Chapter 14
by grlnxtr

QL: Son of a...(luckily, the force field muffles her un-ladylike profanity.) Now what am I supposed to do?

As QL searches for a way out of the force field and into some clothing, Raine heads back towards Warteen and Chad, who are talking quietly.

She strikes a pose, trying one hand on her hip and the other behind her curly mop of hair. Switching hands, she nods in satisfaction.

QRaine: Eh-ehm.

Chad and Warteen look up.

Warteen: Can we go now, your majesty?

Raine pauses, confused. No man can resist her wiley ways. But TGC and Warteen seem immune. She removes her hands and glances at them, momentarily afraid that she's been switched with Laine again. Nope, she thinks. Still me.

TGC: Laine?
QRaine: Yes?
TGC: Are you alright?
QRaine: I'm fine. There was something in the woods. It scared me. (she bats her considerable eyelashes.)

Warteen and TGC glance at each other, eyes widening in horror.

Warteen: I'm sorry, it scared you?

TGC and Warteen draw their swords, nearly at the same moment.

TGC: Who are you?
Warteen: And where's Laine?!
QRaine: What? Whatever do you mean? I am Laine. See? Dress. Bippity-boppity-boo! (she points at a mouse running across the clearing. It promptly turns into a horse.) Crap! (quietly, to herself) That was supposed to turn into a boot!

QRaine glances at Warteen and TGC, gauging the distance between them. She straightens.

QRaine: By the powers of fire and the sea, force them to see what can not be!

She aims her cupped hands in their direction, projecting a cloud of dust.

(Meanwhile, still in the pond and rather cold at the moment:)

QLaine: Alright, I've had about enough of this.

Concentrating, she burns a small hole in the force field, dropping the whole thing. Darting out of the water, she spins and creates a new dress, blue this time, carefully enunciating.

QLaine: Warteen! Chad! That's not me! That's my stupid freaking sister!

She stops short. Raine's wolves are gathered at the edge of the sand, nearly smirking.

QLaine: (her voice shaking) By the powers of air and the earth below, remove from my path the impending foe.

Cupping her hands much in the style of Raine, she projects a blast of air into the wolves. Making a mad dash through them, she heads towards her friends.

QLaine: Warteen! Chad! Where are -

Her eyes widen as she takes in the sight before her.

QLaine: Raine...what on Earth have you done now?

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