Chapter 11
by Warteen

Warteen: Laine! What happened?
Q.Laine: Well, you see, I was just standing there, and...
TGC: That's not important, Warteen, you fool!
Warteen: So nice to have you back, Chad...
Laine: Someone wanna help me out of this pit?

**Warteen and Monkey exchange nods. Monkey jumps out of the tree into Warteen's arms, and Warteen holds him into the pit, using him as sort of a length of rope for Q.Laine to grab onto. The plan is successful, and Q.Laine is soon back on level ground.**

Q.Laine: Whew!
TGC: So where are we headed, crew?
Q.Laine: Well, we were about to decide that when the fake you ran off.
Warteen: He was actually a pretty good companion.
TGC: Oh, please! If the fake me is that good, I must be at least ten times better!
Warteen: No, seriously. He helped me fight off a pack of werewolves...
TGC: Woah, werewolves?! Tell me everything!

**In a bizarre conversation (bizarre since TGC had supposedly been present all along), Q.Laine and Warteen explain everything that has transpired to TGC, from the unbushing to the defeat of the werewolves. Chad listens attentively and then has a realization...**

TGC: Hey, wait a minute. Why did fake me help you fight the werewolves if he was working for this "Master"? It seems that he would have let them kill you if that was the case!
Warteen: ...unless this Master really wanted us taken alive, despite what he told the werewolves...
QL: ...which would make a lot of sense, because Fake Chad was trying to gain our trust and then lead us directly to the Master!
All: Of course!
Warteen: Jinx!
QL & TGC: Shut up!
TGC: Jinx!
All: .........
Warteen: Oh, Chad, where did you learn that cool shapeshifting trick?
TGC: Huh?
Warteen: I mean, how did you know to look like that old man we ran into earlier? I thought you didn't see him...?
TGC: Oh, well, while I was tracking you, I ran into that guy... well, I should say he ran into me. He thought I was you guys... something about a tree. So I took on his appearance when I finally decided to show myself to you.
QL: How'd you do that? A spell?

**Chad pulls out a belt with a red jewel on the front of it.**

TGC: Very simple. I won this thing off The Chameleon in a game of chance last year.
Warteen: The Chameleon? The shapeshifting character from Spiderman?

**Chad grins proudly.**

QL: If it wasn't a spell, what about the smoke?
TGC: Oh, well, uh... *he pulls out a couple of smoke bombs* That was just for show. Won't happen again.
QL: Well, I guess that covers everything, then.
Warteen: Except where do we go now?
TGC: *clears throat* Ah-hem. It's obvious that this Master guy wants you two taken alive.
Warteen: (sarcastically) Yeah... and...?
TGC: (meekly) Well, actually, that's it.
QL: (cutting in quickly) I think what The Great Chad means is that no matter what we do, we're going to run into the Master one way or another.
TGC: (picking right back up) Of course!!! That's exactly what I meant! So, now we should, uhhh...
Warteen: We should what?!
QL: We should get prepared. Maybe that Erronius guy...
Warteen: Good idea!
TGC: And a few more companions! You know, since we're going to run into the Master sooner or later anyway, we might as well get prepared.
QL: You certainly have mastered the art of repeating what I say, Chad.
TGC: (proudly) Yes I have!
Warteen: So let's go find Erronius and a few more people.
All: Right!

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