put their hands down, their hair messed up and looking bewildered.**

Warteen: ...beavers and ducks!!!
Chad: Gabbledeegoobledee!
Both: Huh?
Q.Laine: Oh, thank goodness! You guys are all right!
Warteen: Huh? Laine... what'd you do to us?
Q.Laine: I told you, that wasn't me! It was my evil sister, Raine!
Chad: You didn't tell us you had a sister...
Warteen: Yeah, really! It's not fair! Why does everyone get a double except me?!
Q.Laine: What are you talking about, Warteen? Of course you have a double.
Warteen: I do? *Q.Laine laughs and gestures at Monkey.* Oh, har har. *Chad laughs maniacally.*
Q.Laine: *abruptly stops laughing* Oh, we need to get out of here FAST. There are two werewolves back there *she points toward the beach of the lake she was in* and you can bet Raine will be coming back for this thing! *she shows them the tiny sphere*
Warteen: What's that?
Q.Laine: This is an Anti-Magic Sphere designed specifically to shut down Raine's magic spells. She dropped it here and Monkey found it for me.
Monkey (proudly): Ook, ook!
Chad: ...and you managed to fight her off and then helped us?
Q.Laine: Well, actually, no. Strangely enough, she was already gone when I got here. I just helped you as soon as I could.
Warteen: I wonder where she went?
Q.Laine: Who knows?! The point is, we have to get out of here.
Chad: Agreed.
Q.Laine: So let's go.
Warteen: Yeah.
Q.Laine: So..... we're going now.
TGC & Warteen: Right. *they make no motion to move*
Q.Laine: MOVE IT!!!

**Warteen, Q.Laine, TGC, and Monkey start off once again... this time AWAY from the werewolves trying to escape a nasty Slow spell back on the beach. They still haven't found Erronius, though, and it looks like they have one more enemy to deal with on top of the mysterious Master...**

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