Chapter 10
by grlnxtr

QL: We were in a town? I don't remember being in a town.

She turns to Warteen, who's also obviously confused.

Warteen: Chad, what on earth are you talking about?
TGC: I...I saw you (he points to Warteen) amble off with Monkey. Hi, Laine. Where'd you come from?
QL: Queen Laine.
TGC: Uhh...alright.
QL: So you didn't even leave town? How did you get here? And how do we know it's really you?
TGC: I've been following you guys. I wanted to come along, but I just caught up. And...I guess you'll have to just trust that it's me.

QL snorts (because she does that) and turns to Warteen.

QL: Do you think it's Chad?

Warteen points up to the tree that Monkey had climbed. He was currently scratching his head and going, "oo, oo!" while dancing around the branch. Then, Warteen points down to the ground, where Chad is mimicking his movements, nearly to perfection.

QL nods and accepts that this is the correct TGC.

TGC: So what were you whimpering about earlier, Laine?
QL: Queen Laine.
TGC: Okay. What were you whimpering about earlier, Queen Laine?
QL: I don't want to talk about it. And I do not whimper.
Warteen: Ohhh, come on! You were whimpering in the corner like a little gi-

QL raises her magic hands menancingly, quickly changing her mind and smacking Warteen in the arm with all of her power instead of turning him into something.

Warteen: OWWWW! Hey, that hurt!
QL: Good.
TGC: (to Warteen, as QL stalks off) That was stupid.
Warteen: Tell me about it!

TGC looks at Warteen and shakes his head, going to talk to Monkey.

QL: Are you guys coming or not? We've got places to be and something extremely weeeaaahhhhh!

Chad and Warteen look at each other and run to the place that QL disappeared from.

QL: (mumbling a quick spell, then yelling.) Guys.

They looked around, unable to trace her voice.

QL: GUYS! Look down.

They do, finding a small ball of light dancing above the head of their companion - at least twenty feet down.

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