Chapter 16
by Mugsy


Erronius: So what is your name?
Ninja: My name is Ninja.
Erronius: Ninja? What kind of name is that?
Ninja: I was just kidding. That would be like naming my pet frog, Frog. My real name is Bob.
Erronius: Bob? Bob the ninja? Okay, so who do you work for?
Bob the Ninja: You.
Erronius: Okay, who sent you here to kill me?
Bob the Ninja: Not kill. She didn't want you killed.
Erronius: WHO SENT YOU?
Bob the Ninja: I am not at liberty to divulge that information.
Erronius: Fireb-
Bob the Ninja: I do not know her name.
Erronius: What does she look like?
Bob the Ninja: That I do know.

**Bob describes her to him in a lengthy conversation.**

Erronius: Nope, I don't know anyone like that. Wait, maybe I-

What do you know, another bush rustling in the forest. Everyone is after Erronius today.

Erronius: What was that?
BTN: I'll protect you, Master Erronius.
Erronius: I've got it under control.

**Erronius hobbles in for a closer look. Upon further inspection, he sees a pair of big blue eyes staring back at him. He sways from side to side, the eyes following him.**

Erronius: Oh well, it's nothing.

*Erronius turns to walk away. As they leave, a bright yellow Chocobo hops out.**

Chocobo: Chirp. Chirp-chirp.
Erronius: Oh, there was something there. How could I have missed that.
BTN: Maybe you were blinded by your own brilliance.
Erronius: If I wanted a spineless lackey, I would've called that one kid. What's his name? The politician's son.
BTN: I have no idea who you mean.
Erronius: Oh, well. (Turns to chocobo) We won't hurt you, come here.

**The chocobo eyes them suspiciously, then pads over to Erronius.**

Erronius: Hey, how would you like to go on an adventure with us?
BTN: I have already pledged you my service.
Erronius: Not you.

*The chocobo places his head on Erronius, knocking him off balance and sending him sprawling on the forest floor.**

BTN: Master!!!
Erronius: I am alright. Now, chocobo, we need to find you a name. How about...Bob?
BTN: But that is my name.
Erronius: Okay, what about Peter Parker.


Erronius: Well, you have a nice yellow coat. What else is yellow? Lemons and highlighters are yellow. I'll call you LemonLighter.

**What is that?**

Erronius: Well, he's my pet, and I'm naming him LemonLighter.

**Erronius climbs on LemonLighter's back, followed by BTN, and they are off. LemonLighter carries them out of the forest, right near where Warteen and his crew were standing.**

Warteen: Hey, it's Erronius. HELLO. OVER HERE.
BTN: Master, I think they are referring to us. But I do not know them.
Erronius: I do. Come on LemonLighter.
Warteen: I am so glad to see you Erronius.
TGC: Who are you?
Erronius: I am Errronius.
TGC: So you are the Erronius they speak so highly of. Oh, so much has happened since the last time they said I met you.
Erronius: Oh?

**Warteen, Queen Laine, Monkey, and The Great Chad explain the happenings of the time since they last met.**

Warteen: So will you join us?
Erronius: Yes, but I don't understand, who would be dumb enough to make a magic shut-off? Who's idea was that?
Queen Laine: Doesn't make much sense to me.
The Great Chad: Magic shut-off. You're right, old man, that is preposterous.
Warteen: Hey, are you going or not?
Erronius: Only if you promise to help me look for my children. They each wear a ring on which is engraved a gaggle of lions.
Warteen: Gaggle of lions? Don't you mean a pride?
Erronius: NO, I mean a gaggle. A gaggle.
TGC: Okay.
Erronius: I will help you if you help me, so what do you say?

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