Chapter 9
by Mugsy

Warteen: I think we should...It would be best if...Well, if we don't follow the werewolves, then we might risk losing this "master."
TGC: Then it's settled, we go after him.
Warteen: But, if he is controlling werewolves, he has to be powerful. And if he still has any of those werewolves around, then we can count Queen Laine out of the action.
QL: It's not my fault. I-I don't want to talk about it.
Warteen: That isn't what I meant. I meant that The Great Chad and I had a hard enough time fighting them, and with the master there also, it would be incredibly dumb to attack them.
TGC: Then we go after the master.
QL: Have you been listening at all?
TGC: Of cours-
Erronius: Hello. Who's there?

QL, Warteen, and TGC all scan the horizon, searching for the old man. Monkey is back in his tree, with a mouth full of banana, oblivious to the old man's arrival. Erronius steps forward about five steps, his hands wrapped tightly around the staff.

Warteen (to his party): His magic would be a perfect addition to our group. You never know when a good sorcerer might come in handy.

Queen Laine glares at him.

Warteen: What, you've turned Monkey into an alligator, and you had to spend all that time trying to reverse the spell you put on The Great Duck.

Queen Laine glowers at him, then shrivels backwards.

QL: I didn't mean to turn him into a duck.
Warteen: Okay, enough about that. Let's go see if he's interested.

They all start towards the old man. He just stares at them, watching them all the way, an unnoticed grin sliding up his face. They reach within twenty feet of the old man before he moves a step. His first step, however, proved to be his biggest mistake.

Warteen: Hey, you limped on the other leg. You aren't Erronius.

A puff of smoke (they must really be destroying the atmosphere), enveloped him, and when it cleared, The Great Chad was standing in its wake. Warteen, Queen Laine, and Monkey turn to where The Great Chad had been standing, but he was running as fast as he could into the nearby forest. They stared at him in puzzlement before turning again to The Great Chad.

Queen Laine: Frankly, I didn't like just having the one around.
TGC: Ha, ha. I fooled you. But cool look-a-like. Hey, did you know?
Warteen: Know what? This is no time for games. We have to find out who that was and what he wanted.
QL: He probably works for the master. No wonder he wanted us to attack him. He probably set up an ambush with those horrible...(Queen Laine shudders and starts mumbling)
Warteen: Calm down.
TGC: Master? Attack? What horrible (TGC mimics QL's mumbling) is she talking about?
Warteen: OK, when did you leave us?
TGC: Leave you. You left me. In the town. Remember?

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