Chapter 8
by Warteen

**Let's see where we last left our heroes(?). Queen Laine is still shuddering but has gotten her bearings. Warteen is tired. Chad is a tired, angry duck. And of course, Monkey is still wearing a tutu.**

TGC: Quack quack! *pecks/bites Warteen*
Warteen: OW! What the heck was that for?! It was Laine who turned you into a duck! *Chad, apparently not listening, continues to attack Warteen.* Laine, I changed my mind... turn him back!
QL (now fully recovered): You'll have to say please first... and call me Queen Laine.
Warteen: What!
QL: Heh heh...
Warteen: *sigh* Okay, okay. PLEASE change Chad back, QUEEN Laine.
QL: And say I'm the best.
Warteen: Don't push it.
QL: (smiling) All right, all right. *she waves her hands around for a spell and enunciates very strongly* To fix up this spell gone bad, give us back our old friend Chad! *Chad reappears and looks over his body to make sure nothing is out of place.*
Warteen (grumbling): Why are you so buddy-buddy with him, Laine?
QL: I resent that! And anyway, he did save our lives, so I'd be a little nicer if I were you!
TGC: Ha! That's right! So I'm coming along with you on your trip!
Warteen: Fine.
Monkey: Ooh ooh!
Warteen: What is it, Monkey?!

**Monkey points in the general direction that the Alpha Werewolf ran off in.**

TGC: Banana-breath has a good idea! *Monkey slaps him* Ow! Try that again, mister, and I'll...
QL (cutting in quickly): That's not a good plan.
Warteen: What's not a good plan?
TGC: Why not?
QL: I'm not going near those... *she trails off, shuddering*
TGC: Well why not?
Warteen: What are you guys talking about?

**Q.Laine and Chad both glare at Warteen. He shuts up.... for about two seconds.**

Warteen: Oh, I get it! Let's follow the werewolf, right?!
TGC (dryly): Brilliant, Holmes.
Warteen (proudly): Thanks! *understands what Q.Laine meant* Oh... Well, maybe we shouldn't do that if Laine doesn't want to... I mean, we really don't have a reason to, other than to go directly into a werewolf nest... *gets excited* which actually WOULD be pretty cool... *Monkey slaps him softly and points at Laine* Huh? Oh, sorry Laine... You all right?
QL: Don't worry, I'll be okay. I just don't want to talk about it.
TGC: Listen, fool, that Alpha Werewolf said "Master". Which means, someone wants us - or at least YOU - dead. Which means that they're probably going to come after us - or at least YOU *he smiles* - again.
Warteen: ...unless we get to them first.
TGC: Exactly.

**Monkey nods solemnly.**

QL: .......
TGC: So what do you think we should do now? We could go right after this "Master", or we could rest for a while and try to gain some new companions so we're stronger when we meet him or her. After all, anyone who controls werewolves has got to be pretty powerful.
Warteen: Yeah.
QL: So think carefully, Warteen. We'll abide by whatever choice you make.
Warteen: Okay, I think we should.....

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