Chapter 13
by writerdee

*Meanwhile, our heroes have come upon a pond, surrounded on three sides by huge trees. Queen Laine, covered in mud from her fall down the hole, convinces the guys to stay for a little while*

QL: We can all take a little while to...clean up. *looking down at the mud caked on her clothing*
Warteen: But we were going to look for help to confront the Master. He is obviously not going to stop until he's taken us.
QL: A little longer won't matter. Besides, chances are that Erronius will show up around here anyways. He's always wandering around.

*TGC and Warteen look at one another and nod in agreement.*

Warteen: I am a little tired after fighting those...*looks at QL and lowers his voice* know.
TGC: Fine! As soon as I really get here, you all decide to take a break! *looks at Monkey who is starting to rummage around in a bush* Want to go for a walk, Monkey?
QL: I don't care what you do...I'm going down to that lake. *turns and starts to walk away, then glances back at her companions* And don't be following me down there, either.
Warteen and TGC: Huh?
QL: Nevermind. Just...hang out. I'll be back soon.

*QL walks down towards the lake. Warteen and TGC look at one another and shake their heads in bewilderment.

QL continues down to the lake, lifting her skirt as she steps over a large log. She makes sure she is out of sight of the boys before slipping out of her dress. She tut-tuts over the mud for a second, then rubs her hands together and passes her glowing palms over the crushed velvet. After a moment, the dress is immaculate, and she hangs it over a tree branch before diving into the pristine lake.

Moments later, she emerges and walks back towards the tree, only to stare, dumbfounded, as she sees that the dress is missing. She glares towards the clearing, and crosses her arms over her chest in anger, assuming that either Chad or Warteen sneaked down to the lake to play the prank on her. Before she can holler threats to them, however, she sees the figure moving in the trees and quickly ducks down below water level.

The figure steps out of the shadows, and glides over to the large log. She is identical in every way to QL, and is wearing the dress that QL had discarded.*

QL: Raine. I should have known. As soon as I saw those... *she shudders*

*Queen Raine smiles evilly and raises her arms. Two werewolves step out of the thick forest behind her, and stand at her feet, ready to attack.*

QR: Dear sister. Your time is coming. Not now, though. Now I have other things in mind. *she spreads her hands and a forcefield appears around QL* That will disappear soon. But not before your friends and I have a nice, long walk.

*QL stands in the water, outraged, as QR turns and walks towards the clearing.*

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