Chapter 12
by Mugsy

Meanwhile, somewhere else in this mixed-up world, an old man hobbled along a well-beaten path, his magical staff disrupting the packed dirt.

Unnoticed to the nearly blind old man, a bush was rustling in between the two prongs of a fork in the road.

Erronius's staff: Clump. Clump.

A man clad fully in a black robe peered out at him from among the leaves of the shrubbery, selecting carefully his time to strike. When the moment was right, he jumped out, emitting a high-pitched scream.

Black-clad man: Aiiyaaaa.
Erronius's staff: Clump. Clump.

Erronius also had bad hearing. He just kept on walking until he bumped into the attacker.

Man: What are you blind? Can't you see I'm attacking you.
Erronius: To tell you the truth, I can't see much of all. Now, what was that about attacking me? Who are you?
Man: I am a ninja warrior, from the...Ninja Warrior dynasty.
Erronius: Oh, well, get out of my way. I'm in a hurry.
Ninja: Ah, but to pass through this road, you must first beat me in a fight.
Erronius: The nerve. Attacking an old (Erronius takes his staff and hits him in the shin.) Ha. (Hobbles past him.)

The ninja does a backflip over Erronius to land once more in his path.

Ninja: That really hurt. (adopting a more deadly tone) Now you will be the one who...who says..."That really hurt." Prepare to fight.

The ninja pulls from the folds of his robe an assortment of throwing knives and ninja death stars.

Erronius: The nerve. Attacking an old (He once more tries to hit him but is rejected with a well timed block.) You're somewhat smarter than you look.
Ninja: Thank you. I can't believe the master wants me to ki-Hey.

The ninja takes on a pose, ready to strike in an instant. He throws a knife at him, but it misses wide.

Ninja: I knew I should have stayed in coach-pitch. Oh, well. (he drops the knives and stars, pulling a sabre out of his robe) Now, you die.
Erronius: You never said this was to be a fight to the death. Now I shall finish you off.
Ninja: You, old man. I shall have you ripped to shreds before you land a single blow.
Erronius: The nerve. Attacking an old-
Ninja: Enough. (He swings the sabre at Erronius.)
Erronius: Sword and shield.

A mystical sword and shield appear in front of Erronius, exchanging strikes with the ninja. The shield was left untouched when his sword finally slashed through the ninja's sabre.

Ninja: NOOOO. No matter. (Pulls a bazooka from his sleeve.) There is no escape from the master.
Erronius: Fireball.

Instantly, the sun falls from the sky and crushes the ninja.

Erronius: Uh-oh. I have to find a way to get the sun back up there.
Ninja: Help me.
Erronius: Are you going to leave me alone?
Ninja: Never.
Erronius: Oh, well. Um, reverse spell.

The sun floated back into the atmosphere, leaving the ninja bruised, but strangely, not even tanned.

Ninja: Good thing I am wearing my anti-sun suit. Now, back to our fight.
Erronius: Give it a rest.
Ninja: Okay, wait. You beat me in a fight. I must now join your team and help you discover adventure and riches.
Erronius: Oh, I don't need those things. But you could help me find my kids. Yes, you can join me.

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